The High of 2016: Marijuana Legalization Quietly Goes Global

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by Alice Salles

In America, the cannabis legalization movement has been in full swing, with states like California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada joining Washington and Colorado by legalizing recreational weed in 2016. Other states like Florida, Arkansas, Montana, and North Dakota also followed suit, legalizing marijuana for medical use. Prior to the 2016 election, 25 states had already passed medical marijuana laws, but in 2017, experts have estimated that states like Arizona, Vermont, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Texas, and Tennessee will join the movement, either by legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis.

But as the U.S. legalization trend continues and anti-drug war advocates are reminded to stay strong, we’re also reminded that the pro-pot movement was not launched in the United States. It has been spreading globally, as far back as 1976, with countries like the Netherlands and Portugal experimenting with decriminalization and teaching the world a lesson on the importance of respecting personal choices.

In 2016, Uruguay and Canada legalized and regulated weed, helping to remove the stigma around the use of the plant. But Ireland, Australia, Germany, and Jamaica weren’t far behind, approving laws that recognize medical marijuana. Before them, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos had signed a decreemaking the cultivation, consumption, import and export of medical marijuana legal,” while in Chile, the private and personal use of cannabis has been decriminalized since 2005. By 2016, the Chilean congress had approved a bill allowing locals to grow small amounts for medical, recreational, or spiritual use.

On the African continent, countries like South Africa are also inching closer to legalization, with court cases that could legalize weed sales still pending. In countries like Egypt, Gabon, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Botswana, Morocco, and Ethiopia, selling and using pot may still be illegal, but enforcement is usually lax, and groups have been lobbying their governments to put an end to anti-cannabis rules.

Marijuana Decriminalization is Worth Exploring

In Portugal, the possession of all drugs was decriminalized in 2001. This move helped to ensure drug dealers and users do not get sucked into the legal black hole that is so familiar to drug users and sellers in America.

But for anti-drug war advocates who are concerned about the social cost of the war on drugs, the quest for justice has been leading entire nations toward legalization — an action that is commonly followed by regulation.

And while legalization helps to protect users, regulation often helps to insulate certain growers and sellers with access to the market, keeping competitors at bay. By imposing taxes and rules, governments set barriers to entry, giving growers and sellers without access to capital even more incentive to stay in the black market.

As Mises Institute’s Ryan McMaken explained in his “Government Regulators Drive Legal Marijuana Underground” piece, “businesses have moved underground to use so-called gray markets” since U.S. states began legalizing weed. In this case, the problem has to do with the federal ban on marijuana, which still stands despite popular pressure. Since weed businesses in states where cannabis is legal do not have access to financial institutions because of federal laws, they have fewer options when it comes to looking for funds to open their businesses. They also have a hard time opening business banking accounts since their money is coming from the commerce of weed.

Further, they are barred from taking tax deductions and benefiting from tax credits, meaning they endure the costs of doing business but receive no breaks as other businesses do. “That means a marijuana business owner can pay an effective tax rate as high as 70 percent, as opposed to the more typical 30 percent rate,” the Daily Beast has reported.

If no laws prohibiting or regulating the sale or use of cannabis are in place, regulation cannot stand in the way of private institutions like smaller banks or credit unions and individuals hoping to start their own businesses.

By decriminalizing weed, individuals gain by having access to more choices. And when it comes to weed consumption (or any other product for that matter), choice is what guarantees product quality and customer satisfaction.

Hopefully, this global legalization trend will continue, bringing the focus back to decriminalization and peace.

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  • delightedtobe

    Seems like a better way to dumb down the masses for the NWO than this fakes news crap which just seems more ridiculous by the day.

    • It’s a patented #6630507 neuroprotectant and thus not bad for the brain no matter how much you want to believe otherwise. I am confused as to why the elites are allowing this, it will not dumb down the masses.

      • delightedtobe

        I love marijuana, don’t get me wrong, I would love to see it as an alternative to alcohol for casual consumption for relaxation purposes. However during my younger years of seriously abusing the drug, I came to a point where I was no longer able to speak complete sentences. I was ashamed of myself and hated to be around anyone who wasn’t stoned. Fortunately for my addictive personality, the internet came on the scene and re awoke a previous love of computers. As I wanted to learn, I chose computers over marijuana. I also know first hand how well it relieves pain and fully support its use as pain relief.

        • Anything can be the object of obsession and addiction. Cannabis will not make you not able to complete sentences, it is a neuroprotectant.

          • delightedtobe

            I know what happened to me, but I was an extreme user. I wish it was a protector, it took years of reading to get back to normal levels of speech after giving it up. I think its fine as long as you consume in moderation.

          • That’s not me saying it is a protector, that’s science. I am what people would call an “extreme user” and I have none of these issue I hear about from anti-cannabis people nor have I ever encountered them in others… strange.

            Vapor is they key here, not smoke… I vape a lot and my lungs are as clear as any non-smoker’s is. Vaping is a skill though, it’s not easy to figure out but I had to because of my girl being sick, details below…

            My girlfriend that I live with was diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago. Her cognitive abilities were on the decline, she couldn’t remember things and, ironically, had trouble forming sentences. Her MS drugs were causing a lot of side effects and her MS symptoms were getting worse. She found some info on facebook about how cannabis could help her so she told me she wanted to try it but refused to smoke it so we bought a vaporizer. Long story short all of her cognition returned within a few days and her MS symptoms all disappeared due to the neuroprotectant abilities of the plant. She only needs to vape before bed at night and her MS is all but gone. If she goes 36hours without any vapor the MS symptoms start again so it’s not a cure because she has to keep doing it but it is the closest thing to her not having MS and she hasn’t taken any MS drugs in over 6 years now.

            Ibogaine can help rid you of addiction but if you’re managing fine with computers then don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, lol

          • delightedtobe

            Ah science, arn’t those guys the ones behind global warming. I don’t think you could possibly be an extreme user, “drug fu*ked” is a thing, something I was once and knew others who where to. It is recoverable but it takes alot of time and continual use of your brain. Think beavis and butthead and that is about where your brain is at when you are drug f’d. However I believe people can get the same way from alcohol, so once again, only utter abuse causes this.

            Never heard of vapor method, I was fairly boring, near 100% bong use which I also contribute to another problem i had which was a rolling feeling inside my lung, like a marble rolling up and down inside. That also went away after some time.

            Sorry to hear about the missus but glad she is feeling better with the pot, it really should be legal everywhere for medical use but it does seem the world is slowly coming around to this idea.

            Recently Queensland and shortly after NSW, Australia made pot legal for medical use. I imagine Queensland will be the first to make it legal for recreational use, the only question is how much tax do they want to lose before doing so.

      • James Peters

        Patents are irrelevant. Unless you are a patent solicitor trying to protect all potential medications without knowing if it really works or not.

        As for the patent in question then back in 2011, the company Kannalife Sciences Inc was granted an exclusive license by the US National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer (NIH-OTT) for the commercialization of patent US6630507, ”Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants”

        The company now has a target drug candidate, KLS-13019 which is based on CBD and trials will be conducted in patients with hepatic encephalopathy and chronic traumatic encephalopathy

        It has no medical benefit until proven otherwise and almost everything that works in preclinical studies fails to do so when tested in us

        • It has no medical benefit until proven otherwise

          Bullshit. I’ve watched it cure someone’s skin cancer and my girlfriend walks around without any MS symptoms solely because of cannabis. I don’t need to refer to studies to observe what my eyes can clearly see.

    • SleepKnowMore

      I didn’t start to wake up until I started smoking (I don’t any more – too many munchies for my health). So I think a better way to “dumb down” the people is to keep them working two or three part time jobs, drinking beer, and watching sports when they have the chance. The LAST thing “They” want is for people to relax and start thinking things over in a mellow fashion.

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        • Jimmy Yost

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  • Tara McFly

    Just a heads up, Canada has not legalized it yet. Maybe in 2017, but not thus far.

    • Asylumsix

      Medical was legalized.

  • Freespirit

    Nothing becomes LEGAL unless and until the Freemason-Zionist Establishment has control of it but there is hope for our FREEDOM:

    “We will find you, Elites and Hack you , if, within 1 year you don’t start working FOR Humanity And we NEED a Band NEW Congress, Donald :