The ISIS Ploy: Illuminati Sorcery and Sacrifice

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It’s rather ironic that this latest wave of Western armed and financed “Islamic” militants invading Iraq and now conveniently threatening Syria and Iran is named ISIS. Or is it deliberate? It’s being used to stand for this oddly anglicised fabricated “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” full on barbaric movement presently sweeping Iraq, but anyone acquainted with any degree of occult knowledge or esoteric mythology know the goddess Isis is one of the most important figures in the so-called mystery schools and a favorite of Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

And for many very dark reasons for which they have manipulated, murdered and thoroughly deceived humanity for millennia.

While the US is currently once again self-appointedly deciding whether to go into all out overt war on this entire region from Lebanon to Iran based on this “unforeseen phenomenon”, this parasitic plan goes on full throttle, ripping the guts out of millions of innocent people’s lives for the Machiavellian desires of a few. All while they hoodwink the masses into a completely backwards interpretation of their devious sorcery.

These “elite” few are fueled by something besides their psychopathy – it’s an occult allegiance to powerful symbolic entities, whether they are all fully conscious of their allegiances to these powers or not. Such is the case of most of manipulated humanity.

Isis and the Illuminati

It’s important to know that almost every portrayal of a feminine goddess, a specialty of Freemasonic art, literature and architecture, hails back to Isis, no matter whether it’s called “The Statue of Liberty”, “Blind Justice”, “Mother Mary”, “Columbia” or some other “Queen of Heaven” or whatever label they want to give her. They’re almost all the same entity. Isis in turn goes back to Sumer and the goddess Semiramis, or Ishtar, an embodiment of this same esoteric deity.

She was/is considered the goddess of enchantment and magic. Married to her brother Osiris, the two of whom then gave birth to the infamous Horus, all major characters in the play, she wandered looking for the dismembered penis of her former husband “wailing and moaning like the wind”. Hence the world “crown capitals” of Washington DC, the City of London and the Vatican all boasting phallic obelisks in this memory, as well as many other major financial and political energy centers.

The true worldly “powers that be” are beholden to other “Powers that Be” that are not so worldly. This may need more research and validation on your part but for me and many other researchers it is very evident. When this becomes apparent, reading into the symbols and embedded images and language of our carefully created culture becomes a much easier and even every day task.

At that point it may become a bit overwhelming but don’t let it be, it’s been there all the time, we just didn’t see it.

The Illuminati is actually a rather flimsy label considering all we know about the workings of these dark occult driven psychopaths. Their derivation is not as important as their current effects on humanity, but understanding their roots gives light to their intentions. That being said, here’s a quote on their roots, tying them into Isis worship and obeisance.

“Power” is not all that meets the eye.

“Popular history texts and encyclopedias generally paint the Illuminati as having its origins in 1776 Bavaria. However, the origins go back much further. The Illuminati are tied directly through masonry to the sun and Isis cults of ancient Egypt. Killing was a mystical experience to this branch of the Mystery Schools. They not only maintained their control by murder and threats of murder, they believed that the assassin could acquire the gnosis, or soul energy from the victim. This is the theory behind the human and animal sacrifices of Satanists throughout history (and the ritual child abuse etc). Satanists believe that sacrifices release more of it than anything else. Such are the dark and sordid machinations of the deluded souls who think their gnosis accumulations and illumination will give them some form of deity or immortality. . .” (source)

That’s just a quick glimpse. Research for yourself and learn much more. Massive casualties and deaths turn them on. As it does for those controlling them behind the scenes both here and inter-dimensionally.

You’ll find this energy vampirism throughout any esoteric studies on this subject, popularized by the Matrix movies where humans are considered energy “batteries” to be drained and utilized. That’s pretty much what they’re up to.

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi – Leader of ISIS

By the way, as far a manipulating the Arab masses, the choice of the supposed leader’s name of these high financed and western trained pre-positioned rogue forces is Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. This name couldn’t be any more incendiary.

The schism between Sunni and Shia Muslims lies in disputes over who would succeed Muhammad as leader of the faithful after his death in 632. The Shiites thought the prophet’s son-in-law and cousin should lead as caliph, particularly given his blood relationship to Muhammad. Their opponents, the Sunnis, thought Abu Bakr, one of Mohammad’s first converts, should be their leader.

The Shiites lost a series of wars for power in the early years of Islam and today are the clear minority in global Islam, making up about 15 percent of adherents. They are in the majority in Iraq and Iran. (source)

No mere coincidence there.

More, emphasis added:

After Mohammed died (632), an assembly of Moslems in Mecca elected Abu Bakr as the first ‘khalifat rasul Allah’ (successor of the Prophet of God), or caliph.

Under him the collection of Mohammed’s revelations was recorded in the Koran. Abu Bakr suppressed tribal uprisings and brought central Arabia under Moslem control, after which he directed Arab armies into Iraq and Syria initiating thus the Moslem conquests. (source)

And Al Baghdadi? Clearly an affirmation of their intent to take over the capital and subdue all of Iraq. All of this cleverly engineered, any way you look at it.

These Are Very Threatening Times – We’d Better Be Wise and Prepare

Having said the previous, the geopolitical situation is worsening at breakneck speed. It becomes increasingly apparent that time’s extremely limited for doing anything majorly “unnecessary” in each of our lives. This massive new Middle East and Ukraine initiative, with their carefully sculpted excuse unfolding as we speak, has to blow soon. On top of that, the US is set to implode very soon with power station closures, hyper inflation, governmental crackdowns and the like.

They’re also clearly planning for massive unrest. Well of course they are, they’re causing it.

All this has to reach critical mass very soon. Once these kinds of things blow they each affect the other. Critical mass can be reached from so many different angles, not just local economic, immigration, food and energy issues, but now this recent offensive in Iraq by this marauding band of murderers. Should these “inspired” western powers go through with their stepped up plans of further intervention, I don’t see Russia and Iran standing idly by. And if it blows there, the rest could go up like a tinderbox.

This has been building for a while, but maybe that’s why this new, and clearly world startling false flag fabricated offensive is called ISIS. The military is famous for using occult names and symbols and this is clearly more of the same.

Are they honoring and thereby calling on their “goddess” as they pull the magic trigger?

Something to seriously wonder about. It’s clearly a time to connect the dots in any way we can and act accordingly.

Much love,


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  • Mark

    While the occultic connection of ISIS is blindingly obvious, it is both foolish and blasphemous to suggest that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is just an alter persona for that damned demon goddess Isis.

    Mary will crush Lucifer’s head beneath her heel. She is no demon. May God have mercy on you for suggesting otherwise.

    Genesis 3:15
    I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.

    Luke 1:28-33
    And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. Who having heard, was troubled at his saying, and thought with herself what manner of salutation this should be. And the angel said to her: Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God.

    Behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the most High; and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of David his father; and he shall reign in the house of Jacob for ever. And of his kingdom there shall be no end.

    • Super_Rebel

      When “wakeupfrommyslumber” who posted above says that religion is for the weak minded he is right, and you are the perfect example of that.

    • Mark Page

      Those are words from a collection of books written in the Bronze Age. We now know that Jesus is modeled on pre-existing deities, such as Mithras, and many of the stories in the Bible are actualy from other, pre-existing, cultures.

  • hvaiallverden

    Why do people stil refuce to realise that the entire smear capagne made by the so calle established religious “realitys” are the one and only, and above all, religion gives you the truth.

    Mother Earth as a godess, boy is mutch older then the bible, and you dragg the egyptians in to this as “old”, they arent the sorce, never was, but the systemic perseptions is also not original, and many of the Egyptian storys ar analogies.
    To be understud, and not taken as a “fact”.

    The swastica/cross as an ex. is the oldest religios symbol there is, goes far beyound the “new age”s as christianity, witch have left half of Yeshuas teaching behind, and the reason is simple, male hegmony and power.
    Humanity lost it for 3500 years ago, when the paternal dominance come along, since then materialism have exploded, but humans have degenerated into a mear heep of meat, to be frank.
    A spineless creature.

    I havent seen anything so far that convinces me about their system is nothing but copys from older systems of religion, and all the symbols from the ancient ones, is flipped around and becomed something riddicilous, and generaly missunderstud at best, done by a population that knows nothing, so there is no resistance to bullshitt, like the club of halfdead amobeas, the generic and utterly corrupted religons, as the iluminati, something totaly different than originaly intended and they dont even know what their own symbols represents at all.
    No lett them drul them selfs down in ilutions and drivel, a dead end path anyway, a road without a hart, is a dead road.


  • Carmela

    Your article smacks of New Age beliefs that stem from the forces of darkness!
    I would encourage you to abandon your false new age beliefs. You will need Mary by your side at the hour of your death to plead to the Heavenly Father on your behalf.
    To compare the Blessed Virgin to a demon goddess, is the worst of sins. For the demons never have, nor never will have any access to Her. The demons literally tremble at the sound of Her sweet name.

    • Super_Rebel

      Screw you! You beeble-bible-belching-fundie-wacky-mentalist! Just listen too you. Anything that is not churchianity is bad. That is what you are implying. I know modern day goddess worshipers/pagans and they are nice people and their spirituality is very much superior to that of abrahamic religions like judeo-churchianity and Islam. Churchianity has caused more death and suffering due to its intolerance than any other non-abrahamic religion. The only other religion that is worse is Islam. Clean up your own religion before smearing the spiritualities of your betters! You have a very small mind Carmela!

      Have a nice Day!
      Your friendly neighborhood Super Rebel

      P.S I think this article is bullshit in implying that the name of this new islamic movement is influenced by any hidden occult meaning.

      • SSS

        Dear Super Retard,
        Your mind seems much smaller judging by your comment.

      • Mark

        Your “rebellious” potty mouth throws into question (1) your ability to judge “nice people” and (2) your confidence in your ahistorical opinions.

  • Eye Spy

    The fact is that the virgin birth was the way that the pagans or those
    not of the direct seed of Jacob, inserted their pagan beliefs into the
    book of the Hebrews. When the book was revealed during the destruction
    of Israel, Rome through Egypt set in motion the master plan to destroy
    the Hebrews because military conquest was not enough, there had to be a
    destruction of the Hebrew mind because it would not let go of the God of
    ancients which was a direct threat to the imposition of Roman rule
    which was based on the corruption of the original rule that the Hebrews
    maintained. A careful reading of the scriptures and understanding of the people tells you that
    there was an attempt to conjoin the true Torah to man made
    imaginations. To build a concept that would included the Gentiles into
    the 144,000 to be gathered with the Messiah to rule the nations of the
    earth it was necessary to ingratiate themselves with the Hebrews. When
    this became impossible it was decided to sell the Hebrews off into
    slavery and fight the crusades for the hearts and minds of the people.
    The Ashkenaz, who had converted were treated suspiciously by Rome but
    allowed to carry on with the traditions because they were not as dark as the Hebrews but were European in complexion. With the help of the Arabs they completed their understanding of the Aramaic texts and the rest is history.

  • Super_Rebel

    I think you are right about jesus being a myth Mike K. Years ago I got challenged by some fundamentalists I worked with to read the bible. I not read it but I researched the history and archeology behind it and I came to the same conclusion. That Jesus started out as a mythical roman-hellenistic mystery religion god just like Mithras and Isis for hellenized Jews and their movement got taken over by stupid, fascist, sheeple who, when finally taking over the rotten roman empire, rewrote history backwards to the way they wanted it to be. What a scam. I got your link bookmarked and will check it out later. Thanks for the link.

    Best Regards,
    Your friendly neighborhood Super Rebel

  • Mark Page

    The CIA, MI6 and Mossad trained mercenaries and US/Israeli private armies funded and re-supplied by the Saudi and Qatar government, with the aid of Jordan and the Gulf states are no great mystery. The corrupt foundations of Western Capitalism and its governments are no great mystery. The imminent and deliberate demise of Western Capitalism is no great mystery. The corporate media lies serving Western Capitalism is no great mystery. The larger geopolitical battle between East and West is no great mystery. None of todays events are a mystery that need mysterious explanations.

    There is a ‘secret’ conspiracy that threatens the entire world with WW3 in order that one little group of morally bankrupt people can be the entire World’s king-maker, and therefore it’s master. The Illiminati is unnecessary in order to understand the multi-generational desire and aspirations of this ‘secret’ society, one can just look at the ‘secret’ services, where they are fully expressed in plain view, as with 9/11 for example; that was not a ‘one off’, they’re at it day and night, all over the world, trying to take control of everything, and they’re doing it in plain sight, you probably even vote for them.

  • Guest

    Your “education” has only taught you a new propaganda. You sound like you’re advocating a ‘borderless’ new world order of your own.

    Also, looking at your writing skills, you clearly didn’t pay enough attention in your elite boarding school’s English clash. Drop the arrogance and bragging. You’re just another sheep of a different flock.

  • Justin OB

    Just like when they bombed Iraq on the vernal equinox and sacked Libya as well. Its a tribute to Shekina/Columbia or the Goddess Ostara in the Illuminati mythology. Whether any of us believe in any of this is irrelevant. The bastards controlling the War Machine do so its best to pay attention to it.

  • Mark

    You didn’t parse the article as well as you pedantically presume. It is the author who, after mentioning Freemasonic images, states his own opinion:” They’re almost all the same entity.

    “It’s important to know that almost every portrayal of a feminine goddess, a specialty of Freemasonic art, literature and architecture, hails back to Isis, no matter whether it’s called “The Statue of Liberty”, “Blind Justice”, “Mother Mary”, “Columbia” or some other “Queen of Heaven” or whatever label they want to give her. They’re almost all the same entity.”

  • Mark

    As the brothers of Jesus Christ, we are also the children of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When Mary freely accepted the privilege of being the Mother of God, the Mother of Our Redeemer, she provided the Priest and the Victim on Calvary. Neither the Incarnation nor our Redemption would have been possible without her. Her cooperation in being the Mother of Our Redeemer makes the Blessed Virgin Mary our spiritual mother.

    She is the most immaculate. She is no demon. As we are commanded to honor our parents, we honor Mary.

  • Mark

    When you face Him at His Judgment Seat, be sure to tell Him that He never existed.

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  • Sonokar

    That sure explains all those biblical prophesies that keep coming to fruition. Yep.

  • Elder Illuminati

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  • Brian G.calling from England

    Very interesting indeed………. and add the extreme volatility and insecurity in the Far East to the mix and we have a potential global incendiary. Never before in my aging lifetime have I so strongly felt the need to stand firmly on “the rock” which is the Messiah who gave his life for me…..Yeshua ha Mashiach.

  • SSS

    Catholics don’t put Mary above Christ. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • SSS

    Again, Catholics don’t worship Mary. Stop believing those lies you’re told at your Protestant church.

  • Malawi Racum

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