“The Gravest Threat Since 1861”: Does the CIA Want a New Civil War to Defeat Trump?

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Information has come out that Mike Flynn’s quick departure may have “deep state coup” written all over it.

First, look at what Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich had to say a couple days ago on Fox about how the intelligence community is essentially sabotaging Trump to reignite a war with Russia or, really, a war with any country:

There are various theories, but one thing is certain: we aren’t being told anything near the whole story of what’s really going on behind the scenes (as per the usual “need to know” basis the American public has been on since 1947 when the National Security Act was signed).

Hints are spilling out at the seams, however, that there’s a full on war taking place beneath the surface in Washington. We have stories coming out everywhere of former CIA agents talking about what a terrible nightmare America faces under Trump and what a dire threat he is to our institutions and government.

When have you ever heard this level of rhetoric against any American president in your lifetime? It’s over the top.

For example, Vox interviewed Glenn Carle, a 23-year veteran of the CIA and a former deputy officer on the National Intelligence Council. When asked, “Are we witnessing a shadow war between President Trump and the intelligence community?”, Carle had this to say about Trump and America:

We are facing the gravest threat to our institutions and our government since 1861, since the country broke in half. This is a graver crisis than Watergate, which was about corruption, not the usurpation of our laws and our checks and balances. It’s graver than World War II, when Hitler never actually threatened our institutions or occupation of Washington.


In other words… their narrative is that we are facing another Civil War because of Trump.

BUT who is really pulling the strings on whipping society up into this Civil War 2.0 and why?

When asked, “So what’s left to do if you’re someone on the inside who understands the stakes and can see what is happening?”, Carle went on to say:

The only thing you can do is what is now happening: an aroused populace can protect democracy. You fight darkness by casting light upon it.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering where all those “intelligence” leaks are coming from, Carle continued:

So one should not characterize leaks, as the cowardly and self-interested Republicans have, as the issue. Leaks are the only option that one has in this existential crisis to protect the Constitution.

However, you have to step back and look at the bigger picture here.

This is the narrative on one side:

“An aroused populace can protect democracy…”

The mainstream media machine has been flipped on to full button-pushing mode, playing the word “chaos” completely out they are repeating it so much. (After all, there is a reason its called TV “programming”.)

Meanwhile, outlets like Town Hall have actually declared the second Civil War is already here.

On the other side, we have Trump advisers like New Gingrich who actually wrote a revisionist fiction novel about the Civil War, and Steve Bannon who is openly talking about the next great war which he says is definitely coming, referring in interviews to Trump as a “blunt instrument for us”.

Who is “us” exactly, and what is it that their “instrument” is supposed to accomplish?

When you step back and look everything, the whole situation seems a bit manufactured, doesn’t it?

Like I said a few days ago, chaos has been weaponized. This country is being torn apart at the seams with divide and conquer to distract us all while, in the background, we are being taken to more war in the Middle East, possibly with Iran which will lead to World War III with Russia and China.

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  • TrevorD

    I feel for Trump. If he was not `set up` before the election he is being `set up` now.
    I am just watching his latest speech, he looks pertubed to say the least.
    Just hope that if the SHTF (and I pray not) that enough Americans are awake enough to point the finger firmly where it belongs….`The Cabalist NWO Establishment` and its supporters who are treasonous in their actions.

  • Bruce Regael

    This country was on the fast track toward a bloody violent end for awhile now. The preppers were at least somewhat smart when they sprung up post 2008 seeing the writing on the wall like their predecessors in the militia movement that was gaining massive steam before the feds co-opted that in the 90’s.

    The real end to the American empire was always going to be through Civil War or Revolution, which are really just synonym’s for the same thing. WW3 IMO post-9/11 when I “woke” up was just an optional add-on. Something that can be avoided but would make great use to distract or cement the end result from an internal conflict.

    It ultimately clicked with me when California desperately tried to solve immigration with Proposition 187 and having it overruled by judges. The dependence on historically known and understood racial and ethnic conflicts were a major card in their deck that they can powder keg anytime they wish. I thought it strange with Trayvon why they were focusing so hard on it out of nowhere and later everyone saw it was the beginning of the medias ramping up on stirring up the racial conflict.

    At this point I just want the damn thing to come down by any means necessary. Those of us awake were never going to stop it, but at least we managed to wake enough people up that should those make it out we’ll be better prepared and more numerous to stop it from happening again.

    • jimmy joe

      We can only hope!

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    • Deborahjcarroll

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  • The victorious Deplorable Nick

    All I can say is that if they start it, finish it.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Now I’m starting to feel that Trump doesn’t matter, that the civil war is the goal. Trump’s victory just really helps to achieve that.

  • D.Moore

    More speculation, it will be what it will be. Always be prepared

  • Justan American

    The late American historian Stephen Ambrose was being interviewed toward the end of his life by a reporter from the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune. One of the subjects was the Civil War and its aftermath. The reporter asked him if he thought there was a possibility of the United States ever being torn apart by another civil war. His answer was yes. He said whenever this country would elect as President a black man. He said this one mans tenure as President would be so divisive that civil war will be inevitable. Stephen Ambrose died in 2002.

  • dav1bg

    They need a war to save their banks since they have 30 years of world gross national product in derivatives that are about to belly up.

  • Seanoamericano

    Its the jews who want a civil war. Jews surround Trump Jews are the problem not the solution. They are pushing so much garbage on the world and making more folks hate them every day

    • Blankety-Blank

      Yep, Jews are always the problem, aren’t they? They caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. And they’ve caused endless distress ever since. They forced all those Asians to flee over the Bering Straits to live in the Americas. And then they killed off the Mayas and the Incas. They wiped out Chinese, Indians, Polynesians, everyone. They caused solar flares which set our telegraphs alight. Jews caused all the problems the world has ever experienced. Yep, you certainly have it all figured out.

      • Seanoamericano

        Thats just pathetic, but thats all I would expect . The world is waking up to what kind of savages and complete degenerates you really are. History proves it with how may times your kind has been kicked to the curb. Oh but its everybody else fault, its genetic racism. Were victims [tm] antisemite [tm] What 109 times now. But keep on posting stupid and irrelevant crap.

        • Blankety-Blank

          Well it’s easy to see that there’s no need for me to “keep on posting stupid… crap.” You seem to have that market cornered. “…”irrelevant…”? I don’t think so. Your type has been around since the stone age. In fact, your thinking links directly to that intellectual period. If you aren’t trying to blame and kill off one group for some perceived problem, accurate or not, then you’re out looking for some other group to blame for your own inadequacies. I’m sure that you opposed the Emancipation Proclamation. Then a few decades after that you’d have been insisting that it was the Irish Immigrants who were the source of all the ills of the US and you’d have attacked them. Italian immigrants would be next on your list. You’d certainly have insisted that Kennedy shouldn’t be President because he was Catholic. Irrational hatred like yours shouldn’t be shared, but it all too often is.

          • Seanoamericano

            Sure my kind has been around since the stone age , but at least we are not stuck there like you and yours. We have learned to get along with others. create societies and culture architecture music and all sorts of stuff. The best part of your post is the fact that you can not even defend yourself and instead try to deflect into lame statements. Here is a question for you. When arent jews the problem ? Of course you cant see what a problem they are because you are one of them.

          • Blankety-Blank

            Yep. We contribute nothing. I guess all those Nobel prizes granted Jews were stolen. “Learned to get along with others”? You mean the Holy Wars? The War to End all Wars? World War II? Etc. That’s how you refer to getting along. Well, I guess war is one way you’ve learned to get along. Then there are the by-products of war. Gas chambers. Nuclear weapons. Of course the founders of psychology were Jewish, which is presumably why you avoid them despite your obvious, desperate need.

          • Seanoamericano

            Well obama got one of those prizes. Doesnt maen squat when a loser like obama gets one. Besides they givwe out trophys to everyone now. Kind of funny how many of those go to jews, Could it be that jews make up the selection board. WW 1 and 2 were as all wars now are pushed by jews . Balfour sound familiar? Oh and lets not leave out Iran . America is sick of war. Psychology as in Freud ? Thats especially a bunch of crap. Still re directing though.

          • Seanoamericano

            Nobel prizes like the one obama got? That proves they hand them out like cracker jax box toys. Also like the oscars and emmys and the rest. Jews giving jews prizes Everybody knows that Hollywood is so full of pathetic losers who have to be told what to think. As for Psychology fraud was a morphine addict and clinically insane so anything coming from a mind addled in drugs is not the best thing to be judged by.

          • Blankety-Blank

            Yep. You’re absolutely right. If Freud had any flaws at all he could not have possibly discovered anything meaningful. All the important people in this world are flawless. By the way, it was cocaine. And, yes, Hollywood is full of losers. Only these web commenters are intelligent, productive, and worthwhile. That’s evident in your ravings. You don’t even need cocaine to be delusional. You should feel good about your perceptions, since they are shared by a large and historically active bunch of people. From burning witches to lynching anyone you could falsely accuse of some silly act, there have always been rabid insaniacs. Welcome to the club.

          • Seanoamericano

            Better than the club going around claiming god chose those and feel that gives them a get out of jail free card. Whats wrong with burning witches anyway? and judging a person on the rantings of a coke head is ludicrous.

          • Blankety-Blank

            First of all, your ignorance of fact is revealing. Jewish “Chosen-ness” doctrine is that Jews were chosen by G-d to adhere to the 613 Commandments. All others need only obey the 7 Noachite laws to be accepted as good people. Chosen-ness is often misrepresented by bigots, but that’s what ignorance is best at. Second, when you can prove to me that such a creature as a witch actually exists, then I’d like to meet one and reproduce. A Jewish witch sounds like a great idea. Burning human beings is repulsive on any pretext. If you are being light-hearted to torment me, you’ve succeeded. And if you are serious, that’s even more upsetting, since I’d like to believe that humans have a capacity for good, but can often and much too easily be led astray from that innate goodness. Is that what happened to you? And last, your notion that a human failing renders all products of that human intellect useless is an appalling and irrational judgment. EVERYONE has flaws. Perhaps not you, but everyone else does. Some personal failings could certainly interfere with the intellectual or tangible efforts of a person, but Freud managed to kindle a more humanistic and analytical insight into human behavior, much as van Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of “wee beasties” laid the groundwork for modern medicine, which is still not very good, but has at least managed to identify some treatments that used to be very effective until the politicians allowed them to be seriously reduced in utility. Freud, van Leuwanhoek, Galileo, Aristotle, all odd folks, but their efforts made life better for everyone. Except those who refused to listen to them. Human progress doesn’t flow from perfect individuals, though it can be retarded by those whose preconceptions lay the groundwork for conflict.