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After the New Hampshire primaries last night, everyone who still believes in the ridiculously rigged presidential election process in this country is wondering how in the hell John Kasich managed to get 2nd place, and how in the hell Jeb Bush managed to stay in somehow even though he has been consistently trailing everyone this entire time.

Well, here’s a big fat clue. It comes from the summer of 1999, just before Jeb’s brother George W. was (s)elected.

Kasich had a brief run for president which was announced in March 1999. Just a few months later in July, he was dropping out and supporting his “friend” George W. Bush.

Or, rather, “bowing” to him:


The Cincinnati Enquirer, July 14, 1999

In fact, for a time Kasich was supposedly on the table as George W.’s potential running mate.


The Paris News, July 20, 1999

But… it seems the establishment was too afraid that a Bush-Kasich ticket might “give the appearance of two fraternity brothers.”


Pittsburgh Post Gazette, July 16, 2000

In fact, the love affair involved playful banter about the possibility of Kasich being W.’s VP, with declarations from both that the two were “philosophically compatible”:


The Courier Journal, July 15, 1999

“He’s going to fit perfectly on my team,” George W. playfully said in response to Kasich’s pledge to campaign for Bush.

Fast forward to presidential race 2016, and we find a commentary in the Chicago Tribune today titled, “What Republicans Lose if Jeb Bush Fails,” which points out on cue, “If this were a script, you would now write in a timely entrance by the seasoned, well-credentialed Jeb Bush.”

SINCE IT IS A SCRIPT, we can easily see what’s going on here.

In fact, it was Jeb that pointed out Kasich ran a “one-state strategy” aimed solely at New Hampshire which he somehow managed to come from nowhere and get 2nd place in… a campaign that held others much higher in the polls at bay while magically allowing Jeb to eek by and even somehow get delegates when it’s a shock that Jeb is even still somehow in this “race”. New Hampshire, it has now been declared, breathed “new life” into both Kasich and Jeb’s campaigns.

Gee… a New Hampshire-only campaign otherwise seems like pretty bad campaign strategy… unless the strategy all along was to help a good friend’s brother to bat back the competition. It will be no surprise when Kasich once again bows to another Bush.

In fact, the whole campaign on the GOP side is being run as if the entire strategy is to get this historically unpopular dynasty brat elected. Ted Cruz, the pretend tea party conservative who cheated in Iowa by lying about Ben Carson dropping out to suck up Carson’s votes, is also a long-time Bush minion as we’ve previously (and repeatedly) reported. He was a Bush lawyer and advisor when he met his Goldman Sachs, Council on Foreign Relations, pro-North American Union wife Heidi — also a Bush advisor.

Cruz on his Facebook page sucking up to war criminal Henry Kissinger

Cruz would lay down for Jeb in a heartbeat. So would Kasich. So would Floridian Rubio who Jeb has previously declared he is a “huge fan” of.

You see where we’re getting at here? Any of these guys would gleefully be VP for Jeb in less than two seconds if tapped.

On top of that, don’t forget about the potential of a brokered convention. What if all these closeted Bush-ites get together like good little boys and hand over their delegates to Bush? It could happen. And all the Trump supporters have to realize by now that the elite won’t let Trump anywhere near the White House, no matter how popular he is in the polls. Ron Paul was real popular once upon a time, and look what happened to him.

We’ve said it a hundred times but here it is once again for effect: the game, folks, is rigged. The people running it who want dynasties like the Bush clan in power again and again but know the public can’t stand them anymore have to make this election puppet show look legit somehow.

And in other news, Hillary will magically walk away from the New Hampshire primary with more delegates than Bernie Sanders, despite the fact that he beat her by a landslide there, and her hair-thin win in Iowa was only secured due to a “virtually improbable” coin toss (yeah right) that is still under investigation.

Rigged. The whole thing. Rigged. You might as well light your vote on fire and dance around it for all the good it will do you come November.

It’s just like Mark Twain said: “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

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  • Reverend Draco

    The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

    • Oboehner

      Constitution Party?

    • mirageseekr

      Can we use guns in that game?

      • Reverend Draco

        Not according to the rules.

        • mirageseekr

          Time to change the rules.

          • Reverend Draco

            I like the rules of chess.
            They make sense, and aren’t arbitrarily changed every few years.

  • Andrew Miller

    There’s one other thing to know about John Kasich, he’s a gun grabber. He was one of the House republicans who voted for Clinton’s assault weapon ban. He’s been pretending to be pro-2nd Amendment while serving as the governor of Ohio, but he’ll go right back to pushing gun control if he becomes the president.

  • mirageseekr

    It doesn’t matter who is in congress or the shit house, they all pledge their allegiance to Isrehell. Here it is straight from one of their own.

    • twinkiedooter

      Maybe that’s why everyone is trying to TRASH Trump lately as he won’t commit to what $$$$ he would GIVE to Israel to squander.

      • mirageseekr

        Trump is no different, he won’t commit because then nobody could say afterward that he didn’t keep to his word. If you think he is different you haven’t done your homework. The fact that he supported Blowjob Bill and Killary should be enough to tell you, but do your research because there is so much more.

        • twinkiedooter

          I have read a lot about Donald. I know he was not perfect….but who is? In the past he was not running for anything….now he is….so quite frankly the past is the past and he’s learned his lesson as to just handing out gobs of money to politicians. He may have had his eyes opened enough through this election business to see just HOW and WHO really runs the country. I think he’s just sick and tired of the little people being trompled upon by the thugs in Washington and the greedy people in Washington getting richer and richer on the sweetheart deals thru bills having tack on items to make them and their cronies back home zillionaires. He will either fix this country and stop all the gravy train crap or totally trash it out more than it already has. Hard to say at this point about that teeny tiny country that starts with an I who thinks they run this country and the world. If he is smart enough he will severely cut back their annual billions they TAKE from us….maybe he does not want them to know he will cut them off…..Donald is not showing his hand in this card game, guys so we just have to wait and see. I know one thing for sure is that they are all terrified of this man and his ideas…….

          • mirageseekr

            Trump has no idea what it is like to be the little guy and since his whole life has been dedicated to accumulating wealth for himself, you are delusional to think that mindset won’t continue.

  • twinkiedooter

    Kasick wrecked Ohio with both hands tied behind his back. I hope he NEVER gets near the white house or he’ll wreck the USA. I live in Ohio and know first hand how he trashed out Ohio.

  • twinkiedooter

    Yes, it’s all rigged….even 150 years ago it was rigged. The Scottish Referendum was rigged. The last 5 elections were rigged. The last 2 had everyone voting for the usurper Obozo even if they didn’t physically vote….a hell of a lot of dead people voted also.

  • mirageseekr

    Congratulations you have been successfully brainwashed by mainstream media. Let me guess, you still think an old man in a cave took down the trade centers and attacked the most heavily guarded building in the world, the pentagon.