The US Prison System Is Actually Larger than Soviet Gulags

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Many Americans are quite convinced that they live in one of the freest nations on the planet. Even if they don’t think that we are the freest, they still believe that our population has far more rights than the vast majority of the human race. However, these people tend to ignore our large prison population. Can you really call it a free country when that nation restricts the freedoms of such a large percentage of its population, most whom are convicted of nonviolent crimes?

What’s more shocking, is that our prison population has reached an ominous milestone over the past few years. The number of Americans who were in jail and prison, or on probation and parole, was 7 million people by 2009. When you include former inmates who have since left our prison system, you wind up with 19 million people as of 2010. This number exceeds the 18 million people who endured the Soviet Gulag system, between 1929 and 1953.

While the conditions in the gulags were far worse than American prisons, our facilities still utilize slave labor and torture techniques like solitary confinement to keep their inmates in line. And with a per capita incarceration rate that might only be exceeded by countries like North Korea and Cuba, there’s no reason to believe that the United States is still among the free nations of the world.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • EnemyOfTheState

    Hopefully soon, our prisons will be full of politicians, bankers, lawyers and other traitors/undesirables.

    • Mark

      …after fair trials, of course.

      We cannot be like them.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Wen politicians, bankers, lawyers wright the law that dictates what constitutes a “fair” trial im pretty sure it’s not possible.
        I think it would be better to duplicate there recipe of “fair trial” and raise the stakes so high that they will sign a plea bargain just like the 95% of “Criminals”.

        • A fair trial was very well defined by the writers of the Constitution in their commonplace papers. Lysander Spooner did an excellent job of restating it in “Trial by Jury”and his other essays.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Sure did. I would say if you were to put one of those cop killers that shot a bunch of people at Lexington and Concord it would be the fairest trial there ever was.
            There is nothing more fair than being judged by the laws they wrought and the justice system they perverted.

          • Sadly, both Smedley Butler and Lysander Spooner were spot on and are equally apocryphal now.

      • guest

        trial, dont get a trial. You get a plea bargain against, so you
        get a choice of guilty plea and 1-2 years , or get charged with
        something that carries a 12 year sentence .

    • Guillotine_ready

      It will never happen. Too many sheep and no will to resist.

    • Bobby Bill

      you have to keep them somewhere pending trial at the Hague

      • Why would they need to be held pending trial when the Hague is ready whenever?

    • AugustineThomas

      I say that we need to stop pretending that anyone doesn’t deserve prison. At any given moment half of the population should be prisoners and half jailers. Every year the jailers become the prisoners and the prisoners become the jailers..

  • DFCtomm

    Jesus Christ, of course our prisons are larger that Soviet gulags, but for a completely different reason. We’ve thrown our borders open to any scumbag that cares to cross the border, and every little woman in the U.S. demands security. Given that situation what are we going to do, deport them?

    • Nexusfast123

      Nothing to do with that. People are given onerous prison sentences in the US when in other countries they would not be an offence or would warrant a caution.

      • grammyprepper

        Right, a person can be labeled a ‘felon’ for falling behind in child support payments…

        • DFCtomm

          What percentage of the prison population is composed of dead beat parents? Sorry, Granny but not a lot, however we have a very, very large “immigrant” population behind bars.

          • patriot156

            Obviously you’v not heard about how the states have contracted with private prisons and have promised them to keep their population at 80% capacity.
            How about the story a while back where some 20k people were falsley imprisoned because of a crooked Forensics person and Da were able to taint DNA and other forensic evidence?
            WHile there is a immigration issue that is hardly why our prison population is so high. It’s because of the drug laws that make felons out of someone who has small amounts of Marijuana, or other drugs. And yes there are plentny of cases I am sure of people being thrown in jail because they can’t pay thier Child support.
            But the issue isn’t just and just being the opperative word mexicans coming here illegally it’s our crooked system that’s the issue.

          • Guillotine_ready

            Actually it is a 90 percent guarantee from the states.

          • This FIRST thing I thought when I went to one of those places was “Damn, they lock everybody up.”

          • patriot156
          • I met quite a few when I was in there but I am sure it is different in different states.

          • At least half of the federal prison population consists of people convicted of malum prohibitum offences.

        • Or handing somebody something they don’t want you to have even if no money changed hands.

      • DFCtomm

        or……as they do in China they simply shoot them. You’re a moron.

        • Another Thought Criminal

          China only executed 2400 people last year.

          • Define execution. How many died because a vital organ was removed for sale?

          • Another Thought Criminal

            I don’t see how the method of execution (I would argue china’s is more humane than ours; you ain’t feeling a thing with a 7.62×39 going through your brain) matters per se; and I imagined they harvested organs from all of the executed that they could- waste not want not.
            cheney had to get his heart somehow.

          • There is no need to waste a bullet, which could cause adrenaline loading of the organ, when removing the organ with a scalpel will kill them.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            Well, I doubt they’ll just sit there while their organs are getting sawed out. Bullets are cheap. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you shot off more than 2400 bullets in the past year.

          • Have you never been under anaesthetic? You just lay there like a pithed frog.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            Yeah, but you were saying they wouldn’t want to waste a bullet; anesthesia would have to be more expensive, and time consuming. So, I was guessing. However, if this article is to be believed; we’re both wrong- no bullet and no anesthetic.

          • You obviously don’t understand the importance of keeping chemicals like adrenaline out of donated organs, so I’ll let you look it up, if you want to.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            In many cases death is traumatic for organ donations; car wrecks for example. I’m not going to argue that adrenaline can’t be harmful for organ donation; but I will argue that the chinese harvesting the organs might not give a damn about quality control.

          • I spend my days assembling bicycles, grills, furniture, and store fixtures, most of which is made in an asian country, and I haven’t seen anything that any of it has ever passed through more quality control than would be required to insure that all the parts are in the box.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            I bought a crow bar from Harbor Freight; figured how could they screw that up. Had to move a bicycle rack to get a lift on the sidewalk; and when I went to use the crow bar, the head of it broke off.
            I don’t think it’s a problem with the chinese people; but more a problem with forced labor in a communist country.

          • Most likely they don’t magnaflux their products, just like American manufacturers, which have a failure rate approximately the same if the quality assurance is the same. Cast parts are cast parts, they have hidden flaws.

        • Chinese prisoners are more valuable than American ones, as life support units for organs for sale.

    • Logic

      Stupid person saying stupid thing.

    • Our prison population was bigger than that of the gulags long before the borders became porous. One of the primary characteristics of the gulags is that few ever leave alive.

  • Gearmoe

    US prisons are jobs.

    • That pay about 25 cents a hour, being exempt from the minimum wage laws.

  • Nexusfast123

    A fine example of US crony capitalism at work. The Prison-Industrial-Complex has to have more and more people convicted to justify its budgets. Also is a source of cheap labour. I read an article a while ago in which is was calculated that the US prison building program is larger than all the programs to build affordable housing.

    • MW Hohimer

      Yes, someone please tell me again how unchecked capitalism is so much better then Communism? Seems to me one is just as bad as the other!

      • Another Thought Criminal

        We have crony capitalism (fascism). For example; the prisons are being paid by the govt, from our tax money; not a free market.

        • dawnjdeguzman

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        • Crony capitalism and fascism are two different things.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            Well, Mussolini called fascism a merger between state and corporations; sounds like an apt description of crony capitalism to me.

          • But fascists don’t have cronies, just partners.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            You’re probably right. We don’t have crony capitalism; we have crony govt.

          • That is accurate, but I’m not sure who wouldn’t have a crony government, it being a crony thing:-)

    • Bobby Bill

      I’ve always wondered how someone caught with $50 of drugs goes to prison for years, while a criminal invader who costs the American taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars can smile and tell all about it on TV or in newspaper articles, and sleep soundly that night. America is insane.

  • Mostly filled with immigrants, rightfully so. They should be placed in a desert camp where they would grow their own food, before deportation.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    North Korean prisons mainly hold POLITICAL prisoners Joshua. I doubt if they would care about a silly old retard who forgot to pay his child support LOL.
    And the Dear Leader is friends with Dennis Rodman. Says it all LOL. A clown circus of a dictatorship LOL.
    Nevertheless I would prefer to visit NK than USA or Israel because I have done my homework and carried out a serious risk assessment.
    I have no intention of a vacation turning into an incarceration just because of a careless Facebook post I made 3 years ago and have entirely forgotton about it.
    So help me God.

    • Wouldn’t you consider someone convicted of a malum prohibitum offense to be a political prisoner?

  • patriot156

    This is what we get when we worship other gods. I guarantee this is the same kind of slavery type of thing Israel went through each time they went whoring after other Gods. WHile their whoring was little statue type things, our whoring is our dependence in Govt. Govt takes place of God. Romans 13 starts it and Revelations 17:17 is the consequences of. That’s why all these cops shoot people and their dogs, is because I beleive some of them spiritually don’t worship the beast. As much as God know’s whos sealed, and who isn’t Satan knows who’s Marked and who isn’t

  • MW Hohimer

    QUOTE: “Many Americans are quite convinced that they live in one of the freest nations on the planet.”
    Yes the propaganda machine is working great, keeping the sheep fooled!

  • know I will have to type this probably a thousand more times but here it goes again: USE A VPN TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET! Unless you are banking, paying bills, or buying something there is no reason to be you and every reason not to be you(NSA) while online. When you sign up for a disqus account to comment, use a jumble of nonsense for your username or leave it default, use a fake first and last name and then use an email address that you created WHILE logged into the vpn that you used all fake info to create. Get started for free today: – use the open vpn protocol, it’s better.

    as for prisons for PROFIT:

    Fed judges / officials get legal, not lawful, bribes and payoffs

    State pretend ‘courts’ are in it for Trillions in CRIS CUSIP account profits

    A statute is a tax

    every “crime” has a dollar value

    the “prosecutors” and ” judges” are IMF sluts

    Your Birth Certificate, original, was sold off as a securities document….

    the list goes on

  • Jim Price

    Population of United States in 2010: ~309 Million
    Population of Soviet Union in 1950: ~185 Million

    On a per-capita basis the USSR was still far worse (not to mention the number of political prisoners was much higher).

    The US penal system is a racist disaster, but it is not yet comparable to the Gulags.

    • Since we have the same leadership in power it won’t be long now…

      • Hi Oh Great One !! Are you in Iceland, Netherlands, Siberia today? Notice i cut and pasted one of your previous posts i have on my favorites list?

        • Yo! Yeah, I saw that. Cool! Maybe it will get through to some… poor people, getting constantly violated without their knowledge… It is netherlands for me today though, lol, netherlands is a bastion of online freedom so that tends to be where I hang out. Here is something else worthy to use for connection obfuscation: – I put this in my windows startup group so it auto-loads and I never have to touch it. It will change your MAC address which could ID you even easier than an IP as each network-capable machine only has one and it is unique. This utility is just push a button and it is changed + you can turn it on and off. It is so easy I never had to use the help.

      • Which leadership are you talking about?

        • Haven’t they always been the same? Well, for the last century at least.. do the owners not lead us?

          • We don’t know who the owners are, in most cases, because they want to remain anonymous. George Soros isn’t worth more than the clothes on his back, he’s spending the owners’ money. He’ll die in abject poverty and complete luxury.

    • Your point is seriously undermined by the time differential.

  • Mike

    This is what happens with a for profit prison system.

  • “Many Americans are quite convinced that they live in one of the freest nations on the planet” because they insist on consuming television and other types of programming.

  • David in MA

    “The US Prison System Is Actually Larger than Soviet Gulags”
    Wouldn’t be if we used the death penalty like Russia and China do.

  • omni

    I had this discussion with a friend-the reason we have more people in prison than other countries is that we put people in prison for committing crimes.
    knock your wife’s teeth out in USA -you are in jail
    knock your wife’s teeth out in yemen-no jail
    steal in usa-you go to jail
    steal in Saudi arabia-you lose a hand-but no jail
    in some countries you kill someone-no jail if you pay the proper sum to the surviving family members
    so, you can see how it is we have more people in jail
    As to how they are treated-that is another story.