The Same GOP Who Made Trump Pledge to Support the Nominee Is Plotting Against Its Likely Nominee

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Love him or hate him, Trump now has the momentum. But he doesn’t have the nomination – yet.

The GOP still has many tricks up its sleeves that it could use to keep the nomination out of Trump’s hands. For now, the details are mostly arbitrary and theoretical.

But it remains to be seen how far they will actually go in using their leverage to alter the results of this race, even as a coordinated effort is underway. Suffice to say, the political system is quite gamed, and tilted heavily towards a house win – the House that GOP built.

Regardless, things have gotten rather ridiculous and hypocritical.

Though pledging to support the GOP nominee no matter what – regardless of their ideological leanings and record– is pretty stupid and awfully fascist, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (who just dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump) makes a good point.

Long before the primary voting started, the Republican party went out of its way to insist that all debate participants sign a “loyalty pledge” to support the eventual Republican nominee.

This election pact was put in place primarily as an effort to keep Donald Trump from running third party – which would likely hand the election to Hillary – if he felt he wasn’t treated nice, or didn’t like the trending candidate.

But now that Trump IS that likely nominee, the GOP party and its most recognizable faces are doing everything they can to stop Trump, and set up a situation to force a brokered convention and insert a different nominee.

As Real Clear Politics reported:

“I think it would be very difficult, if someone comes in close and has a clear plurality of the delegates to deny that person the nomination. I think it’s a very dangerous thing for any party to engage in to disenfranchise people who are voting,” Christie said in Linden, New Jersey today.

Christie said the Republican party made every candidate sign a “loyalty pledge” to support the eventual nominee, no matter who it is. Christie said the people who made the candidates sign the pledge are the same people advocating we shouldn’t follow what the voters decide to do.

“I find that ironic and somewhat hypocritical,” Christie said Tuesday.

“I find it interesting, as it applies to Donald in particular, that all the rage back in July and August, and I remember having to do this actually on TV, was to sign a pledge, it said, ‘I would support the eventual Republican nominee.’ Now, I think that was done because at the time, Donald was talking about, well, if it’s not fair to me, I may run as a third party,” Christie recalled.

Chris Christie called out the double standard of a party seemingly run by five year olds fighting it out over “no take backs” and “I called it first” grievances.

As chairman of the GOP, Reince Priebus is leading an establishment temper tantrum while changing the rules and calling “mine.”

Is it any wonder voters are revolting against the Republican Party-line and demanding new candidates and issues?

If it remains clear that stumbling Trump is the main objective, and therefore the votes are meaningless and non-binding, people will become even more disenfranchised – and rightly furious.

The Party makes the rules, and the Party can break the rules. That isn’t democracy, and it isn’t a republic.

Just remember, the Two-Party dictatorship that controls elections and grooms those who would reach high office has no mention in the Constitution and works towards its own interests, not those of the country.

What system of government is that, where you feed the tapeworm and starve the body politic?

If the will of the people is not respected, and the rights guaranteed to the people are trampled, what kind of position are we in?

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  • Mike

    The GOP wanted him to make that pledge so he would look like a liar if he went third party. They have already broken their pledge to him and shown they are liars so if he is bullied out of the nomination by the GOP’s tricks I urge everyone to WRITE IN TRUMP IN NOVEMBER. Slap the establishment right in the face.

    • BW83

      Hell, write me in if you want the establishment getting face slapped. I’ll make sure they get ass fucked to boot, that’s just how devoted I am lol.

    • danton61

      Trump KNOWS CONTRACTS…the RNC is in DEFAULT…Contract is VOID. The status quo is only concerned with saving their own bank accounts..not the people’s accounts. We will see.

  • Cajun Robear

    Trump continues to play the GOPe like a Stadivarius. The GOP leadership is a joke and if it wasn’t for Trump I’d change to Independent today. If they somehow screw the electorate by denying Trump the nomination, the GOP is officially dead (and the USA is not far behind). A whole new can of Whoop Ass will be opened.
    My memo to the GOP: be careful for what you wish.

  • I forgot

    GOP turns out to be Grand Old Pussies. Go Trump!

  • Frank

    If Trump has a significant majority of GOP delegates going into the convention and the GOP denies him the nomination, they will be committing party suicide. A great number of voters who have supported the GOP, past and recently, will most likely dump the GOP, go Independent, and take their financial support with them (I will). The GOP needs to stop with the efforts to undermine Trump and promote party unity and strength based upon what The People are making clear. If they deny Trump (or Cruz) the nomination, they will be spitting in the faces of The People and proving that individual votes of the Citizens do not matter – and the PTB can insert any puppet operative that they choose and The People really don’t have any say (Dictatorship and Tyranny). If this happens, I support political assassinations, on both sides of the isle, to clean house – all the way to the WH. After the blood-letting, The People can enact something akin to the proposed Congressional Reform Act of 2014. We need a smaller, more responsive federal government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    • Rick E.

      You’ve made a sober and probably an accurate assessment here Frank. The GOP is risking total disintegration of the party by myopically and stupidly attempting to deny Trump the nomination.
      This is assuming of course, that Trump wins-and he probably will.

      He’s so far out in front that it will be very obvious if the nomination is stolen from him, obvious even to the most staid imbecilic sheeple.
      And THAT will wake up many people.

  • Jon Geissinger

    They have no control over Trump because he is not feeding at their trough of lies, spin, FUD, etc… and Trump (at least he claims) is not taking their blood money. HHmm.. No wonder he is attracting allot of popular support?

  • rich

    I’ve always been a Republican but if they try that crap they can kiss my white ass! I didn’t fight in Vietnam for a bunch of pansies like they are showing themselves to be. Give me the damn pencil! I will write in Trump’s name and history will be made when he wins anyway!

  • danton61

    2016 becomes 2012. Same BS different year. See youtube’s video: “How Ron Paul was Cheated Out of the Presidency”. An ENTIRE BUSLOAD of out-of-state RNC Delegates, some of whom were on the “RULES COMITTEE” were waylaid when their bus (under Rence Preibus’ orders) circled Tampa for TWO HOURS.!! RESULT? The only “present” rules committeemen/women “changed the rules” before they could be “legitimately” voted upon…just the tip-of-the-iceberg folks…This time riots are guaranteed!….somebody get a rope….we won’t be fooled again.

  • George Vreeland Hill

    If the Republican Party succeeds in taking the nomination from a
    victorious Donald Trump, then it would mean taking away the votes from
    millions of voters.
    That would lead to a revolt against the party
    and the beginning of the end of the GOP because those millions will
    never vote Republican again.
    I’m talking for any Republican no matter what office.

    George Vreeland Hill