The Truth Hurts: Mark Dice’s Channel Permanently Deleted by YouTube for “Severe Violations”

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Mark Dice, a video blogger who became famous for his man-on-the-street interviews where he allows average Americans to display their utter lack of awareness and mental acuity, has had his primary Youtube channel summarily removed for “severe violations of our community guidelines,” despite the fact that Dice is well-known for keeping the language on his videos clean and refraining from any type of hate speech.

YouTube has not supplied any further information about the “violations.”

Dice had over 800 videos on the channel, and millions of viewers.

Censorship of unpopular opinions.  It’s the American way.

Show your support for freedom of speech:

You can find Mark’s secondary channel HERE… (for now).

You can also find Mark on Twitter and Facebook…(for now).

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    Gestapo runs YouTube too

    • Yitzak Scammir

      You mean the juden rats run jew tube.
      Not the gestapo. Get it straight.

      • dale ruff

        Yitzak, You might be happier in Ukraine, where the Nazis are now in power.

        • NSAF

          Your ignorance is why we will never lift the shackles of oppression from Western civilization.

          Also, “Nazis” certainly do run Ukraine now. However they have absolutely ZERO in common with National Socialism, besides the stolen symbolism.

          • dale ruff

            The neo-Nazi parties in Ukraine have roots in collaboration with the German Nazis in Ukraine, where 4 million were killed in the Ukraine Holocaust.

            These same parties still celebrate the Ukraine Nazi “heroes” who worked with the German Nazis.

            They named their party Social Natinalism and adopted the swastika (Iwhich they have now replaced to appear more moderate) for obvious reasons. During the recent riots, they had armed thugs, wearing swastikas, using Nazi street tactics.

            They also espouse a racist ideology identical to the old Nazis.

            Currently, in line with US directions, they are toning down their extreme image…but they are Nazis in thought and action. They now control several cabinet posts plus the Defense Ministry, and as Nuland directed, the primary leaders are consulted (4 times a week but kept out of sight for PR reasons).


            Why is Mr. Ruff so completely dishonest that s/he whines about the nazis but never questions why we praise the jews/communists when they massacred 100,000,000 people in the Soviet Union, including millions upon millions of Christians?

        • farang

          Maybe you’d be happier in Tel Aviv, where the Zionists direct world-wide mayhem and death against innocent civilians? “Nazis” in power in Ukraine? Really? So Jewish Cohen-Kerry and Jewish Nuland, funneling $5 billion to “NGO’s” in Ukraine to store weapons, commit assassinations, use Jewsh Vitali Klitschko to be a BAGMAN for the ASSASSINS to overthrow a democratically-elected government and install a Jewish “Interim” PM, that immediately GIVES TWO LARGE SWATHS OF INDUSTRIALIZED UKRAINE TO Jews AND ships ALL OF UKRAINES GOLD TO US, are….. “nazis.” Bwahahahaha.

          Oh yeah, we are all swallowing that one…sure we are.


          • dale ruff

            I consider the regime now in power in Israel to be fascists: why would you suggest I would be happier there?

            As for the neo-Nazis in power, that is indisputable; both the Right Sector and Svoboda, with roots in the collaboration with the Nazis in WWII, have records of anti-semitism, Russophobia, and use of paramilitary operations (armed thugs). In the “protests,” both provided violent troops with guns and molotov cocktails, many wearing swastikas.

            The leaders of both far right fascist parties have recently moderated their public image and anti-semitic rhetoric in order to fit into the coup regime with less outrage from the West.

            Nuland asserted the US spent 5 billion to destabilize the Ukraine government and she is quoted as saying that “Yats” should be the public leader (as he is) and that the facists (she mentions them by name) should be consulted but on the outside.

            In fact, the primary leaders are ‘on the outside” but other leaders of these neo-fascists parties hold down cabinet positions, including the head of national security.

            None of this is a secret, but it is being played down in the Western media. You can easily google the statements and histories of Svoboda and the Right Sector, who know have major roles in the new regime.

            Nuland and others think they can control the far right….but they have made a terrible mistake and they will pay for it.

            I see that all the neo-Nazi websites echo your anti-semitic ravings. I guess I was right that you would be at home in the Ukraine, where the fascist right has leading positions in the new government.

            As for me, I hate fascists in Israel and the Ukraine, as well as those in the US.

            Your ugly racism (you see Jews everywhere! but cannot see the neo-Nazis in plain sight) culminates in hate speech and calls for hangings.
            Shame on you!

        • AtomicMetroid

          No difference really between Nazi and Zionists. Go to NY or Israhell where you would fit right in.


          Many of the new crop of Ukrainian leaders are jews. How can they be nazis?

          • dale ruff

            realjewnews is a neo-Nazi website that promotes the paranoia that sees Jews everywhere. In fact, the Ukraine regime is an unholy alliance of oligarchs (most of whom are not Jews), Western stooge bankers (most of whom are not Jews) and neo-Nazi thugs with anti-Semitic and anti-Russian bigotry. This alliance is unstable, and the various forces are fighting among themselves.

            Behind them all, the US, which funded the revolution, led by the neo-Nazi thugs, who are tolerated becauses they do the dirty work. The real goal, as seen in the appointment of the Prime Minister (Yats) by US Asst Secy of State Nuland, is to get the Ukraine under US dominated IMF control and to eventually absorb it into Nato (also US controlled). In other words, the purpose is to make Ukraine a vassal state of of the US.

            I would not give any credibility to an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi website when it comes to identifying Jews, since they hallucinate Jews as a matter of course.

            The evidence of neo-Nazis in the regime is indisputable, and neo-Nazi paramilitary units (often wearing swastikas) have been absorbed into the Ukraine military, and it is these (such as the Azov Battalion) who are responsible for false flag attacks, massacres, and claims of an invasion by the regular Russian army. Blaming the Jews for everything of course, is an old Nazi tactic…..anyone with an ounce of brain knows it is fraudulent.

            Look up Svoboda and the Right Sector to learn more about the Nazi roots of these parties, which now play important roles in the ukrain government and especially the military. In the end, the stooges, corrupt oligarchs, and neo-Nazis will attack each other.

            As for realjewnews, this is a website on the level of Stormfront, both of which promote anti-Jewish propaganda and specialize in hate speech. Only racists and fascists take these websites seriously.


            And you’ll tell me where you get this information about Ukraine’s current “leadership”. I provide urls and sources, you will too.

          • dale ruff


            has a report on neo-Nazis in the regime.

            the Guardian reports:

            “Moreover, some of the new MPs are not just far right but actual neo-Nazis. Take Andriy Biletsky, elected in a single-member district in Kiev with support from the People’s Front party led by Arseniy Yatseniuk. Biletsky was the head of an openly racist Patriot of Ukraine group which was involved in hate crimes against minorities, and later formed the core of the infamous Azov volunteer battalion, which uses neo-Nazi symbolism. He was celebrated as commander of the Azov battalion and assigned to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the police.

            Biletsky is not the only neo-Nazi recently appointed to law enforcement bodies. In October, Vadym Troyan, another Patriot of Ukraine member and deputy commander of the Azov battalion, was appointed as the head of the police in Kiev Oblast province. A Kharkov human rights group called it a “disastrous appointment”. At the same time, another infamous extreme right politician from the Svoboda party Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, who once promoted Joseph Goebbels’ A Little ABC of National Socialism and the 25-point NSDAP Program, will head up propaganda and analysis in the Security Service of Ukraine.”


      • King Johnny

        That bigots like Alex Jones, as/or racists undermine our abilities to fairly defend ourselves from for real criminals.


          They never name jews as the cuprits behind the conspiracies that have made them rich. Because then the jews would be rounded up and executed for High Treason, and there goes Jones’ meal ticket.

          • dale ruff

            The greatest criminals of modern America were Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Rumsfeld, none of whom is Jewish. LBJ and NIxon conducted a criminal war which killed 3 million civilians in Vietnam: one was Protestant, the other raised as a Quaker.

            Henry Paulson, Bush’s Sect of the Treasury and former CEO of Goldman Sachs , who demanded the 800 billion bailout of the banks, was raised a Christian Scientist.

            Evil has nothing to do with race, which is an unscientific fiction, and everything to do with ideology. The evil is not in our DNA but in our thoughts and beliefs, which are not inherited but taught. Avoid those people and media which teach hatred, bigotry, and racism.

      • Mamzer_FEMA_REGION_IV

        Guess you are also clueless what mamzer is too

  • Truman Golden

    Wow, censorship at its finest.

  • get the wrist / forehead implant and enjoy “life” with 666

  • hp b

    His reward for educating the American exceptionals as to just how exceptional they really are. (dirt comes to mind)
    I’d bet half of them can’t spell exceptional, first try..

  • fatwillie

    your guilty of making people wake up and or see what should no be seen or heard. Piss on youtube just like facebook not worthy of a second of a good mans time.

  • tunkashila

    Who knew Turkey was running YouTube?!?

  • Jimmy Yost

    Mark Dice appears to be a narcissist (egomaniac) and a disinfo troll. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw a piano. It’s interesting that so many of these trolls have out of the blue showed up with elaborate websites and are touting all kinds of off-the-wall diversionary stuff that is designed to disarm people from looking at the real issues.

    Brother Nathaniel and Ryan Dawson are a couple of examples I can think of, plus several more of these so-called ‘Christian Patriots’ who post articles but disallow any comments to their rants. I think the reason they want to remain autonomous is because they can’t handle critical debate. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out that they’re all on the Zionists /CIA payroll.

    • Andy Stone

      Thank god someone is on the ball here.
      Mark Dice is a controlled opposition stooge, this has been obvious right from his first appearance.
      My first reaction to this news is that it is a publicity stunt to try and gain credibility. FAIL!.

    • TimWebb

      Brother Nathanael ( get the spelling right ) has a comments box which is available to all. He is by no means a “troll” as you describe him. Everything he says is factual and can be checked. As an ex-jew, he knows the synagogue of satan from the inside out; and he points out how this thrice-accursed tribe is totally responsible for the destruction, both moral and economic, of the United States. He points out their intimate involvement in the destabilization of the democratic process in Ukraine; and their disgusting hypocrisy in rejecting the overwhelming expression of the people’s will in Crimea.

      • Jimmy Yost

        Brother Nathaniel’s site begins with a lie, by naming it ‘Real Jew News.’ The reason it’s a lie is because there’s no such thing as a real Jew anymore (see Arthur Koestler’s online book titled ‘The Thirteenth Tribe). Furthermore, I have serious doubts as to whether or not Brother Nathaniel is Christian (Christian men don’t wear women’s dresses and hats). I have communicated with him a couple of times and I can tell you he has a nasty disposition toward anyone who questions his legitimacy (and he wouldn’t post my comments). I could detect nothing of the Holy Spirit in anything he said to me. And where did he come from? How is it that he suddenly appeared on the internet with an elaborate website from the get-go? Do you think he funded it himself? C’mon, get real.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You couldn’t be more wrong about Br Nathan. He is very open to comments and makes no attempt to hide his identity or any relevant facts. He also engages with his audience actively. Ryan I happen to know from long ago and trust also. You just can’t expect everyone to meet your particular sample of a paradigm or else be deemed false. Truth is a step wise process, layers of an onion and as long as you think you’ve reached the last one you certainly have not usually.

      • Jimmy Yost

        Your reply reminds me of this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “A person places themselves on a level with the ones they praise.” In view of that profound truth, I’d hate to be in your shoes.

        • James

          You pretend to be smug to kid yourself when you are in fact a hypocrite.

          No doubt you are a zionist Jew who is offended simply because the former Jew, Bro Nat, condemns Judaism in his Christian ministry. LOL!!!!

          Wassa matter booboo? Do you have a problem with the freedom of religion?

          • Jimmy Yost


            I see that you know how to type, it’s a shame that you don’t know how to read (or to understand what you read).

          • James

            You tone of superiority is sickening zionist.

          • Jimmy Yost

            James (or Ryan or Nathaniel, or whatever)
            Like I said, it’s a shame that you don’t know how to understand what you read, because if you read my comments you would understand that I am the antithesis of a zionist cheerleader (unlike Bro N. and Ryan D.)

          • James

            I read more of your comments and I see you are in the middle ground. I don’t particularly like Bro Nat but I think he is genuine. It would be far more productive if he aimed his opinions at other Jews than subnormal American reactionaries.

            My apologies for misjudging you.

          • Jimmy Yost


            Your apology is accepted. I know how easy it is to misjudge people because I do it myself sometimes, especially if I speed-read their articles or comments.

            As for Bro Nat being genuine, he’s a genuine Khazar narcissist who is for himself first and for the other Khazars second. The Khazars aren’t Jews at all, they’re Jews in name only via their identity theft of the true Jews of 2000 years ago. And like most Khazars, Bro Nat will never admit it, and like all narcissists he is incapable of admitting any fault.

          • James


  • Nexusfast123

    Youtube is also a mess with its irritating, intrusive and pointless ads.

    • Black Stoned

      adblock works miracles, but youtube are cunts for a long time now

      • Nexusfast123

        I agree ad block helps but the layout of the site to accommodate the ads is appalling.

    • James

      Never accept Youtube updates on your smart phones unless you want to be plagued with adverts.

    • isnamthere

      How can you be so unamerican? Don’t you know that in america we have to make a buck off of anyone anytime and anywhere. If you can’t get with the system, buddy, you might want to go to a non-capitalist, non-greedy-pig society.

  • globalists_vs_locals


    • AtomicMetroid

      Zionists not Marxists.

      • James

        I think you are confusing matters. Zionism is a race specific genocidal ideology. It has more similarities to apartheid and Nazism than to Marxist ideology.

        While Marxist ideology is extreme, it has some fundamental virtues such as equality and economic justice.

        • TimWebb

          Please. Jews are behind both of these antichrist systems. “Equality and economic justice”? For whom? The politburo? The Cheka? I have no recollection whatsoever of the average member of the proletariat gaining the slightest advantage from this damnable atheist philosophy; rather, death by famine and brutal execution was their lot.

          • Quitthevictimhood

            Agree Tim! Nice post.

        • AtomicMetroid

          You’re right. My bad. I for some reason see the two as the same.

  • oahumike

    How can those individuals who wake up every day in this country and go to work censoring free speech or spying on all of us, look themselves in the mirror and call themselves Americans? THEY AREN’T.

    • TimWebb

      You are correct; their first loyalty is, and always has been, to the issuer of their second passport, the terrorist State of Israel.

  • Poorlaggedman

    Even the backup channel is deleted

  • farang

    You wouldn’t know a true liberal if one was sitting on your pinhead.

  • sleat

    So, your video talking about the other videos being deleted has _itself_ been deleted, being simply accused of being a spam, scam, or commercially deceptive. Now I _really_ wanna watch it! Where’s your backup guys? I wanna watch!

  • isnamthere

    This a-hole is nothing but a set-up artist. He proves nothing with his pathetic, little videos, although I’m sure they give him immense pleasure as he looks at himself in the mirror and pats himself on the back. Tricking people into giving erroneous answers proves nothing.

    • throwthemout

      i would assume your one of the clueless dumbfucks he exposed on one of his video’s.

      how about this fuckhead …..if you don’t like them don’t watch them

      • isnamthere

        No one will be watching them on youtube anymore. Ha, ha, ha, ha ,ha.

  • AtomicMetroid

    The jews are trying to suppress communications and facts. They’re running scared ’cause too many people are talking about them. I cannot wait to enforce arrest warrants.

    • TimWebb

      That is the only possible solution.
      A Final Solution to the Jewish Question.
      No human being who embraces the filth and depravity represented by their holy book, the talmud, can be permitted to live alongside decent people.
      Send them to the moon, or even better, the sun.

    • Quitthevictimhood

      Jews are out of control and need to be called out for it.

  • AtomicMetroid

    Racist towards who?

  • AtomicMetroid

    And Israel. Remember the poll Google had up that wanted you to choose Israel or Palestine? That was a test.

  • James

    “Mark Dice, a video blogger who became famous for his man-on-the-street interviews…”

    Mark Dice got everything he deserved for harassing unassuming young people with stupid set up interviews.

    Why doesn’t the coward door step some politicians and humiliate them on Youtube instead!

    • matism

      Shove it up your chimp-sucking ass sideways. The “young people” he interviews have been “educated” by this country’s public school system, and will be eligible to vote.

      • James

        Because creatures like you and Mark Dice believe the young people he targets are poorly educated, does that mean you have a right to publicly humiliate them?

        Have you ever considered that most people are and have always been apolitical because they are busy with their lives? Have you ever considered that creatures like you are so immersed in a rightwing and fascistic subculture that every time you surface into society that you are startled by normality?

        People know their immediate self interests and things like you hitched up on your sanctimonious haunches mean nothing to them. You are aliens who are engaged in an alien discourse.

        • matism

          Go to hell, and take your God damned pigs with you.

          • James

            I am going to Heaven because I am a good person. You, however, are living in a Hell of your own making because you are paranoid, alienated and hostile to your fellow humans. FREAK!!!

          • matism

            You are going to hell where you belong for what you and yours have done to this country.

        • BluePig

          They are the ones who are publicly humiliating themselves by being stupid. Don’t blame it on the one asking the questions.

  • James

    I’ll take liberal democrat over fascist conservatives any day.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Yes sure because the less than ten percent of us who get it would so cripple Jewtube if we pulled the pin on it.

  • TimWebb

    A perfect summation of the facts.
    Thank you.

    • Quitthevictimhood

      Christians MUST stick together and work in the underground economy and take care of each other.

  • matism

    What else would one expect from Google, who after all DOES own YouTube?

  • Skip

    Censorship of unpopular opinions. It’s NOT the American way.

  • Lentenlands

    Youtube deleted his backup channel and just un-deleted it. The government liars can’t make up their minds and likely have no justification for any of this persecution against a person that scrutinizes and criticizes them. God forbid you make government officials obey laws, rules and regulations and give justification for their oppressive tyranny against the People.

  • Quitthevictimhood

    They need to be nervous because FINALLY people are waking up to their devious ways.

  • Tosheba

    The corporate fascist machine uses the term and alleged ‘ideal’ of ‘community standards’ on the web to censor and eviscerate the notion of free speech.

  • dale ruff

    Your comments are both crude and non sequiturs. Since they make no sense, I have no choice but to dismiss them.

  • dale ruff

    You do not speak for anyone but yourself, and your claim of thinking is belied by your post.

  • dale ruff

    The sheeple are with you!

  • dale ruff

    28 sheeple are with you.

  • Robert177

    Couldn’t have been TOO “permanently deleted”; I just checked on April 16 and Dice has 800+ videos out there on YT.

  • hp b

    Well how about apathetic lard ass*s?

  • Freeland_Dave

    Well that’s why they are attempting to do away with the 1st Amendment. So you don’t have the right to show your stupidity to the rest of the mesmerized nation to make fun of. Seems we are all becoming the wire-heads of the Heinlein science-fiction era where everyone was hooked up to a network controlled by some unidentified master network controller. The people only knew what the network allowed them to do.

    With the rapid advent of technology that is rapidly replacing what mankind has done with an order of intelligent and self aware and self programming machines, one does have to wonder seriously if humanity is rapidly moving towards its own extinction. If you truly espouse the Christian belief this should not really trouble yourself over it. And if you do not espouse any belief what so ever, you won’t be troubled by this either. I am simply the messenger. What you do with the message is entirely up to you and really none of my business.

  • Freeland_Dave

    Oh they care. But they are smart enough not to engage in a conversation so diametrically opposed do their own brand of racism they simply let the comment die without attempting to breathe life into it. A conversation between two racists, each defending his own brand of racism, is a futile and vain effort that usually doesn’t go anywhere until one decides to really be stupid and violently attack the other. In that situation it’s usually best, and cheaper for the rest of society, if they simply kill each other and no other parties on either side are harmed or injured. It’s when people stand behind either of the two idiots that the real crimes that people of both sides start against each other and, unfortunately, the peaceful, hard working tax payers have to foot the entire bill to have the problem dealt with.