The “War” on Some “Drugs”

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The “War” on Some “Drugs”

I recently posted a video news story (see here) about a slightly built man with Down’s Syndrome who had his colostomy bag ripped from his body (and suffered a beat-down by police) because they believed the bulge that was his colostomy bag contained “illegal drugs.” A couple weeks ago, a man in New Mexico was subjected to multiple forced anal probes, enemas and a colonoscopy (see here) because cops believed he was harboring “illegal drugs” in his clenched butt cheeks.

war lead pic

Such atrocities could perhaps be dismissed if they were aberrations – the actions of isolated, crazed cops in some cracker backwater. But they are terrifying because they’re becoming routine – because crazed – and unrestrained – policing is now the norm.

The origins of the American Police State can be traced back not to Nahhnnnlevvven – which merely threw gasoline on an already burning fire – but to the odious “drug war.”

The war on some drugs is actually a war on reason as well as ethics – with the inevitable casualties being human beings, not the “drugs” allegedly being warred upon.

It is based on the twisted notion that some people (government people, whether they are politicians or bureaucrats or their paid enforcers) are entitled to arbitrarily decree that some “drugs” (but not others, the ones they happen to approve of) are – presto! – “illegal” and that mere possession/use/sale/manufacturer (all peaceful activities as such that entail no victim, hence no crime) is sufficient warrant to eviscerate not merely the Bill of Rights but human rights. This demented crusade justifies random rousting of anyone, at almost any time, anywhere, if a cop (or a got-damned dog) believes that person might have the arbitrarily illegal item in his possession.

drugs 2

The other day I was reading about a despicable but all-too-predictable case here in my area. A dirt poor dude who lived in a run-down single wide (until the SWAT team “took him down”) was sent to prison for two years – no parole. His “crime”? Manufacturing meth. That is, he had an old 2 liter soda bottle and some cold pills he’d tried to transmute into the proscribed substance.

The judge lectured the poor hillbilly about the “harm he has caused the community” – though as usual, no evidence was presented that the hillbilly had harmed anyone (except perhaps himself – which ought to be his business and can only be regarded as a “crime” by a society that believes people own other people).

But let’s say the prosecutor had found a person who was hurt in a car accident caused by one of the hillbilly’s customers. This is more or less what the judge meant by his use of the blanket indictment, “harm to the community.”

Let’s try to parse this logic. What if the winery down the road sells a case of its “drug” to someone, and that person subsequently gets loaded and then plows his car into a van full of children, killing them all? Should a SWAT team be sent to the winery? Will the wine maker be arrested and caged and sent to prison for two years on account of whatsomeone else did with the “drugs” he merely manufactured and sold?


Why not?drug graphic

It requires a blank-out – the suspension of one’s critical thinking capacity – to take the position that, on the one hand, the meth-maker is a dirty drug pusher who is responsible for the negligent or criminal actions of his customers  . . .  but the wine maker is a respectable member of the community and not responsible for the negligent or criminal actions of his customers.

Of course, neither of them “pushed” anything.

They each made an intoxicating substance and offered it for sale. Neither forced anyone to purchase or consume the intoxicants. People freely chose to do so. And their subsequent actions – their free will choices – are not the responsibility of the persons who made the intoxicants any more than GM is responsible for what I do with the 200 MPH-capable Corvette they sent me to review.

alcohol drugs

The fact that some people commit an irresponsible or even criminal act after using “drugs” does not mean everyone who uses “drugs” – of whatever type  – is guilty of or even likely to commit criminal acts. The proposition is absurd. And the idea that everyone who uses or makes or sells “drugs” is – ipso facto – criminal and ought to be treated as such, vicious and downright stupid, too.

If it is not vicious or stupid or absurd then  – to be logically consistent – alcohol Prohibition must be re-enacted immediately. If the meth maker is a criminal merelybecause some of the people who buy his product may cause harm to others after partaking of his product, then the government-run ABC store that sold a half gallon of 190 proof grain alcohol to the college kid who later took a dive off the third floor of a building to his death below is also a criminal enterprise and all involved ought to be rounded up and severely punished.

The half-brained uplifters and moral temporizers – the Clovers who rule us – cannot fathom such obviousness. Cannot grasp the sameness – and therefore, the arbitrarinessand unfairness eludes them.

They demand group-guilt, not individual accountability.drug war 3

Their petty prejudices drive them. The “good Christian people” in my area enjoy their whiskey, their wine and beer. So those “drugs” – and alcohol isa drug (a potent one) as much as THC as much as Meth, as much as any other intoxicating substance – are socially acceptable. And so, legal. And thus, it would never occur to these holy rolling hypocrites to sic the cops on the beer truck outside the country store – notwithstanding that the local alcoholic wife beater is awaiting the next delivery.

Nor send the SWAT team to kick in the door of the wine-maker at 2 in the morning and cart him off to prison for the “crime” of making an intoxicant.

Only the pariah “drugs” are “illegal,” the object of no-holds-barred prosecution and punishment.

Clovers are psychopaths. Not only are they unable or unwilling to think. They havecontempt for it. Their personal, subjective feelings are what matters. They don’t like thisdrug – but that drug (their drug) is ok.

This is why we have forced anal probing – and thugs in costumes ripping the colostomy bags from the side of mentally handicapped people. Because of the unwritten coda that people who partake of socially unacceptable, arbitrarily illegal “drugs” are an open-season class of subhumanity.

drugs lasty

The new Jews, if you like.

But just as the “good Germans” who didn’t sweat the fate of the Jews ended up learning the hard way, once you permit the arbitrary abuse of any individual – let alone a class of people – it is almost inevitable that all people will end up being arbitrarily abused.The fact that you didn’t do anything doesn’t matter.

Think about that next time you see those blue and red lights flashing in the rearview. And reflect on  what may be about to happen to you.

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Contributed by Eric Peters of Eric Peters Autos.

Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release in 2012. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos.

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  • Barn Cat

    No, drugs are for losers. Even marijuana is bad. It leads to permanent IQ loss in minors. Temporary IQ loss in adults. Potheads become lazy apathetic losers who care only about getting high. There’s no other way to neglect your kids, abuse your spouse, and still feel good about yourself without it.

    • Mesquite_Thorn

      …then stop taking ASPRIN. Stop taking anything a doctor prescribes you. Your viewpoint is the exact sort of assinine ignorance this article was written for. Pull your head out, Mortimer. The air is fresher OUTSIDE of your ass.

    • RickE.

      You are so full of crap it’s beyond belief! I AM a successful businessman that was able to retire early, as I’m several years away from the minimum age requirement for benefits.(which i don’t even need).

      And guess what Mr., I smoke it several times a week! I was able to retire early by investing prudently in the stock market. This was MY doing, NOT a financial institution making the decisions that changed my life financially forever.

      So what in the heck are you talking about???? I am FAR from an apathetic loser that cares ONLY about getting high.

      I use pot exactly why many drink. TO RELAX.

    • Jean

      So, umm… How much and how many did you scarf down, Barney Cat?

  • Marie

    I consider myself a good Christian, yet I enjoy wine and a good shot of gin and tonic. I do not, however, smoke weed or put anything in my body including drugs both legal and illegal. I use a natural herbal book. Before you call me crazy, I have not had a major illness, been hospitalized, or gone to a doctor except for blood pressure and yearly tests like that. And I am in my 60’s!
    I believe good health is ours for the taking if we only follow simple rules: wash your hands, avoid smoking, eat real food, exercise, and drink lots of good water. Oh, and laugh a lot. Avoid people who are downers.

    • RickE.

      Marie, sorry but if you drink alcohol, you ARE using drugs, as it IS most definitely a drug. And it’s used for the same reason why folks use “drugs”: TO FEEL different or better in an altered state.

      By the way, your advice about laughing a lot is the best advice I’ve heard in quite a while!!

  • Anonymous

    Sadly these comments are all wrong. Every human being should be able to choose for themselves what is right for their lifestyle without a government entity and/or a nosy neighbor getting involved…
    Just a tiny slice of what is fundamentally wrong with the U.S.A….Plan to sell and leave A.S.A.P.
    Say there is no better place? B*LLSH*T. Been there.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Utterly over the top pub prices plus continual CCTV spying on punters drives us to each others’ houses where we make our own entertainment, possibly watch a DVD, temptations of the flesh may be found. So may lots of things I havnt time nor space to relate but its nice to feel you belong to a great community and accept invitations.
    Regular culture as found in english public houses, churches and work functions must find a way to re-assert its dominance over what I call Alternative Culture, and do so ECONOMICALLY.
    Thankyou for listening.

  • Al

    Amazing how much garbage people believe these days… nobody does their homework anymore, nobody knows that the economy, governments, courts, countries, legal systems, militaries, police, corporations, societies, systems, educational system, medical system, insurance, banks, bonds, trusts, constititions, laws, bills, acts, etc., are all fictions, that money is fake, etc…. which is why they suffer.
    Amazing that people will not learn and keep giving fictions recognition so that those fictions come to life and have unlawful standing, force and effect in their lives. Spiritual wisdom and discernment and freedom and the abundant life from God is available to those who look to God for their answers and protection, but it is not available for those who reject God and his truth.

  • jenB

    Did the author of this article blame Christians for the War on Drugs, but allowing alcohol to be legal? I totally agree with alcohol being a drug and probably worse than other illegal drugs. What turned my stomach was the need to call out Christians as hypocritical for drinking alcohol. What do Christians have do with the increasingly secular governments war on drugs? Seriously, those in position of power within the government have been removing religious anything from government for a very long time. so how do you criticize the war on drugs and then make it about hypocritical Christians? I was enjoying your article until you basically blamed the Christians, and I am nomt even Christian.

  • Tom

    The deadly weed saved my life more than once. I had bleeding ulcers and nausea and couldn’t stop throwing up blood. I have a rare blood type and was near death and the deadly weed allowed my stomach to heal. It also saved my sanity from bipolar depression and suicide. To hell with anyone who doesn’t like the fact that I’m still alive and still smoking. And being a musician I can tell you it DOES increase playing ability and creativity in a truly magical way…at least in my case. America has turned into a shell of what our Founders intended. What a silly joke! Cops are little boys who got picked on in school and/or commie wannabes. Grow up or get out of America you Constitution-hating morons!!!

  • Apex predator

    @marie I smoke for a myriad of reasons,to quote ksshhh uhh yeah folks this is your pilot we just lost an engine..if ya ot em light em..know what I mean? plus its an excellent wind gauge with iron sights as well as stops tremors after having to put some___ down…ahh…pffft…a soldiers life for me…