The Price Tag of This Year’s Obama Family Christmas Vacation

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As always, the Obama family vacations come with a high price tag, and you, of course, are footing the bill if you happen to be a taxpayer. They have returned to Hawaii for this year’s Christmas extravaganza, and the conservative estimate for the vacation is $4 million – more than most of us will earn in a lifetime for a two week respite for the President and his family.

Even the Obama family dog is getting a nicer Christmas vacation than most Americans. Meanwhile, for poverty stricken Americans, fights are breaking out at Salvation Army as people slug it out over donated toys to put under the tree for their children, food banks are strapped as they try to provide holiday dinners for the poor, many of whom have lost their jobs to Obamacare, and more and more people have become classified as “the working poor” as they struggle to keep the utilities on and their children fed and clothed.

Well, if they have no bread, then let them eat cake, because the Obamas need a vacation. It’s hard work, stomping on the flag, destroying the Constitution, and dragging down the little guy.

Lest you think we are paying the entire tab, you’ll be delighted to know that the President and his cronies pay the $25,000 per week rent on the house that the First Family resides in while in the tropical paradise. Sadly, this gesture of fairness is a drop in the bucket when compared to the taxpayer’s portion of the vacation bill.

Some figures have not been released, citing security concerns, but the Hawaii Reporter has estimated the tab:

Michael Tasselmyer of the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, estimates the 18-hour roundtrip aboard Air Force One, which he said costs $179,750 per hour for flight and operation, will total $3,235,500 for the roundtrip. A Congressional Research Service report released in May 2012 matches that figure.

There are reports the President might also stop on the island of Maui, a 30-minute flight from Oahu, which would add additional expense.

The cost for USAF C-17 cargo aircraft that transports the Presidential limos, helicopters and other support equipment to Hawaii has never been disclosed, but the roundtrip flight time between Andrews Air Force Base and Hawaii is 21.5 hours, with estimated operating cost of $12,000 per hour. (Source: GAO report, updated by C-17 crew member).

The U.S. Marine Corps provides a presidential helicopter, along with pilots and support crews for the test flights, which travel on another C-17 flightThat is $258,000, not including costs for the 4-to-6-member crew’s per diem and hotel.

U.S. Secret Service, Navy Seals and Coast Guard rent homes along the canal and ocean for $250 per room per night, according to residents renting their homes. Real estate source said the delegation rents at least 7 homes in the area, and arrive ahead of the President, costing taxpayers more than $183,750 for the length of the visit.

White House staff who do not stay in Kailua secure hotel rooms at the posh Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa on Waikiki Beach. Hotel rooms typically rent for $670 a night, but the hotel offers discounted government rates for about $255 per night, according to hotel public relations manager Diana Su. The hotel does not disclose information about The White House visit. However, estimating prices for room, as well as Transient Accommodation Tax and General Excise Tax, for about two dozen staff, totals more than $100,000. The President is accompanied by 22 vehicles, whether he goes golfing and to a basketball game with friends at his Punahou alma mater or to body surf at Sandy Beach and local favorite restaurants such as Nobu’s and Buzz’s Steakhouse.

Honolulu Police are on special duty, paid $250,000 by city taxpayers, and another $10,000 is spent on around-the-clock ambulance detail.

There are several costs the White House annually refuses to release, citing security.

  • For example, The White House rents an entire floor of an office building in Kailua on the canal during the President’s stay
  • Security upgrades, such as bulletproof glass, and additional phone lines, are added to private homes, while existing security systems are disabled.
  • Rental cars and fuel for staff and security, as well as additional travel costs Secret Service and White House staff traveling ahead of the President, are kept secret.

The White House has not released expenses, citing security concerns.  However, the most conservative estimate, based on what is known, for a 17-day vacation in Hawaii for the President and his family and staff and security is more than $4 million. (source)

Meanwhile, disabled veterans who make less than $10,000 per year are having to take a 1% cut in their pensions. So with only the estimated cost of the extravagant holiday, approximately 40,000 men and women who served the country for real, could have their pensions untouched.

But clearly, the President doesn’t care about those veterans or about the people who are doing without this year due to his poverty-inducing “healthcare” policy. He and his family have left the mansion in which they live and are getting their beachside vacation in a tropical paradise, with their entourage in tow, and that is clearly all that matters.

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  • cold340t

    All that money spent on the numerous trips for President OBamas Family. And they still haven’t spent HALF a MUCH as Bushjr. did in his first 2yrs. in office. He needs to take MORE VACATIONS so he can come close to Bushjr. cost wise. Don’t think it can be done though. This is NEWS? Really?

    • Candice Hiler

      Show us the figures. I don’t believe you. Bush took working vacations at his Texas ranch. All of the vacations he took there probably didn’t total half of what one of the Obama vacations cost. And the cost for them to fly separately and to fly the dog separately? You don’t call that beyond extravagant??? Get your head out of the sand, you goofy leftist.

      • cold340t

        Yah, The Vacation President Bushjr. took more days off/”working vacations?” then any President in History. Look it up! Fact , you know how to google? Oh, and how did the pre 9/11 “I don’t need to read that report titled” Al Queda 9/11 attack”? Working Vacation turn out for the Country? Your head is in the sand…. I would hope, but it may be somewhere worse based upon tour response to my post. I think thats why they call it the Tea Potty 🙂

  • Tadbitangelny

    Reader and Cold, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It doesn’t matter how much previous presidents spend it is all overspending no matter how you look at it. When every American is being asked to tighten their own belts, Vets are being made to take a cut in pensions, families are being forced to take over priced health care plans they can’t afford or be fined. When cities are filing for bankruptcy, states are cutting police and fireman jobs, and pensions are on the line. It is a sad day in America when the powers that have in the past and run the country now do nothing to help the horrible debt we are in, they continue to stick their noses in the air and spend spend spend. I don’t begrudge him taking a vacation but let’s be honest and clear what is being spent for this vacation and the ones before it is nothing less than a blatant pot shot at the hard working Americans and small business owners that are suffering in this country. I say shame shame shame on all of you who do nothing to but keep putting us further into debt and further spread your lies. You know who you are and so does God.

  • Sharon MacGregor

    What’s the first thing to go when budgets are tight? Vacations! When things were good, I used to go on cruises and stay at all inclusives. These last few years when things haven’t been…. it’s been day trips or a modest hotel with a few people at the Jersey shore and cooking ourselves. Not eating at Nobu (like 100pp). Just like Americans are being forced to cut, and cut, and cut…. so should government officials. Go to camp david and chill. Take the white house chef with you to save some money on eating out….or….cook yourselves (you did do that at one time in your life, right?). We the people have had it with paying for other peoples’ luxury. I might be living in a box when I retire b/c I had to cash out my 401 to live on when the economy tanked and the company went under….but…. my taxes assure that no congressman will ever come close to even remotely needing anything when they retire. I’m sorry, not fair. Do what you want us to do. Tighten your belt.

  • dan

    He’s made more than $12 million since elected…Michelle $2.6Million and the girls deposited more than $1.6 million each on their soiree to Switzerland

  • dan

    it makes ’em look like smurfs…

  • Obsequious Toady

    We obviously need to cut veterans benefits a little more so our Beloved King doesn’t have to scrimp on these junkets. Our mighty leader needs his rest and relaxation, just like anyone else. Let the vets get themselves a job at the local car wash if they need more beer money.

  • dan

    the blue thing went right over your head,did it?

  • mike hunt

    Most expensive trip ever for some Maui wowie..

  • Somewhatcontraire

    He is President Obama, it is evil of you to criticize him, if he chooses to track you down and have you renditioned, I don’t blame him, never again must anyone from the right gain Government. I hope he declares himself lifelong dictator and does for the US what Castro did for Cuba.

  • cold340t

    Yes, you are 🙂 Dismissed!

  • cold340t

    It just wasn’t a problem until the Black guy got in the Presidency. Coincidence? I think not! Dismissed 🙂

  • Seth Gordon

    Like every working American, Barry Obama should have some time off work now and then. A true leader leads by example and with all his talk about income equality he should lead the way by example. When I get time off, my boss does not pay for my expenses while I vacation at some exotic locale. If Obama wants to spend several million dollars on a vacation, that is his choice but he should pay the cost himself and not burden the taxpayers with the cost of his playtime off work. The alternative would be, in the name of income equality, would be for the taxpayers to fund my next lavish exorbitant vacation. He and his nitwit wife haven’t yet been crowned King and Queen of the U.S. yet so the should drop this arrogant behavior.