The Federal Reserve Just Declared the American Dream Is Officially Dead for Most of America

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We all know what comedian George Carlin said about the American Dream: that you have to be asleep to believe it.

Well, now the Federal Reserve is agreeing with him.

In a new study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, they admit the so-called American Dream is now largely an impossible goal for a majority of the country.

In other words, the American Dream is officially dead.

In the study, Stanford economist Raj Chetty measured, “the probability that a child born to parents in the bottom fifth of the income distribution makes the leap all the way to the top fifth of the income distribution.”

Chetty concluded that American children have a whopping 7.5% chance on average of actually achieving the American Dream in America.

Sure, a chance is still a chance, but that’s a really low chance.

As it turns out, Americans who actually want to achieve “the dream” would have a better chance of doing so in Canada (13.5%), Denmark (11.7%), or even the UK (9%) than here in the US.

So Americans would basically have almost twice the chances of achieving the American Dream in Canada, making it the Canadian Dream.

But 7.5% is just the average, mind you. That factors in super wealthy neighborhoods. When you get down into the major cities where the majority of people live, 7.5% looks more like a cruel, unachievable joke.

“In the city of Baltimore, you unfortunately have only a 3.5 percent chance of making that leap from the bottom fifth to the top fifth. That compares with 4.7 percent in D.C.”

Of course, your chances are higher if you are a child graced with the luck of being born in a predominantly wealthy, suburban neighborhood, but come on everybody knew that already.

It’s just “rich” to hear the Federal Reserve officially admit the American Dream is dead, that’s all.

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  • jim_robert

    Guess what? If FATHERS are around, your chance of doing well just jumped maybe by 50%

    Want to destroy America or the American dream? Destroy fathers and the family.

    Thanks, feminazis. And you’ll be reaally happy when you have to cower in your feminist meetings behind closed, locked doors due to the society YOU, yourselves, created.

    • slcsprsfan

      spot on

    • csfurious

      I agree but I think your percentage of chance is a little high.

  • ru__serious

    And ‘they’ got away with it.

  • Gil G

    Aw, Americans are no longer entitled to higher standard than the rest of the world? Poor diddems.

    • Joe Joe

      All people should be entitled to as high a standard of living as they can create for themselves. It’s a real human right, as opposed to the fake “paper” rights we see wandering around. Of course, the bankers have insured that no one should have that right.

    • Dan Buchanan

      You sound like a bitter resentful person. You got something against the greatest country know to mankind.

  • jhnjul

    Takes a real Sherlock Holmes to figure out what you fabricated worked as planned. Many parasites can not stop gorging themselves until they pop.

  • scum

    It’s “rich” alright; they have stated the obvious, however; only if things remain as they are. Their insight as to root cause and rectification options would be a valuable contribution to help clarify the basis of this statement as well as providing their source input stimuliae.

    It’s really up to the people to make “Declarations” about their dreams by giving direction to their elected representatives about these dreams through a democratic mandate to represent them, to act on their behalf through consultation, campaigning and in association with representatives of people from the other durastrictions, based on the things they have campaigned on and that are within the law.

    Without this there is no dream.

  • dav1bg


    new house cost

    new houses given up each year for defense budget.

    new houses in 2015 USA

    times more spent on defense than housing last year.
    That is your dream.

  • dux nobis28

    Well banks and bond holders all just got a raise from the fed thanks. To the Jew Yelsin!

  • gardeauxandrew

    The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the government except it is used as a tool to control both government and people for the elites! The dumbed down Americans with the military’s help need to storm the castles and make citizens arrest from the very top to bottom of the Federal Reserve and a certain government! help make America great again! Stop having blind patriotism to a now more than ever corrupt government and stop having the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail! We The People need to reunite for a better America! The dumbed down blind masses of snowflakes who protest President Trump and other Anti-Americans agendas are doing what terrorist want a Divide nation of America to fall from within Not UNITED WE STAND!

  • The Fed would certainly know about the death of the American Dream. After all, the Fed is the entity that killed it.

  • Steve Rusk

    Here’s what killed the American Dream… extreme financial concentration.

  • Betty

    Federal reserve’s plan all along has been to kill the middle class. Federal reserve is owned privately by Rothschild and their ink. They print the worlds fiat magic currencies, creat all the debt scams, devalue your money, cause the inflation, to keep you poor. Rothschild is worth 500 trillion. Your poor as he owns it all. Rothschild causes the wars as they are so profitable and uses our military as his enforcers. He wants a central bank in Syria, then Iran, Russia won’t let him in their country so more war. Russia also has a warrant for agent Soro’s. Rothschild wants a one world govt, world population reduction, we have to die, no private property ownership for us slaves, and a fiat digital currency, one world religion. He will usher in the mark with a evil grin. We must do away with the federal reserve. We can never prosper or be free as long as they are in control.