The Idiots in Charlottesville Do Not Represent Most Americans (Video)

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If you go around and talk to your neighbors, your friends, and your co-workers, you’ll come to find that most don’t give a damn about Charlottesville or whatever the Mainstream Media chooses to cram down our throats.

This display of idiocracy at its finest does not represent the average American.

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Source: One American Reflects: “The Idiots In Charlottesville… Don’t Represent What Most Of Us Think Or Do”

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  • lee ho fook

    you’re quite right, Joe! The “idiots” over there in Charlottesville are CRISIS ACTORS paid by JEWISH GEORGE SOROS to divide and conquer, cause chaos, rewrite America’s history, get rid of white people, yada yada yada… you’re a good Israeli disinfo agent, Joe–keep up the good work! Who owns The Daily Sheeple? Probably STRATFOR, right?? Go ask Alex, I think he’llllll know…..

    • Damon Senior

      George Soros is a Nazi sympathizer who rounded up Jews for the ovens. To say “Jewish George Soros” is wreckless, at best!!

      • lee ho fook

        it’s the Rothschilds and cronies who were behind the Jewish killings in Germany because they knew the world would have pity and give them a HOMELAND…it was all ORCHESTRATED BY the Jews!

        • Marthajcrawford


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    • 667..neighbor of the beast

      Hmm..You’ve run away from this already turd boy.

      So explain this poster on all those white nationalist groups websites… and Spencer, and Duke, and all the alt right leaders and groups being there????

      Are they all secret evil JEWS!!!! ???? IS Spencer actually an Israeli disinfo agent?????

      You are a blithering idiot.

      • lee ho fook

        you are a disinfo agent… or else a total moron…in either cast not worth my notice

      • lee ho fook

        you said it yourself, you moron—YES, they ARE all in on it – you stupid, stupid fool!!! This is why they get aaway with it! They have all you morons conned…hop you didn’t pass on your stupid genes to innocent children

        • 667..neighbor of the beast


          So according to you… turd breath…the entire alt right…the white nationalists…and the neo nazis are ACTUALLY SECRET EVIL JEW AGENTS???

          What is it they are “getting away with”?????

          • lee ho fook


  • 667..neighbor of the beast
  • dav1bg

    Come on man, both sides were bought off by Soros. This gives us a little glimpse if ole George gets us to revolt from our government. Scum will float to the top instantly.

    • 667..neighbor of the beast

      Why ? I’d be fascinated to hear your thoughts as to the nuts and bolts of why your boogeyman for everything …Soros…. would “buy off ” both sides …what would the goal be????