The Global Famine Begins: UN Announces That The Worst Food Crisis Since World War II Is Happening Right Now

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We always knew that this would start happening. Earlier this month, I wrote about the severe economic problems that are plaguing South America, but up to this point I have neglected to discuss the horrific famines that are breaking out all over Africa. Right now there is a desperate need for food in South Sudan, Somalia, northeast Nigeria, Eritrea and Kenya. And Yemen, even though it is not technically part of Africa, is being affected by many of the same factors that are crippling nations all over eastern Africa. The United Nations says that more than 20 million people could die from starvation and disease if nothing is done. When I write about economic collapse, this is the kind of thing that I am talking about, and we are starting to see alarming conditions spread across the globe. Many believe that we could never possibly face this kind of food crisis in the western world, but unfortunately wishful thinking will only get you so far.

The United Nations was formed in 1945, and the UN has just announced that what we are facing this year is “the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the UN”. The following comes from a CNN article entitled “20 million at risk of starvation in world’s largest crisis since 1945, UN says“…

“We stand at a critical point in history. Already at the beginning of the year we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the UN,” UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien said Friday.

Now, more than 20 million people across four countries face starvation and famine. Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death. Many more will suffer and die from disease.”

It would be hard to overstate the level of human suffering that we are witnessing in many parts of Africa at this moment. In Somalia, the UN estimates that more than 6 million people are in desperate need of food aid

As Somalia inches closer to a calamitous famine, the prospect of utter devastation and colossal loss of human life is once again becoming an imminent reality. The humanitarian situation in Somalia is deteriorating by the day with up to 6.2 million people in need of urgent aid. People across Somalia have been forced to walk hundreds of miles in search of food, water and shelter- with women and children disproportionately affected. Over 300,000 children under the age of five are severely malnourished, with over 200,000 more children at risk of acute malnutrition.

In South Sudan, close to half the population is in dire need of assistance, and things have gotten so bad there that people will literally eat grass if they can find it

Across South Sudan more than one million children are believed to be acutely malnourished and UNICEF have said that if urgent aid does not reach them, many of them will die. “There is no food, we eat anything we can find,” one South Sudanese mother told ITV. “We will find grass, we will eat it. That’s just the way it us for us now.”

Over in Yemen, there are about seven million people in need of food help, and authorities are warning that if nothing is done “millions of children” could starve to death

“The numbers affected are absolutely extraordinary,” said Mark Kaye, Save the Children’s Yemen spokesperson.

“We keep on talking about a country that’s on the brink of famine, but for me these numbers highlight that we’re at the point of no return. If things are not done now we are going to be looking back on this and millions of children will have starved to death, and we’ll all have been aware of this for some time. That will shame us as an international community for years to come.

Eritrea was not specifically included in the recent UN alert, but it should have been. Much of the country has been hit by a crippling drought, and approximately half of all children in Eritrea are stunted

But we cannot understand why Eritrea is not included in the appeal. Unicef has confirmed what we know from our friends and families inside the country. In a report in January, the agency said that the El Niño drought has hit half of all Eritrea’s regions. Acute malnutrition is widespread. As Unicef put it: “Malnutrition rates already exceeded emergency levels, with 22,700 children under five projected to suffer from severe acute malnutrition in 2017 … Half of all children in Eritrea are stunted, and as a result, these children are even more vulnerable to malnutrition and disease outbreaks.

We have been warned that there would be famines in diverse places in these times. But here in the western world we tend to be lulled into a false sense of security by our comfortable lives, not realizing that the massively inflated standard of living that we have been enjoying has been fueled by the largest mountain of debt in the history of the planet.

In Kenya, a national emergency has been declared due to drought and famine. For those of you that are parents, what would you do if your children were crying out for food but you didn’t have anything to give them? The following story from Kenya is beyond heartbreaking…

Emmanuel Ayapar is three years old and can no longer walk. The flesh on his legs, which dangle from his mother’s hip as she carries him around, is wasting away.

He seems listless and sad, tongue flicking repeatedly in and out of his mouth.

‘We do not have enough food,’ said Veronica, his 28-year-old mother. ‘We eat only once a day.’

The little boy is suffering from severe malnutrition and is at risk of starving to death. He weighs just 15lb – half the typical weight for a boy of his age.

I don’t even know what to say after that.

In the western world we can be so incredibly self-absorbed that we don’t even realize that children are literally starving to death on the other side of the planet.

Hopefully those of us that live in “wealthy” western countries will step up to the plate and aid those in need, and hopefully this crisis will also help us to understand that we need to prepare for the day when things get difficult in our own nations too.

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream , The Truth and Economic Collapse Blog.

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  • Mike

    This is what happens when you destroy small farms and put food in the gas tank.

    • Just an average joe

      That has nothing to do with it. Some day go out and grab a couple of ears of field corn and eat it or a couple cups of soybeans you will see and taste the difference.
      What it really is, is a cheaper form of abortion for population control. We (as in the US) could stop this in it’s tracks if we wanted to. I remember when US aid was food, now it’s money, abortion clinics, military bases et. al. all based on politics not humanitarian need. This is so wrong.

      • Mike

        actually the destruction of small farms has a lot to do with it, we just have not seen the effects of it in the US yet, but we will. Now as for the aid, you are correct there, it used to be meds and food and now it is mostly cash and the government takes that and does not do anything for the people.

        • Just an average joe

          Well I have 430 acres in the Great Plains with 303 acres tillable. 303 acres of say corn (you just can’t plant one line of crop but for easy math this is what I’ll use as a case example).
          303 acres x 150 bushel per acre x 3.05 per bushel at the elevator = $138,622.50 income.
          303 acres x seed/fertilizer/equipment for planting and harvesting and getting to market/fuel for such/taxes = (cost) roughly 53%
          Income (138,622.50) – Cost (73,469.93)=$65,152.57
          That is all done by husband and wife. Two people.
          Keep in mind that the prices of commodities change daily also keep in mind the other expense of storage so you can sell when it’s high if you are able to. It will cost you 2cents a bushel for the elevator to store it for you or you build your own bin.
          However I do hear what you are saying. But unfortunately it is Gov’t over-reach that is killing food production; case study California.

          • Mike

            yea they let corporate conglom farms take over and ruin it.

          • g.johnon

            corporations, in general, need to become a black spot in history instead of the black spot they currently are on the present.

          • Mike

            so very true. Get back to mom and pops and medium businesses.

          • lucila

            govt are useless as far as the eye can see. We should have none . Managae our own communities..forget the taxes that go to support the rich pedophiles. timne to say HELL NO!

          • Steve Rusk

            It’s not government, it’s the type of government. Remember most governments are designed to service a ruling oligarchy. it doesn’t have to be that way. Starvation for some is a symptom of inequality.

          • nimbii

            There are 4 major companies that control all food production in the US, Bunge, Cargill, Monsanto, and I can’t recall the 4th.

            Unfortunately, no seeds are commercially available that can reseed by themselves, so we must buy seed each year if we are to have crops thanks to Monsanto. They control the seed for the world.

          • John Mercer

            sorry …this article wasn’t about you and your farm.

          • Fed Up

            You seem to be another liberal so wrapped up in his own crappola he missed the point entirely.

        • Fed Up

          So why waste money helping the “unhelpable”?

      • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

        Field corn – which is cattle feed, by the way – isn’t really that good for humans anyway. Almost impossible to make it palatable.
        Soy isn’t good for anyone – too high a concentration of female hormones.

        Commercial farms are a problem – their over-reliance on chemical fertilizers and roundup destroys the soil, meaning that they have to use more chemicals to keep the ground productive.

        • Just an average joe

          Which in turn keeps the food costs low. How’s that you say? My land in the 30’s – 60’s (prior to chemical enhancements) produced an average of 45bu to the acre, now with weed control and fertilizer it’s at 150bu to the acre. However somehow someway the price is the same. You’re right about field corn being animal feed, that is why I said ethonal has nothing to do with the starvation problem presented in this article. My point is this: The starvation problem is man made or should I say Gov’t made. Just ask the people of Venz.

          • bsroon

            Price is the same because rich guys control the market, and subsidies allow larger farms (and sometimes others – but never organic or sustainable farms) to actually get subsidized to the point that corn is sold for less than it costs to produce.

            Today’s corn is unethical – it takes 10 – 12 calories of energy to get one calorie of food to the table. Your earlier corn of 45 bushels/acre was more honest, did less soil damage, less environmental and health damage, was locally available and likely had more nutrition, since all varieties have been raised for marketing and shipping instead of nutrition and what grows best in your area.

            How much are you paying for health issues caused by the poisons? Your plants can’t metabolically function correctly after spraying with herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides. (don’t know of studies on viricides, bacteriacides, etc)

            The plants get less healthy and put more energy into simple carbohydrate production – just a few metabolic steps – instead of continuing on with another 14 or 23 metabolic steps to make higher levels of phenols, antioxidants, lipids (protect from evaporation/transpiration and pathogen attack) aromatics to deter pests and warn about pest presences… etc. So the plant basically becomes higher in simple carbohydrates – and since VERY few insects can digest complete proteins – it becomes bug and pathogen food. So by spraying plants it becomes
            necessary to spray plants.

            But you killed your soil. If your soil is not being built up – you are going out of business, decreasing your nutritional crop harvest, and turning your land into eventual desert.

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Canning tomatoes – that is, the varieties which are grown to be transported in bulk and turned into paste, sauce, etc., are bred specifically to handle the rough treatment of harvest and transport – flavor and nutritional value are not even considered.
            Used condoms, dirty diapers, and phood packaging are found in loaded trailers, in abundance – further increasing the risk of pathogens.

            But, commercial farming is not part of the problem – nope, no way, never. . .

            Sheesh. . .


        • g.johnon

          and since virtually all edible (to humans) corn varieties are now gmo, probably best to take corn off the table as food entirely.

          • bsroon

            eat blue corn. More protein (think 14%) and there is a farmer in the Dakotas surrounded by MILES of GMO corn. He grows organic, non-GMO and it TESTS OUT as non-GMO. How?

            He pulls all the white/yellow kernels…

          • g.johnon

            are you saying that, on the same ear of corn you can have blue non gmo corn and white or yellow gmo corn? the blue kernels remain heritage and the yellow/ white kernels do not? ??

        • kimmmmm

          One problem is that government subsidizes corn and soybeans, making them cheap so they end up in everything as (gmo) high fructose corn syrup and gmo soybean oil. Also because of the government incentives farmers are monocropping and that is bad for the soil.

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            You got it.

        • John Mercer

          also most corn and 98% of soy is GMO.

      • Fed Up

        Population control is not needed by Americans or Europeans. The third world people are breaking their necks to overpopulate the planet. Read a great fiction book that nevertheless embodies a hell of a lot of hard truth and facts. “Inferno” by Dan Brown.

    • Steve Rusk

      Actually this is what happens when you put all of the money and control of global society in a few self interested hands.

  • G’ma G

    Yet here in america we have an abundance of food. You will be amazed that the food given at the banks tends to be the high end-quality foods I could never afford to buy in the store–apparently a lot of other people can’t either so it ends up as “surplus”. The challenge is distribution. How do we get it to where it is needed?

  • huntress

    Another, …the sky’s falling from the scam UN. Thank God Trump is defunding /reducing their lucrative payments. I certainly don’t see these UN benefactors giving a dime to the “cause”.

  • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

    Commercial food production will be the root cause of world famine !!

    Commercial farmers utilize huge volumes of varying resources, destroy the land and to make things worse, the corporate u.s. regularly orders the destruction of matured crops in the name of profit.
    Any time profit trumps feeding humans, humans, then become expendable components.
    Then on the production and distribution level, there is a 45% waste ratio.

    • g.johnon

      then the fault is on we the people. the natural order should be: any time profit trumps feeding humans, the profiteers should then become expendable components.
      but then again, they should be anyway.

      • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

        To a particular point you are correct regarding “we are at fault” …
        Had we as people been unified in abstaining from the commercialized, processed food and told the producers that we will not tolerate their profit incentives over quality food by ceasing to purchase their products, we would not be in this position.

        I’m sure you have seen how in example, Disneyland is now offering “Dole Whip Cotton Candy” — unfortunately, the masses absolutely love this garbage, when in fact, they really should abstain from poisoning themselves with this toxic cocktail —

        These are the very things that food scientists LOVE … ALL commercial food producers have teams of scientists that work on the WOW factor in foods, those WOW factors, are what we as humans need to avoid, when something that you know is not natural, yet makes you come back to it like a crack addicted rat.

        Now that the useless eaters are all fat, media and dotctors alike, are essentially, laying blame squarely upon the consumer, as if the producers of the dreck are irrelevant to the issue.
        A few years ago, Coca Cola began a campaign on their packaging encouraging people to essentially replace “water” intake with Coke, as Coke says, their product is made with “water”, now I know that you know, that this is manipulation, replacing water with sugar, caffeine and any number of other unidentified chemical components which are protected by trademark secret-ism do properly allow re-hydration of the body.

        My words aren’t an effort to relieve people of personal responsibility, but, when a heroin addict, that knows that their habit will most likely kill them and they continue doing that drug there are controlling factors at work at this time than just the individuals lack of will-power or self control. – I had a very good friend that was addicted to heroin when he was 16, I found him OD’d and come lose to dying on the bathroom floor at the Santa Anita horse racing track, if it weren’t for the fact that his junky girlfriend knew what to do (salt water injection) he would have died that day!.

        Tim regularly conceded that heroin would kill him .. the odd part is, when he was trying to kick, he began going to a methadone clinic in Fallbrook. All was going pretty well, until the day that Tim learned that he could acquire more than two viles daily – on that day, he acquired the daily limit at that time in the 70’s of 4 viles .. he took two viles in the parking lot and then began driving home, he fell asleep and went head on into a redi mix truck.

        Food, is really no different these days when one considers the chemical alterations used to enhance consumption – elevated consumption is the producers ONLY goal as elevated consumption assures profit maximums.

        • Arrow

          I quit being a consumer some time ago. I don’t mean this to be crass or argumentative but Tim’s unfortunate demise occurred because of bad decisions. This cult-ure has indoctrinated the people… convinced them that they are consumers, in the land of plenty. It’s capitalism (commerce) designed to create the illusion that you can do whatever you want, or be whatever you want to be, the basis of which is producer and consumer.

          We are no longer men/women, we are persons. Any legal dictionary will clarify that if you have any question as to the implication. Until we each determine for ourselves not only who and what we are, but who and what we are not, the facade of warm and fuzzy will remain the hologram of self-deceptive choice. Unrealistic expectation indeed.

          Spot-on with the previous comment about commercial food production.

          • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

            Tim’s unfortunate demise occurred because of bad decisions.

            Very true in the advent of taking up heroin usage, however, my usage of Tim’s story spoke to the loss of control once that addiction became issue, this is essentially the same desire of today’s food producers, as their only goal is profits, once hooked, people will continue eating frqnkenfood, to the point of self harm.

            It’s capitalism

            Not to rain on you parade, or anything, but:

            Capitalism is a facade!
            Ɥɐʞᴉɹǝɯ∀ … Is under Bolshevism

          • Arrow

            A choice is a choice. You don’t rain on my parade. I don’t party. Bolshevism, capitalism… whatever. I regard it all as commerce. The entire fraudulent system is commercial in nature. It’s how the criminals stay in control. They “produce” the sheeple choose to “consume.”

          • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

            A choice is a choice.

            So you deny the truth of addiction, you only hold a hard line view of it all coming down to the one choice and nothing beyond?
            Have you ever been addicted to any street drugs yourself?
            Do you speek from firsthand knowledge of addiction or more of your own opinion?

            You don’t rain on my parade. I don’t party.

            A wee bit uptight, are ya?
            Didn’t’ like my response, it didn’t fit tightly into your desired narrative?

            A consumer you are as well, so have you then, made a bad choice, or do you believe yourself to be above bad choices?

          • Arrow

            Uptight? lol. Far from it. I just believe nothing, question everything, trust no one. As stated in my first response, I haven’t been a consumer for quite some time, nor am I a citizen, taxpayer, resident, voter, etc. But believe what you choose to believe. The definition is beautiful; Believe – To think something is true without having proof or empirical evidence.

            Deny the “truth” of addiction? Nope. The truth is everything… every thing we do or not in this existence is a result of a choice. No? Whether one is misled, convinced, coerced, pressured, playing the victim card, or otherwise, one can choose to indulge… or not. I have experienced what I refer to as “the dark night of the soul” and could have rationalized that my issues were induced by co-incidence, unavoidable circumstances, insatiable desire, or whatever… but that would have been unreasonable.

            Don’t get your panties in a wad Pat. Lighten up. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Help those that you can. But don’t blame yourself if some that you try to reach prove to be unreachable. TPTB would prefer it if you were distracted with guilt, and the church would have you believe that you were born a sinner. Forgive yourself. Cheers.

          • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

            YUP, you are spewing personal opinion and programming of what addiction is!
            What is the dark side of your soul ? I am curious.

            I get a real laugh from you folks that believe in the alleged science they read pertaining to addiction, it does go beyond choice, whether you like that fact or not!

            I have experienced what I refer to as “the dark night of the soul” and
            could have rationalized that my issues were induced by co-incidence,
            unavoidable circumstances, insatiable desire, or whatever… but that
            would have been unreasonable.

            Your affliction, was most likely a child rapist.

          • Arrow

            Actually got out of the system to which you remain a slave. Got no debt, plenty of money, an airplane to go wherever the fuck I want when I want, gold and silver, lead, supplies, water, and grow our own vegetables. You obviously are disturbed and have issues that you need to address. You showed your true character as I knew you would, but I forgive you. When the house of cards comes tumbling down, you can be my lawn bitch.

          • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

            Uhoh …. Now were gonna brag about our toys and wealth.

            Really though, get over yourself!

            You are the biggest bull shit artist, that buys his own bullshit

            Airplane = consumer of fuel, licensing, insurance, maintenance, etc. (Unless of course you also own your own oil well, parts manufacturing and every fucking this else that would go with NOT being a consumer just related to owning and operating a plane.

            I suppose that you own and are the king of your own island, therefore, avoiding property taxes, and you were clearly a consumer to buy wherever it is that your little delusional kingdom exists as well.

            Tell me all about your little personal fairy tale based fantasy.

            Speaking of disturbed …. You are the poster child of disturbed!
            I see you didn’t divulge what your demons of addiction were, and gauging by your emotional, sand in your vagina response, you ARE a child molester.

            You just blew your house of cards up, do you actually think that others aren’t laughing at your claims that you are no longer a consumer as you list things in life which makes you a consumers.

            I tell you what, post your address, and me and the klan will come pay you and yours a visit, how about that bitch?

          • Arrow

            For the sake of this discussion I’ll refer to you as LJ… for lawn jockey. Typical Hegelian attempt to disparage, discredit, vilify, and otherwise demonize me in order to avoid the topic, which began with my response to your contradiction about “personal responsibility,” then evolved into your philosophy about addiction. Dipshit, er, LJ, the statement “My words aren’t an effort to relieve people of personal responsibility,
            but, when a heroin addict, that knows that their habit will most likely
            kill them and they continue doing that drug there are controlling
            factors at work at this time than just the individuals lack of
            will-power or self control” appears to be based upon some misguided philosophy that you were forced to believe in order to pass the course. I encourage you to read what you wrote and think about it. So Asshole, er, LJ are the controlling factors coming from an evil spirit?

            Oh, never mind Cocksucker, er, LJ, I’ll just get to the point which is… what you perceived as toys and wealth clarified your dis-ease. You somehow got the idea that I was being braggadocios which was not the intent at all. The point was that all that shit doesn’t mean anything. If it goes away tomorrow, it doesn’t make any difference. It can all be replaced if desired. Point number 2 is that while you claim to understand addiction (legally, understand can be determined to translate to “stand under…” get it?) yet are addicted to the bullshit that you were misled to believe. You are addicted to your stuff. If it all went away tomorrow Dumbass, er, LJ… how would you survive? Isn’t the first step in dealing with an addiction, to recognize that you have an addiction? Why don’t you deal with your addictions and become whole before attempting to share your theories about what ails others.

            I’ll just close this conversation with your concern about the label, consumer. You obviously latched-on to that like a parasite in hopes that your argument would lend credence to your unreasonable assertions that you posted previously, and used it to divert attention that you are an addict. So using your rationale, if I am a consumer, then you are a dipshit, asshole, cocksucker, dumbass, and a… lawn jockey. See what I did there LJ?

            Oh yeah, you and your klan boys can start with 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. I suspect that if you “pay them a visit” you will be received the same as if you came to visit me and mine. Maybe it would be simpler if you posted your address so that I can fly there to pay you a visit. Now I’m done here. Good day LJ.

          • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

            Turd Blossom, you went on a bit of an emotional tirade I see, got a wee bit of sand in yer vagina … EH!?

            You are off on a tangent here – drug addiction ?!

            Anyhow, back to the facts that I know you are working desperately to avoid.

            Come on you fucking turd gargling, mongoloid and redefine the meaning of the label “consumer” for us all to laugh at!

            HOW do you have an airplane and NOT be a consumer? Now remain focused, numb nuts and answer the fucking question!
            All you have done so far, is to deflect from answering the question above. The indication of a wannabe liar.

            You, little buddy, are batshit crazy … Nuttier than a squirrel turd in a peanut factory.
            You open a conversation which is essentially based on the lame declaration of yourself NOT being a “consumer”, and now you want to close the conversation under the premise of my being unreasonable in asking you to explain yourself, but now your bullshit festival has become an inconvenient nuisance for one of your many disillusioned personalities – OK cupcake, you are but a wee little snowflake, dwelling in his parents cellar.

            You may not party (probably best off for everyone involved in your delusional life) but you are clearly ALL FUCKED UP.

            Now, post your LAT/LONG and me and the Klan will come mow your imaginary lawn.

          • bsroon

            Back when i was apolitical, i still figured out that all govt is what i call ECONOMISM.

            A govt in which the economic interests of the richest people in that society are the primary factor in all decisions – regardless of the type or amount of damage they cause to anyone or anything else.

            i think it fits nicely.

          • Arrow

            Yes. Oligarchy, fascism, democracy, it’s all the same thing wearing a different hat. Cheers.

  • g.johnon

    the largest humanitarian crisis in history could very well be the united nations.

  • Ratcraft

    I have lots and lots of food. Costco is full too.

  • jim_robert

    Between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at

    Of course, per the usually PC Time Magazine, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as “…it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.”

    • bsroon

      Studies prove that people who are not stressed for food and good living situations decrease their fertility and reproduction.

      People in stressful situations (starvation, hunger, poverty, etc) breed more because of the biological imperative to keep the species going. Thus the poor breed much more often than the rich…

      Conclusion: if the people of the world take the rich people’s power and money away – stop them from stealing the value that society in general creates and the parasitic maggot class then steals – then people on earth could have some truly great living – and the population pressures would drop also.

  • Iza Bourne Greene

    When Africa was colonized starvation, wars, female genital mutilation was disappearing. Then Africans wanted their independence and brutally took over, tossing white farmers off the land. In a short period of time they were starving again and the Muslims had returned to replace Christians.Despite this Western Europe let them in only to have them riot and sexually assault defenseless women and children. . Any white person giving them a dime needs their head examined. Let nature take its course.

    • Buckeye conservative

      I’m with you. They let themselves be ruled by dictators and this is what happens.

  • eddysachs

    Banksters create SCARCITY…they also Kontrol the Lame Stream Media… ergo the ‘Narrative’
    ….We are Kontrolled by what we Believe & Trust to be our existential reality…
    ….Is it just a coincidence that Venezuelan’s are being stressed & starved by…SCARCITY?…..simply…. applied Hegelian sorcery by the relative few that comprise a kakistocratic ponerology of Kontrol by a self-appointed bloodline ‘Shadow Master’ 0.01%

    • bsroon

      While in wealthy Venezuelan neighborhoods nothing is wrong, shelves are fully stocked, wine department fully stocked, meat counter fully stocked….

      Just in the poor areas do we see shortages.

      • Buckeye conservative

        Is this our fault?

      • eddysachs

        …the disposable deplorable ‘Useless Eaters'[sic]…the 0.01% want approx 7 Billion of us GONE !!!… (Georgia Guidestones) dictated again by the relative very few self-appointed monsters.

  • Fed Up

    Why are WE expected to carry the third world with our tax dollars? We have our own people needing help. Retirees scraping by on a pittance. Cities with decaying infrastructure that needs repair. The third worlders breed like rats — outstripping their countries’ ability to grow enough food. So they DEMAND Americans and Europeans come rushing to their help.

  • Brian

    Well, the world’s splendid leaders have done all they could. To be counterproductive, that is! The twentieth century was a history of counterproduction: corporatist and communist, twin modes of preventing abundance. Abundance must be rigorously prevented due to the unfortunate advances in agronomics that would otherwise hinder the dominance of capital-intensive economies. Which would pretty much screw things up for oligarchs, bureaucrats, and all the little fish that swim with them.

  • xyz234

    This is only happening in Africa, a chronic basket case. Africans breed like flies, and do not know how to farm. Their average IQ is in the high 60s.

  • tscull

    I don’t want to do a damn thing about it. We U.S. citizens pay out far more than ever should in “aiding” these foreigners that hate us anyway, so let them starve!

  • Fed Up

    Why take this crap (article) seriously. The majority of the African population can best be described by the term “useless feeders.”
    A pertinent question: WHY aren’t the Obamas cutting back on their lavish lifestyle and use the money to help their African kinfolk? Why isn’t Oprah sending a few shiploads of grain and foodstuffs? Why aren’t those overpaid entertainers and athletes unselfishly helping the people in Africa — if this article is to be taken seriously?

  • Jim Estes

    My backyard is my grocery store. Screw big ag and the crap being sold in the stores. As a realtor, I put a sign in the front yard. As a homebuilder, I put a sign in the front yard. If a corporation is able to change the genetics of my food, they should be proud enough to put it on the labels so I make an informed decision what is going in my kids and grandkids bodies.

  • MIKE

    Most don’t get it. this is a MANUFACTURED CRISIS. No wonder it’s called the daily SHEEPLE. Wise up. Know when you are being played by GLOBALISTS. smh

  • reagangs

    Sounds like more “fake news” (i.e. liberal UN panic). Maybe if the commie run UN could grow a spine and some cojones, they could convince “those in charge” of the individual third world countries to get their s**t together and start acting like real leaders and solve their own problems to prevent this from happening. But of coarse most communist/socialist/marxist countries are third world countries.

  • ebenezeerr

    It is truly curious that in the maybe forty comments, no one mentions the fact that there have been wars of one type or another going on in some of these countries for generations. I suppose the fact that these countries have the time and capital to continually have wars has nothing to do with the food situation.

    • Arrow

      In some of those countries, skirmishes have been occurring between the tribes for millennia. Most of what I referred to as skirmishes were simply that, and not of the trans-formative type that we now see. Trans-formative to the extent that Iraq did not need to borrow money from the IMF prior to the U$ invasion and destruction. Afterwards, they were bankrupt and upon a puppet being installed, proceeded to require capital to rebuild what the U$ decimated. Same with Libya. Who reaps the benefit of exploiting the vanquished countries resources? Mission accomplished for the moneychangers.

      What I make note of, is that in my over 50 years, the U$A has not been at war but has murdered millions in the name of “national security” or “in our national interest” or to keep us “safe.” As a result of U$A/CIA meddling, Europe is being overrun by the muslim “hordes.” But one can “connect the dots” by following the money (in many cases) or watching the dominoes as they fall, and learn that virtually all of the “crises” lead back to the same players. Reference the Hegelian dialectic.

  • lucila

    The famine will reach the USA soon enuf…


    Look at where this is happening, and at how desperate the do-gooders are to save these people from themselves. The reality is that people can’t be saved from themselves. These people will never be able to survive above a stone age level.

    The more we feed, the more they breed, the more they need, the more we feed, the more they breed ad infinitum, until they finally starve. Feeding those who will never be capable of feeding themselves is stupidity. The prime maxim of human action is: STUPIDITY KILLS !!

  • Tiger

    So why are these countries, who always with the exception of a few, have suffered starvation starving?. The world’s countries including America sends tons of food around the world. What happens to it? My father worked for Brown and Root and he went to some of these countries, he said the trucks or ships filled with food come in and who takes the food? The armies of these places. Why? Dictators.

    As to disease well again, why are these countries so ridden with problems in every sense of the word? Dictators. We spend billions sending medications and setting up hospitals etc as do churches and what has improved? Nothing.

    So don’t scream to me about these problems when they are the same as they have always been due to CORRUPTION, just like the UN is CORRUPTED.

    Many of these countries have enormous amounts of natural resources and Africa been around for ages, The Cradle of Civilization my foot the Cradle of Depravity.

  • douglas gray

    These Countries have specific political problems which makes the situation worse. In a nutshell, corrupt governments and male dominated militias take most of the resources, with the women and children starving.

  • Johnny Geetar

    I’m probably gonna get crucified for this comment, but stop a minute, and think of the SOURCE of this. The friggin scumbag UN! UNICEF! Frankly, I don’t believe ANYTHING these self-serving D-bags have to say, so I would take this article with a serious grain of salt.
    For my money? It smells like a preamble for the UN to begin blaming America for climate change again, and to try to regain the lost initiative on climate change funding. The climate change crowd is getting their @sses handed to em by the Trump administration , and this reeks of a guilt mechanism to get us stingy, uncaring Americans back in line and back on board with climate change….
    If THEY claim this is a result of drought, you can bet the climate change crowd is ready to try to pin this mess on US…….. If they’re not beating the drum yet, it won’t be long now…

  • Oldfatass biker

    the USA says it’s going to cut U>N> funding…
    and voila..!!!
    Global famine!
    20 million dead!!
    apocalyptic starvation!!!
    end of the world!!!!!
    …and now for the weather…

  • mwp2634

    Corrupt Socialist totalitarian gov’ts cause these kinds of things.

    Look at what is happening to primarily WHITE farmers in South Africa due to corruption and violence. Venezuela? Say no more!

    The ‘Invisible hand’ will solve these problems, NOT UN Globalist sponsored socialism.

    Socialism has NEVER succeeded in raising the standard of living ANYWHERE, snowflakes.

  • Duddly Doright

    Much ado over nothing?

    The worlds population when the UN was founded was approx 2.5 BILLION. It is not 7.5 BILLION.
    So the at risk population referenced in the article is only .4% of the INCREASE in population.

  • mothman777

    After the white man entered Africa, and largely stopped the already-existing internecine intertribal wars in many regions, the black population of Africa very quickly mushroomed to 12 times it’s previous size.

    Without organization by white people, the situation very quickly reverses, it is nature, unfortunately. If this were not the truth, then black Africans would not be leaving each other to starve to death whilst black megalomaniacs and their armies in black nations quite unneccessarily squander the vast wealth of Africa on expensive weapons and wage wars for ridiculous reasons that are not reasons at all.

    That is not intended to be a racist statement, nor is it, it is simply fact. The white nations under heavy infiltration by another people have gone equally mad also in unnecessary pursuit of military might, actually being heavily controlled to suicide themselves by heading into senseless wars under the controlling influence of their parasitic leaders.

    Are we to believe that the black man cannot feed himself because it is the fault of the white man not giving him endless handouts and stopping their endless petty wars for them? I know of Kissinger’s Plans, and of those of Bill Gates, and the blacks have to wise up, limit their own populations, stop their petty wars, and create their own organic farming techniques, no longer accepting biowarfare GM toxic food crops to be grown on their soil, and vaccines that are actually weapons intended to cripple, kill, or sterilize them, or cause spontaneous abortions. If they actually want to survive then they had better do this, and stop getting into the debt slavery that has hitherto resulted by borrowing at punitive rates from the Jewish IMF due to unrealistic plans for economic expansion, If they do not face up to reality together, then they are bloody fools.

    The white race is quickly dying out now, by ever-decreasing birth rates, and by being intentionally bred out by malicious Marxist chosenite design, whilst the black race is expanding at an exponential rate, do we see black people mourning the fate of the white race?

    The expansion rate of the black populations of Africa is so rapid that this wastage rate of a few at the margins of their societies is seen as an acceptable loss by them themselves, and it is their foolish business, it is not ours, they had better keep their dicks in their trousers.

    We should not have to support their silly Muslim unlimited birthrate nonsense, as that is a weapon to take democracy down by breeding it out of existence, by voting it out of existence with millions of purposely-bred Muslim voters, and that is coming very soon in France for instance, a nuclear-armed Muslim caliphate in France, and then the rest of Europe will fall like dominoes, though the chosenites will use crypto-Jewish leaders over the Muslims even in that situation to dominate and control the outcome, just as crypto-Jewish fake Muslims already lead Turkey, Saudi Arabia and ISIS for Israel and the megalomaniac Judaic NWO plans that aim towards Judaic world domination.

    If the blacks in Africa wanted to coordinate themselves as a society and cooperate together, they could stop this overnight, but they are easily dominated by hot-tempered and selfish leaders who have a lack of vision and purpose, who are quite willing to buy jet fighter bombers, and leave millions to starve to death, as that is their brutal sense of priority, not ours.

    We have had our own process of social evolution and we are the survivors, and the blacks are anticipating a population of 4 billion in Africa in the next few decades, though they themselves do not seem to care if a few of their own get chewed up at the margins of black African society whilst that expansion occurs, as they are a much harder people than we are in that regard, though they do not seem shy of complaining as if their surplus children are actually our fault, but that is an example of their childish and undeveloped levels of intellect, even of a cunning tendency towards deception and exploitative nature, actually of a genetic limitation if only many would have the guts to acknowledge that, as any fool can see if they are honest, that even different breeds of dogs have extremely different levels of intellect, different personalities and capabilities.

    Should we really take every one of their rejects in and help them to breed here like that too, and recreate similar societies to those they are creating in Africa? That would be complete suicide for the white nations, as when the white man gets taken down like has happened in South Africa, every noble and advanced building and technological project will stop, and mixed race people will predominate and we will all be living in favelas and shanty towns built from packing crates with corrugated iron roofs, with no decent sewerage systems , water supplies roads etc, and whole nations will be just like Africa then, nations of confused people all wondering why they have no food, always holding their hands out.

    Who will manufacture their computers, IPhones, and motor vehicles etc. for them, who will build the factories to manufacture their Nike shoes? They won’t be able to, that is for sure, because sadly, they do not have the mental faculties or the societal structures to be capable of doing that.

    They only live amongst us as seemingly a little like white westerners because they are artificially buoyed up by our social atmosphere, our technological, agricultural, medical and scientific accomplishments, and our legal and economic structures at present, but as soon as they dominate us numerically, and depose us, then all hell will break loose.

    No one wants to see the black or any other race of people suffer and starve, but we all have to show common sense and moderation, and that includes sexual moderation, and then there will be no starvation problems. The whites have achieved this, with white populations diminishing in every country, so why have the blacks not also achieved this? What is their problem that is preventing them from seeing that they will suffer widespread problems unless they stop reproducing at unsustainable levels? If they cannot stop, they will drive themselves into starvation, and there is no cure for such a sort of stupidity except nature’s own cure. Even animals naturally moderate their own reproductive activities when land and food resources become scarce.

    The alternative that the silly PC crowd wants is to endlessly approve continued unlimited reproduction as ‘freedom’, with the inevitable consequences of starvation, or of the brutal stab in the back of GM poison foods, lethal fake medicines and so on being forced onto the Third World nations by chosenite leaders in the West, and the politicians have agreed on this already a long time ago behind all our backs, that if even those artificial policies fail to succeed in reducing reproductive rates, then wars will be artificially created to destroy the populations of nations by those far more evil methods, so these people really have to wake up, as that is the way it is, and none of us can do anything about that it seems.

    By reducing their own populations, and by becoming entirely self-sufficient, the affected nations can avoid any mass starvation and any predation by any other nation. I would suggest a one child family policy such as that in China might be a good solution, and if that is not PC enough for them, then they will starve to death, and that is not our problem, because they willfully produce needlessly huge families generation after generation, expecting some system to foot the bill, and nature just cannot support that. Are white people going to slave endlessly just to pay for free handouts to these endless breeders? No, they should not.

    Black people themselves, whether in Africa or even in the wealthy West are not supporting these starving black people, and if they do not, and cannot, support these other blacks, would they support whites if the situation were reversed? Of course not!!!

    Where is our collective common sense on this issue? With extreme urgency we should oust the Marxist chosenites in power who are maliciously flooding our nations and gene pools with this dead weight, and deport these useless breeders and their warlike chosenite facilitators after removing their citizenship.

  • tommer

    PEOPLE IN AFRICA have been incapable of feeding themselves my entire life.Nothing has changed even though it is one of the most fertile places on the face of the earth.I’m thinking maybe its the people.

  • Foong Mun Loh

    starve these vermin out, i say……….

  • Richard

    I have been hearing about the food crisis in Africa my entire life (55yrs). Remember “Live Aid”? And since when have any of us reading THIS article at THIS website given a crap about what the U.N. has to say? Much less CNN. The problem with these countries isn’t that they need more food, they need a non-corrupt government to help them start living in the 21st century.

    • vinnyz

      All the more proof this is just another scam like all the other times. It’s always the same part of the world and the same peoples. Funny how “starving” people have plenty of energy to have sex and carry 4 -5 babies or more to full term.
      Yet every year millions starve to death…..bullshit!
      If these idiots got energy to make babies and raise them to an age that gets the most attention when shown starving than they need to put that energy to better use. The morons sending food,cash or whatever are not helping. IT would be far smarter to let the idiots die off, thin the herd and maybe those left will be smart enough to find their own damn food!

  • Long on emotion; short on facts.
    There is no problem you can solve by crying how bad the symptoms are.

    Africa has a long history of cyclic droughts and there is much that could have been done to alleviate the effects of this one – but nothing was done because there’s no cash benefit to the bankers who rule this world.

    Two large engineering projects would resolve everything:

    1) Build a canal from the Mediterranean Sea through to the dried up sea bed in the Sahara. Flooding this huge lake will change the weather patterns and bring rain to much of N. & central Africa. The equipment to do this is already at hand but is not being used. With minimal modifications, both modern and “outdated” tanks and artillery could carve a path for the water. Literally, “their swords shall be beaten into ploughshares”.

    2) The Great Rift Valley in East African was also once an enormous lake. Bore a tunnel through from the Red Sea and let it fill up again. This will bring rain not only to East Africa but also expand the area of arable land in Egypt.
    Once again, the equipment exists and lies rusting on either end of the Channel Tunnel between England and France.

    What the bankers don’t want is a prosperous Africa with a healthy and vigorous population.

    Can someone carry this concept to Messrs. Trump and Putin please? I’m sure that it would fire their imaginations and both have masses of outdated military stuff lying around.

    That would be a really good Russian/American co-operation project with lots of nice side-effects.
    Maybe even France and the UK can co-operate on the Great Rift Valley project and end the N. African refugee problem.

    Need some funds? Confiscate the Clinton Foundation assets and you have enough to feed everyone in the short-term and then get the economies working in those, at present, supine lands.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

    • mothman777

      It is a great pity that the malevolent chosenite-led NATO and their Al Qaeda mercenary sidekicks invaded Libya, and that NATO warplanes then bombed Gaddafi’s Great Man Made River project that had been intended by him to green much of Northern Africa, and NATO insanely and vindictively even bombed the pipes waiting to be laid, so that both they, and the underground aquifer itself would be forever contaminated with radioactive Depleted Uranium and be rendered poisonous and useless.

      • I know Mothman. I know.

        I also know why it was done.
        Upon orders directly from Rothschild to completely destroy Libya because they were about to introduce a regional money which would have removed the whole of North East Africa from banking cartell exploitation.

        And who is now paying for the flood of refugees from this now bandit infested land? The European people who were conned by Obama bin Barak and Android Ferkel into letting it happen.

  • Fed Up

    Not another POOR AFRICA story. These people insist on breeding beyond their country’s ability to grow food. Then demand the world bails them out — yet again!