‘The Right Thing to Do’: Local Heroes Chase Texas Gunman After Bloody Rampage

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A Texas man who happened to be near Sutherland Springs Baptist Church shortly after the fatal shooting described how an unnamed local hero got into his car and both gave dramatic pursuit to the suspected gunman.

Johnnie Langendorff, a man from Seguin, Texas, told local KSAT TV that he was driving near the church on Sunday morning when he saw two men exchanging fire. Then, one of the shooters – Kelley – took off in a car and the other, an unidentified man, asked Langendorff to help him chase the assailant. “He came and said we need to pursue him. And that’s what I did, I just acted,” Langendorff said.

Describing the last moments of the dramatic pursuit, Langendorff said that the attacker appeared to have lost control of his car. “He just lost control [of the vehicle]. That is when I put the vehicle in park and I was still on the phone to [police] dispatch. The other gentleman jumped out and has his rifle drawn on him. He didn’t move after that,” he told KSAT.

“I was trying to get him, to get him apprehended. It was strictly just acting on what the right thing to do was,” Langendorff said.

Langendorff’s Facebook page is now filled with numerous messages with praise and thanks. Kelley went on a bloody rampage in the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church on Sunday morning. He initially opened fire outside the building before later continuing inside the church.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed that at least 26 people had lost their lives as a result and said the death toll could climb higher. At least 20 more were wounded in the attack. According to a LinkedIn account allegedly belonging to Kelley, he served in the US Air Force until 2013 and briefly taught at a summer religious school.

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  • darkhorse

    Guys…I was wrong bout there being a two-week interval between FALSE FLAG EVENTS…they’re speeding them up! Why? Because they’re so much fun to plan and carry out for demonic entities controlling them! I’ve been laughing so much lately… as soon as I hear of a “tragedy” I burst out laughing…you think the perps of these psy-ops aren’t doing the same? Yes, for a different reason – they can’t believe how incredibly stupid the sheeple are, swallowing the bait every time it’s thrown to them.

  • John C Carleton

    Gunman should have got off more than one or two shots, before the deacons/church members, took him out.
    ‘Any Church wants you unarmed, is spitting in the face of the Christ’

  • The carnage will continue until the Second Amendment is respected, and everyone can defend themselves regardless of where they are.

  • SP_88

    Of course this guy took the cowards way out and shot himself. It’s too bad they weren’t able to get him before he was able to kill anyone.
    But it could have been worse. Who knows what could have happened if they hadn’t engaged him.