The Focus Shifts From Trump To Hillary And The Corrupt FBI

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The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and NPR will never tell you, but the criminal is Hillary, not Trump.

It has come to light that the FBI edited down FBI Director Comey’s investigation of Hillary in order to make it look like nothing was amiss. Comey’s conclusion that Hillary was “grossly negligent,” a conclusion justifying felony indictment for mishandling of classified information, was replaced with “extremely careless.”

You can read about the rewire here:

The Chairman of the US Senate Homeland and Government Affairs Committee, Ron Johnson (R, Wis) has asked the current FBI director, Chris Wray, if the document was rewritten in order to protect Hillary.

Senator Johnson is particular interested in the emails that show that some senior FBI officials were determined to prevent Trump from becoming US President.

Hillary’s misuse of classified documents on her personal server and subsequent effort to destroy the evidence is far more serious than anything done by Paul Manafort and General Flynn, both under threat of prosecution by Special Prosecutor former FBI Director Mueller.

The FBI’s effort to protect Hillary and to dismiss her felony as “careless” is now confronted with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reopening of the case. Notice how the FBI first riggs the case and then puts itself in charge of investigating it. An agency this corrupt should be abolished.

It seems that Trump and his Attorney General finally realized that they are in a fight for their lives and have decided to counterbalance Mueller’s investigation of fake crimes with an investigation of Hillary’s and the FBI’s real crimes.

One can only wonder why they waited so long. Intelligence does not seem to be the hallmark of the Trump administration.

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Contributed by Paul Craig Roberts of Institute for Political Economy.

About Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Visit his web site at the Institute for Political Economy.

This article has been posted with permission from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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  • Jeri Brace

    2018 will be a year to remember of political icons like Hillary & Obama going to jail.
    Trump has to do this as the left won’t stop trying to bring down Trump to protect their own asses.


      I hope you’re not holding your breath, none of the Clintons will ever see a jail cell little alone an indictment.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Maaan, talk about a misleading title. Dontcha mean “The Page Has Turned In The WWE-Appropriated Script”, Mr. Roberts? New day, new page, same old faces, same TIRED-ASS BULLSHIT? One Party, One Party, ONE PARTY.

  • … anybody got an estimate of how fat Kommrade Hitlery will look in an orange jump suit ??? … if so, is there an estimate of WHEN she’ll be fitted for it ???

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Anxiously awaiting the series premiere of “Orange is the new Pantsuit.”

      • … perhaps that would restore some credibility to Hollyweed … the perpetual socialist crap they’ve spewed lately sure as hell hasn’t …

        Got any idea who they’d cast to play Kommrade Hitlery ??? Rosie O’Donnell is certainly fat, ugly and stupid enough and about as funny as an impacted wisdom tooth …

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          Amy Schumer could play “young Hillary” in flashback scenes. . .

        • BTeboe

          Dye her hair blond, and give her some buckteeth, she’d look just like HilLIARy.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Hey, we’re on Cloud 8.5 and rising over here @ Bear Bones Productions tonight! I just got word that the latest album project (released 1 week ago) to come out of here has been picked up by three (count ’em! THREE!) local radio stations, the local music&entertainment rag is going to review it, and Spotify is promoting three songs off of it! If’n ennybuddy cares for a listen, here’s a digi-link to the artist’s ‘site: — they’re wav. files, and they sound GREAT, even through wimpy-ass ‘puker speakage. Don’t forget to crank it! And, thanks for the use of your soapbox, DS!

  • randy wellman

    trump might just have a plan that WE don’t know about…..he has a LOT more info at his disposal then WE do….i’m puttin’ my money on trump.

  • dav1bg

    I still don’t see any swamp rats in a cage yet.

  • SP_88

    Is Hillary finally gonna go to jail?!? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. The Trump administration is either clueless about what’s going on, or they are in on it. Trump or someone from within his administration should have shut down Mueller’s phony investigation and opened an investigation into Hillary’s corruption a long time ago. The fact that they haven’t done so by now is an indication that they are either grossly incompetent or they have no intention of ever having Hillary arrested and charged with gross negligence and corruption.
    During the campaign, Trump promised to have a special prosecutor look into Hillary’s corruption. And the chants of “Lock Her Up” and “Hillary for Prison 2017” were loud and clear.
    But soon after the inauguration, Trump said he was not going to follow through with his promise to investigate her. And so far, a year into his first term, he has done nothing to stop their witch hunt or open an investigation into her corruption.
    This should be a clear indication of Trump’s desire to drain the swamp, or lack thereof.
    I suppose I could hold on to the hope that perhaps he is waiting for something, or that he doesn’t want to begin an investigation just yet because he is concerned about how it would look while the fake Russian collusion investigation is ongoing. He could be waiting until the Russian collusion narrative crashes and burns before launching a counter-investigation against Hillary and the DNC and their ilk. They could be waiting until the public is sick and tired of hearing about Russian collusion nonstop without a shred of evidence to support it. (Obviously we have been sick and tired of it from the beginning. By “public” I mean a large number of people who still need to be convinced that the Russian collusion narrative is totally fake).
    Basically, the Trump administration is either working a good strategy, or they are part of the swamp and never had any intention of ever going after Hillary and the DNC.
    Time will tell.

    • archer

      Trump, as it turns out did the right thing by not shutting the collusion bs down. He gave the rotten FBI and their friends enough rope to hang themselves. If he shut it down early, he would’ve been hung out to dry and accused of stifling a criminal investigation, even though there is no criminality.

  • 4sale

    WTC Building 7 was NOT demolished by the act of a ‘guy in a cave’


    Keep trying, you czionists,.. this PCR is a Federal government pensioneer..

  • Cynical Old Bastard


  • archer

    Intelligence doesn’t seem to be the hallmark of the FBI and Hillary. They knew how rotten they are and yet that idiot Mueller kept expanding the Russian investigation. Comey down played his assessment of the e-mail scandal and shut it down himself without giving his findings to the DOJ among other things, now the Congress has had enough and may actually do something. People should be going to jail, but DC is so corrupt that seems unlikely.

  • BTeboe

    No the intelligence is fine, what isn’t fine is Jeff Mr.NiceGuy Sessions. Get rid of him. He’s balless (I don’t even know if that is a word, seems like it needs another ‘l’). Trump needs to hire someone that has the cojones of Sacarmucci. I can’t believe that investigation didn’t begin the second Sessions was sworn in. He’s used to working in congress and we know how quickly they get things done and he’s from a state where everything runs a little bit slower than the rest of the world. I know I lived there.

  • Jim Estes

    Hillary Marx and Adolf tRump should be put into the town square and beheaded.