The Mike Brown Shooting What You’re Not Being Told

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There are a lot of things about the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri that are not as they appear on the mainstream news.

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  • whitefeather

    Here’s food for thought. So they didn’t release the robbery video right away. Bad idea, but pretend it’s a mistake (unlikely). They also didn’t put out any photo evidence of this officer’s injuries. They said they were protecting his ID, which was fine until they released his ID 6 days later. At that point, why wouldn’t they show the supposed injuries to this cop? Instead they have taken this all the way to marshal law. Somethings rotten in Ferguson, and America in general……

    • Mark

      …martial law…

      martial | ˈmärSHəl | adjective
      of or appropriate to war; warlike: martial bravery.

      martially adverb

      ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin martialis, fromMars, Mart- (see Mars) .

      • whitefeather

        Thanks for the Spell Check. So you have no Probative value to add to the conversation. Just cut into others wherever you can? Not in control of your life are ya?

        • Reverend Draco

          Well. . . when trying to make a point it does help to know the correct words.

          If a person can’t be bothered to learn the proper words, how can anyone else be expected to assume that he’s bothered to put in any time and effort to learn whereof he speaks?

          “Marshall Law” is a character from a video game, and a TV show from Australia. . .

          “Martial Law” is the imposition of military power over designated regions on an emergency basis.

          • whitefeather

            You’re not wrong and neither is he, however; I’ve been studying the “Marshall Plan” and “MacArthur’s” rebuilding of the Asian Nations. Fascinating stuff! Also, it’s “Franchising of Nations.” You read the words “Field Marshal” or “Robert Marshall” enough times, and then tap out a fly by message at sub light speed, you could make the same mistake. Point is; Neither of you offered any value to the conversation. You only seek to tear your own apart. If we are going to win this thing, that BS has to end Post Haste!

          • Reverend Draco

            If we’re going to win this thing, we need to learn to make proper use of the words which describe the situation/circumstance, or we’ll never be able to make the uninitiated understand.
            Describing a chair, when one intends to describe a table, just adds to the confusion.

            Education is the key.

          • whitefeather

            So you have nothing valuable to add then? Oh BTW I put that “Field Marshal” term in there so you might get off your high horse and do a little research. It’s a derivative of the word “Martial.” Don’t go out of your way to correct someone, unless you know the terrain first…….Like I said, I don’t necessarily take issue with you 2, I do take issue with the fact that you have nothing to offer to the conversation.

          • Mark

            I thought it was valuable to help you be more credible next time you post.

          • whitefeather

            Thanks, but no thanks… Hey I noticed someone on WND that used thw word “Their” instead of “There.” Best get over there and clean things up for us Mark…

          • Mark

            Anyone consulting World Net Daily is already a lost cause. Anyone who consults Zionist zombie Joe Farah and his “Farah-sees” has deeper problems than spelling.

          • whitefeather

            That’s right, so why bother wasting your time troll?

          • Mark

            Good heavens! There is no need to be so cranky. If you react so strongly to every little thing, how do you expect to keep your health?

    • markww

      The Feds did not want the video released Obama wants martial law by stalling and not doing anything. That way he can be president forever.

  • Avarice

    The true un edited recording of a witness here and headlining on drudge. Matches the Police description of events and makes all this wasted newsprint and riots a bunch of BS

  • Musashi5000

    Maybe we should be.

  • Ed

    Why are you putting your child in that environment?

  • SovereignMary

    I want our Supreme Rule of Law adhered to by
    both the public at large and those who take a sworn oath of office to
    safeguard our unalienable constitutionally protected rights.

    In listening to the news you would have found that the police officer
    who shot Michael Brown admitted that he did not even know about the
    alleged committed robbery before Michael Brown was killed on the

    I most assuredly am against the Mob Rule Mentality of
    looting and destruction of innocent peoples property. And, I’m also
    concerned about police actions that could wrongfully and unlawfully lead
    to the killing of someone … no matter what their background may be.

    We surely do not need our local police or sheriff’s departments acting
    against the American people like a Para-Military police force.

  • Notgotany

    Hello morons
    Have you bothered to notice you were easily distracted from the invasion of your country? Yeah that little invasion 24/7. You are not able to handle two things at once so you are easily led to disarray.
    It makes no difference of any kind what is going on in Missouri right now, unless you take a good look at the only pertinent facts, one a person was killed by police, and two they were unarmed.
    There is a lot of barely concealed racism in the comments and it shows how low brow people really are.
    Did you ever stop to think there may reasons why black people have a problem with exploitation and injustice? Maybe you could consider that among these folks are people who understand what is wrong with this country a lot better than you do. And no they are not Obama supporters, but you would not know that living in your stupid racist bubble.
    The fact that people from out of town are coming in and looting should be a good clue this is being used to create a bigger problem and to prolong the duration of this situation to keep you distracted. Goal reached.
    I am so disappointed in the people of this country I no longer allow anyone to refer to me as an American, it is such a put down.

  • Cecille Chan

    What a heartache! We are being pitted against each other and many among us continue to propagate the division introduced by the cabal to enable them to effectively control us. Continue with your racism, hatred, and ignorance and you get dragged into the mud…..or FEMA camp brick ovens with everyone else the cabal deem disposable.

  • DW

    Oh, but they have so many new toys to play with. They would be SO disappointed if they can’t show what big, brave officers they are! Besides, they have to wear all that gear to cover the boners they’re sporting due to the excitement they feel from lording their power over unarmed citizens.

  • Musashi5000

    I agree.

  • Notgotany

    I appreciate your attempt to raise you racial ignorance to some level masquerading as thought, however I have spent time in those neighborhoods you fear so much and nothing ever happened to me. And I know folks who are trying to rise out of the situation and they are very aware and willing to invest time to learn what is real.
    How about you try it and keep your foul comments to yourself, it makes you appear to be a moron.

    • Josh

      I love when some blow hard know-it-all happens to tell me he is such and so and that everyone else is a moron. I don’t know you from jack – and I don’t care. Facts are facts and defending poor choices and apologizing for criminal behavior in the name of political correctness is not uplifting but creating exactly what we are facing now.
      Lie to yourself some more, I am sure someone out there will wipe away your pathetic tears for the down trodden masses with no future and no methods to rise up out of the pit of poor choices they have made.
      I find it funny you support the rioters right to free speech yet want to deny me the very same right. At least I am not looting your mommys and daddys business, burning your uncles liquor store down or assaulting your person. But I guess if I was black that would be okay wouldn’t it Einstein?

      • Notgotany

        Peaceful potesters do get my support and will continue to. Provocateurs are another matter and they are being used to keep the attention on the little town and off the real issues affecting the nation. But since you are such know it all I will not take the time to enumerate them for you.
        And to return the favor I do not give a rats ass who you are either. But when I see moronic behavior I call it such and will until the day I am no longer here.

  • Ed

    I wasn’t deflecting. I was wondering why anyone would put their child in an environment like that. Using “environment as a tool” looks like a bs excuse that could get him permanently damaged. Don’t you have any family to watch over him while you work?

  • Cecille Chan

    You are ABSOLUTELY right, Bugsie. This is not about racism (including my commentary). PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION…….if you know what I mean.