The Effect of Hormone Fluctuations on Prepping

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I have news that will be valuable to you and to your family or prepping group. It’s not a groundbreaking new invention, you can’t buy it, or pick it up from a dumpster. It’s something that has been around as long as the human race and is rarely discussed openly. It’s something that could quite seriously derail your prepping efforts.

Menopause.  Now before all you hairy assed men go and look for something more interesting to read, just give me a chance to explain why this is such a big deal for YOU as well as the woman in your life, or the women in your prepping group. I have no intention of going into the why it happens and the how it happens, I want to get across the EFFECTS of it happening.

Not all women get the gradual lead up to menopause that is described by most. Not all women get hot flushes that can see rivulets of sweat running off them from head to toe. What almost all post menopause; women will tell you about is the mood swings. Now this has been a source of derision for decades, men have come to accept that women get moody most months and that menopause is no different. Well, let me tell you its very different.

For all of my working life I have dealt with high stress situations that call for good decision making skills and a great deal of practical medical knowledge. I am calm in a crisis, have been told I have good leadership skills and a balanced temperament. WELL NOT ANYMORE!

For me menopause has been of sudden onset, this has caused a huge alteration of hormone levels. Almost overnight I have changed from someone who was good to have around in a crisis to a woman who can barely manage to open a ziplock bag without assistance. I have gone from being an emotionally strong person to wanting to cry when my husband goes to work….why when I would just shout at him if he stayed home is beyond me…and him. I am short tempered, intolerant, impatient and quite frankly vile right now. My normal empathetic nature has left and in its place is a cold hearted streak, but this does not extend to the cute puppies on toilet roll advertisements who make me so disproportionately happy its ridiculous.

So, whats that got to do with you? I hear you ask. Well, everything as it happens. A total change in nature and ability of a woman you are going to be relying on in a crisis is not the gold standard is it? It needs to be understood that these things are frankly uncontrollable and remain that way until hormonal balance has been restored, until a woman’s body adjusts to the fluctuations of the hormones coursing though her veins and hitting her brain with a punch that Mike Tyson would be proud of. Think puberty on a very grand scale and then times it by a thousand and you will start to get the idea.

On a Lizzie scale we are talking about something that a dozen handbags and a shop full of nail polish could not even begin to make better. I am in a serious bind here.

A visit to the doctor was called for, firstly for advice and secondly for confirmation that I am not losing my mind. Regarding my urge to beat the living shit out of my husband, who I might add had done nothing to deserve such behaviour unless you count breathing he said little. He said little also about me needing constant affirmation that I am loved and needed and wanted. He also said little about me deciding I wanted to take off and travel the world ALONE, that the dog slobbering everywhere is driving me insane and that I intensely dislike the head teacher at my daughters school, but not nearly as much as the absolute hatred I feel for my husbands boss, who I have never met or even spoken to. He never commented when I told him I wasn’t allowed another handbag or when I started to cry telling him the rabbit died three months ago and the court hearing into moms death had been adjourned yet again.

He did comment when I said I am craving chocolate, which I don’t actually like usually.

“Serotonin” he said quietly. “WHAT?” I snarled. He explained that serotonin levels fluctuate wildly when hormone levels are askew and chocolate increases levels of serotonin. It seems all those people who say chocolate makes them happy are telling the truth. Vitamin B6 also helps regulate hormones and high dose Evening Primrose Oil is said by some to help calm things down a little though medically he would not comment on that further. Exercise also releases endorphins which although acting more of a natural painkiller than a mood lifter exercise seems to raise a persons spirits a little and a brisk walk each day would not go amiss and at a minimum it would work off the chocolate. I did not find his attempt at humour at all funny. Many other foods increase serotonin, such as watercress, bananas, and walnuts, I’m sure theres many more. Dopamine was also mentioned. Dopamine is a ‘reward’ hormone and increasing dopamine levels also improves mood. Feeling better after getting your hair done has a basis in biochemistry ladies.

What I will say is that if a societal collapse happened this week, defence wise we are good to go. I would challenge any unarmed person to get on the wrong side of me at this point and come out of it with his balls still attached to his body or in the case of women or eunuchs, their head still joined to their neck.

Menopause IS going to change the way things are done, or not done for a while. The perspectives of the women suffering from hormonal imbalance will skew their judgement about certain issues, its impossible to say what issues as we are all different. Those living with a menopausal woman may well feel they are looking into the eyes of a stranger sometimes, but she’s still in there, and she wants to be the woman she was before the biological battle commenced. Ladies look into it now, keep up with the research so that you know what the best course of treatment is and so you can have it available should you need it.

There’s a great deal of guilt attached to screaming and shouting at those you love, knowing they don’t deserve it but doing it anyway because you can’t not do it. Something at that particular moment in time is pushing you forwards into your own personal rage zone. My youngest thinks I have changed her name to ‘Not Now’,  Stu doesn’t answer to anything unless the look on my face says its safe to do so and the dog seems to understand bastard as well as she does her name. It’s a miserable experience for all of us but one that with time we will get thorough, though I may not think that in five minutes time, things can change very fast at the moment.

As always, state of mind and effective prepping go hand in hand. Being aware of the effects that menopause can have on the women in your survival group may help you get through it a little easier than waking up one morning and feeling like the woman in your life as been replaced by the mad creature lying next to you.

One final tip for you men. When you ask if she is okay now after a tantrum, crying fit or screaming session, expect to get your face ripped off and be accused of sarcasm. If you don’t ask expect to get your face ripped off and be accused of not caring. The choice is yours.

Take Care


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Contributed by Lizzie Bennett of Underground Medic.

Lizzie Bennett retired from her job as a senior operating department practitioner in the UK earlier this year. Her field was trauma and accident and emergency and she has served on major catastrophe teams around the UK. Lizzie publishes Underground Medic on the topic of preparedness.

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  • Jack

    This would be hysterically funny–If it were not the blueprint of my dating pool. As I read it, I pictured perimenopausal women making macramé plant hangars from the barrels of heavy artillery. Thankfully, I have the ultimate ‘Man Bunker’, a wood shop and acres of fields to mow. Now, if I could only tailor a chocolate suit…

    • Jean

      In modern times, that’s not “your” dating pool, as you seem to have limited yourself by age.
      It’s EVERY EFFING FEMALE in the US. (Birth control for example, screws with their minds, too.)
      Add in the whole Feminism and GRRL POWER BS, well – I know there are good women out there, but I’d rather not sort through the whole haystack to find that needle.
      Follow Fred’s advice – look for foreign women who aren’t trying to out-man you all the time. (

      I have one, BTW – menopausal, almost post-menopausal now, and when she’s ON her meds (anti-depressants) she’s a raging bitch. When she’s off her meds? I’d rather face John Wayne Gacy and Hannibal Lecter in a cage fight than come home.

      • Jack


        Yes, I may indeed be the odd man out. It is strange for a man to seek the companion of a woman his own age, in these days.

        Immediately prior to my very messy, divorce, my ex-wife’s gynaecologist prescribed antipsychotic meds for her–OVER THE TELEPHONE–no exam! This was in addition to the cocktail of synthetic hormones she had already mandated. Three days later, the police found me on the front lawn, and her destroying everything in the house. That was the day after she had a healthy collie dog put-down, for no apparent reason. I see the Vet as a tool for the formulaic removal of reality in this, as well. These are the kinds of things which make one, I think legitimately, (and literally) ‘gun shy’ as regards the ‘miracles of modern medicine‘. I cast no aspersions at Lizzy’s NOBLE profession–That of true medicine–But, see it as a symptom of the greater disease of attempting to defeat the rules of natural law. Or, as I told a friend this morning: “The thrift shops are full of things people once thought they couldn’t live without the thrill of”.

        “Better a meal of bitter herbs in a garret, than a feast in strife”…

        • Jean

          I can understand seeking companionship, but why start with damaged goods? (apparrently you made that mistake once. So did I. 😉 But not married to her.)

          As to the drugs? These women are often on drugs from mid-teen years, if not earlier. Antipsychotics, antidepressants, blood pressure, and birth control, to name a few of the more common ones. The anti-‘s and the birth control are the problems. Birth control, BTW, changes her sexual leanings, it’s sort of “common knowledge” in the manosphere areas. (I’ll let you google that one if you don’t already know it.)
          Changes her preferences in a BAD way, though – effectively surpressing estrogen, IIRC. So she acts more mannish, and get more manly secondary sexual characteristics – broad shoulders, deeper voice, body hair. Also results in problems conceiving later, though i’m not sure the mechanism – probably because the body believes it has been pregnant for years already. At least WRT the Duggars (sp? 18 and counting), it’s natural and results in the Estrogen flush following birth. The disruption strategy of “the pill” never has a let-down, it’s like she’s pregant for years, and the body is even more messed up than if it’s natural. 😛

          Seems to me the old way of living, before “better living through chemistry”, was, well – BETTER. Family was the building block, before the Marxist femi-nazis took over and persuaded women they should be doing the same things they did at home, in the workforce (most common profession is still “secretary”), but for pay. And then pay others to raise any children.
          Simone DeBeauvoir:
          “No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”

          Makes you wonder about these mongrels.

          • Rachel

            The prominent hormone in pregnancy is progesterone, NOT estrogen. Estrogen levels stay about the same, while Progesterone increases greatly. Have you ever heard of estrogen dominance? Excessive estrogen makes a woman, heavy, nasty, hairy and crazy. Also, not all women are feminazis. I’m a 27 year old woman who ABHORS feminism – I believe it has destroyed our country and society as a whole, but you cannot say you can’t stand feminists, while at the same time wishing woman to be more feminine while disregarding the woman’s true nature – to be sensitive and sometimes moody. Please make up your mind.

          • Jean

            Rachel (Just below, can’t respond to her directly there),
            Thank you for correcting me on the hormones, sorry to have it backwards. Surprising, actually – I’m really misinformed on that – usually even when wrong, I’m in the ballpark. But it explains a few things here…
            I have heard of estrogen dominance, but I must not have comprehended the framework as well as I thought. What you have described – heavy, nasty, hairy, crazy – that’s the girlfriend (about 50 now). And her condition isn’t new, either. I’d chalked the hair up to Testosternone, actually – thinking DHT was causing it, more than E2.

            Anyway _ I’m OK with women being sensitive and sometimes moody – not a problem. It’s the CRAZY that bugs me. Zero to hyper-c*nt in a millisecond, for no reason at all. (And the woman in question, which cemented my most negative impressions and evaluations, is on several meds, anti-depressants for example. To me, there is no excuse for being totally ruled by what you feel at this second, and then inflicting what YOU feel on everyone else in the world. Making others miserable helps you how, again? So I’m a little off-kilter as a result.)
            If women want to be treated as the gentler sex, they need to BE the gnetler sex. If they want the respect, a la chivalry, they must GIVE their part in that chivalric codes. If they act like they want to take your head off, and you respond, they get butt-hurt. If you don’t respond, she just keeps coming.
            I’ve talked to this woman for 7 years about our issues (I have more than my share, too.) However, my issues generally affect ME, and sometimes my relationship with her. Remove her from the equation, EVERYONE ELSE is fine. (I had for some time thought it was me causing the tension in the house – until she went away for a weekend, and the rest of us had a nice, peaceful weekend, together. It lasted until she got home. Second time, she came home angry because we hadn’t called her enough in her time of emotional need (she went to a funeral.) We had spent the day moving all items from one storage unit to a new one. 2 hours to break everything down, 1 to drive (around the effing block, it was infuriating), and 4 hours to get thigns re-assembled in something resembling order. But SHE was the wronged party, despite us finishing about 9:30, and her arriving home at 10. Anyway, I digress.
            We’ll leave out the assaults between mother and daughter, and how mother ALWAYS has an excuse – poisoned, sick, not feeling well, didn’t sleep, etc, etc, etc. And not worth dicussing the other things that have gone on, but short version: financial ruin, and we’re working on it again – only $10K in debt now, for medical bills. HER and HER DAUGHTER’s medical bills. I haven’t been to the doctor in years… And last time was a basic physical.

            For some strange reason, women seem to think that having breasts is enough to make one feminine. I am transgendered, MTF, but can’t do much about it. However, in psych terms, we tend to be more passive, more “feminine” in that sense. (Issue 1 for me.) HOWEVER, she’s pushing me to “be the man” all the time, so – OK, SOMEONE needs to lead, right? Then she gets to criticize everythign I do, and no matter how much time I’m at home it’s not enough, and i’m not being paid enough for my time at work, not prioritizing things correctly (her first), not (as I see her do all the time) making sure I get MINE, FIRST.
            I’m in IT. telling the boss he can kiss my @$$ isn’t exactly good for a career. So guess which of us has been the breadwinner?
            And gues which of us went through multiple temp jobs, because none of THEM knew how to treat HER…? (I guess I gave that one away.) (Also, issue 2: Cognitive Dissonance, or acting contrary to one’s nature. )
            Being female doesn’t make one feminine.
            Being nasty is not feminine, Being aggressive isn’t feminine. Being a doormat isn’t human, BTW. But being agreeable, being helpful, being soft, gentle, loving, beautiful (inside and out, BTW)… THAT makes a woman. I’ve never dated a “10”, never needed to. Ex-GFs were always FEMININE, though. This one started as “bossy” – but it was also supposed to be FSO/No strings attached. Lots of events, I did the right thing in each event, and I’m carrying the costs. She’s aggressive, shrewish, noisy, LOUD, BRASH, and loses her effing mind over the slightest issue. Dog under foot? Screams the house down. Kid’s room not clean? (Never is, BTW) Screaming match, take it out on everyone else. (Daughter just like the mother in attitude, you can’t tell me what to do.)
            If a woman gets depressive? I knwo how to work with that. She is happy? I know how to deal with that. She wants? I can procure, or find something that will work, or make something that will work.
            This one? I brought ehr flowers, early on… then stopped. I’d come home, and she’d bought herself flowers, “from me.” On my dime, so they came “from me.”
            I should’ve known then that I was just an ATM to her, and any Dick would do… (She’d all but told me as much in both word and deed by then.) but her name was already on the mortgage, despite having no income. (MY fault, I tried to treat a rabid dog like a human being. I didn’t know better. But now, guess whose face I see on every woman? )
            “Misogynists” like me are MADE, not born. And I still love women, so much I envy them their power, their freedom, their beauty. I have to prove myself every day. She just has to show up. True of EVERY man and EVERY woman. It’s the game. But I am tired of playing a rigged game. If a woman’s true nature is to be a brooding, boorish, pig? Hell, I can talk to a frat boy and get more out of it, and there’s no issue of sex there. and for sex, I can pay a whore. I don’t pay for the sex – I pay her to LEAVE afterwards.

            Lovely world the Empowered Feminist GRRL wants – Daddy government picks up the tab, extracting it from MY wallet, while she takes what’s left, until she’s bored. than she calls daddy government to ream my @$$ for everything she can, and she can get away with ANYTHING, up to and including murder (mary Winkler), and our courts forgive it.

            Lots of anger, lots of hatred, lots of injury. I’ve told her I wanted to kill her while she slept – somehow she thinks I’m in love with her. And I am the one with problems? (Well, I am now… 😛 )

  • Jean

    If women are so ornery, and are past their fertile years – why should we bother to support them, then? Why not, if TSHTF, leave them to their own devices? Women wanted equality for decades – now you have a full chance at it. Go have fun.
    the men will go somewhere there are pleasant women.

    We’ll all come out ahead.

    Or, you know, women could learn to CONTROL THEMSELVES. Should learn that as teenagers anyway. Must be nice to have society forgive all your faults, but being a man – I wouldn’t know, I got my nose rubbed in all my shortcomings every day of my life.

  • wow. That is so me right now.

  • stalker

    they picked and ate the apple…thats why theres menopause lol it only took one rib to make you crazy b*&^%#!..i got lotsa ribs….sorry not feeling to cheritable today