The Fake Moral Outrage of the Treyvon Martin Saga is as Phony as Kony. The Lie is Killing People.

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People who claim to be conservatives and Americans better find you body parts and start standing up to these race pimps who profit off inciting hate among the races playing the divide and conquer game. The problem is not white racism. It was at one time, but not anymore. Now it is black bigotry acting like a clergyman. Yes, I am talking about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton spewing hatred fanning the flames with their own racist rhetoric.

It is almost 20 years since the LA riots took place in the aftermath of the not guilty verdict of Rodney King trial when four LAPD officers were on trial. I remember that day where they were trying to inflict us with false guilt of being white people. I remember seeing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton there to trying to stop the riots. Looking back, they both had glee in their eyes because they wanted to city to burn because it gives them free publicity. These two do not stay in power when race relations are good; these people thrive on racial strife plain and simple.

I recall when reports of a left wing crazy gunman seriously shot Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords in a shopping center in Arizona during a public appearance. Before the truth came out who really pulled the trigger. The left wing freedom haters of free speech was telling us we have to tone down our rhetoric because they were trying to blame the patriots for this shooting. President Clinton blames Conservative talk radio and the militia movement for the Oklahoma City Bombing. These leftist alw3ays tell us” we need to tone down our rhetoric because it will incite violence”. It is their word that incite violence, not our words.

I am tired of the false white guilt being thrown in our faces on the news twenty fours hours a day over Treyvon Martin being a race based crime. They will use this bill to attack gun ownership and for more hate crime laws to further attack free speech. These self-appointed Black Leaders claiming to speak for the Negro are just political opportunist using a tragic event for their own personal gain. They are happy Treyvon is dead because if he was not dead. He is no use to them. If Treyvon was alive, Al and Jesse would not give him the time of day.

I see the double standard in the media trying to divide the people-using race. We are not hearing about Black on white crime, which is very rampant, more the white on black crime. Recently a white teenager was set on fire by a group of black youths. Another white couple where the woman was raped and was forced to watch her boyfriend is mutilated before they both were shot to death. Where is the call for these black race pimps to tone it down on the rhetoric? We do not see them at all. They went after Sen. Trent Lott for making a far less statement they accuse him of racism but never call out the current President for saying his divisive comments. Any good statesmen would say” let the criminal justice system work” and withhold judgment. They would not say,” If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon” as our President so recklessly did. No one is holding him accountable for his words. There is a double standard and a media blackout when it comes to horrific black on white crime. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I find that not all the leadership in the black community is riding the Treyvon Martin bandwagon. They are seeing right through the fraud being pulled. They see this outrage over the death of the Florida teen as phony as Kony. Alvelda King a descendant of the Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King, the former head of the NAACP and other black leaders who are people of moral character have spoke out against the sham being used to stoke the fires of division.

We need to pursue the truth to stop anymore-racial division in this nation. We need to expose these sell out black leaders for who they really are. Telling the truth is not racist because it may hurt. At the end of the day if our skin color is black or white, we are all Americans first.

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