The Real Reason the Afghan War Turned 16 and is Still Going Strong (Video)

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Over 31,000 civilian deaths have been documented in Afghanistan following the U.S. invasion. It should be noted that over the last few years, civilian deaths have substantially increased—which serves as a reminder that the situation is only getting worse.

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Source: Longest War In US History Turns 16 – Thousands Dead, No End In Sight And It’s Getting Worse

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  • John C Carleton

    CIA/MOSSAD illegal drug profits/Weapons sales/theft of US Taxpayer funds for scams in country.

  • ‘Rare Earth Elements’ – such an ambiguous name for such a ‘valued’ substance.

    • NonYo Business

      more to do with Drugs than lithium or aluminum.

  • The late Pat Tillman would tell a different story, if he hadn’t been murdered by his fellow soldiers.

  • NonYo Business

    But America is a champion for Freedom… thats what I was taught in school.

    • Yes, Freedom, for the 1% Rich.

  • The OPIUM far outweighs everything else, thanks to the U.S. Senate Drug Cartel & Human Trafficking. When will you be ready to accept reality ???

  • I can’t think of any electronics that have rare earth elements, name two. Bullshit.
    Wake Up Sheeple !!!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The “Real reason” is because the profit margin to blood sacrifice ratio is off the charts for the dealers of death who are in charge.

  • renee ciccioni

    Profits , wealth is becoming an ugly thing ,just like it did during the gilded age.

  • Richard O. Mann

    What is the name of those who are paid to be fighters for a country? Not military. Yep. Looks like a good time to be a mercenary.

  • Richard O. Mann

    War has always been about resources. One group has them. Another group wants them. You can follow it back to the beginning of civilization. Nothing has changed. It’s still he who has the military power, will take over the countries who don’t, especially if there are resources there needed by the more powerful. Drugs too, are a resource. Look how Britain controlled the Chinese with Opium. Drugs are a form of control. Control the drugs, and you control people. It’s the nature of the beast.