The FBI Just Released Never Before Seen Photos Of 9/11 Pentagon Wreckage

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by Claire Bernish

After surreptitiously releasing to the public one week ago, the FBI unceremoniously announced today the unprecedented release of never-before-seen images from the attacks of September 11, 2001, and some of the pictures evoke still more questions.

Others could be seen as putting to rest a popular theory American Airlines Flight 77 never actually smashed into the Pentagon.

The FBI Vault release is minute in size, to say the least — with a mere 27 images comprising the file — and does not include video, audio, nor anything other than photos.

But, given the stony silence from the U.S. government toward families of victims of the attacks, even the meager disclosure is a welcome morsel of information with the potential to provide answers.

Indeed, in the very first image, labeled plainly, “9-11 Pentagon Debris 1,” a single piece of wreckage sits isolated on a parcel of lawn — bearing the American Airlines logo and marked with letters and numbers.

While this and pictures of evidence like it ostensibly did come from the lawn of the Pentagon in the wake of the plane smashing into the building’s side, it would be prudent to note the lack of context — such as the burned and gaping hole — to distinguish it singularly.

Mangled metal in the second image appears obviously to have come from a plane, but — like the entire release — no description accompanies to explain when, where, or how the wreckage was discovered by investigators.


The third file again shows plane debris — this time, the horrendously twisted metal includes a painted red “C” with a white outline, as seen painted on the sides of American Airlines.

Several images of the emergency response to the crash follow, evincing a cavernous hole in the Pentagon building, as fire and rescue crews descend on the burning rubble.



Although the aforementioned collectively would seem to put to rest that no airplane ever crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, multiple images of exterior and interior damage evince a smaller hole than would be intuitive — but the sagging floors, twisted girders, and general destruction do show how much of the building suffered on impact.


While all of these images appear to at least generally align with the official account of what happened with Flight 77 that day, three images cannot be explained — because they seem to defy logic.

Assumedly taken from an aircraft hovering overhead and from an angle behind the blasted hole, three images show the rounded chasm cleaved into the building’s outer ring — but the burned stone from fires resulting from the explosion doesn’t extend into the inner area on the inside of the Pentagon’s second concentric segment.

However, without any evidence that the crash affected the second ring, and observing what would have been the path the downed craft took through the building upon impact, a section of burned building stretching from the ground all the way to the roof oddly and implausibly appears — on the inside of the Pentagon’s third and middle ring.

Indeed, it’s entirely unclear how this strange pattern of damage in conjunction with lack of it could have occurred at all.


This isn’t meant to denounce the official story nor those proffered by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth — nor anyone else who has thoroughly examined the evidence and has a plausible theory.

It should be noted that the FBI released a number of revealing images previously — nearly five years ago, in late 2012 — evincing wreckage of Flight 77 found inside the Pentagon.

But these pictures, and the oddity of the release’s size and quiet announcement, should provoke thought and discussion of the events of that day — particularly considering the attacks of 9/11 ushered in the insidious War on Terror and Surveillance State.

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  • stan

    All those photos of the alleged debris? If they were photos of a extra-terrestrial spacecraft, everyone would say that they’re hoaxes. Prove that these aren’t.

  • Frank Kleij

    It took a while, but finally there is the proof The Grimm brothers are dead since long. A very thin walled It is literary as thin as a soda can with some glasfiber reinforced polyesther airplane crushed heavy concrete walls after having struck a number of lightposts, which would have ripped the wings off. That flightlevel was in the first place a physical impossibility;. At that level it had been shaken into pieces before even hitting the building at that impossible speed.. Who are here the dummies? GeneralPublic or the FBI story telllers?

    • Saiful Rimkeit

      What happened to the original passengers, then? Why is that not being entertained.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    Now, release the surveillance camera video that shows the plane actually flying into the Pentagramgon. And we know they took a lot more than 27 photos of debris and wreckage.

    • roger

      it’ll never happen. can’t have any semblance of truth come out. there were no planes, in any of the 4 “targets”.

  • roger

    Donald Rumsfeld slipped and said a cruise missile hit the pentagon. I believe him.

    • friend of mine was on 395, stuck in traffic, sunroof open, he HEARD a single small jet engine whining strenuously as if in final maneuvers then impact. He said, it sounded like a single jet engine cruise missile…

      • Saiful Rimkeit

        There you go. I’ll bet your friend was not called to testify.

        • heh, of course not..

          But in the news coverage on TV there was a picture of small jet engine in the wreckage – the ‘thought stopping’ and ”fill the vacuum’ lie was that this was an auxiliary power unit on the big airplane… no, it was small jet engine of a cruise missile.. see my blog for methods of covert suggestion used on 911.

          • Saiful Rimkeit

            Ha. Great research. I only saw a photo of the cruise missile wheels resting in the Pentagon debris. Which, to me, indicates it was a land based and launched vehicle.
            Great that you have a blog. Thanks for the link.
            What is extremely important to follow, then, is what happened to the original passenger craft and far more important and super mysterious, what happened to the passengers and crew. Is there a list of who was on board? What was the flight number. If Rumsfeld and company insist on telling us a passenger craft slammed into the Pentagon and it never happened, did the flight number and craft the lie was based on never exist?? Or…what.

          • Saiful Rimkeit

            I’ll study your blog. It’s a really good one. Hehe…
            BTW, are you capable of remote viewing or equivalent?

      • Saiful Rimkeit

        Who dune it. It was originally mentioned the side of the Pentagon hit housed offices which held monetary records. Is this correct?

    • Saiful Rimkeit

      I heard that too. There is a photo of smaller wheels found inside the Pentagon. Some have speculated the size of the wheels fit those used by some cruise missiles.

  • roger

    does anyone think a passenger plane will fit in that circular hole? I don’t.

    • ken ptasnick

      Me neither

    • Tuaca1107

      Only if it is a shape sifter! Aaaaahahahahaha!!!

      • Saiful Rimkeit


    • R J

      Indication is absent of wings and jet engine scarring either side of the hole.
      Highly likely a missile made that small hole.

      • roger


    • Saiful Rimkeit

      Not only the outside hole and the other holes inside were also circular. The small landing and takeoff wheels set were found close to one of the inside wall holes.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Let’s not forget that the section of the building destroyed was the EXACT GAO office assigned to find the missing $2.1 trillion that Rummy unceremoniously announced was gone to dead Sunday evening airwaves on 9/10. THIS garbage proves nothing other than it’s ass-coverin’ time on Krapitol Hell. The Emperors STILL have no clothes….

    • TrevorD

      Aaaah concidence, lol

    • Gary Von Neida

      And the same evil R.I.N.O.’s and deamon-crat’s are dining to destroy Our new President: Donald John Trump. May They fail in Their attempt.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        They’re all HINOs on Krapitol Hell (Human In Name Only), anyway. Good riddance. Ennybuddy need some motivational music to help move the ball down the field? Here:

        • Saiful Rimkeit

          The one in the right. Mr. Skull And Bones. Not too bright though. Awful liar. Just cunning.

      • roger

        prayers to that end.

      • Saiful Rimkeit

        Some of us think Trumpy is like Barry Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro. Another deceiver.
        Please go to Henry Makow’s website for great supported explanations written by a few people who write to him. That should help clarify who the presidential contenders are.
        Stay strong and unwavering.

  • TrevorD

    This a joke surely, the photo`s are staged and the FBI once again puts on a great theatrical performance for the sheeple and….. why now?
    Applause…….but please no `encor` as we will see right through you next time.

    • TrevorD

      So the `why now?` just appeared
      “””””FIRE MELTS STEEL””””
      We are being played again. Join the dots to see the picture.
      More at

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        THANK YOU. When I first heard about this, I assumed it was an ancient downtown wooden-type bridge. Not SO. I believe someone acquired (was given) a directed energy weapon, and this is just a taste of the “New Anarchy”…..I just wished they woulda pointed it WHERE IT BELONGS, like @ the CDC buildings….

        • TrevorD

          Indeed. There are some good vids on utube questioning what happened. Crazy world..

  • navre12

    There where some 90 plus cameras recording throughout the outside of the Pentagon including a confiscated video from the adjacent Holiday Inn hotel.

    Let’s see a good camera video from any of those 90 cameras for at least 60 seconds showing impact and than I would believe the government’s narrative.

    • roger

      never happen, the truth must be hidden at all costs.

  • LudVanB

    There is video footage from right after the impact that clearly demonstrates that a jetliner could not have produced the damage. Before the outer walls finally fell in, there was a hole just like the ones shown in these pics. There is no evidence of the giant engines or the huge wings in those pics and vids. Total bullshit from the gov, again and still.

  • Dallas Yu

    Where’s the plane?

    • Razedbywolvs

      I watched Aeroméxico Flight 498 go down. There is no more “plane” when that happens. But one thing i do see missing is the people confetti.

      • navre12

        Razedbywolvs… In July of 2014, Malaysia Airline’s flight 17 was shot down by a missile and fell like a rock from 33,000 feet and crashed like a meteor into a field in the middle of a war zone and 95% of the jetliner was recovered including all engines,292 out of 298 bodies and personal belongings.

        A similar jetliner hit the Pentagon and nothing is left but a few pieces of scrap… really? You believe that lie?.

        • roger


        • Razedbywolvs

          Flight 498 got hit buy a Cessna, “Human confetti” means it
          rains body parts. There is no were you can look without seeing a pieces of people, most pieces you can’t recolonize what they are. Some of the bigger pieces like fingers or a 8 year old girls red hair you can.
          No they did not recover a “body” they way you are thinking.
          The bodies are in ziplock bag. 8 people were so fucked up there was not a piece of figure hair or teeth to identify them buy.
          Same thing happens to the plane. A 747 weighs 385,000
          pounds empty and has 422,000 pounds of fuel on a full tank. You do get some big pieces, but most of the 95% is in ziplock bags. 5% is over 2 tons of aluminum.
          Thats if you believe the official numbers that they found
          they found 95% of a plane. I wouldn’t.

    • roger

      there isn’t one. a 200,000 lb. airliner would leave behind 200,000 lbs. of wreckage. it’s all smoke and mirrors……………

  • tonye

    We don’t see the lower floors of the second ring. For all we know there’s a lot of damage down there.

    Note how the 3rd ring seems to be five floor high and the fire came from the ground floor. For the 2nd ring we only see the upper three floors. The ground floors of the 2nd ring might have lots of damage but there maybe bulkheads to the top three floors that stopped the damage from spreading.

    Who knows how the building is constructed? Who knows where the bulkheads are? But I’d imagine that the Pentagon must be heavily fortified and compartmentalized.

    When you think about it, airplanes are pretty light. The biggest/heaviest thing in a plane is the jet engines, and even those are rather light.

  • Kraut9

    I wonder how many trillions of Dollars These Jew Scumbags made with the whole 9/11 Hoax through the fake insurance fraud !!

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Weeelll, $2.1 tril is GAR-ON-TEED……….

      • Kraut9

        Nice little bit of pocket money !! No wonder everybody starts hating these hook nose maggots !!

  • landy fincannon

    Like the Warren Commission, the 9/11 Commission was filled with CFR members. We’re not to question anything, just trust what we’re told. WELL I DON’T

  • Tom Duritsky

    Theses are all fake, there was NO plane, this was blown out, per my nephew that was on duty there at that day. What was really good, was that room had 9 trillion dollars in it and it all came up missing before they blew that up. BUSH headed everything because he wanted to go to war. He also took out 1.7 trillion dollars from our S/S fund and never put it back !! That was OUR ,money NOT the damn government money. So the rich got more of our money..You people need to do your research on this shit.This was control demolition..The heat melted the steel beams, NO aircraft fuel can melt steel…FACT !!!They got rid of all of the steel beams with in a day and 1/2..also FACT !!

  • dav1bg

    And not one video from the most monitored building in the world

  • David E

    strange there is no evidence of burning on the scrap airplane metal.

  • This is FAKE SHIT. It is soooooo obvious.
    Why even show it?

  • Monterey Jack

    Liquid fuel could have gotten to the third tier. What would have stopped it?

    • Brad Dueringer

      It was a false flag, plain and simple. My education in physics education makes me aware of just how ridiculous the “official” story is

    • AnotherLover

      The plane flew over, not into, the Pentagon. This video contains an eyewitness account — a Pentagon police officer — of the plane flying away seconds after the explosion. I guess I’m sort of spamming this thread with it (this is the 3rd time I’ve posted it). Whatevs. Enjoy:

      • TrevorD

        Good vid, thanks.

  • Charlesrocks

    Just like the JFK murder, we’ll be given bits and pieces of “evidence” over the years, while the media chants “conspiracy theory”, until those who care are old or dead. It sadly already seems the US has already moved on since it got the endless wars and chaos it wanted. Years from now, the fact that a tiny penetrating hole, way too low to not burn the grass, and too narrow for a jetliner to fit through, with a lack of engines and bodies, and the fact that out of 5 possible sides the “terrorists” managed to hit the exact office investigating the Pentagram’s missing trillions and Able Danger, will have the future amazed at how easy it was to fool too many Americans.

  • anonymous4u4me

    Bull funkel

  • Ken, Megapolis

    They have yet to show more passports.
    But do you get my point? This whole 911 thing has turned FROM a terrorist attack, and into another sick media circus.
    I don’t know why I bother with it.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      “They” are BANKING on that, dood……You MUST keep “bothering with it”.

  • No commercial aircraft could hit 5 heavy gauge steel light poles and NOT leave a huge trail of fire from the location of the first hit all the way to the impact location, It can just not be done. There would have been tons of fuel spread the entire distance from those impacted poles and the edge of the Pentagon, No fire from those impacts then the story of those impacts is fraudulent.

    • AnotherLover

      That’s true, I imagine. Have you seen “National Security Alert?” They absolutely demolish the light pole story. It’s history. And, they interview the cab driver who supposedly caught one of those light poles right through the windshield of his moving cab, Lloyde England. Lloyde also shares some of his thoughts about the day. It’s near the end of the film. Highly worthwhile.

      • Yes i have seen it, The thing i noticed right away on this film was the intense counter reaction it drew from all sides. Seeing this i knew i needed to watch it a few more times. Most do. The whole light pole thing is a oft overlooked smoking gun in my book. The reasons this story was so protected, and the reasons the whole attack on the flight over the annex eyewitness accounts led many to the obvious conclusion that the whole story we were told was a fabrication 100% ti hide the lack of plane debris. The only realistic path from that line of baloney was directly to Cruse Missie and all that implied as to the source of said attack. Logic works if you use it.

        • AnotherLover

          YES. It’s so interesting that the “truth” movement has pretty much turned its back on the one film that proves a lie was told. No conjecture. No physics. Just a plane that can’t be in two places at once. And the interviews with Lloyde — both the absurd denial ones and the hidden camera one — they’re almost too perfect. But I’ve heard the dismissals, as you say. They released an extended version with even more evidence, answering some of the questions people had. It’s really surprising it hasn’t caught more momentum. Maybe a little too surprising, now that I think about it.

          • The real truth is in that movie for all to see if there is enough will to follow the obvious trail through the lies strewn all about it. Looking at it as it happened and seeing it go down live as an observer i saw a very defined and pointed attack, this attack prompted much more curiosity than i would have normally had i think. After a serious poke into the questions this film rased for me i started to broaden my questions of all the other questions i was asking myself. Having seen pretty much every video about 9/11 and read as much as i could about it from as many sources i could i became convinced the whole day was planned long ago, Like 1965 or so. I saw reason to think the towers were built to be destroyed as they were, elements of that operation built into the structure. The many threads i pulled from the whole attack the alternative movement surrounding the attacks led me to the inescapable conclusion everyone was being fooled by the very top of the power structure in the USA.

          • P.S. seeing as it saw me kicked off Sputnik…


  • opm6065

    First it was hit by a missile to kill the ones who were investigating the missing money. Then it was hit by a GPS guided plane to cover up the missile. Had to be GPS because a primitive living in a cave with little flight training on small private jets at best could not guide a large commercial aircraft into a four story building like that.

  • AnotherLover

    “National Security Alert” is probably the best 9/11 video, period. Not only is a conspirator on film talking about it (obliquely, but nonetheless…), but the witness interviews prove beyond doubt the official flight path the plane took that morning is not where the plane actually was. They demonstrate conclusively the plane could not have knocked over the light poles and could not have knocked the light pole into Lloyde England’s taxi cab. That leaves us with clear evidence of a fabricated story.

    Not only that, they interview a Pentagon police officer that saw the airplane flying away seconds after the explosion. But the eye witnesses directly contradict the official story. Not only was the plane in full view when it is supposed to have been clipping light poles, the light poles weren’t anywhere near the plane’s path. Done deal. Highly recommended.

  • Richard Dihlman

    This is total bs photoshopped junk. Release the videos that surround the pentagon. Where’s the engine and wing marks on building? Fuselage and passengers ? Not nearly enough fire from commercial jet. How about a stolen Granite missle fitted on German sub fired by Israel????

  • Conspiracy researchers don’t focus as much on the Pentagon crash site, but there are a lot of anomalies there:
    1) Small hole for fuselage, no obvious wing debris, as shown above
    2) The flight would have taken a very complicated path to hit exactly that part of the Pentagon, which just happened to belong to Office of Naval Intelligence. Most all of the 30 ONI Pentagon based officers were said to have been killed by the strike, which itself is quite surprising…
    3) Films of whatever it was approaching the Pentagon- plane or missile – were confiscated and never shown.
    4) Cheney gave false testimony about his timeline on the morning of 9/11 and whether or not and when he gave orders to shoot down the plane approaching DC
    5) There were military aviation exercises scheduled for the same day which pulled some forces away from regular duty and confused air traffic responders
    6) Light poles and things outside that got knocked down don’t fit with other testimony about the trajectory or the debris.

  • ddearborn


    The reason we are seeing the government “release” “unseen” photos now is very simple. Until very recently the technology to forge pictures that can stand up to vigorous independent forensic examination wasn’t available. That threshold was finally crossed several years ago. They had no intention of falling into the same trap that the Moon landings did. (whether you believe we landed or not, many of the photos presented to the public did NOT stand up to vigorous independent examination)

    Also like the JFK assassination, as time goes by, more and more key witnesses that offered evidence, or tried to offer evidence that contradict the “official” story are dying.

    The bottom line with the Pentagon is clear. At the time the actual evidence on the ground unquestionably disproved the governments assertion that a large Passenger Jet hit the pentagon. All the evidence pointed to either a small highly maneuverable jet or a missile. Given that there were over 60 camera’s in operation around the Pentagon that day, footage of the impact was readily available from multiple camera’s. What was truly amazing was what happened to the film in the those cameras in the minutes, yes minutes after the “attack” a group of men came out of nowhere at seized all the footage, including those that were legally operating on private property. Now when you stop to consider the according to the government officials thought we were under attack, how could they round up the film from over 60 cameras within minutes of the attack. Bear in mind the the Pentagon is one of the larges buildings in the world and it would take quite some time just to walk around it.

    The only way that all of that film could have been seized literally within minutes of the attack given the chaos and threat of a more attacks is if it was pre-planned. There is no other logical explanation. Furthermore, in the wake of the act, there was absolutely positively NO reason not to release the footage of “plane” hitting the Pentagon. And there is really on one logical reason for not releasing at that time: there was no plane……

    Offering up “photo” evidence 16 years later, photos that obviously could have come from anywhere is laughable. And the fact that they still refuse to release the video which would prove conclusively what happened makes the case for something other than a passenger jet hitting the Pentagon air tight. If “the” Jet liner had actually hit the Pentagon they would of had stills from the video on the front page of every single News Paper in the World within hours.

    9-11 was a false flag operation carried out by Israel and a small group of traitors inside the US government. Means, motive, opportunity and who benefits. It isn’t rocket science people. The evidence has been right in front of us since the beginning. For most people however, the light didn’t come on until they found out about the Dancing Israelis. You remember them, the ones Trump intentionally lied about when he called them Muslims. These were the Israeli Mossad agents, illegally in the country, driving a moving Van with a mural depicting a Plane crashing into the Twin towers who set up a video camera with a perfect view of the Towers BEFORE the attack began. 2 of these Mossad agents later went on Israeli TV and stated for the record that they had been sent to document the event.

    Pull on the tread and the entire officially story unravels and leaves one with little doubt that Israel was responsible…..

  • SP_88

    This is no longer about finding enough evidence to make a case for 9/11 being a false flag attack. There is, and has been for years, more than enough evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, that this was indeed a false flag attack.
    This is about putting enough pressure on the government to bring to justice those responsible for perpetrating this heinous crime.
    Anyone who is still denying that 9/11 was a false flag attack is either willfully ignorant or lying. It’s a slap in the face to everyone who died and those who survived and the families and friends of all of them.
    Those who are responsible should have long ago been put on trial and those found guilty should have been executed by hanging from the neck until dead. And yes, despite any feelings we may have, these people should still be given their day in court. I don’t believe that they should be executed without due process. Everyone deserves that, even really bad people.

  • Mark Dahl

    Where are the pictures???! They’re gone!

  • Synickel

    And now we’re suppose to buy this. First, we get pics of debris that has nothing showing where it is found, that could easily be fabricated. Second, crash damage and more do not correspond with a plane hit. Thirdly, and most incriminatingly, the pentagram is one of the most monitored buildings in the world, so if they really wanted us to have proof of a plane, they would have video proof unlimited. Since when does this website immediately buy into whatever government-produced conspiracy theory comes along?

  • Saiful Rimkeit

    RE: “”’Indeed, in the very first image, labeled plainly, “9-11 Pentagon Debris
    1,” a single piece of wreckage sits isolated on a parcel of lawn —
    bearing the American Airlines logo and marked with letters and numbers…”
    This reminds me of the complete passport found on the street next to the 9/11 twin towers before they were pulled down. The passport belonged to one of the “flying terrorists”, didn’t it?
    Both are plants.

  • Gary Von Neida

    Building # 7 on NINE-ELEVEN—wow, dude.