The Shocking Truth: U.S. Medical System Is NOT Prepared for Ebola

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Government spokesmen and mainstream talking heads keep saying that Ebola is no threat to the U.S., because our medical system is thoroughly prepared.

However, Reuters notes that American nurses say they are not prepared for Ebola:

Nurses, the frontline care providers in U.S. hospitals, say they are untrained and unprepared to handle patients arriving in their hospital emergency departments infected with Ebola.


A survey by National Nurses United of some 400 nurses in more than 200 hospitals in 25 states found that more than half (60 percent) said their hospital is not prepared to handle patients with Ebola, and more than 80 percent said their hospital has not communicated to them any policy regarding potential admission of patients infected by Ebola.

Another 30 percent said their hospital has insufficient supplies of eye protection and fluid-resistant gowns.

CBS News reports:

U.S. hospitals and health care workers …  say the staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas were unprepared to handle the patient — and that this is likely the case athospitals throughout the country.

Bonnie Castillo, director of the Registered Nurses Response Network, part of the nurses union National Nurses United, said a majority of union members surveyed say their employers haven’t offered appropriate training to deal with an Ebola outbreak.


85 percent said they were not provided any type of formal education to prepare for Ebola patients.

Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D. – former Lt. Governor of New York – writes at Fox News:

Most hospitals in the U.S. lack the rigor and discipline to control Ebola. That’s why common infectious diseases such as MRSA and C. diff are racing through these hospitals, killing an estimated 75,000 patients every year. Ebola is even deadlier. Yet the CDC has done little to equip hospitals, other than send around memos.


  • As Dr. Sanjay Gupta notes, there have been severe lapses in safety at the Centers for Disease Control and U.S. hospitals in treating infectious diseases
  • In 2010, the Obama administration scrapped CDC’s quarantine regulations aimed at Ebola

In addition:

  • Two national experts on the spread of infectious disease say that Ebola can spread through aerosols – so healthcare workers should wear protective respirators – but government officials refuse to even consider the possibility.  In any event, the virus is mutating (and see this), so an overly cavalier attitude is not productive

It’s time to stop pretending we’re prepared. It’s long past time we actually became prepared.

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  • Sir TuberKopf

    Foreign nationals won’t have health insurance. Hospitals will do exactly as they did in Dallas, they will check the person out, insure they are stable and send them home, barring direct evidence they have Ebola. This is what the law requires for the indigent.

    It will be very interesting to see if anyone that had contact with the guy from Africa in Dallas also gets Ebola. I do fear the government may hide their medical condition if they do come down with Ebola.

  • Anothereno

    Shocking truth? LMAO we all know its crap.

  • Toby Green

    Our Fed is more about covering up than wholeheartedly resolving problems. But we knew that all along. So take your health and security into your own hands. And for all of us do
    not to get sick. Carry hand sanitizer
    and avoid public restrooms. For Ebola,
    there is a new product out, a pocket sized restroom called the Gotta Go Poncho
    ( It is a nifty
    plastic poncho that the user dons while using the enclosed pee bag and fecal
    bag. And the pouch contains two
    sanitizing wipes. You dont have to risk exposure to bodily fluid germs that find their way to doors, faucets, and walls.

  • SomeTruthOutThere

    The only thing shocking is that anyone believes the US medical system is prepared. If anything, the system will allow the disease to spread so that we have a serious domestic crisis which will be the excuse for sweeping dictatorial martial law.