The Obama Family Goes on a Much-Needed Vacation…Again

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The Obama family needs a vacation. After all, it’s been almost a month since they returned from the $100 million taxpayer-funded African safari. (Yep, that’s right – ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.)

Since then, the President has been busy trying to browbeat other countries into turning over Ed Snowden and spending a great deal of time involving himself in the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. It’s hard work being the driving force behind an assault on privacy while also maintaining a position as the Race-Baiter-in-Chief.

The First Lady must also be exhausted. After all, she threw a joint party on the 4th of July for her daughter’s birthday and for Independence Day. The entertaining duties didn’t stop there, as she threw a “Kid’s State Dinner” after she selected the winner of a healthy recipe contest that the kids had participated in.

So, after that whirlwind…it’s off to the posh island retreat of Martha’s Vineyard. In the past the Obamas stayed at Blue Heron Farm, where the rental of the house itself was $50,000 per week.

Don’t forget that the Secret Service must also be paid, housed, and fed, bringing the tab for their getaway into the millions of dollars. A few years ago, US News and World Report explained how the bill got so high.

His 11-day stay will require the Coast Guard to keep ships floating near Obama’s farm, a presidential helicopter and jet at the ready and security agents on 24-hour duty. Armored SUVs dubbed “war wagons” have been flown in to carry the presidential family around the island.

The real issue here, however, is that the Obamas are off enjoying a luxurious vacation while…

It’s hard to imagine how they can sleep on their soft, fluffy, very expensive pillows, while much of America tosses and turns, kept awake by unsolvable financial worries. It’s hard to imagine how they can enjoy their fine cuisine and expensive drinks while Americans root through the garbage, or simply go without eating a meal or so per day. And yet, the Obama family seems cheerfully oblivious to the plight of the working poor in their country.

Although this kind of elitist behavior seemed to end poorly in France  for Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, it seems that once again, the First Family is flipping the bird to the working class in much the same “let them eat cake” manner.


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  • RickE.

    Obama is just living it up, high on the hog!
    Nothing stops him from having fun.
    The Presidency-one big party! No food stamps for him!

  • Anonymoose

    This if anything should be an indication to people that we have truly fallen in to a situation where there is a ‘Ruling, “Royal” Class’ in the U.S.

    I wouldn’t care one damn if Barack Obama was some kind of wealthy Business Magnate, enjoying the Weekend at Martha’s Vineyard with his family with the wealth that he created – Hell, I’d be happy for him!

    The only thing that chafes is that I am being forced to pay tax money to support this person’s Vacation, under threat of injury and imprisonment.

    This is one article that all my coworkers are going to see. Infuriating.

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwww

    Is it too Racist if you point out to others that OBUMMER is NOT black, that his mother and the Grandparents that raised him after his Black sperm donator f ather walked out of his mothers life,raised him in an upper class and privaliged life style???

  • D

    Just because you have money and status doesn’t mean you have class! These people are T-A-C-K-Y

  • Andy

    Don’t know her name,but that daughter that looks like her mother is uuuuuggggllllyyyy!it’s not just Boobama,the fat cats on capital hill rape the system too!Think about this,them and Boobama aren’t even going to be on his health care system,it’s for the rest of us!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • OFF with their heads!!!

  • REB

    Just another in a long list of crimes that he will one day be called to answer for…

  • Obama is nothing but a puppet for the 1%.

  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    Congress hasn’t got the balls to get rid of him and throw him and his whole family in jail

  • Cori

    These people make me sick…..

  • It is so stressful to travel!

  • Anonymous

    So where the f**k were you all when Occupy was going on?

    • At home

      At home, where we should be. Occupy was a fucking joke. Accomplished exactly nothing.

      Learn something.

  • on Vacation……He Should be behind bars along with the rest of the white house and congress and military for cover ups and conspiracy and death to Human Americans,all alien controlled….you have failed untruthful president..

  • dg

    Time to furlough Obama.

  • SKIP

    Reading this and other similar atricle sites it is clear that the Saxons are truly beginning to hate.

  • I wish I could piss and moan about the country i’m living in. Oh yeah, I was raised properly.

    • uhhhWHAT

      how you were raised? like a pussy that wont stand up for his rights and freedoms? guess you were (1) not raised in the US and live someplace perfect **huge eye roll** (2) were raised in the US and are just dumb **HUGE facepalm**.