The Terrible Truth about the Money in Your Pocket

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Reach into your pocket right now and pull out one of those righteous dollar bills you own. Take a good look at, in all its green and symbol laden glory. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “What is this really worth?”

If you asked an economist, he’d probably try to compare its value to a commodity or another currency. If you asked a blue collar worker he’d tell you that it’s food on the table. Or if you asked a white collar office drone, he or she would tell you that it’s freedom. If you asked a politician, he’d tell you that money equals votes (off the record of course). And if you asked a banker, well…he’d probably speak into his watch and say “I’ve got one that can see!

But what is it really worth?

Nothing. It’s worthless, and that’s the godawful truth. I’m not exaggerating to make a point either. It’s not just overrated, overinflated and backed by nothing but confidence. It is quite literally worthless. Less than worthless in fact! Our fractional reserve banking system spews out “money” that is nothing of the kind.

This thing that we spend our whole lives desperately trying to accumulate; that builds our roads, feeds our bellies, pays our mortgages and fuels our dreams. This glorified token that puts our kids through school so that they may spend their whole lives trying to accumulate it as well, is not really money. It’s debt! And it’s not even your debt. It’s somebody else’s liability.

Hard to believe right?

It’s a bit complicated too, which is probably how the bankers like it. They wouldn’t have gotten away with this con for so long if it were easy for the everyman to digest, but one film maker has decided to give it a shot. James Schamus is a Hollywood producer and screenwriter who has contributed to films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In his downtime he has become an avid student of economic theory and history, and has used that knowledge to produce one of the most comprehensive short films on the subject. What he has to say about our banking system might just blow your mind.

Or if you’re already well versed on the fractional reserve banking scam, send this to your friends and family who are still in the dark. This wicked system thrives on ignorance, and if everyone knew how badly they are being screwed, we could finally put an end to it.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Lewie Paine

    I remember first reading Creature From Jekyll Island when it was explained that having a dollar in one’s pocket means a dollar is owed to someone. Took me a while to wrap my head around that one.

    • i read that if all debt was “paid” off there would be no money left in circulation !

      • Kyle Reid

        Close, but not exactly. The portion of the money supply backed by bonds and treasuries bought with real funds, i.e Chinese/foreign investment and private purchases, would still exist. Remember the process of fractional reserve banking though. For every dollar in reserves (money from sold bonds and treasuries), the fed creates 10-50 dollars to lend at interest. No one but the fed knows for sure how many they print for each dollar held. If all debt was paid, the original dollar paid to buy the treasury note or bond would still exist but the other 9-49 are the ones that would disappear. This would result in a massive constriction of the money supply and complete deflation. We would return to $20/oz. gold and 10 Cent a gallon gas, just like it was in 1913.

        • sweet, and i was a holdin’ out fer $32 / oz. ( been watching the Beverly Hillbillies all day )
          Winston Shrout expounds on the fraud of the fed, “toxic derivatives’ if’n my memory is keerect

  • Tatiana Covington

    The problem is that paper money is effectively carbon-based money, and carbon (Z = 6) is the fourth most abundant element in the universe, behind only hydrogen (Z = 1), helium (Z = 2), and oxygen (Z = 8) in descending order. Gold (Z = 79) is millions of times scarcer. Nucleosynthesis becomes difficult that high up. That’s why gold is so scarce. Check your astrophysics about this.

  • Gil G

    Of course money is “worthless” it’s only a measure to estimate what people own and owe. If you’re stranded on an island money is worthless because there’s no one else to trade with Gold, by the same token, is worthless. It’s a weak metal with little functional ability. It’s useless until others value gold as much as you do. Gemstones are defunct because it’s cheaper to make gemstones than to mine them. To suggest there’s a mystical form of money that transcend space and time is just plain daft.

    • Enki

      If Gold is worthless as you claim, then why is it that 450 thousand years ago Enki came to Earth to, Excevate and ship it to their home planet?
      Go look at the Sumerian text, listen to Zacharaya Sitchin, and maybe just maybe you too wake up from the matrix dream world you live in.

      • Gil G


      • C0nan

        Um, sorry but Sitchin has been thoroughly debunked ( You can search the Sumerian texts online too, and nothing that he says is in there is in there.

    • gold is one super conductor, malleable, impervious to decay, and God paves His Streets with it.

  • at least one can buy the poison food you eat with it
    you think 2014 was scary
    2015- 2020
    you ant seen nothing yet
    i seen a great city melted on my left.
    in the middle of this city i seen three flashes and heard the word nuclear spoken 3 times

    and i seen them on my right who had done this

    • melting cities, and who voted for these demon spawn in office? not me, i deregistered from the evil empire years ago. voting in a maze is senseless.

      • that is a vision i seen back in 1972 at age 7 Evan to this day it is like it already happen
        i have full detail Evan the year of and city

  • Dear Author, since it is worthless, send all yours to me.

    of course it is a debt currency, see House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5th 1933 for some details.

    USA vs usA for a lot more detail.

    • Gil G

      Depending on who’s telling the story “debt” money is good such as the gold standard. In a gold standard the paper money are IOUs for the gold reserves and you could theoretically redeem gold to whatever the paper money said. Fiat currency isn’t debt money rather it’s as valuable the Government and/or Federal Reserve want it to be.

      • as memory serves. ALL the property , labor, talent, gifts, sweat of the American People was pledged to the bankers back in the day to pay for the bankruptcy.
        That is why nobody can own property in perpetuity , aka Fee Simple Absolute with Allodial Title,,,,, i asked a Title Agency official ( liar/lawyer) about getting such a title and she went into some gibberish blatherings for 30 seconds that made as much sense as a lobotomy patient of the 50’s.

  • Kevin J Lankford

    Something that really irks me is listening to, or reading the fools who clamor for a “fair tax”, or a “flat tax”, to stupid to realize they are only proposing to allow the word bank a different system for the same theft of the peoples labor and property.

  • silverismoney

    Excellent explanation of fractional reserve banking.


    No true definition of money is ever given!

    This video is about FIAT money.

    Sound money has the following qualities:

    Medium of exchange

    Unit of account

    Storage of value

    Look it up or just go buy some precious metals

  • silverismoney

    The Federal Reserve is NOT part of the government. It is the privately owned business which enslaves us all through its power to control the money supply. Who owns the Fed? Who owns the printing presses that devalue the currency right out of your wallet, making it worth less and worth less until it’sworthless? Read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin to find out!