The Disturbing Reason For The Navy’s Trident Missile Test

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By now you’ve probably heard all about the strange light that was seen across the Western United States and Mexico on Saturday night, as well as the Navy’s explanation for the anomaly. Apparently, the light was nothing more than a test of a Trident II missile (which is normally armed with a nuclear warhead) that was launched from a submarine in the Pacific. The only question that remains, is why did the Navy conduct their secret test at a time and place where so many people would be able to see it?

Typically these tests are a quiet affair, and for a very good reason. They don’t want foreign ships to observe these launches, lest they discover some of the capabilities of the missile. So why run the test at a time of day when the conditions were absolutely perfect for millions of people to witness it?

The sun was at the perfect angle to reflect light off of the missile’s exhaust, which made a brilliant display for witnesses on the West Coast. If the launch had occurred a little earlier or a little later, very few people would have even seen it. And why bother doing it off the coast of one of largest cities in the world, when you have the entire Pacific Ocean at your disposal?

Truth be told, the Navy has tested this missile over a 150 times before with little fanfare. In fact, they did another test early Monday afternoon and nobody noticed. So what gives?

For now the Navy is playing dumb, and have claimed that they had no idea the test would create such a spectacular view. However, the spectacle seems awfully convenient given the current tensions between the US, Russia, and China. It’s also pretty convenient, given what Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the media a day before the launch.

“In the face of Russia’s provocations and China’s rise,” Carter said, “we must embrace innovative approaches to protect the United States and strengthen that international order.”

Russia is violating sovereignty in Ukraine and Georgia and is trying to intimidate the Baltic states, and in Syria it is prolonging a civil war, the secretary added.

“At sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace, Russian actors have engaged in challenging activities,” he told the audience, noting that Moscow’s nuclear saber-rattling raises questions about Russian leaders’ commitment to strategic stability.

“We do not seek to make Russia an enemy,”Carter said. “But make no mistake. The United States will defend our interests, and our allies, the principled international order, and the positive future it affords us all.”

It’s beginning to look like our government just wanted to flex its military might in front of the entire world. And when you think about it, this was the perfect way to do that without compromising the capabilities of the missile. If they had announced the launch ahead of time, it would have given Russian and Chinese submarines the opportunity to observe the launch up close, and learn a few of its secrets. But this way they could keep the launch under wraps until the last-minute, while still making a massive spectacle that would explode all over social media.

There’s a very good reason why this show of force involved a Trident missile as opposed to other nuclear or conventional deterrents. This system is probably the single biggest military threat to Russia and China, because it gives our military a stealthy, mobile launch pad for missiles that can strike at incredibly long distances, and at very high-speed.

To give you an idea of what the Navy just showed off, each nuclear armed submarine can carry 24 Trident II missiles, and each missile can carry multiple nuclear warheads. Each warhead can have a yield of up to 475 kilotons, and are capable of acquiring independent targets. It has a range of 4000 nautical miles, and can reach a speed of over 18,000 miles per hour. In other words, a few submarines placed between Hawaii and California could put an end to China in about 15 minutes.

Essentially, the military just issued a not so friendly reminder to China and Russia: They are still the toughest kid on the block, and they are still fully capable of turning their enemies into radioactive dust at a moment’s notice. It’s also the same sort of irresponsible and bellicose show of force that every dying empire gives in its final days. It’s a sign that our government can no longer dominate the planet by conventional means. If they could, this nuclear display would be unnecessary.

Let’s just hope that the belligerent and increasingly desperate power players in Washington never make good on their threat.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    Muscle flexing psychopaths at the helm of our country are salivating for for WW3, all fools! If there is such an event close on our horizon, one can only hope that the first strike lands no where else then squarely in the heart of the cesspool of DC!

    • StevetheHun

      If they start WW III, it was because they wanted to start WW III.

      In the plan, the US becomes a Wildlife preserve – that’s Agenda 21. Their test case in the Ukraine worked. Wildlife is coming back all around the Chernobyl area. You see, people live a long time compared to most animals, which tend to max out at about 20 years. Radiation isn’t as much of a problem for them as it is for people.

      The very top elites were worried about nuclear war, but they may have changed their minds. That’s why the return of the cold war, proxy wars, and all the threats. It may be their plan to do it.

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  • Mr Gadget

    or biggest geo-engineering project ever…they just launched a second one. They don’t need to impress China…they can blow up anything there already…like on the docks last month….

  • Nexusfast123

    Funny, since the Russians have a whole arsenal of nasty missiles that would obliterate the US. Nothing freaks the Russians. The soft cocks in Washington have no understanding of the psychology of Russians (or the Chinese).

    • SteveDave123

      Its just a MAD world we live in..

  • Darkwing

    If the US of A would stop invading countries, destroying these countries and murdering million of civilians, then there would be no reason to even have a military. BTW: if the US of A would stop funding all these countries with our tax money this would not be an issue.

  • nelsons01

    Obama is hiding a secret that has just came out. This is breaking news and effects you.

  • Rick E.

    If this wasn’t so pathetic, it would be really funny! So the USA fires off a Trident missile, which do carry thermonuclear warheads when desired.
    They’re beating their war drums for all to see, as if Russia and China will run run run with their tails between their legs in awe! LOL, what a joke!
    Our government is actively seeking WW3, and most of the USA’s population cannot understand this!
    One watches a football game, and every other commercial is military-related, in order to pump up the WW3 rhetoric, as to make us happy about annihilation, happy about our troops all over the world illegally bombing small but sovereign countries, as if they have a God given right! Fighting for our hegemony and worldwide aggression! All the while NOT fighting for our country, but for our delusional and psychopathic murderers called our government.
    Not to worry, as WW3 is approaching rather quickly, the neocons and neoprogressives WILL have their war soon!
    And then they will have nothing left to spend their billions on if and when they can come out of their bunkers.

    • Nexusfast123

      …and when they come out of their bunkers….there will be nothing left except a dead and irradiated wasteland.

      • Rick E.

        It appears that the “leaders” here live in a fantasy world in which radiation is selective, therefore it won’t harm them. OR, they think that it will magically dissipate upon their exodus from their bunkers.
        They’re delusional fools at best that deserve the death they WILL encounter.

        • sunshine

          This will sound crazy…but we have been operating under the assumption that they are humans like us. What if they aren’t?

          • Razedbywolvs

            Then they would be a lot smarter than us. In some ways they are pretty smart, but i don’t think there non-human smart.
            The more complex a lifeforms is the more susceptible it is to radiation. A cockroach will live a healthy normal life exposed to the same levels that will kill a mouse.
            Unless there GMO’s or robots they will be just as screwed as us.

          • sunshine

            Well…this is going to sound even crazier….what if they are aliens or alien human hybrids? Who knows if some alien life can thrive on radiation? But that’s honestly probably nuts so it was just a theory. What’s more likely is they have technology to clean up the radiation, or are confident that it will be developed in the near future, so they have no qualms about doing this. They can stay in their bunkers for a few years, and come out to a clean world. Really this is all speculation though so don’t think I’m crazy! 😀

          • Razedbywolvs

            If you designed a humanoid lifeforms specifically for space travail it would look exactly like a gray alien. Small mouth for eating toothpaste food, Big eyes for seeing in the dark, Small and not muscular for moving
            around in 0 gs.
            But why nukes? That is a such a 1950’s way to kill a planet. There are much cleaner ways to kill everyone off.. like black Friday sales.
            I was talking to a girl that said she was a decedent of reptilianoid’s once. That sounds crazy, but during the conversation she mentioned she had webbed feet, widow’s peak hairline. Turned out she had a genetic disorder Some times even the people who are not speculative aren’t even crazy.

          • sunshine

            Wow, that’s a weird syndrome…and as for nukes, who knows? Who could fathom the mind of an alien?

          • Razedbywolvs

            I think that’s easer than fathoming the mine of rich lunatics.

  • Enough is enough

    Wonder over the last fifty years how many UFO Sightings. Where really missiles being tested.

  • Guy Rocky

    Its like getting a lift in car and finding out that the driver’s an out of control speed freak. Do you just sit there and hope for the best or do something about it?

  • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

    I say it was a Russian “fire cracker” launched by a “Mexican” fishing trawler as a statement from Putin to the Rainbow coalition in the white house that there are no “personal safe zones”.

  • DonDong

    I’m not buying it. Mo’ theatre. Anyone else read how “we” were just involved in naval exercises last summer WITH the Chinese?! I read that in several places. I don’t remember the wording but the reason china was involved didn’t make sense, of course.