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SGT Report
July 31st, 2013


Former IRS Agent turned whistleblower Joe Banister joins us to discuss the IRS scandal which Obama calls “phony”.

Joe explains the true nature and Marxist agenda of the IRS, and reveals what the LAW actually says in regard to Americans paying “income tax”.

Joe’s website is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the IRS which we often refer to as the collection arm of the Federal Reserve.

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  • Snowden Hoax – a snowjob on the public and ‘truthers’

    NY Times: Leaker’s Flight Raises Tension Between U.S. and 3 Nations


    The Obama administration escalated its criticism on Monday of Russia, China and Ecuador, the countries that appeared to be protecting Edward J. Snowden, who is wanted on spying charges.


    We suspected something didn’t smell right about the “spontaneous” phenomenom we call “Snowden-Mania”. There was the intense international media blitz, and the professionally-made banners that popped out of nowhere, and the fact that the “fugitive whisteblower” was able to get away so easily. But the motive behind this strange story was not clear to us, until we read today’s New York Times front page story (headline above).

    There it is! The “Snowden Snow-Job” is revealed. The mysterious whistleblower, who allegedly threw away his $200,000 yearly salary, his girlfriend, and his life, just to tell the world what was already commonly known, (that the government is spying on us – duh!), is now cozying up to the arch enemies of the NWO Globalists – Russia & China. How convenient that Snowden hysteria is being used to foment tensions between the belligerent U.S., and the anti-war Russia/China Alliance! Senator John McCain, that deranged, warmongering, Zionist stooge and genocidal psychopath, is already declaring “a return of the Cold War” over the Snowden affair.

    In addition to stirring up trouble, Snowden may perhaps also be a double-agent, sent to provide disinformation to America’s enemies? The Snowden drama has yet to play out fully, but we do feel confident at this point in declaring this to be a government intelligence operation. Be not deceived by feigned indignation of the Obama administration & friends (The phrase from Skakepeare’s ‘Hamlet’, “Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much” comes to mind!) The fake condemnation of Snowden is intended to give him credibility ( ‘sheep-dipping’). This is clearly an orchestrated government-media circus, and The New York Times is “in on it”.

    A sure sign of fakery. Professional banners and posters pop up instantly throughout Hong Kong.

    Instant ‘pro-Snowden’ Flash Mobs, with printed signs, pop up in western influenced Hong Kong.
    WEDNESDAY / JUNE 26 / 2013
    (An Excerpt)

    NY Times: With Snowden in Middle, U.S. and Russia Joust, and Cool Off


    President Vladimir V. Putin confirmed that Edward J. Snowden, the American wanted on spying charges, was in Moscow, but appeared to rule out his extradition to the United States.


    And the anti-Putin mania, now intensified by this phony Snowden operation, rolls on towards an ending that only the Globalist-Zionist script writers can know. With Snowden now in Russia, he is likely to be debriefed by Russian Intelligence. Is Edward Snowden (if that’s even his real name) a disinfo agent, sent to feed the Russians false information? Is he there to pass on a sophisticated computer virus to the Chinese and Russians? Or, is the purpose of this phony operation solely to drive a deeper wedge between the U.S. and anti-war Russia?

    We shall know soon enough. The question is, will the Russians (known as great chess players) smell the Zionist bullshit? Our hunch is that they already do, but aren’t showing their cards! It is an interesting drama. But, like all dramas, it is staged.

    The Times propaganda is subtle, but New York’s tabloids are in-your-face!

    Mr. Putin is nobody’s fool!

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