The Same Idiots Who Pushed the Iraq War Are Now Stirring Up Hysteria About Russia

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The propaganda about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction was one of the most blatant examples of “fake news” in American history.

Now, many of the same idiots who pushed the Iraq war lies are stirring up hysteria about Russia.

For example, the Washington Post’s editorial page editor Fred Hiatt cheer-leaded for the Iraq war. Now, the Washington Post under Hiatt’s leadership has been the main source of the most breathless anti-Russian hysteria.

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd – chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney ’04 presidential campaign – was a big booster for the Iraq war. Now, Dowd Tweets that you’re only a patriot if you blindly accept what President Obama and the intelligence services claim without any proof.

George W. Bush’s speechwriter David Frum – who pushed many of the biggest lies about the Iraq war – is now trying to ridicule anyone who doesn’t accept the evidence-less claims that Russia hacked the Democratic party as a Kremlin stooge.

Similarly, Jonathan Chait championed the Iraq war. And now he’s ridiculing those asking for evidence before jumping headlong into anti-Russia hysteria.

These guys all have a track record of pushing false stories which get us into disastrous wars … why should we listen to them now?

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Fake News, Mass Hysteria and Induced Insanity

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  • Tiger

    WMD, Weapons of Mass Destruction include Chemical/Biological and Nuclear.

    Hussein bombed Israel and they took out his nuke site near Baghdad and then took our Syria’s Chemical weapons plant.
    Hussein killed close to 150,000 Kurd with Chemical.
    Mass graves were being found all over Iraq, up to the time O pulled us out. The people told of the use of these weapons.

    Our men downrange are now suffering different ailments the Military now admits came from dismantling missiles that carried WMD.

  • Tiger

  • Tiger

  • freefall

    Israel did 9/11. No amount of Zionist propaganda will change that.

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