The LAPD Just Got People to Turn in Their Guns in Exchange for Target Gift Cards (Video)

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Last Saturday, the city of Los Angeles conducted its annual “Come rob me, I’m unarmed!” event.


I mean, it conducted its annual no-questions-asked Gun Buyback Program event.


The event was held until 1 p.m. at two separate locations in Los Angeles. People could sell their guns to the city anonymously.

Sellers qualified to receive a $100 Target gift card for surrendering handguns, shotguns and rifles. Those selling assault rifles qualified for a $200 gift card.

CBS spoke with some of the people who showed up to willingly disarm themselves.

The video is painful to watch, but here you go:

So, I guess if anyone tries to rob, rape, or otherwise harm any of the people who turned their weapons in, they can just throw the gift cards at the assailant?

Or, maybe they can offer the would-be criminal the gift cards to get them to go away. “Here, go shopping at Target, and leave me alone!”

Also, did any of the people who appeared on camera even stop to think, “Hey, I am admitting to being unarmed and therefore unprotected on national TV and essentially announced to everyone who sees this video that I am an easy target?”

Does anyone actually believe that would-be criminals turned in their weapons at that event?

This is truly baffling…law-abiding citizens willingly turning in guns that could have been used to protect themselves and their loved ones should the unthinkable happen.

Maybe they’ve never heard the expression, “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.”

Or, as in the case of a Dallas resident who was the victim of a home invasion earlier this month…almost an HOUR AND A HALF away.

One woman said she turned in her gun because her home was broken into THREE times and she was robbed at a liquor store she owned. Call me crazy, but that sounds like four good reasons to KEEP a gun around.

Your safety is your responsibility. Many police departments are understaffed because people are leaving the profession. Some people live far from police stations.

And, of course, there is this to consider…

“The police of a state should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight, is the foundation of civil freedom.” – Robert A. Heinlein

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  • toktomi

    Why are government authorities, especially law enforcement, interested in having law abiding citizens relinquish their firearms? Why are they interested in spending precious, shrinking tax revenues on this endeavor?

    How will we ever be able to select a finalist for the Darwin Award from so many well qualified candidates?

    I’m reduced to imbecilic, senseless, disgusting fits of profanity!


  • Phil_Ossifer

    Most, if not all, of the weapons turned in were in the following categories: 1) junk; 2) stolen, 3) had bodies on them (that is, used in a homicide), or 4) were owned by clueless liberals who think they are making some sort of statement. Criminals are not going to surrender what they consider a tool of their trade unless they have one or more replacements, and they certainly aren’t going to surrender a (for example) Glock worth $600 in exchange for a $100 gift card…unless, of course, the Glock was stolen and probably had a body on it. The cops aren’t stupid, they know all this but they do it anyway because it makes their masters in city hall look like they’re “doing something about violent crime.” It’s all about headlines and politics especially if there is an election imminent.

  • Smarty

    Mr. Fish should change his name to Mr. Pussy. It’s much more appropriate….

    • either way, he stinks.

  • nunya

    Proof there’s a fool born every minute.

  • Beoled

    The only reason a law-abiding gun owner would turn their guns in to the authorities, is because they’re brainwashed commie liberal zombies.
    I gave up my guns because my place been invaded 3 times? Really? WTF?
    So, you give up the one thing that might save your and your family’s life? That makes perfect “effin” sense. If you’re a commie liberal brainwashed zombie jackass that is.
    Maybe now, instead of saving my family’s lives, I can finally purchase that TV stand I always wanted! BS!

  • Todd Burgess

    Sounded like if the guns are just lying around doing nothing, they might just jump to life and go shoot somebody. The older they are, the more dangerous.
    Sounds more like society these days. And I’m gettin’ older every day!

  • Mike

    more practice is needed.

    • randy wellman

      with an instructor, if necessary.

  • randy wellman

    poor poor simps….and if target was a PARTY to this, THEY just gave another reason to boycott them(as if we NEEDED more reasons).

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Any lib that turned in a gun, we really don’t want to have a gun anyway. Liberalism is a mental illness and nutty people shouldn’t have guns.

    For the rest, these programs just let criminals dispose of evidence in murders, and get paid by the state for it. Yahoo, it is off to the heroine pusher with that easy hundred bucks. Getting rid of that gun used in a capital murder, wow it’s a golden two for!

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      It used to be called unlawful disposal of a firearm, destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. Now it’s “civic responsibility.” And they wonder why the vast majority of inner city murders don’t get solved.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Just like good sheep.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Sheeples, that is…as with so many things that go on these days, the only ones who will benefit here are the Govt. Criminals, the Corporate Criminals, and the Regular Criminals.

  • digriff

    WHAT A BUNCH OF TARDS…….I think someone should follow them and rob the living hell out of them. Ensuring they get the Target card. Burn that though.


    I’ve considered going to some of those events with a few handfuls of cash and out bid police department. I know that of get some trash , stolen, and otherwise bad deals, buy I feel like I’d get more than my money’s worth too. Dort oit the chaff from the wheat, then sell those cubs to the govt.

  • harry323

    I had a handgun that was difficult to shoot well because it’s sights were small and my eyes are getting old. I traded it in on a better handgun …

  • if you think selling a gun for %10-25 of its actual value because you cant hit a target is a great idea, feel free to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to buy all you have!
    what is ACTUALLY happening here is the vast majority of those guns are already stolen from someone else and the local PD is paying to receive stolen property with your tax money.

  • they go into the glove box of patrol cars so if a stolen firearm needs to suddenly “appear” during a police shooting, its there!

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      How dare you imply that our police would do such a thing, sir! [/SARCASM]. It’s called a “drop” gun or a “throwaway” and is used for those times when a cop shoots an unarmed suspect and there are no witnesses besides the cop and the dead suspect. This practice is a lot more prevalent than most people know.

  • and now the entire LA area knows Mr Steve fish of Orange county California has no way to defend himself but does have two shiny new gift cards to steal in a home invasion! Not to mention grandkids he’s fond of and a teachers pension with which to pay a ransom!
    A quick google search and you have all sorts of info (retired school superintendent, photo etc..)
    Great Job, Steve! And Great job CBSLA for generating your own next headlines!!

  • Oregon Disqus

    An “INZU”?

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      It’s UZI. The Uzi is a blowback-operated 9MM submachine gun designed by the Israelis. Anybody who would turn one of these in for a gift card is obviously a gangbanger looking to dispose of evidence as these things are worth a hell of a lot more than $200 on the street.

  • mayday911us.

    So I would like to know how many air rifles, parts kits, rubber duck, scrap metal called a homemade assault weapon were turned in and paid for.