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A visit to the U.K. by my colleague Robert Spencer and I to pay our respects to victims of jihad on Armed Forces Day has turned into an international incident. And why?

Because there is an unspoken adherence to the Shariah descending over the West. As I noted in my Monday column, Robert Spencer and I are scheduled to join other members of the President’s Council of the international human rights coalition Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) – the English Defence League leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) leader Anders Gravers – on June 29 for a Memorial for Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Rigby was the British soldier who was beheaded by Islamic jihadists in Woolwich on May 22.

But now the left-fascist group Hope Not Hate and Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs select committee, are trying to get us banned from entering the country.

Imagine: The country of the Magna Carta Libertatum, or the Great Charter of the Liberties of England, would consider banning two human rights activists whose body of work is founded on the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and individual rights. The Magna Carta led to the rule of constitutional law. It was the model for the legal structure of the American colonies.

My organizations stand for the very things the British fought and died for in World War II and decades later in Afghanistan and Iraq. After their great sacrifices, the U.K. is going to ban freedom?

The British media are on a jihad against free speech – apoplectic as they are at the thought that I, as well as Spencer, Gravers, Robinson and Carroll, would be laying flowers in Woolwich on Armed Forces Day in memory of the young dad and soldier Rigby. Despite the endless column inches that have been devoted to this manufactured controversy, not one member of the British media has asked me for comment – some, like Kevin Rawlinson, go so far as to lie about it: “Neither Ms. Geller nor Mr. Spencer responded to requests for comment.”

Rawlinson also called Spencer and me “America’s most notorious anti-Muslim campaigners.” “Anti-Muslim” is now the knee-jerk smear against those who oppose jihad and the most brutal system of governance on the face of the earth, the Shariah. Such a smear implies that all Muslims support the jihad and the Shariah. It implies that all Muslims support Shariah oppression of women, gays and non-Muslims, its denial of the freedom of speech and more. Is that what they believe?

This defamation and libel is widespread. Despite the fact that our impending arrival has made front-page headlines at the BBC, the Mirror, the Independent, the International Business Times, the Huffington Post and elsewhere, not just the British media, not one media outlet anywhere has contacted me for comment or given me any opportunity to rebut these false charges. Goebbels groupies have studiously followed the methods and practices of the Third Reich’s Ministry of Propaganda. They no longer even attempt to project a modicum of objectivity or journalistic ethics. They are waging jihad on the truth and freedom.

And like the historic rally the American Freedom Defense Initiative held in Tennessee when the Department of Justice essentially announced its intention to criminalize postings on social media that offended Muslims (that is, the blasphemy laws under the Shariah), the American media went into Shariah-enforcement mode. They have said not even a single word about this outrageous attempt to subvert the freedom of speech in the country of its birth. It’s a non-story. What’s the latest on the Kardashians?

Remember: A few years ago, Vaz led a march of thousands of Muslims in Leicester calling for the banning of Salman Rushdie’s book “The Satanic Verses.” He has even demanded that “Islamophobia” – that is, honest discussion of the jihad threat – be prosecuted as a “hate crime.”

This is the kind of man who is setting the agenda in Britain today?

This is one to watch. This battle is not about me nor my colleagues, or any single person, for that matter. This is a battle for our very way of life, our freedom and the unalienable rights that we hold dear. This is who we are. By destroying the few who dare speak out, they achieve their totalitarian goals.

“It took centuries of intellectual, philosophical development to achieve political freedom. It was a long struggle, stretching from Aristotle to John Locke to the Founding Fathers. The system they established was not based on unlimited majority rule, but on its opposite: on individual rights, which were not to be alienated by majority vote or minority plotting. The individual was not left at the mercy of his neighbors or his leaders.” – Ayn Rand

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  • Andy

    Don’t know about the rest of ya’ll but my buddies and I are just waiting to have some target practice.Catch that drift?Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    We were all upset over the Late Mr Rigby’s passing. Your knee jerk Islamophobia is the wrong course of action pal. England Midsummer June you could be in no better place. The ethos of the Smart City Gent, the Public Schoolboy, the online friend who would do anything for you. We fight and have fought numerous wars for freedom, democracy and good spirit. Our values reign supreme and whats more, a land like America is a true allay if their first priority is Liberty. Correct me if I am wrong.
    You demonstrate insensitivity to my country. Check me out on the GPS I’m really english not a timewaster. I dreamed I revealed my surname on the Daily Sheeple but maybe tomorrow.
    Look after yourselves.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Clearly Skip you are a very angry man. I have decided to reveal my surname Fine even if it grieves me. Please do likewise and explain yourself to the Rigby family in Woolwich. I am experienced at doing battle against facebook bullies and if the worst came to the worst I fight bare knuckle like the Gypsies. Surprised you havnt been banned from this site Skip. Your capacity to spout venom knoweth no boundaries. You are messing with the wrong people pal.

    • SKIP

      What makes me angry is muslims and the fuckin enablers that allow muslims to do WTF ever they want and no reprisals! You are NOT a friend of any non muslim no matter WTF you say, your book says it is ok to kill non muslims, lie, cheat or steal to advance the islamic agenda! WTF are you doing in England anyway??Subverting 6the freedoms civilized people fought for to enslave them, especially women to islam and sharia! i am in the muslim wars, speak rather good Arabic (though I don’t tell the muslims that) and have seen the results of sharia islam and there is no islam without sharia and you know it! We non muslims have three (3) choices if we do not wipe islam from the face of the earth, those three are conversion, enslavement w/taxes or death!!! there is no other way. Also, you surname means nothing to me, the fact that you are a muslim is all I need to know.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Skip please come to any location in London. My name is Kenneth Gwyn Fine and I am ready to sit down at the negotiating table and discuss all issues Sir. We will work it out. I’ve been thtough

    • Andy

      Well I just cannot fathom being apoligetic,for crimes committed by Radical Islamists.This Religion is not as peaceful as some would try to have us believe.The way I see what the Islamists have done to be able to have their way with laws around the world,is threaten a world wide Jihad against other Religions!It appears that one day we Christians might have to fight them to save our lives.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

      • SKIP

        Andy, for clarity let me point out that there is no such thing as a radical OR a moderate muslim, they are ALL enemies of freedom, they ALL resad from the same book, they ALL act the same way when they get above maybe 3 or 4% of any population of any country they invade and INVADE is the word. No offense meant to you of course, it just happens I see islam/sharia and the results of it EVERY FUCKIN DAY and it totally disgusts and sickens me.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Andy and Skip you must excuse my anger as I begin to pay a compliment. Yous 2 are well read and can form a rational coherent argument. I’m certain the NSA know exactly who us rebellious goats never sheep are so we’ve got to agree to disagree. I have nothing to hide. Life is made of a Grand Dream. I am a great admirer of Steve Pavlina and Anthony Robbins and through my posts I believe I have succeeded in touching your lives. I cracked up last night and couldnt continue because a friend who has extreme right wing views is dying of a serious brain tumour. This I couldnt make up and it has affected me badly. You just dont know whats round the corner do you?
    Step up your prepping efforts because baby when the lights go out your online friends from half way round the world will be silenced forever.
    Its been nice knowing you gentlemen.

    • Heimdall

      Ken, I am sorry to hear about your friend. If he has “extreme right wing views” I probably would have liked him.

      The term that you used, “I really cracked up last night” apparently has a different meaning in England than it does among Americans. To an American to crack up is to laugh really hard and heartily. It is slang. Now when Americans say “Asians” they do not mean Pakistanis, Afghans (except maybe the Hazara), or the people of India. It means East Asians of the Mongoloid race, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Mongols/Mongolians, etc.

      Now the remark that you made about not being a sheep but a goat is hilarious to a Spanish speaker and also to an English speaker. If you say that to a Spanish speaker, he will say, “¡Ay, tu no eres un borrego sino un cabrón!” which is a real insult and really funny to a Spanish speaker:) The goat also has the symbolic meaning of representing the devil, satan. So, I wouldn’t say I was a goat if I were you.

      Now, as for you fighting with my countrymen. Knock it off! At least one of those guys knows exactly what he is talking about and he has gone to war. I believe that he is still at war. Don’t threaten people who have to kill or die on a daily basis. I disagree with the wars. However, Muslims do not belong in the Western World and were forced upon us by those who wish us harm.

      You are misconstruing or misunderstand what they are saying. They are sympathetic to the family of Mr. Rigby and are justifiably appalled at the attack by Muslims. Muslim “holy” books call for such behavior and it is not extremist but simply everyday Islam and as you well know, all Muslims are called upon to do such things.

      You picked the wrong site to use to defend Islam. There is no defense. You might as well try to defend the Sicilian mafia. You could say, “Oh, those contract murders were just done by mafia extremists, not regular mafiosi. The mafia is an organization of peace.”

      I believe in freedom of speech. Say any nonsense you want but we will use our faculties of reason and our freedom of speech to reply.

      People here in the USA are really angry. Some Quislings here are forcing anywhere from 25 million to 50 million revanchist (revenge seeking) and irredentist (fools who think that our territory was stolen from them, the marxist story about the Mexican-American War fought from 1846-1848 in which we thoroughly thrashed the Mexicans (and we’ll do it again if need be) is incorrect. If these invaders are given amnesty, all hell will break loose in my opinion. So we are not in a very good mood about government traitors forcing third world invaders on Western Peoples. We are not in a good mood about the hostile, militant cult called Islam, either.

      My prediction is that if Islam-lovers push too hard, they will get a lot more than a fistfight. It will be more like the Mexican-American war.

      Remember the Sepoy rebellion? Don’t awaken the tiger! That is my prediction based upon years of studying history, news, trends, and alternative media.

      I hope that your right wing friend recovers.

  • Heimdall

    A comment by Ken,‭ ‬our UK friend, prompted this comment. From Miriam Webster’s Dictionary:

    noun \ˈfō-bē-ə\
    Definition of PHOBIA
    : an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

    Extreme and irrational fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. A phobia is classified as a type of anxiety disorder (a neurosis), since anxiety is its chief symptom. Phobias are generally believed to result when fear produced by an original threatening situation (such as a near-drowning in childhood) is transferred to other similar situations (such as encounters with bodies of water), the original fear often being repressed or forgotten. Behaviour therapy can be helpful in overcoming phobias, the phobic person being gradually exposed to the anxiety-provoking object or situation in a way that demonstrates that no threat really exists.

    There is no such thing as an Islamophobe.‭ ‬It simply does not exist.‭ ‬A phobia is an unreasonable fear or aversion of something.‭

    It is completely and very logical to have an aversion to Islam and Muslims.‭ ‬It is quite rational and it is irrational for a non-Muslim to be an Islamophile or even to be neutral.‭

    Some things that ought to give one pause about Islam and Muslims:

    -the rule of negation,‭ ‬the earlier more peaceful writings (tolerant? there is nothing wrong to tolerate so I don’t accept that term) are negated by the vicious and muderous later writings. The earlier writings are used to mislead about the nature of Islam, University courses stress the earlier writings and ignore the later writings and the rule of negation

    -Muslims are required to lie in the futherance of the aims of Islam

    -Islam condones and demands jihad, rape, murder, subjugation, and humiliation of non-Muslims

    -Islam REQUIRES THAT ANY LAND THAT HAS EVER BE MUSLIM MUST BE RECONQUERED. Did you see that Spain and Portugal, Greece, the Balkan countries, the Crimea?

    -even the people of the book who pay tribute (jizya, tax so-called, really tribute) are to be humiliated and treated as second class citizens

    -the list of the Satanic evils of Sharia law is too big to list here but just consider the stonings, beheadings, and dimemberment for starters

    -Anyone who was once an Muslim and converts is to be killed (this has happened many times quite recently

    -the things attributed to Islamic extremists are actually mainstream Islam and, again, lying about the issue to so-called Infidels is required by Islam

    I would feel sorry for anybody’s sister who married a Muslim except that she got herself into it. If I had a sister who married a Muslim, it would cause me some anxiety that my sister or nieces and nephews might be forcibly removed to a Muslim country and abused.

    Brother-in-laws are biased.

    In response to Ken’s remarks: I try to avoid violence. Unlike Ken, I do not fight like a gypsy. I fight like a very, very strong man (for example, even though I am well into middle age, I can do a set of 10 repetitions with 350 lbs. with the old Nautilus brand leg extension machine made for college and pro football players, I can work out with over 1,200 lbs. on the legpress, the angled, sliding type, when I was young, when I first started college I worked out with 500lbs. doing 5 sets of 5, deep, competition quality squats and 3 sets of 10 with 405 lbs. on deadlift at a body-weight of 170lbs., a person wouldn’t want me to kick him) As young man I trained as a wrestler in the grueling American folkstyle wrestling where practice is much, much harder than marine bootcamp, and of much higher quality than most martial arts training, later judo, jujitsu (standup and ground), Okinawan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and lots of Police Defense Tactics, where I assisted the teacher. I have conferred with other martial artists on different styles and techniques and have extensively researched several other martial arts to develop my own personal style. All of my formal training, back to back, equals about 17 or 18 years. But I kept practicing on my own for a total of 41 years. I am pretty youthful for my age.

    I would say that my style would look like a combination of Hapkido, Combat SAMBO, Muay Boran, and Silat, more than anything else. I will not give my surname to avoid any problems with the authorities should someone attack me or for any other reason. I do not want to get into any fights.

    • Heimdall

      Correction: Islam requires that any land that has ever been Muslim, be returned to Muslim rule.

      Addendum to the martial arts section:

      I also use a lot of wrestling and boxing with martial arts. Our American wrestling comes from Lancashire style English wrestling and our boxing comes from English boxing.

      • Heimdall

        Also, I would not travel to London for negotiations. I live very far from London:) Too expensive and too much totalitarian airport hastle.

        • Heimdall

          I also like to avoid interaction with the alphabet agencies.

  • Heimdall

    I can snap a big man’s femur without trying. I have done it.

    I have never bragged or told these things online ever before. But with all of the challenges and threats going on, it was mighty tempting, if distasteful.

  • Heimdall

    I doubt that anybody could hurt Ken’s head, though. He’s too thick skulled:)

  • Ken, your UK friend

    I chuckled a bit over your last comment Heimdall. I’m no real threat. However if you ask me to leave the DS and return to websites like Facebook and Youtube your authority Sir has banned me from here. I thank you for demonstrating compassion towards a friend and community leader who I have yet to hear the easily seen opinion of many ref meeting one’s Karma. This is an unproveable concept.
    Nearly every other day some great hero meets his Maker. Take Nelson Mandela. Surely Skip cannot hate this wonderful man.
    All the time we meet people online who are free to construct a fantasy world and it is near impossible to catch them out when hidden behind a computer screen.
    I had my doubts Skip was a Serviceman in Afghan when he cannot provide a checkable name, rank and service number.
    Worse, I wrote him off as just another playground bully and you know how bullies quickly run when you summon up the courage to challenge them dont you?
    This was unexpected, you Mr Heimdall sticking up for your friend called Skip. I must have caused him some serious insomnia and I am sorry.
    FYI the website run by Mr Ali Sina is a good source of reference material for those who wish to do further research. However I have friends from almost all persuasions and feel myself to be a very humble man before God.
    Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to reach out and express myself.

    • Heimdall

      The moderator or an automated system will not let me reply with the reply that I prepared. Contolled opposition?

    • Heimdall

      Thanks, Ken. I don’t believe in banishing people from websites and I do not have the authority to do so, anyway. I believe in debating if you disagree with someone. It’s freedom of speech. I do wonder why you frequent the articles on all of the subjects in which you are in total disagreement with most of us here, especially when your interest is prepping. It seems like you just want “to set us all straight.”

      We have already heard all of your arguments. They are on TV all of the time. The establishment organized crime cartels pipe these arguments at us 24/7. What you espouse is not revolutionary nor is it dissident. You espouse the party line. Most of your arguments would be made by George Soros, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its mouthpiece The Economist, its psyop/mind-control branch the Tavistok Institute, its American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, its fellow organization, the Bilderbergers, Zionist groups and what I call the hostile Irgun of the West, and all of the other elitist, globalist institutions in the Western World (which, owing to hostile Quisling enabled invasions can scarcely be called that anymore). This is the propaganda that passes as instruction and education in the indoctrination centers called schools which are really nothing more than communist style reeducation camps.

      • Heimdall

        I was low on sleep yesterday and under the weather, it’s been terribly hot. Normally I wouldn’t have bragged even though people don’t know who I am here.

        If you reason it out, no serviceman would be allowed to share information on their dog-tags online, call your local armed forces office and see if they allow British soldiers to do that. It would not be wise, would it? Why would you want it? Think about it, it is really not a reasonable request.

        I don’t remember mentioning karma but who really knows the mind of God? Karma could play out later, after this lifetime. How would a mere mortal be able to always know when karma has played out or when it will. Most people have trouble understanding a regular genius with an IQ of 145, or 160, or 190. What is the IQ of God? Infinity? How can a human understand the workings of an infinite mind.

        As for Mandela, I am not an expert on the man although my understanding is that he was not as the Western cultural marxists and Fabian marxists portray him to be and is corrupt.

        I do look at results and they are more important than empty claims that people make about their own and their clients activities. I do know that Winnie committed some really heinous and vicious crimes. I also know that the African National Congress was and is a communist organization. It was once run by a Lithuanian special person, Joe Slovo. Not much of a Zulu, that Joe Slovo.

        I know that the result of foreigners who need to mind their own damned business butting into South African business and forcing the whites to give up power has resulted in horrible black violent crime rates, horrible ongoing genocidal attacks on whites, and inept and corrupt government, some of the highest violent crime rates in the world, all kinds of strange and horrible atrocities, a pattern of genocidal attacks on white farmers, and a place where it is deadly dangerous to even stop at a red light. I know that it is common practice for governmental heads to openly sing “Kill the Boer” with the common black man on the street and that it is encouraged and a common practice. It is not just a case of idle words, it is put into practice.

        This is not 1965. All of the movements of the sixties and seventies have gone way too far.

        • Heimdall

          Ken, I was not allowed to post my whole message.

          My computer is attacked here and I obviously am not welcom here.

          They are obviously controlled opposition here and are censors demanding political correctness.

          This site is controlled opposition, I no longer respect it, and I will not use it.

          Freedom of speech on the internet is a sick joke!

          • Heimdall

            Heimdall, signing out, for good.

    • Anonymous

      Ken, I was not allowed to put my whole message here, every time I come here my computer is attacked, and I am apparently not welcome here.

      Freedom of speech on the internet is a joke!

      Opposition to the elitist crime cartels and their mandates is a joke!

      There is nothing but controlled opposition and political correctness (communism).

      I no longer respect this website or its moderators.

      I will not longer use the “:site” or comment here!