The Trigger Event for the UN Takeover of the US

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Parts One and Two of this series described how the United Nations is poised to take over the United States. The border crisis with tens, if not hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens is threatening paralyze several federal agencies. When this number grows to  millions, this country and its resources will be paralyzed in terms of responding the holocaust which is underway. Part Two, in particular, demonstrated how the United Nations is prepositioning resources in anticipation of being able to assume a policing duty with regard to the border crisis, which has totally been manufactured in order that the UN has a pretext to function as a force.

Because the UN will be responding to a “humanitarian need” the American military will have a very difficult time objecting and opposing the takeover of the UN. The policing of the US by the UN is merely a move to gain a foothold. When one looks at the wholesale movement of UN military vehicles, it is easy to conclude that their mission will not be humanitarian  in its totality, but this is lining up to be a military mission.

As bad as the crisis on the border will be, this is just the opening act. What follows will allow the UN to assume complete policing powers in all 50 states and the assumption of jurisdictional control over all state and federal agencies.

What Will Give the UN the Justification to Assume Control Over the Entire US?

The one element that binds together the all local, state and federal agencies is the economy. The border crisis will provide the UN the opportunity to have a presence in the border states. However, there will be 46 states that will not be under UN control. Therefore, how does the UN overcome this challenge in order to assume complete control of the United States?

Food riots are coming

Food riots are coming

When the American economy collapses, food riots will commence. The average American will have enough food and water for about three days, with the majority of Americans not possessing the means to protect their individual supplies from the hording bands of desperate people. Banks will collapse, business inventories will be looted and police will abandon their posts just like they did during Hurricane Katrina. From a law enforcement perspective, America will lose the ability to respond to the crisis within 3-5 days. Within 10 days, there will absolute and total anarchy. Nobody will be safe. However, the UN “Peacekeepers” will be present and will be willing and able to assume control. And if they assume control, as they did, in Bosnia, Serbia, the West Bank, Lebanon and Rwanda, Americans are in a lot of trouble.

My military sources have told me that this has already been rehearsed the UN takeover of America as far back as the 1990′s NORTHCOM and the UN have engaged in urban warfare drills. Again, in Bosnia, urban occupation was coordinated between foreign troops and US soldiers, under UN command in this war torn country. The removal of 260+ American military senior grade military officers should make a lot more sense. An economic collapse will be the second leg of the UN takeover of this country following an international response by the UN at the border. And what will that mean? It will mean gun confiscation and seizure of private assets.


For those who are indifferent to a planned UN intervention in this country, I would ask you to please tell me when has the United Nations ever intervened in a crisis without having its presence create genocide type conditions? Since class in session, let me provide for you with the poster child answer to the previous question. Look at what the UN did not do in the Rwanda crisis. These yellow-bellied white hats watched as people were pulled from their cars, their wagons and their homes and were subsequently murdered. Twenty years after a million Rwandans were murdered in 90 days, the UN apologized for their inaction. The UN also has a similar track record in Bosnia, Serbia, the West Bank, et al., and soon to be in America.

Mark my words, when the food riots commence following the collapse of the dollar, the UN will not be intervening to save American lives in the midst of the economic collapse that is presently underway. The sole purpose of the UN presence during a crisis will be to assume complete control. of the government and key infrastructure.

Larry Grathwohl Was Correct


fema civilian detaineesI had the good fortune of interviewing the late Larry Grathwohl many times. Larry was well-known for exposing the fact that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorne, formerly the leaders of the radical revolutionary group, the Weatherman Underground, launched the political career of Barack Hussein Obama. While Larry was serving as an undercover informant designed to penetrate the Weatherman on behalf of the FBI, he once asked Ayers what will happen when these radical communists were ever able to assume power. Ayers responded 50 million  Americans would have to be placed in re-education camps (i.e. FEMA Camps). And he added that about 25 million would have to be eliminated. At that time in 1968, the United States only had 200 million people. Ayer’s incarceration numbers represented one in four Americans would have to incarcerated and one in eight would have to murdered. In today’s numbers, about 67 million Americans would be incarcerated and over 33 million Americans would have to murdered. The enormity of this statement by Ayers is staggering. Please keep in mind that this man was the driving force behind Obama’s political career

...become this?

“We have plenty of food and water.”

The Catalyst

Americans need to stop listening to Obama and the mainstream media, there is not going to be any economic recovery. No matter how many times they lie and bend the numbers to cushion America’s fall from financial grace, we have no hope economically because there is nothing left to salvage. America only has to look at three economic indicators to know that we are in a lot of trouble, The debt is $17 trillion dollars, unfunded (partially or otherwise) mandated social programs constitutes another $240 trillion dollars and the credit swap derivatives total between $1 quadrillion dollars to $1.5 quadrillion dollars, which is six times the GDP of the planet. Do you get it now? There will be no recovery, only a complete UN takeover when the economic collapse does come.


The UN will not have to round up 67 million Americans, most Americans will come to their imprisonment willingly, that is, if they want to eat and to be “temporarily” protected. It will be during this backdrop that we will see FEMA camps unveiled in manner described by Bill Ayers, who not only launched Obama’s political career but also still visits him at the Whitehouse.  Time is short and the dots are beginning to connect.

Perhaps this July 4th, we should be having a going away party instead of a celebration.

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Contributed by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show.

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  • xcrosstown

    I hate articles like this that scream the sky is falling without offering some type of solution to the problem. Ok, so what is the solution, Mr. Hodges? You want to scream DOOM, however you offer nothing in the way of prevention or preparation. You can scream from the deck that the Titanic is sinking, but if you don’t have a lifeboat you’re going to drown like the rest of the rats. Unfortunately, aside from moving outside the US (or even North America), there is nothing anyone can do, IF this is indeed the a plan of TPTB.

    • Mecca Wrecka

      assemble a ton of food (literally) and other items which an appreciation of what is to come would mandate – from antacid to paper towels, to guns & ammo (more than the reported 200-round average, too). Bury it if you can, and tell no one. Water will be the problem, and they know it (how will you wash your clothes? A case for nudity here, you could start conditioning the family now, no humour nor licentiousness intended). Things are gonna get real. Get real.

      • DaisyK

        We don’t need water to wash our clothes! That is the LAST think we need to worry about.
        We need water to drink, to cook our food, to wash our hands, and, while the sewers are still working, to flush our toilets.
        Unless you are doing very dirty work, you can wear the same clothes day after day. And I have lots of old clothes in the back of my closet. Enough to last a very long time.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      He’s a disinfo specialist IMHO! He writes stuff meant to give the reader a feeling of hopelessness. Never talks about the powers behind this. Loves the neocons too! Very Sun Tzu to discourage you so you will give up without a fight.And your right this guy never offers solutions!

    • black watch

      we the people and vets and all law enforcement that would stand behind us can make a difference not to mention the military that would enforce our constitution…..lock and load……..

      • matism

        You had better understand by now that only a VERY SMALL portion of this country’s “Law Enforcement” give a damn about the Constitution.

        • Cracker122049

          LEO’s actions prove you to be right everyday too!

      • the military and popo are enforcing the bankruptcy, over 5k innocent Americans have been murdered just by the militarized popo in the last 10 or less years.

      • redrover

        Then we have to organize and get a plan together real fast and know which outfit to join because they have the cannons we don’t….it is time to go covert and get this thing done! Obama out first and then we take over all we can! Either way they will try to smash us; if we attack enforce they will issue Marshall Law and stop us and or they will come on as planned and take us over anyway…so what is the difference. THEY STARTED THIS CRAP AND WE HAVE TO FINISH IT…OR WE LOOSE AMERICA AND FREEDOM……is that what is wanted?

        • RKRRobinson

          they are bring all the stuff I need cannons, ammo, tanks… I can’t wait

    • Gregory Lesniewski

      The solution is that Americans ALL had better stock-up on LOTS of ammo, food, water and be ready to FIGH AT ALL COSTS for their country! We must NEVER allow the UN or ANY country get any sort of a foothold in our country! If you are NOT willing to do that, then march off to the FEMA camp and get out of our way!

      • redrover

        Then there better be a line of people at the border….with guns to stop the illegals AND get places and supplies stocked for the real people, so we CAN fight! Know who the enemy is and who the patriots are; you realize that there are a lot of leftist fools, democratic idiots and communists out there that do not get what is truly happening and they will cry the loudest when ‘the bird hits the fan’………it is insanity! Alone each of us can do little; together united patriotic American’s can do a lot! Like I said time to go covert!

    • controlhead

      Vote the bastards out…you can sit and do nothing or you can exercise your right to vote and get someone into office that will repair the damage done by this administration the best he can.Liberals got us into this mess they can help to get us out of it unless they have ingested to much kool aid and believe what is happening good.

    • John_the_Patriot

      Do you know what you can do? 1) Defund then get out of the UN and declare American sovereignty. 2) Throw off NAFTA, TAFTA, SPP, ICLEI and every other agreement and program that blocks American mining, refining and industries. 3) Toss out or send back all of the illegals and their children. 4) Shut down the Federal Reserve and return America to a sound money system. 5) Nullify every executive order written since 1992, when George H. W. Bush declared a New World Order. 6) Arrest and bring conspiracy to commit treason charges against the last 4 presidents. That’s a start. The rest will fall in place. BUT DO SOMETHING!

      • RKRRobinson

        Sounds good but I can’t do all that shit by myself….

    • Maximus Max

      The problem you fail to realize is he’s standing on the deck of the Titanic not just before dinner screaming “we should slow down”, but *after* she struck the danger! He’s telling you, which you completely fail to realize, that THEY ARE TAKING ALL THE LIFEBOATS! DO SOMETHING OR DIE!

      But just like then, the boats to safety were half full while those destined to die watched as the rich looked at them with disdain, we’ll likely not do much either. We’ll assume someone will come along and save us. Someone will care.

      The crash has already happened. They are filling the lifeboats. You gonna get on? Or you gonna keep dancing.

  • Bankrupt USA has no debt, how is it conceivable to have debt in a bankruptcy? IDIOT WRITERS

  • skeptic

    Doom and Gloom, racheting up the FEAR factor? what are you supposing to accomplish? more views to your article?

    • Useanameplease

      Really. Tell that to all those being butchered on a daily basis in the name of GOD.

      • skeptic

        at least they know where their going when they die.

        • AnnaBee

          The world will be shocked at how well the Americans respond to the needs of one another. The world has always turned to America, and America will not fail. Intelligent people know what needs to be done. There is not going to be the violence some are hoping for. Not only that but the infrastructure is going to remain in place. Everyone is going to ensure it will. The fat will be cut out of the government, but that is needed and to be expected anyway. God’s got it. I am not worried. The sky is falling people will be the ones freaking out. The rest of us will deal with it. Lord knows we’ve been dealing with all the bullshit we have been dished all along.

        • redrover

          Yes that is so true!….also when push comes to shove the true RWB patriots will shock the hell out of them at how many of us there are and how determined we are as a people! It will be one gigantic fight that is for sure and all the might in the world cannot take down God’s people when we are ready to be who we truly are in side and out!! So keep up, take notes or get the hell out of the way because when your life is threatened by your own you will do whatever it takes to survive and fight- or die on the spot!!! God bless the believers and the patriots;,,,,,the rest can die and go to hell where they belong!!

      • redrover

        They are safe in heaven if they believed so the enemy is doing them a favor actually. They will NEVER suffer again….whereas we all will en-mass….the streets will be red with blood if they have their way; satan is unleashed and hell is on earth a coming!!! Come Lord Jesus Come for your children…AND HE WILL!! AMEN…fight or die brave…either way we are a dying nation. It was truly exceptional while it lasted but there have been the fools plotting just as long to take us down !! Nothing good ever lasts long….be glad of what you had and live now every day that is good with those you love. And when it really gets bad you will be glad your loved ones are gone before you so they do not have to experience that most of us are about to. Believe and be strong or whimper and give up and cower…..those are the two options.

  • ThomasThePaine

    That’s OK. . . As long as they keep on wearing their cute blue targets, I mean helmets. . .
    Hell, the UN can’t take over Sudan. . . Let alone the “Land Of A Rifle Behind Every Blade Of Grass”!

  • RMolineaux

    The only thing correct in this ítem is the color of the vehicles. Yes, when the UN leases vehicles in its peacekeeping missions it paints them White, not black as often alleged. The rest of the ítem is utter nonsense. The UN does not have a pot to piss in, not to mention the enormous cost of attempting to occupy the US. This ítem was written by demagogues who speak foolishness to mislead the gullible.

    • Andrew Gulak

      Yeah, I pretty much thought WE were the muscle behind the UN.

      • gadsdengurl

        You got it, the enemy is within.

  • Kougetsu Barakage

    This is bullshit. Americans will form an army and take over those ‘camps’. You think everyone is going to go into zombie mode and be fodder for the UN? HA!

    • NS

      Americans have been divided racially, politically, economically, spiritually, and every other way imaginable. Even self-proclaimed “patriots” can’t agree on who is really the enemy.

      But you expect Americans to band together and fight as one after this society collapses? Please show me one country throughout history that managed to accomplish this. Sorry, but the Constitution and feel-good slogans won’t change human nature. America won’t be an exception to the rule. The world will watch in horror as we tear ourselves apart.

      Not trying to be a downer, just being realistic.

      America’s future: ROME

      • ThomasThePaine

        We DON”T have to all come together: Just 5% can stop anything, including our worst enemy, Washington DC!

  • Robert What?

    I’m confused. What countries are the UN troops going to come from? Won’t they be dealing with their own crises? And what counties are going to want to send their soldiers to try to pacify a country with a couple of hundred million guns in the hands of citizens?

  • Jbaker

    The dots are beginning to connect? You been hiding under a rock or what? These dots connected in 2007 if you missed that then your part of the problem. But, I guess better (too) late than never…….

  • Mecca Wrecka

    I’m a decent guy and in some areas of the country with more rain, you could employ large water-collection equipment, and a large stash of one-piece bedtime shorts (dozens of pairs maybe?) that are washed when water is available – could help avoid total nudity. Just use good sense and think these things out for yourselves.

    • jaws4316

      In some areas of the Country where we have what’s known as “Winter” nudity would be a good way to freeze to death, Dumb Ass!

      • Mecca Wrecka

        in your case, that might not be a loss (I live in southern Arizona)

      • redrover

        Hey be nice and think okay…there are various things that work in various areas…I would trade cold and snow for blistering hot desert any time….snow can be melted and boiled and purified…sand cannot!

  • Lou

    “The UN has never successfully “assumed control” over any country, ever.”

    The UN is a lackey, as is the USSA “government.” When enough good generals have been gotten rid of some of the USSA Military will gladly attack Americans.

    I pray enough USA Military realizes who’s side they are on and REFUSES to fire on Americans and turns their guns on the UN.

  • Reverend Draco

    Don’t fire until you see the blue of their helmets. . . our guns are more accurate than they were back in the day. . .

    • ThomasThePaine

      Gotta love the Barrett. . .

    • ThomasThePaine

      Gotta love the Barrett. . .

  • jaws4316

    About Katrina, you are correct. About the East Coast after Sandy, you are wrong. The difference being that New Orleans was 80% populated by Government dependent generational welfare slaves (Democrat voter base) while the large majority of the population in the areas affected by Sandy were average hard working Americans, who still have a work ethic and believe in individual responsibility and taking care of yourself and your Family. If this scenario ever comes to pass, it will be the useful idiots who voted for Obama who go quietly to there doom in the FEMA camps. I still believe about 60% of the population are the rugged individualist types who will fight back.

  • Keith Melton

    We’re in trouble, we don’t have enough brothels, save for the one on Pennsylvanian Ave.

    • That is something to worry about. Without something to distract them, they might actually do their job — and that rarely does anyone any good.

    • matism

      Actually, that one is the entire inside of the Beltway.

  • flanicat

    just like the jewish people in Germany.

  • tlwilliamson


    My newest paper about systemic changes in societies and cultures, current and historic entropy and chaos, factionalism, sectarianism, divisiveness, the rise and fall of civilizations, life, death, and the emergence of something greater even through the chaos.


    Tim Williamson

  • ThomasThePaine

    I guess you did not pay attention to what happened at the Bundy Ranch, when the BLM set a “Sniper Perimeter” around it and were getting ready to pull another Waco.
    You are nevertheless right about those third world cesspools of dependency called “cities”. Frankly, we will all be better off when they load that parasitical living garbage in the cattle trains!

    • matism

      Civil war will start before then. If we’re smart, we’ll let the hives take care of themselves. NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM is even remotely self-sustaining. They have to leech CONTINUALLY off flyover country to even exist. Food. Fuel. Water. Power. And their logisitics systems are extremely fragile. Food is the most robust, but how long do you think it would take them to panic if several refrigerated trucks showed up with spoiled cargo? Fuel? Do you know where the pipelines run into the hives? If the natives in the sandboxes are able to disrupt them, are YOU not smart enough to do so as well? Same for the water pipelines. Or contaminate their reservoir. And power, well… The only thing keeping their “urban youfs” somewhat restrained are the streetlights and security cameras. And while “urban youfs” are not the sharpest tools in the shed, even dear ol’ Ra’chel and her Trayvon would be smart enough to understand that when the power goes out, so do the streetlights and security cameras. My bet is that the hives would be uninhabitable within a week without electrical power. And sure, the government has shown that it can pacify ONE hive at a time, witness Katrina and Sandy. They may even be able to stretch and handle two. But give them four or more…

      • redrover

        PLUS: the lame lefters and communist fools are used to comfort and money….we change that for them too and they will fold….remember satan has already lost but plans to take many with his! Jesus and the good guys have already won and are awaiting the time to take those of us who believe home to leave the rabble to sort it all out among themselves and satan will go to hell where he belongs and take many with him….just got to decide; heaven or hell? AND, God may just let us all sort it out with a horrific disaster and whom ever thinks and prays makes it through the rest do not. Truthfully, I cannot wait until all of those who do not believe get the shock of their lives….

    • Bill Sager

      The BLM set themselves up for failure. If they would have fired the first shot they would have been decimated! The BLM should not be a a militia. They were not intended to be such!

      • ThomasThePaine

        Unfortunately, even the Library of Congress now has a SWAT team. . . Apparently, getting ANY government job turns people into power crazed Obamaholes. . .

    • redrover

      Ah the snipers and the perimeter people were patriots with guns on the government guys! You have that backwards…..

      • ThomasThePaine

        No, I don’t have it backwards at all: The patriots militias set up a second “sniper perimeter” around the BLM original “sniper perimeter”. . .


    How prescient the “Left Behind” movie series was about a satanic leader of the U.N. taking over the USA and the world! The first movie was made in about 2000 long before hussein obama usurped the Presidency. The series was biblical is all becoming true. What a nation of brain-dead- entertainment-crazed-dupes-American’s have become!

  • ThomasThePaine

    SOLUTION? Arrest and summarily execute every member of the Federal Reserve. . . Abolish it and declare the national debt null and void; then go back to the gold standard.
    The Rothschild will have a fit but, it IS that simple!

    • Rivenburg

      not sure there is enough gold in the world to back enough paper to resurrect the old level of economic vitality. WIth a gold backed system, we WILL have to find new ways to incite economic activity at the levels we are used to.

      • ThomasThePaine

        That’s the beauty of the Gold Standard: Whatever there is, there is. . . Can’t print any more and there will be no more bubbles, The paper has a consistent value and the economy becomes self sustaining because business MUST produce to obtain it.
        The banks would have to take their “derivatives” and choke on them. . .

        • Rivenburg

          We’ll be damned lucky to see such a stable system in our lifetimes. At least MY lifetime. I’m an advocate of education reform as well. I believe in not so much educating kids to turn a wrench or weld for industry, but to setup and program welding and assembly robots. This will bring high tech cottage industry to America, something we have never had.

  • ThomasThePaine

    SOLUTION? Arrest and summarily execute every member of the Federal Reserve. . . Abolish it and declare the national debt null and void; then go back to the gold standard.
    The Rothschild will have a fit but, it IS that simple!

  • gadsdengurl

    the links for part one and two are the same????

  • 1NoHyphenAmerican

    Orleans is a prime example of the idiots who will fall under this BS, the smart
    ones left as they saw a cat5 storm coming up the Gulf for 4 days prior, and the
    worthless sat and waited for Uncle Sam to solve the problem, and whined when
    they weren’t fast enough.

    government will collapse under all the teat suckers, and this country will be
    better off when they’re gone. If you can’t see the problem, you’re part of

  • This is ridiculous. If you look at history, every time the UN was involved in a conflict, they were defeated and they ran.

  • crazy2medic

    First have a plan, if you live in the city find a place to go to out of the city, if you live in the country be prepared to hunker down and defend in place, being on the road during these circumstances will be very dangerous, be armed and know how to defend yourself, if you manage to reach a state of equilibrium after the initial chaos be prepared to fight for the return of the country as it was meant to be! Unrestricted guerilla warfare against foreign invaders and traitors, liberate the prison camps take those that are willing to fight and put them to doing so, not all is lost but a blood price will need to be paid!

  • PierceEye

    Foreign or Domestic Military are prohibited in this country.
    This is a tasteless scare.
    Yes I am afraid for my country but the UN here with military troops is BS.
    We have things called States and within those States we have something called the National Guard that is controlled by the State for them to protect their State from invasions/attacks

  • Mecca Wrecka

    one of the things we’ve been told here and there seems like nonsense to me, and that is to barter. Unless you’re bartering a skill, this would only expose your stash of supplies.

  • Emmett Marin

    I have bullets for these people.

  • katydude68

    This is crap. The Fed could have solved this problem by dramatically increasing the availability of temporary work visas to south and central american countries.

  • Mecca Wrecka

    been looking, believe me.

  • Sal Carrubba

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him and he will direct your path..

  • ThomasThePaine

    Blue with a splash of red. . . My favorite colors!

  • Mike Lemmon

    Such complete and utter bullshit. You reich wing kooks have been predicting imminent collapse for as long as I can remember.You’re such scared little pussies. If it sounds like I have no respect for you or your views that is correct.

  • Mike Lemmon

    I trust the current govennment far more than a bunch of self appointed yahoos with guns. You rubes in flyover country need to get a fucking life!!!!! So goddamn stupid too.

    • redrover

      You are the ignorant one mr……this nation is being taken over and you could care less! Hope you are the first to get a ‘visit’! Get some patriotic spirit and stand up for the truth or you will not want to live in what comes ahead!

    • Gregory Walls

      Troll…no one that can read and type is actually this stupid.

    • Rivenburg

      flyover country is where the food comes from citiot. Watcha gonna eat, yer neighbors? water, electricity, food, all comes from or though flyover. enjoy the city, citiot.

  • redrover


  • redrover

    Little do you seem to understand about what has taken place for some time now all over the world…they have strengthened and amassed much…..time someone infiltrates the UN, the Whitehouse and plans a real takeover! There ought to be some patriots that still believe in America whom will do what is necessary to stop this insanity!!!!

  • JDooz

    The internet is rife with articles like this that solely focus on what’s about to happen, what could happen, but no solutions are given. I suppose once it happens we will be so desperate that we’ll pull solutions out of our arses.

  • Lou

    “Can you articulate what they’d be told would be their “reward” for engaging US citizens in combat?”

    The most likely IMO is the long planned Political Pandemic. MANY pandemic viruses have been developed and are sitting on the shelf. We may see a test run with the Ebola attempting to infect Europe and perhaps the USA as well.

    They will be successful in introducing the Pandemic sooner or later. Hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions will die and FORCED VACCINATION will be done by the UN. These laws exist now

    Of course the “virus” will be in the “vaccine”, But we should know this.

    MANY millions of us know all this and will resist to the death the death in the NEEDLE.

  • rocquedog

    Yup. Laying face down in the dirt with lots of holes in em’!

  • Glenn Geisler

    The UN doesn’t have anywhere near the equipment, personnel, or funding to even begin contemplating something like that… especially considering that the majority of “UN Peacekeepers” are actually American and British troops. This is nothing but paranoid fantasy.

  • John_the_Patriot

    You said it perfectly.

  • mightydawg

    This article is total bullshit. There is no looming UN takeover of the US. Nor are there “FEMA camps” setup to “re-educate” millions of American. The article is a complete fantasy.

  • Rivenburg

    the revolutionary army of 1775 was only 3%. I agree about the FEMA camps, they were originally intended for rioting blacks. Its in the armies paperwork. Not sure thats what they will be for now.

  • Barbwire Bob

    I think Americans are determined enough to take over this country and run the UN and that pig in Washington out.

  • Bruce Weiner

    The border crisis has been manufactured by both political parties,we know the GOP is being directed by the phony chamber of commerce in order to manufacture cheap labor.On the hand the Democrats gain future democrat voters,we know Obama is strategically placing poor uneducated immigrants in red states.So in the end the republicans are outsourcing themselves right out of a job,it’s political suicide the only choice voters will have is what corrupt democrat to vote for the Republican Party will no longer exist.It completely boggles my mind that republicans can be so blinded by corruption that they have losses their sence of self preservation.Obamas dream of a one rule party is coming to fruition.For the people out their that believe the new world order is just a stupid conspiracy theory by the time you wake up from your ignorant slumber,it will be to late.I have some very close friends that are 60 years old who have conservative values but could careless what’s going on outside their world and I,ll never understand.Every socialist government in history believe,s their brand of socialism will work,and history also tells us they have all failed miserably.Barak Hussein Obama alias Barry Soetero said he wanted to transform the greatest country in the worlds history and it looks like he has succeeded,much to my chagrin.The one question America should have asked Barry before he was elected is why would you want to transform the worlds greatest country ever into a third world S–T hole.

  • Bruce Weiner

    It’s not the authors job to find solutions to the problem created by our corrupt government.The border crisis is the fault of both political parties the republicans support open borders at the behest of the phony chamber of commerce,the democrats plan is a bit more diabolical,Obama is strategically placing poor,uneducated immigrants in red states in order to make them future blue states thus eliminating the republicans altogether which is completely baffling that these idiots like Boehner and McConnell fund and support this,obviously the only thing these politicians care about is their own bank accounts they stopped working for the people Long,long ago republicans can scream to the high heavens all they want about Obama over stepping his authority,their actions or lack off tell us something else having funded pretty much everything they promised to stop,their latest back stabbing includes supporting the TPTB which ironically is being fought tooth and nail by the imperial leaders own party.I,m not completely convinced the country will collapse but I do know running 18 trillion dollar debts is a unsustainable burden for any country the amount of pork barrel spending conducted by the U.S government is staggering.Anyone think 18 million dollars is a bit extensive to build a web site????? Or how about 3.8 million to preserve a baseball stadium in Detroit,Detroit is such a beautiful city the only thing that would make that city look good would be a tactical nuke.what a disgrace our politicians are,now the republicans want to give us another Bush and the Democrats think Hillary is the only answer.Things look pretty bad

  • Terry Russell

    Anothe problem reaction solution …….

  • Carol

    MAYBE … the American Citizens need to Decide what is worth Living For… and or… dying for…. maybe it is now… the time to be COUNTED !!!!