The US Dollar Just Became the Official Currency of ISIS

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Editor’s Note: Confusing isn’t it? And here we thought the dollar was already the official currency of ISIS, since the U.S. writes a lot of their checks.


by John Vibes

It was reported this week that the terrorist group, ISIS, recently mandated U.S. dollars be the legal tender in their occupied territories. From now on, the U.S. dollar will be the only form of currency ISIS accepts for tax payments, fines, and utility payments. This recent policy is vastly different from the gold and silver minted currency that ISIS proposed over a year ago.

In 2014, the group announced they would be minting their very own Islamic dinar, but now it seems they are back to relying on American currency.

Just a few months ago, Turkish police arrested six suspected ISIS members while they were minting coins, but nothing more has been reported about the plan since.

Rumors have circulated in the media that this shift in financial strategy is due to the fact that the ISIS regime is struggling to make ends meet, and that their once plentiful supply of money is now dwindling.

Lisa Monaco, President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, made sure the U.S. military and the Obama regime took credit for the troubles ISIS is encountering.

“We are seeing our efforts having some effect on their financial flows. And it’s difficult to get a handle on just how much because of the different illicit ways in which they are handling their finances but you’ve seen the efforts that our military has taken to take out cash storage sites, and I think it is our hope and expectation that that will have demonstrable effects. On what order of magnitude, I think it’s difficult to say,” Monaco said.

Russia is also taking credit for the decline in revenues. According to the AP, “Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin on Friday that Russian warplanes destroyed 15 oil refining and storage facilities in Syria and 525 trucks carrying oil during this week’s bombing blitz. He said this deprived IS of $1.5 million in daily income from oil sales.”

Whatever the reason may be, exiles from ISIS-controlled territories have confirmed the group is struggling financially and has experienced a severe drop in morale.

“You can sense the frustration, their morale is down,” one resident told reporters.

One resident of the city of Fallujah in Iraq told the New York Times that ISIS fighters who once made $400 a month aren’t being paid at all and their food rations have been cut to two meals a day.

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  • Isn’t the dollar “infidel money?”

    • Brett

      Muzzies are infidels.

  • Mike

    That would be because that is the currency the idiots in the US government pay them in.

    • Broos

      Because the definition of ISIS : US (CIA) and they’re assets on the Company payroll with EVEN 201 (personnel) files!

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  • That makes sense since all of their support is paid in the petrodollar.

  • SP_88

    ISIS is a creation of the US government, so it makes sense that they would use US dollars as their currency. And their desire to mint their own money was stopped by the government just like they stopped Saddam Hussein from selling oil in euros.
    At least some of the reason for this war is to protect the petrodollar that has been under attack by Russia and China.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Taxation isn’t theft, because how ells will ISIS pay for the roads?

  • Chuck Baker

    I know the answer! Ban cash! I am a genius, I know.

    • Chuck Baker

      I am revoking your Internet privileges until your are old enough to post with the big kids.

  • Fritzster

    We Janissaries now.

  • Dunno y

    Isis ironically the failed state with all that foreign capital in mixed currency screaming for the U.S. boob again. lol.

  • Wags71

    Who is dumb enough to fall for all of the crap they expect us to fall for?