The FBI Is Preparing to Indict Hillary over Email Scandal

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Hillary Clinton

It would be safe to say that the email scandal has done quite a bit of damage to Hillary Clinton’s political career, though it has yet to completely derail her presidential campaign. That may change in the weeks ahead, if the claims of a former congressman are true.

According to Tom Delay, who was the Republican House Majority Leader from 2003-2005, the FBI is preparing to bring the hammer down on Hillary. In an interview with he claimed that “I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict.” He then made it clear that the FBI is prepared roast Hillary no matter what. If the Justice Department doesn’t indict her, the FBI is going to rebel and go public with what they know.

“One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign. One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges.” In addition to these agents, whoever they are, it’s been suggested by several legal and political experts that FBI director James Comey may resign in protest, if Hillary isn’t indicted in a timely manner.

So what do you think? Will these anonymous FBI agents follow through with their threat? And if they do, will it finally push the stake through Hillary’s political ambitions?

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  • way2inform

    It may take more than a stake through her political career OR her heart, maybe a pyre set ablaze with jet fuel and after an hour or so, a silver bullet to the head. Oh! if there is a god please grant me this one wish!

  • nathaniel haraden

    The FBI can’t indict. They can only recommend indictment.

  • august

    Hillary has Schizophrenia
    just like Obama dose Bushes Sr Jr all them schizoids!

  • LiberalsRLost

    blah…blah…blah…ain’t she-ite gonnah happen…

  • I am hopeful that it will be just a beginning of a long purge of scumbags in politics.

  • Eric Blake

    No more room in the closet anymore for additional skeletons. Time to bring the Clinton scandal foundation to justice.

  • ccambridge

    It’s about time her lies are catching up to her pathetic greedy life. She can get locked up and imagine being in that cell with that diabolical cackle drifting down the corridor.

  • gato felix

    I’m of the opinion that this is all theatre to keep the masses into thinking government actually cares, that somehow high ranking political individuals can be punished, this harpy knows to many secrets and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the FBI pursues it’s indictment she’ll start singing like a canary to save her ass!!

  • Will the FBI indict Governor Snyder and AG Schuette and their assistants?

  • Joe Woolf

    Here’s how that plays out…

    The FBI recommends charges…. hillary continues with her campaign…. hillary will still beat Bernie…. she’s guilty ( after she wins )…. her delegates get freed up with their votes…. and Obama makes back room deals to put Joe and Elizabeth Warren in on the ticket.

    There are a lot of possible outcomes but, none of them would involve a 2nd vote…. the DNC can do what it wants with her delegates once she goes to prison.

    Color me jaded.

  • Broos

    Let the Preparations CONCLUDE; let The Prosecutions COMMENCE!

  • SP_88

    Please let this happen. I know that these politicians are never held accountable and they never receive the same type of punishment as we would, but just this once I’d like to see her led out of the courtroom in shackles and an orange jumpsuit.
    If this was you or me, and we were guilty of something like this, we would already be in jail. And we would be convicted and serve the maximum sentence. But somehow Hillary is still roaming free.
    There are definitely two sets of rules, one for them and one for the rest of us.
    The only fitting punishment for Hillary would be a long jail sentence or the gallows.

  • way2inform

    I would by a plane ticket and rent a limo to the scene

  • Razedbywolvs

    I think if Tom Delay is telling the truth the anonymous FBI agents agents are going to get arrested by the FBI for “conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties, through the use of force, intimidation or threats.”
    If it make the news it will appear as “dangerous anti government radicals infiltrated FBI”.

  • Attila350

    I’d give anything to see her in a prison jumpsuit, polyester of course…

    • madamepresident2016

      President Hillary Rodham Clinton – You will see her in her best suit on the 20 Jan 2017 – her Inauguration Day of course.

      YOU BET

      • Rick E.

        The only thing worse than the stinking pile of camel shit called Hillary, are the imbecilic,demented, and brain dead idiots that would vote for her!

        • gato felix

          Lol how true that is!!!

        • madamepresident2016

          Hillary/Democrat 318 electoral votes – NICE!!!!!

      • sunshine

        I see you trollin….lol bless your heart.

        But she probably will be President since it’s what the elites want.

        • madamepresident2016

          awwww now now. thats what America wants, their best and FIRST woman president.

          • sunshine

            I like your commitment to your gimmick, too many people nowadays don’t put in the necessary effort.

          • Tery Bell Booth Naticchia

            Maybe those who like Broco’s America, not this Southern Snarky White Woman & the other 60+% of Americans who thinks we are headed in the wrong direction last but not least my little troll girl (not mean I thought those little funny creatures w/ neon hair were cute! 😉 She says she been fighting for women & healthcare since she was your age sweetie. Obviously we are worse off according to likes of her/them/you! She stole official case summaries while an intern & was fired! She could not keep her Ambassador safe, what could possibly make you believe she could keep America safe? Do tell,What? I’m so glad you asked, she shouldn’t even be a reason to be thought upon, so take your lil’ cheer & put it in the stinky locker they hid broco’s song in & slam it shut quickly LoL. Not Fox either but MSNBC, eating their own, Oh My!

  • madamepresident2016

    They are NOT investigating her. They are investing the server. ……… NEXT

  • madamepresident2016


  • Shut the full cup

    pfft…. yea right.

  • Dilligaff

    blah blah blah blah

    • Dilligaff

      Blah blah

  • NonYo Business

    I’m preparing to act surprised when she walks free.

  • madamepresident2016

    like it or not, President Hillary Rodham Clinton is coming so get ready to welcome your FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT. SMILES

  • 269 grounds to sue cops / judges / prostitutors / attorneys / sheriffs / constables / senators / etc

  • frankenbiker

    I’ll believe it when I see it. She should be indicted, but then the AG will convene a special grand jury and find no evidence of wrong doing. So whats the point? Cronyism runs rampant in DC, especially with the most tramsparent regime in history at the helm.
    My advice, arrest, let the legal process takemits sweet time. Just her being arrested will kill her campaign. We DO NOT want her tried and sentenced before January 20th 2017 so the goatfcker won’t pardon her fat, skanky whore ass.

    • madamepresident2016

      President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2016 – 2024 – America is ready for its FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT – yep yep

      • frankenbiker

        You trust this woman? With everything she’s done lately, from laundering money into her foundation to her own pocket book, with 22 emails so top secret that the investigation team can’t even look at them? You trust this whore. Well your title says it all, ‘MADAME, as in running a whore house.

        • madamepresident2016

          Nasty Nasty, OMG imagine what frame of mind Hillary haters will be in after shes declared the winner on the 8 Nov.

          I honestly hope these Hillary haters have some form of health insurance because they will need one lol

          • momsaid

            Kinda hard to be crowned from the federal pen. The woman hasn’t earned an honest dollar in her whole life, lies constantly, and silenced her husband’s victims with threats and coercion. Please remove the Rose Law Firm-colored glasses. Walk out into the sunshine. Meet reality…he’s much nicer than Hilly told you he was.

          • madamepresident2016
          • momsaid

            Wow. The authors of those articles are just as delusional and iffy with facts as you are.

          • madamepresident2016

            ……. as we all know now, Hillary won!!!!!!!

            ” Lets go Hillary “

          • frankenbiker

            And I hope she has some good body guards. The SS hated her and Bill when they had to protect them during her last presidency. She will not be safe.

          • madamepresident2016

            Moodys Analytics 26 Jan update – nothing has changed, the Democrats will stay in the white house and of course with Madame President Hillary at the helm. SMILES


            in case the folkd don’t know who Moodys Analytic is, they corrected predicted all winning Presidents since 1980, every single winning president . YES!!!!

          • frankenbiker

            Yeah, we’ll see, and like I said, she better have some damn good body guards.

          • madamepresident2016

            President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2016 – 2024 – HALLELUJAH !!!!!


    For starters, I wouldn’t believe anything the FBI is posting. Right? We’re here to help you.

  • Herb Fogelberg

    I am sooooooo tired hearing this. Just do it!!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Actually, Hillary is the only survivor of the Roswell crash. She took the saucer out for a joyride before getting her pilot’s license. So she totaled it.

    As of now, she is the head nest queen, and is getting ready to lay her eggs in the White House!

    You didn’t know she’s a Reptilian?

    • madamepresident2016

      President Hillary Rodham Clinton is soooooo gonna rock.

  • madamepresident2016

    Yeah Yeah. conspiracy theorists will NOT stop Hillary becoming Americas next and FIRST WOMAN President so you Hillary haters should just accept it.

    Hillary/Democrat 318 electoral votes!!!!

  • Tatiana Covington

    01/20/2017: HRC is sworn in.
    01/21/2017: The invasion fleet lands!

  • billyjackeng

    Oh please! The FBI is called federal for a reason. They only investigate crimes “against” the federal government not crimes “by” the federal government.

  • madamepresident2016

    Trump – GONE