The Real Reason Why Police Are Stocking up on Armored Vehicles

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After the citizens of Ferguson clashed with the police last year, the militarization of America’s police departments finally became a hot button issue. But of all the controversial issues that were revealed to the American public, the one that stood out was the Defense Department’s 1033 program, which allows police departments to request surplus military equipment from the Pentagon.

One of the most common request was and still is, for armored vehicles. But contrary to frequent claims that these vehicles are needed for hostage situations, rescue missions, and counter-terrorism, the most common reason a police department requests one of these vehicles, is for drug busts. At least, that’s what several FOIA requests filed by Mother Jones has found. Roughly 25% of the DoD requests they attained, cited drug enforcement as the main reason why they needed the vehicles. “Out of the total 465 requests, only 8 percent mention the possibility of a barricaded gunman. For hostage situations, the number is 7 percent, for active shooters, 6 percent. Only a handful mentioned downed officers or the possibility of terrorism.”

But even that isn’t the real reason why our police departments are stocking up on these vehicles. The pentagon has been preparing for civil unrest for many years now, and they’re more than willing to equip our police with the tools needed to suppress a widespread revolt. The drug war merely provides the perfect excuse for the militarization of law enforcement.

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