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If you keep hearing about the TPP and really only have a general idea of what this is, there is a good reason for that.  The negotiations have been kept a closely guarded secret, and those participating don’t want you to know what it is until it’s too late to change it.

Read on for a TPP primer.

What is the TPP?

TPP stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership. The countries involved in this proposed partnership are the US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam. It boils down to being a massive free trade agreement, which would eliminate tariffs on goods and services and harmonize various regulations between the partner countries. If the agreement goes through, it will affect more than 40% of the imports and exports of the United States.

Why are so many people against the TPP?

One of the major issues with the TPP is its effect on Freedom of Speech. Remember how everyone was concerned about the potential ramifications of  SOPA and PIPA back when the US government was trying to crack down on “internet piracy”? Well, multiply that times a billion and then don’t run it through Congress, and you have, in a nutshell, the future effects of the TPP on the internet.

Under the guise of protecting intellectual copyrights, if the TPP goes through, the internet will change dramatically. It could turn internet service providers into watchdogs, and threaten our ability to communicate unfettered on blogs, forums, websites and social media platforms.

ISPs will be forced to monitor the content of their customers (without warrants) because it is they who will face huge liability if copyrights are “infringed” upon.

“Fair Use” policies will be restricted, existing copyrights will be greatly lengthened, and adopt criminal sanctions against those who infringe on copyrights, even without monetary motivations.

Our own Constitutional checks and balances will no longer apply. There will be no right to privacy and no due process. Webpages can be taken down based on only a complaint – proof will not be required. Innocent until proven guilty will not apply.

So, this will aid Big Businesses like the pharmaceutical industry or the entertainment industry, while it restricts the ability of citizen journalists and every day people to share information. (Learn more HERE)

How does the TPP have the potential to cause tension with China?

Did you notice the major missing participant in the TPP?

All those Asian countries are in like Flynn, but China is notably not playing ball.

When everyone signs this agreement, and no tariffs apply, then Chinese goods will go from the cheapest to the most expensive. Their entire economy is based on exports. Their entire economy is at risk.

The provisions deliberately exclude China. For example, yarn for clothing must come from member countries, and not from China.

This could potentially invite retaliation from China, an economic superpower in their own right.

Why is it all so secret?

And now we come to the scariest part of the TPP. No one really knows what is in it.

All of the information we have comes from documents that were leaked. We know that it has 29 chapters with regulations regarding food safety, who you can buy what product from, financial services, copyrights, and much more.

We must always be suspect of the negotiation of potentially life-altering things that are done in secret. Generally this occurs because those making the plans know that the public will adamantly oppose what they are planning. According to a spokesman from the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the general public just isn’t bright enough to grasp the finer points of the TPP, and thus should be kept in the dark until it is fait accompli.

Will you be affected?

This agreement could negatively affect everyone in the United States who works in manufacturing. It will affect those who share information on the internet. One analysis has said that a small percentage of the wealthy will prosper, while the rest of the population will see their finances dwindle even more. It would ban “Buy American” or “Buy Local” purchasing and marketing practices. It will allow Big Pharma to increase the price of medicine and will disallow the sale of many generic medications. It will override environmental protection laws and policies that have been put in place by member countries.

The list goes on and on.

So yes, you will be affected, and unless you happen to be the owner of a major pharmaceutical company or financial institution, this will not be positive for you.

Learn more at Expose the TPP.

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  • Rick E.

    THIS is some seriously traitorous crap! There’s only ONE reason why it’s supposedly secret; because it will upset every freedom loving person. Maybe even some brainwashed liberals!

    My God, who can’t see Obama for the Marxist that he is??? He’s absolutely “transforming” the USA. The only campaign promise that he kept! He’s GOT to go before the USA is done.

    • Nexusfast123

      He is not a Marxist and the use of the term in the context of Obama and the TPP is silly. Obama is part of the corporate establishment that runs the US and is behind the TPP.

      Marxism is a methodology derived by Karl Marx to analyse and understand how the capitalist system works. You should be directing your anger at the corporations that are behind this.

      • Hammer Judofsky

        corporate fascism, Marxism with a dose of socialism too. Of course Obama is a Marxist. Just remember we don’t have real capitalism, we have monopoly fascism economically, or if you prefer use the term corporatism. Watch the movie network with Ned Beaty’s monologue about how corporations instead of states rule the globe. The memorable line “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it any more” was repeated over and over so you would forget the rest of the monologues in the movie which foretold the future we are living now. In the end character Howard Beale was killed for telling too much truth: namely that the individual was dead, and would be submerged into collectivism. We are there now.

  • mick

    TPP(A) isn’t a “free deal” it’s a Transnational Corporate coup d’état …
    Wake up before it’s to late.
    There is a clause that says the full text of the “Agreement” can not be made public for four (4) years once it is signed off !
    Fascism is about to be signed into law !

    This (TPP(A)) is only the Pacific region attack ,there is another front in this covert war ,Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

  • Nexusfast123

    If this passes the US economy will go into freefall decline as it will expose hundreds of thousands of US jobs and what is left of US manufacturing to out-sourcing, off-shoring, etc.

  • Nexusfast123

    They have been doing it for decades. Only more recently have people started to notice the loss of 8 to 9 million jobs and 60,000 manufacturing facilities.

  • guest

    Free Trade does not require an agreement, especially among government theives. Resist all government intervention in economic activity!

  • Atomicflunk

    I agree. Every town should form militias and march on every capitol with arrest warrants in hand. All of congress are Zionist traitors who have killed freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s time

    • Andy Fife

      whats this zionist stuff? its the IMF and vatican.

  • Atomicflunk

    I agree. we the people need to succeed from the US zio government. We can go no further. To find out who your master is, just find out who you cannot criticize.(Israel/jews)

  • Andy Fife

    they represent the IMF and the corporation called the vatican

  • rjdriver

    The TPP and TTIP together are two of the most incendiary documents ever written effecting the freedom and sovereignty of nations (and states within them). Millions in Europe are protesting these agreements, and they should be in the US as well.
    The establishment of common standards among trading nation is a lofty goal, and one that sounds nice at first – but at what expense? When a corporation in one country is given the right to sue a state in the US, you know things have gone off the rails.
    For example, if a corporation in Malaysia wanted to sell it’s goods in the US, and the state of Oregon passed a regulation saying that all products sold there must have GMO labeling, that corporation could sue the state simply because the new label requirement would increase the cost of its products.
    These agreements are not about trade at all. They are about giving multibillion dollar corporations the ability to rule the world even more than they do now. They must be defeated.

  • Nardwilly

    This is not objective, this is activist propaganda. I am not saying it sin’t true. I do not know. The writer tells what TPP will do without explaining how the provisions in TPP will accomplish the outcomes he describes.. He never references any part of TPP is describing the effects. .