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No one expects the American Inquisition” (apologies to Monty Python). The Spanish Inquisition was said to be the worst time in the history of humanity, culminating in the Dark Ages, a time when man’s forward evolution was stifled by fear.

When all is said and done, it may be viewed as a “cakewalk” compared to today. There are striking similarities between that era of ignorance, pain and bloodshed (and cause for hiding one’s true beliefs), and now.

During the Spanish Inquisition, anyone who did not accept the authority of Pope Gregory IX was labeled a “heretic” and tortured until they renounced their own beliefs, or died. This was legitimized under a Papal Bull given to Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain. Today, the NDAA gives the same authority to various agencies of the United States government, against those who believe that they still live in a free country.

During the Spanish Inquisition, priests were given higher office (promotions) based on the number of heretics they could flush out of the general population. They stood in the square, looking for anyone they could call suspicious. They were helped by common citizens – perhaps a neighbor with whom you were having a dispute over the boundary lines of your land, or an envious woman who wanted to marry your husband when you were dead. Today we have the TSA jealously guarding their jobs by harassing and physically molesting the public as they are on their way to Grandma’s or their next business meeting; the agent hoping that he or she will get a “gold star” by finding a “terrorist” within the long lines they have created at the airport. And they are helped by zealots who “say something” when they think the “see something” – even when all they see is a grandfather buying a book for his grandchild or having a heated discussion on their cellphone.

During the Spanish Inquisition, heretics were labeled as sick of the mind for not following the church’s doctrines and the torture they suffered was “for their own good”. Today, every human emotion, every opinion that does not match those of the government, is labeled as a mental illness (See DSM 5), to be cured with mind-numbing drugs or imprisonment in a “mental-health institution” where they can be “cured” of their malady and join ”normal” society.

Although the Church had a strict policy of not shedding someone’s blood, it was apparently perfectly all right to torture them beyond endurance to help them get into Heaven. After a while, the admonition against bloodshed was put aside as well. Today, local police departments are being trained to control the public in anticipation of martial law being instituted in the near future.

One of the tenets protected by the Inquisition was that nothing should be discussed that was not approved by the Church, vis á vis, that the world might be round, or that the Earth might not be the center of the Universe. (Copernicus and Galileo suffered for their ideas on this.) Today, if one – even a noted scientist – denies “global warming” is caused by the cars of a thoughtless middle class, or if one propounds that a falling tower cannot collapse at faster than free-fall speed by itself, or that genetically modified food is detrimental to the human body, you are labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” – the modern version of a heretic. And the consequences are just as dire, although more insidious. You can be put on a “no-fly list”, or even a “no-work list”, and with the passage of the NDAA (the modern Papal Bull) you can be held indefinitely without legal representation, and even tortured for your opinions and beliefs. Torquemada would be proud.

Gutenberg could print only Bibles, lest he be arrested for the high crime of educating the masses by printing a scientific volume. Today the “mainstream” media disseminate only that information that has been approved – or supplied – by the government agencies who place their own spin on the hot topics of the day, which include large portions of sports and entertainment news.

One of the main reasons – although not commonly known – for the Spanish Inquisition was that the esoteric knowledge of the “Mystery Schools” of religion was coming once again to the surface. This re-emergence threatened “the powers that were at the time”, i.e., the Church’s stranglehold on most of the population.

After all, if the Church wasn’t the only path to “enlightenment” and Heaven, why would the people follow their strict, oppressive doctrines? Why would they obey the church’s orders to work as slaves for the king who, in turn, gave his riches to the church? Today, TPTB want desperately to cause you to forget that we are all connected, that we are all part of the one universal energy. WE are the ones who are powerful. WE are the ones who can best take care of ourselves. WE are the ones who can determine what form our life should take, and direct our own path to enlightenment.

The knowledge that we are connected to and part of the one universal consciousness and can affect the direction in which the world goes by virtue of our intentions and actions, and that caring about each other (love) can overcome greed (fear) is something TPTB would dearly like to suppress. Don’t allow the American – or Global – Inquisition to claim you as a victim, nor an inquisitor. Don’t give your mind, or your beliefs, over to those who want to control you.

If this new Inquisition has replaced your opinion with a governmental spin line, it has done its job. If you live in fear of saying the wrong thing and that it might be traced from an email or phone conversation, it has done its job. If you rationalize to yourself that the decimation of free speech, free thought and a free life that does no harm to others is just the way things are today and that’s all right because it keeps you safe from some unseen enemy, it has done its job.

Just as in the time of the Spanish Inquisition, our evolution is being stifled by fear. Don’t allow a return of the Dark Ages. It is up to you to make the present and future an age of light.

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  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Its up to you. Lets see, where have I heard that before? “But always there will be the intoxification of power. Always at every moment there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on the enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever. The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one. Don’t let it happen, it depends on you”.
    George Orwell, author 1894. What was it that other George said? “A Republic, maam, if you can keep it”.

    • GranpaSpeaks

      Correction: 1984.

  • ncjoe

    Typical bullshit from you. By the way, hear about the two people who were fired for being Obama supporters? Talk about inquisition and stifling free speech. You assholes scream about government threatening our freedoms. It is big business that threatens our freedoms. As usual, you idiots are aiming at the wrong target, thereby hastening the demise of our freedoms. Morons.

    • Jean

      “Big business” contributes heavily to BOTH parties. So whoever wins the election – WE (The People) LOSE. They’re all bought and paid for, and that’s just the way “They” want it.

      Now, even if two people were fired for being Obummer supporters… not sure how they could be people and support him. Scratch that whole red herring of 2 people out of several billion. Note that CEO pay is going up, and the margin from C-level to average wage slave is opening, and immense already. Look at the salaries of the Congress, bureaucrats, and POTUS. (Don’t know SCOTUS so can’t comment.) And that’s JUST dollars – add in the bennies, and WTF is an understatement. And it’s not dissimilar (enough) at local levels, either, let alone state levels. (Coming from NJ.)

      Cartel is the word you need to look up – Government and Business in collusion to screw the people, basically. Carnegie and Ford didn’t want that, yet we demonize them as “robber barons.” But Ford wanted everyone to be able to afford a car; Carnegie wanted people to ride the rails. Walmart et al want us to go bankrupt buying Made in China shit for 5X the cost of manufacture (or more). BIG difference. But Obama will help them if he can. So will Biden, and Clinton (either/or), and Bush, and Carter, and Petraeus, and Christie, and Koch, and Whitman, and Keene, and… and … and (infinity squared list of names.)

      Government BY ITS NATURE is restrictive of freedoms. But Cartel and Monarchy and Oligarchy are all WORSE than our current Democracy. (I won’t pretend it’s still a democratic republic.) Problem is, we’re being offered the choice between two shit sandwiches each election. Would you prefer Hitler or Stalin? Obama or Romney? The NAMES are immaterial – the intent is, and so we invoke certain names of “evil” people – AT THE SAME TIME we espouse some of their ideals. (Example: Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood; She was a eugenecist and hoped the “lesser races” would use abortion to make themselves extinct. I shit you not.)

      We need more options and more control. But in order to have that control, one must make informed decisions, and must be intelligent, well-read, learned: WISE. We don’t get there when everyone sticks their head in the sand, and refuses to discuss the politics for fear of being called “racis’.” It’s just a means to shut down discussion of the principles. Like a parent “debating” a teenage girl, when she doesn’t have real answers, and instead runs away crying, screaming, “I HATE YOU!” and slams the door in a big dramatic show of emotion: She didn’t win any points trying to prove that women are “just as good as men” when she couldn’t present facts about strength, endurance, number of men vs. number of women at the top of the IQ curve, or even why women supposedly earn less than men “for the same work.” (Been debunked many times, and in IT and engineering, women frequently earn MORE than male counterparts, but we won’t let FACTS get in the way with FEELINGS…)

      Same trend, is my point. We’re being dumbed down as a society, and those who look around and see the writing on the wall – Right OR Left – are demonized as paranoid fringe elements. Mostly because we agree on what needs to be done, and even to a large degree HOW, and that’s NOT good for corporate or government profits. Keep the herd divided and in competition (Keeping up with the Joneses turned into keeping up with the Karassians), and offer disposable shit to buy, and people will walk into the slaughterhouse and pay for the privilege of being meat…

      We can’t ALLOW such people to vote. (Two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner.) They’ll vote themselves part of our paychecks, “free” stuff, and since they are for sale, and disinterested in the politics (and economics) of it all – we ALL get fleeced. 😉

  • Zebra

    Drones will attack american resistance neighborhoods in the very near future. Are you in a militia ? Stay spread out over a large area when on patrol.
    Don’t wash your battle fatigues in laundry detergent. There are chemicals in detergent that will light you up like a christmas tree under infrared scopes. Use plain water or keep them dirty.

    • SKIP

      Current BDUs have some sort of chemical in them that reduces the IR signature greatly and when the uniforms are burned the smell is god awful and tear provoking.

  • Kevin

    Most historical scholarship has gotten over the Black Legend and recognizes that the errors of the Inquisition, while real, have been exaggerated by orders of magnitude. Copernicus was buried under a cathedral, showing that he was not merely tolerated but honored in his own day. Statists of all stripes have seen the Catholic Church as their biggest enemy. Why help them with this smear job?