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kilgore-1-214x300How long will it be before they actually start shooting us from helicopter gunships a la The Running Man?

In that movie, Arnold Schwarzennegger plays Ben Richards – pilot of a gunship who actually refuses to spray a crowd of helpless people with his mini-gun. For his refusal to be brutal, he is turned into a contestant on The Running Man, where he must fight for his life against a series of gladiators for the amusement of the crowd.

Is it not amazing how predictive so many mass-market films have proved to be? Only in this case, the real-life ‘copter pilots are itching to mow us down. See, for instance, the recent “drills” in Florida and Texas – video seen below, for instance- where civilian areas were overflown by military choppers firing blanks. To trainthem. More precisely, to acclimate them to the idea of raining death down on Americans.

Everything’s ramping up; you have to be willfully oblivious to not see it.

And here’s the latest: In this video above, a woman is seen committing the highly suspect and probably terroristic  act of taking a walk in the San Bernardino, CA desert, just off a major highway….from the vantage point of Officer Unfriendly in his taxpayer-funded whirlybird. The airborne enforcer menaces the woman from above, repeatedly buzzing her at treetop (if there were any trees) altitude before setting his ‘bird down like it’s Vietnam all over and the only thing missing is speakers blaring Ride of the Valkyries. He struts forward authoritatively – suited up just like Lt. Col. Kilgore in his special costume. You know, the one that gives him sanction to brutalize people. Which he proceeds to do:Orig14 3

Ihre papierien, bitte! he barks. And also the inevitable wasmachst du hier? Cue menacing tone – and expectation of supination.

Submit! Obey!

“Just exploring and picking up rocks,” the clearly frightened and (understandably) angry woman responds.

When the woman then explains that she doesn’t have ID – and why the heck should she? She’s not driving, after all… she’s merely walking about and not on private property or restricted property, either. But going for a walk is now apparently suspicious. Sufficiently suspicious to justify (in the minds of these real-life Lt. Col. Kilgores) a combat-style landing followed up with a proper rousting. Not just ihre papierien, bitte! (and please, stop it already with the canned niceities; there’s no choice for us in the matter) . The thug also performs a Fourth Amendment-free physical search (without consent) rummaging through her purse and ordering her not to put her hands in her pockets.

Javol, Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer!

It is sickening.

And, enraging.

How much more of this will we agree to accept? At what point will we refuse to accept any more?

Events are building to a sickening crescendo. All proportionality has been thrown out the window in the name – ironically, tragically – of “keeping us safe.” The enforcers are not merely brutal, they are hysterical in their over-reaching, over-the-top, immediate escalation of trivialities into potentially catastrophic events. Events that, one of these days, will get out of hand. For them as much as us. More so for them, I expect.dorner 1

They are going to push too hard, too far… someone who is going to push back.


Bullies eventually get their due. It festers… it is sublimated. But one fine day, all hell breaks loose. A berserker fury is unleashed. And once unleashed, god help us all.

We already see this happening – even among their own kind. See, for instance, the case of ex-Enforcer now wanted murderer LA cop Christopher Dorner (read his manifesto here). He has gone on a manhunt… for his fellow enforcers. How many ordinary people are – right now – on the verge? How much more will it take to set some of them off?

It’s all beginning to become unglued.

What was it H.G. Wells reportedly said toward the end of his life (though in a different context)?

God damn you all. I told you so.

Throw it in the Woods?

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Contributed by Eric Peters of Eric Peters Autos.

Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release in 2012. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos.

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  • Ohevi

    They MUST draw first blood………

  • Jalex Ones

    Man, these teutonic nazi germanic death cults make me SICK!

    These damn GLOBALISTS!

    Buy my filters now goyim!


    • G-DAWG

      “Jalex Ones” thats funny clever. Thanks. (the name)

  • ncjoe

    How long before you nut jobs start shooting those who do not toe your party line? Much sooner than the incompetent government starts shooting people form the air. Dumbass.

    • hitman

      @DEAD TROLL NewScumjoe: when r u gonna slice your treasonous wrists, PIG?

    • hitman

      @DEADTROLLNeoCommiejoe: our Party is called the Patriotic Survivors Party. Your party TROLL, is called the GD Fing VERY DEAD zion***scum party. Got it, dead man?

      • Hitman-ever notice ncjoe trolls all the web sites,talking stupid shit,I think hes one of those paid trolls obama the demon hired

    • G-DAWG

      @ncjoe. Please dont think you will be exempted from the GOV what they have planned for everyone. Unless your already part of some elite inner circle, someway or another you will be a target just like everyone else. I hope not but hey, anything is possible now days. Good day.

  • hitman

    @ Ohevi: who wrote: “They MUST draw first blood”

    WHERE have you been?

    They, the enemy ziontrash who infected and have controlled our government and military for over 100 years [RESEARCH THE FACTS please], drew FIRST BLOOD well over 75 years ago:

    1. when the ziontrash themselves started WW 2 (along with the fake “holoHOAX,” and helped kill and wound over 1,004,000 US Troops,

    2. when they murdered and wounded over 400,000 US Troops in a FAKE “wars” called Korea and Vietnam,

    3. on OUR soil when the zionPIGS murdered JFK/RFK/MLK and Malcolm + patsy Oswald, an innocent FRAMED man,

    4. on OUR soil, when the enemy government murdered Hendrix, Joplin Morrison, and then Lennon,

    5. on OUR soil, when they murdered the UNTOLD amount of good Black Americans murdered by the PIG SCUM (I am white btw),

    6. when the jew war machine murdered and wounded over 1,200 US Troops in the fake “gulf war,”

    7. on OUR soil, when the us gov SCUM blew away Ms. Weaver as she cradled her baby at Ruby Ridge,

    8. on OUR soil, when the jewroach government BURNED ALIVE over 20 kids + 60 other innocent Victims in front of this almost dead nation in Waco,

    9. on OUR soil, when the mossad/bush cia scum slime murdered those in false flag # 1 on WTC in 1993,

    10. on OUR soil, when the mossad/bush cia scum slime murdered those murdered in false flag @ 2 in on 9/11,

    11. in the FAKE Iraqi and Afghanistan “wars” where the murdered and wounded over 85,000 US Troops with CIA PLANTED IED’s,

    11. And many scores of millions of other good INNOCENT people MURDERED BY ZION**IST GENOCIDAL SLIME scum, in the past 75 years,

    12. Also the many scores of millions of beautiful, loving Dogs and Cats needlessly executed by the zion-owned government in the past.

    Sorry if I missed a few million our despicable dual-israeli citizen [fienstein/Chertoff and 16 others – research the FACTS] zion PIG controlled homicidal racist government has drawn FIRST BLOOD with.


    They GD SURE have drawn first blood, and soon the ere will be RIVERS of blood from the putrid carcasses of ALL enemy scum AND their dead families, who ALL are GONNA PAY….

    • G-DAWG

      Whew, I need a cigarette after that. I dont even smoke.

      First Blood? Hmm. more like when are we going to stop letting them kill us by 1,000 cuts.

      When the time comes and I hope no jumps the proverbial gun, We all must hit hard, fast and keep on hitting, or there will be Wacos’, Ruby Ridges’ and even BigBears’ (Waco II) all around the country.

    • LET me tell you I’AM IRISH,and the phoney holocost you speak of really happened,MY UNCLE DAVID was in a NAZI prison camp,and when I was little he told me all the stories of life in a NAZI prison camp,HE escaped at the cost of two hundred other prisoners who did a deverison while him and his demolishion team (US ARMY) went over the wire on the other side of the camp,he was shot 4 times escaping and still got away,HE told me it was a daily bloodbath going on in the prison camps,and they were doing everything reported and photografed in those camps,he said the nazi’s killed thousands everyday………………….

      • SKIP

        Only fools, muslims and future victims of same deny that the death camps happened or CAN happen again, it is the nature of mankind to do it.

  • hitman

    one lil’ .50 or 22LR on an enemy chopper tail rotor = DOA 4 every traitor SCUM on board.

    Can’t wait to shoot down my 1st one…

    It’ll feel better than the 1st time I had sex.

    • HITMAN,one other thing,adolf hitler was the queen of englands brother,the rothchilds,the queen,rockeffers and obama,duponts ,bushes,all these people are brother,sister,mom and daddy bush,all the same family……all foreign nationals……….daddy bush was an undercover agent for adolf hitler and born in germany sent to america to spy on nokal tesla and the us military………

    • SKIP

      Helicopters are a little harder than that to bring down Hitman but they CAN be brought down by hitting the flight crew/pilot.

    • SKIP

      I had my first sex just before going to Vietnam and killed a man shortly after and a lot of men before I got laid again, would be hard pressed to tell which was the greater rush.

  • G-DAWG

    “How long will it be before they actually start shooting us from helicopter gunships a la The Running Man?”

    Thats funny. Oh I very much believe that they will ‘Attempt’ that. What is funny is how long it will take them to figure out there are plenty who will return in kind.

    This gov is getting so stupidly absurd. THATS WHAT MAKES THEM SO DANGEROUS.

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

  • ANYONE looking? the russians have been testing americas reponce to our air space being invaded by heavy long range bombers,this is an old military trick called “checking the fences” look for a weak spot and thats where you go through at when your ready,the russians are doing this at US bases everywhere along our borders,THE day is coming when they will fly right through and start dropping an invasion force,NOW if a civil war was going no one would even notice a few planes coming in from mexico and canada and the east coast and the west coast,and before anyone knew it we’d have russian military on the ground everywhere,and what about china maybe them too,KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN,I think we’re being set up,by the russians commie bro obama,this smells like an invasion to me and there using the oldest trick in the book to do it,don’t look at my left hand,look at my right hand………………

    • G-DAWG

      Man, I glad to see your post. I’ve been thinking that for awhile. An armed invasion. Dont know how but if there is ever an emp event on us, they’ll wait 6-8 months for us to decimate ourselves then walk right in. I’m sure they value our natural national resources more that the US GOV.

      See, cant even call it our gov anymore.

    • SKIP

      I don’t really care about the Russians, the muslims and our own damned government is our greater enemy now and will grow greater soon.

  • Patriot

    Homeland security trains as they fight -against Zombies. Desensitization to shoot unarmed civilian Men,Women and Choildren who refuse to obey Gestapo commands to disperse,stop, what ever. There is no other plausible reason to use civilian attired victims as targets of force.

  • Patriot

    we have more to fear from our own government than all the perceived terrorist in the world including N korea,China or Russia. The enemies within want you scared and clamoring for their protection . Don’t be fooled we need to protect ourselves from them. They are collpasing the economy,they are the cause of world strife and they are the fear mongering war hawks.

  • OhYa

    I see our future being more like the novel “The Running Man” by Stephen King(or his pseudonym to be exact) where people voluntarily participate in the game show desperate for money in a future America that has suffered economic collapse and now has a totalitarian Government.