The Disturbing, Disgusting Pedophile Code Hidden in the John Podesta Emails

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Disclaimer: This article contains allegations regarding what has come to be known as the #Pizzagate scandal. These allegations have not been proven and the evidence below is circumstantial but damning nonetheless. Our site has already been suspended and shut down based on a copyright claim over a screen capture of one of the Instagram posts originally contained in this article. We were forced to delete said screen capture from our servers in order to get our site restored. 


To start, we at The Daily Sheeple would just like to note that this is one of the most horrible things we’ve ever had to report on.


For those of you who thought John Podesta was just some nerdy UFO-researching Clinton campaign chairman with a nasally emasculated voice, you might want to think again.

Not only do the Wikileaks emails show that he is being invited to satanic ritual dinners, but he and his fellow trolls have been talking in code about something that people feel is much more sinister and disgusting.

Before you continue reading this, we want to warn you that the information you are about to see cannot be unseen.

Now, if you didn’t realize it was a code, you would just think that Podesta and Co. are simply obsessed with pizza. They talk about it all the time.

(click image to view email)




But then it starts to get a little weird…


The guy raised $40,000 and the regret is that he didn’t get a pizza? A low rent food that costs like $12?

Or, how about this?


Why would someone have a “pizza-related map” on a handkerchief?

Well, as it turns out according to Anon reports and others, pizza doesn’t actually mean the food.

It is apparently a code word in pedophile rings for young girls. Handkerchiefs have long known to be code for sexual fetishes to the point that Wikileaks even has a whole entry about it.

Makes you wonder what a white w/ black handkerchief specifically means in code…


Again, if you didn’t know what you were looking at, you might read this and think that these extremely rich and influential people are just obsessed with pizza, a food typically aligned with a cheap, greasy dinner eaten by people who can’t afford healthier, more expensive food… or a favorite of kids the world over. We’re otherwise talking about people that can obviously afford to eat much better than pizza, right?

In fact, a lot of the seemingly innocent words that these people talk about in ways that make no sense on the surface in these emails are actually thought to mean something much more disgusting:

Puts a whole new spin on how “cheese,” “pasta” and “pizza” are discussed say in this email here:


Still think it isn’t true? Then explain what this P.S. means:


Does that sentence even make any sense at all? Not outside of the context of a secret (and depraved) code, it doesn’t.

The code above also calls into serious question the weird language in a STRATFOR email about Obama’s private $65,000 party to fly in pizza/dogs from Chicago and that they “assume we are using the same channels”.

Why would someone discuss pizza and hot dogs in terms of “using channels”? Are pizza and hot dogs such a big thing to order?

Hot dogs are mentioned a lot as well. Another email to Podesta subject line “man, I miss you” says “I’m dreaming of your hot dog stand in Hawaii”:


Again, a weird thing to say regardless but much more sinister when the code above is applied.


One particular pizza place has been host to so much sickening evidence that it cannot go ignored.

According to an Anon source that did a lot of digging, this guy James “Achilles” Alefantis, owner of the DC-based pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong who has been referred to as the “Achilles heel of the Clinton campaign,” has ties that go straight up the chain to Obama, Soros, and Hillary herself and it would appear according to this evidence there is something going on at his restaurant that is far beyond people eating dinner.

Alefantis is the romantic partner of former Hillary Super PAC Correct the Record director and founder of Soros-connected Media Matters David Brock. Hillary has held fundraisers at Alefantis’ place, and Alefantis has visited the White House on several occasions. He seems to be a pretty big deal for the mere owner of a pizza parlor.

How big of a deal? Alefantis is listed as the 49th post powerful person in Washington DC. Why?

You tell us. His pizza parlor is located less than five miles from the White House and on a block where the majority of the properties are owned by Clinton-connected groups:


It’s also right down the street from Besta Pizza, another suspect restaurant with a logo (seen above) straight out of the FBI handbook regarding known symbols used by pedophiles to refer to “boy love”.

As pointed out on IWB, although Comet Ping Pong describes itself as a “family place for parents and their kids,” Alefantis himself has made more than a few references online that appear to be joking about pedophilia. After this information was made public, Alefantis made many of his social media posts private, but many have been archived.


There have been references to his parlor having secret rooms (above) including creepy pictures of rooms like this one. Alefantis makes lots of references to sex and pizza on social media, and his “jokes” (below) involve pictures of couples having sex on pizza slices and things like taping a little girl down to a table with a man standing behind her, talking about how it’s a “hilar” (as in, hilarious) new seating area for the restaurant’s “youngest guests”.


The whole thing gives a whole new meaning to posting pictures of half naked men giving the thumbs up to a guy wearing a shirt that says “I love children” in French:


Or this picture of what appears to be underage teens participating in some sort of Eyes Wide Shut-esque ritual:


Here’s a really disturbing poster (especially in this context) for a band playing at “family-friendly” Comet Ping Pong.


In fact, it just gets more and more disturbing from there. Examples of this go on and on, links can be found here.

If that’s not enough, here is some creepy footage from an “event” held at the restaurant:

All of this puts a whole new meaning on a “joke” logo Alefantis sent to John’s brother Tony Podesta for Hillary’s “pizza party” which he actually referred to as “Pizza for the Party,” not “pizza party”…


In the email to Tony Podesta, considered by some to be the most powerful lobbyist in DC, Alefantis requested that the logo not be forwarded, subject line “ha”.


Look at what the arrow in the logo Alefantis doesn’t want forwarded is doing to the pizza.

So this is a place where they have occultic art/music performances, lots of high-powered people in high places, and yet, they also host kid sleepovers?

NOTE: A guy who posted an image of four young children and mentioning a “double sleepover kickoff at Comet Pizza” that appeared to have been taken in the restaurant has filed a copyright against our site and it was temporarily shut down. Although it is a screen capture of an Instagram post, not the original image itself, and it should fall under fair use, we have been forced to take the image down and delete it completely from our server to get our site restored. The claim came from a third party and went directly to our hosting company over the weekend, and within 72 hours our site was down… again, over a screen capture of an Instagram post.

We warned you this stuff can’t be unseen.

Here is Alefantis with Tony Podesta:


Sometimes they celebrate with flaccid penis cakes (note the hashtag):


Tony Podesta, by the way, is also the guy who displays art in his house that imitates the poses that pedophile serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer put his victims into (note, this picture of Tony Podesta’s “art”/house was posted on Instagram by Alefantis himself


— in addition to paintings of what some say are little kids in their underwear being abused:

On top of that, in a since-removed WAPO article, it detailed that:

“Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the [Tony] Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes.

His brother John has interesting taste in art as well, with a picture of cannibalism hanging on the wall in his office.

Okay, that’s it. We’re done.

We cannot continue down this dark rabbit hole or we won’t be able to sleep at night. In fact, there are actually posts about people on social media crying after reading through some of these disgusting Wikileaks revelations.

No matter how disgusting this information is, the worst part is that it is just the tip of the iceberg as many in the alternative media have known for years now. It’s just that the proof has never been so abundant before.

So many things that were once thought conspiracy theory have been proven true by the Podesta Wikileaks revelations. Sure, we thought we knew, but we must admit that the world is a much darker place than it was before 2016.

Things like this are why the blue pill in the Matrix movies actually sounds good. Let’s hope they’re all just referring to pizza, the food, and nothing more.

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  • Laura Hernandez

    This is so F’ing disgusting!! Killary and her cronies are psychopath pedophile criminals and need to pay for their crimes!! No wonder why she loves children so much…sick!! Anyone who supports Killary and these disgusting people they can go to HELL! I pray for these poor innocent children that are being abused and somehow can escape this terrible situation. Why doesn’t the FBI shut this place down? If you look at the Comet Ping Pong FB page people are writing comments on their page about them being pedophiles and they are trying to delete them faster than they are posted. SICK PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!! A vote for Killary is a vote for child abuse and pedophilia!!

    • BigGaySteve

      That’s why TRUMP made his comment about HilLIARy taking many Haitian villages

      • gato felix

        Yes someone close to the Killary camp tried to smuggle 30 kids out of Haiti!

      • Lady MAGA

        It’s why Soros, via Stein, is working so hard to overturn Trump’s victory. What are the odds a judge who is uninvolved can be found? Slim to none IMO.

        There’s a reason all three of America’s branches of govt allow murderous pedophiles into America as ‘refugees’ (explains Paul Ryan’s actions, or lack thereof), and want massive numbers of undocumented children whose existence once crossing the border doesn’t exist.

        These fiends are getting more and more hungry with every second that goes by.

    • Spychiatrist
      • Laura Hernandez

        I had read some stuff on Reddit but hadn’t seen pedocrats…thanks for the link.

    • gato felix

      The FBI is well aware of whats going on, I suspect that the director of the FBI dropped the charges against Killary because she has something on him, or someone close to him!

      • A believer in the Constitution

        Comey couldn’t prosecute killary, not because she has something on him. It is what she has on everyone from obozo down. The leaks show obozo communicated with her via email, at her @clinton account. He said he didn’t know she had it, until the media announced it. The leaks show they specifically scrubbed500 e-mails from obozo’s ‘SECRET’ account. That drags him into it. And ultimately the entire administration, and dnc. There is no way the powers in charge will allow it.
        So Comey did the next best thing. He threw a monkey wrench into her arrogant campaign. If she had something on him. He wouldn’t have done it.

        Why hasn’t the FBI shut them down? One, they need real evidence. Two. Most of these guys and gals got, immunity from prosecution, as part of the joke of a secret plea bargain for Jeffrey Epstein. By Loretta Lynch U.S.A.G..
        So until new evidence can be developed independently. It will be business as usual. But now that it has been publicly exposed. And Trump won. The F.B.I. just might do their job. That is if we replace Comey. He has no credibility left. His deputy director’s wife is connected to the DNC, and got a payoff that went to her campaign, through O’Mally.
        These guys are probably going to bug out before they can be investigated.

      • cmb

        ALL are involved. Wouldn’t be surprised if Comey participates

        • gato felix

          I agree with your ” ALL are involved” which begs the question, why participate in the “election” scam? If they’re all to one degree or another envolved! in these most insidious activities?

          • cmb

            good question!

    • Lauren Harris

      Sorry to tell you this, but Trump has ties in #pizzagate too.
      Jeffrey Epstein is a good friend of the Clintons and Trump. Trump even has allegations (and an impending trial) for rape of a child in the 90’s.
      Do your research, this is simply the reality of America’s elite, the US is a darker place than we once thought.

      • For your information… That bogus smear tacit was dropped a few days before the election as it had served it’s purpose.

        • Lauren Harris

          Whether it was a smear tactic or not, he STILL has ties with the convicted pedophile Epstein (whom ran his own pedo ring for his elite friends). In 2002, Trump told New York Magazine “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
          Although they aren’t as good of friends as Bill Clinton and Epstein, Trump has still been seen on Epstein’s private plane “Lolita Express”.
          And as far as the rape allegations go, as a rape victim myself I had a very difficult time coming forward. And my rapist was not one of the most successful businessmen in America. If Jane Doe is telling the truth, her actions are those a victim would take.
          Of course everyone is innocent until proven otherwise, he still is friends with a friend of the Clintons WHO RAN HIS OWN RING. Suspicious as hell.

          • ProudInfidel

            Oh of course you’re a rape victim…ta da…Hey, Lena Dunham, is that you? Stop it you little troll…we know you lie better than the rugs around my house.

        • ProudInfidel

          Very true – the supposed victim dropped any and all claims of rape, refused to meet with her attorney and took off to places unknown. Why you ask? Ah – once they told her she would have to take a polygraph, bip – away she went.

          • Darling Damianton

            She was forced into hiding because she received so many death threats from pathetic pieces of garbage like you. You are the kind of piece of shit that attacks rape victims and tries to victim shame them. You are disgusting and pathetic.

          • A believer in the Constitution

            Lol. She got caught lying. She was also connected directly to a Kilary staffer. 3 of the other women who were claiming sexual assualt or harassment. Were also tied to the campaign. The firstvone who came out, was a campaign volunteer. Two of the others were friends of hers.

            Your goddess Kilary, is the one known for attacking rape victims, trying to shame them, and bully thembinto silence.
            Look at what she did to a 12 year old girl, who was kidnapped, and raped for 4 days, and left in a coma.
            First she caused the destruction of the evidence. Then used this fact to have the evidence thrown out. Then when on to blame the child for the rape. Calling a sexual encounter. Claiming without any evidence to suppirt the claim. That the girl had fantasies about having sex with older men.
            What little bit of that child had left of innocence. Was destroyed by that nasty woman.

            So since you back that crooked lying cunt Kilary.
            That makes you the hypocritical “pathetic piece of shit”.

        • bulldogmom

          Thank you, Stephen. It WAS a bogus smear and slanderous lie. If Mr. Trump had a rape allegation with supporting documentation, or a love child somewhere, the MSM, or WaPo or NYT would have sent a copy to every American by now.

      • ProudInfidel

        This garbage has been going on since Roman times – why do you think God sent his only son? The rich and powerful, the poor and destitute – it does not matter how much money one has when it comes to engaging their perversions upon the innocent and the vulnerable. America is no darker or enlightened than anywhere else. By the way – did the Daily Sheeple exist and detail expose’s on the Catholic Church and that grand organization of perverted pedophile Priests and abusive, lesbian Nuns? No excuses for any of them – no matter what their political affiliation. Sick child molesters are sick child molesters – doesn’t matter if they have an (R) or (D) or (I) after their title.

    • Dean Bullet

      You know there is help for people like you, the psych ward

      • Laura Hernandez

        Me? Because I despise people who harm children?!? Go away you SICK Troll!!

        • Dean Bullet

          I am an MD. You should call your Walmart pharmacy for your Thorazine refill ASAP ! You really need to get a hold of these delusional episodes. Do it for the kids, will you ?

          • Yvette

            YUP…I’m sure you are an MD which stands for Mentally Deranged! Go FK yourself you paid sick KILLARY troll! I’m sure Killary is paying you at least $6 an hour to spew LIES and GARBAGE! NONE of us believe your BS!

          • lynda james

            Go fuck yourself, you idiot!!

      • A believer in the Constitution

        I remember you. You were trying to get some 13 year old to send you naked pics. You tried claiming you were just 14.
        No wonder you’re over here trying to defend more pedos.

        I was the one that reported your sick pedo ass.

  • RMS1911

    a lot of punishment is required. no wonder dems hate laws and punishment and
    enhanced interrogations. time to arrest and “question” these slimey crap weasel

    • A believer in the Constitution

      I bet you have learned a few new words, posting this meme.
      I am totally stealing it.

  • BigGaySteve

    The pedosta brothers look just like 2 men who kidnaped a girl I 2013

    • A believer in the Constitution

      Creepy and Spooky. I saw that the other day. I googled their images to find some older pics from this time period.
      And it almost looks like the artist was looking at them when he sketched the images.

  • Spychiatrist

    We need to eradicate the filth that’s in this land. Either we do it or God will.

    • gato felix

      Well the FBI isn’t touching it, GOD seems to have turned his back, so it looks like it’s on us!!

      • Spychiatrist

        God is giving us Trump and four years to clean the house. Let’s roll.

        • A believer in the Constitution

          God isn’t giving us anything. Stop expecting him to. That isn’t his job.
          We the people who stood up against the Clinton machine and the political establishment elites, are the ones who are responsible for Trump’s victory.

          God may work a mirical now and then, to remind us that God still exists. But he doesn’t control the world around us. He doesn’t care about elections, or who is doing their job. Or even who is screwing who. Stop believing that book, is anything more than, a great work of fiction, mixed with historical facts. The book wasn’t even created by God. A council of religious leaders, held council in Nica in 325 AD. The still pagen, Emperor Constantine presided over the council. They created your book, by deciding who’s writings would be included. And wich would be excluded. After they finished. Their last vote, was to decide if they should present the book, as “God’s Scriptures”, or a Canon. Which is just a book of religious teachings. We all know which way that vote went. This is also when the Catholic church became ‘monetized’. Meaning permission by the Church to enter Heaven. Came with a price tag. Paid weekly in advance.

          God gave man free will. This is even confirmed in both the new and old testiments. This places all Christian teachings about going to church. Tidings to the church. As requirements for salvation. Is contradictory to the concept of free will. Unlike what your told. The Church is ‘NOT’ a house of God. God does not live in brick and morter buildings. God lives in the 4 winds, the ground beneath you, the sky above. But God’s favorite home, is within you.
          God doesn’t protect your physical body from the horrors of life’s realities. But he will provide the strength to survive it. He can’t stop the scumbag from kidnapping, raping, and killing a child. But God is their to protect that child’s soul, from being consumed by the evil.
          If God worked the way you expect him to. He would be a crappy God. Because a God who would rig an election. While allowing the suffering of victims of evil. Would not be someone I would put faith into. In fact, are you sure you were talking to God? Because it almost sounds like the way someone else I know, may works around the world.
          Any who….I prefer the God I know. He has never let me down before. Always there to draw strength from, in time of tribulations. He is a fair and just God. And I try to live and treat other’s, in the same way.

          • sunpieus51

            YOU ARE SO RIGHT! My biggest per peeve is expecting God to fix it. NO GOD is coming to the rescue of a people that do nothing to help themselves. Maybe he’d give us a boost I’d we actually did something.

          • Spychiatrist

            Wow. What can I say to rebut the polemic that you just wrote.

            And you’re right that God doesn’t dwell in a temple built with human hands (1 Corinthians 6:19)

            However, the King James Bible is the Word of God. That book is chock full of wisdom and advice to live by. Also, I appreciate you being friendly in your critique. Usually I get just the opposite from my detractors.

          • Seratte

            Uh no the New Testament doesn’t say you have to go to church and tithe for salvation. It says that believing in Jesus Christ is salvation. We all know the Bible wasn’t written by God physically but it was written by people like Paul and John under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the bible is even misinterpreted in some versions, but If you are filled with the Holy Spirit you’ll know God’s will and even be able to hear his voice.

            No the bible doesn’t say to just let God fix things and look the other way. The bible says to love others by helping them. Do you realize that if there were more real, rather than worldy and distracted, christians in the U.S these kinds of things wouldn’t even be happening? The world has slowly slid into depravity and corruption and this is the side effect.

            The Catholic Church is a fraud along the lines of the mystery religions where the priest manipulated the ignorant masses and supported the king. God didn’t intend for his people to trust in or be ruled over by a priest, he wanted every one of them to have a relationship with him, to have access to the knowledge of his word and to be equal in Christ.

          • A believer in the Constitution

            Well since according to “scriptures” Jesus said, The new laws, did NOT cancel out the old laws. You might want to rethink your opening statement.

            Tithing was established in 325, when the bible was created. As a guarentee of independent financial support for the church.

            All sects of orginized religion, are an affront to God.
            .I think you didn’t read my entire post. I say this. Because your making basically the same points I did.

    • ProudInfidel

      Let God do it..much more effective. It lasts forever.

    • Dean Bullet

      Take your meds please. Your parents will thank you

      • A believer in the Constitution

        Go away pedo. Take your sick mind and go find a nice demoncrat site to troll.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Lust for power and lust for sex, especially the degenerate variety of both, tend to go hand-in-hand. With politicians it usually manifests itself as same-sex pedophilia. None of this is surprising. Sickos love to prey upon the most vulnerable and helpless as it gives them a feeling of power. Meathooks and piano wire is almost too good for these predators.

  • That ZiNOist

    I’m pretty sure that “pizza” means gay prostitutes.

    • A believer in the Constitution

      Well they have a link to the definition page on wiki for these “code words”. Which. Listed pizza= girl. They had a different term for male prostitute.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Obama ordered “flying in pizza/dogs” Hotdog= boy’s

    • sunpieus51

      No, PIZZA is code for pedophile. Ugh.

  • Bradley James

    And your tax dollars paid for all of it. That is why i quit payin. POS DC satanists..


    We have known they abuse kids for a long time. Any MK victim can tell you that. For some reason it’s a very important part of satanism and gaining control over people. Disturbing and sad. These are def codes. They make no sense in the context of just food. Pizza related map? 65k flying in pizza and hot dogs? Huh?

    • Dandelion

      As far as why children, it’s a mixture of MKUltra type tactics and occult/Satanist garbage combined. Children are extremely easy to program as they are very vulnerable to trauma during the developmental stages, neurologically/psychologically. Severely abused children will typically develop Dissociative Identity Disorder and can be programmed to have specific “alters” – including alters that can be made to abuse when triggered (abuser introjects) and alters that can be programmed to kill the body (suicide) if the victim tries to tell anyone. So in a pedophile ring you might find multiple levels, from people who just want to abuse/violate children, to people who want to do that as part of some occult ritual in order to steal ‘potent’ energy from a sacrificed child, to people who are more interested in research-based mind control, and any combination. It is also the most depraved act on Earth to abuse a child in this manner, which makes it the most powerful blackmail that the criminal elite could use to secure each other’s loyalty.

  • A believer in the Constitution

    I will never ever again, send a text asking for a “Extra Cheese Pizza” to be brought home.

  • Green Fields

    The book by Brice Taylor ‘Thanks for the Memories’ she has written that in SRA the mind controlled children have their heads cut off while being filmed live for snuff films and she says most of the kidnapped children endup in these pedo rings run by satanic cults that have connection with people in high govt offices. The statue in Podesta’s home is depiction of this act of cruelty.

  • Green Fields

    In Tony Podesta’s house the gold statue of a curved headless boy and the wall painting inside Comet Pizza is a real reference because the author Brice Taylor in her book ‘Thanks for the Memories’ states that snuff films of heads of children and babies being cut off are filmed by pedophile cults rings , she is a SRA MK mind control victim. She says that these cults are connected to people in high places of office and in entertainment industry.

  • Altex Lansing

    You are sick in the head. These messages mean nothing more than pizza. You are publishing photos of kids that are at a restaurant for your own agenda. YOU are exploiting kids, hiding behind ridcolous libel laws, what a coward!

    • Tony

      Kids with hands tied up to a table. Totally sane bro!

      • Shawn Diaz

        “tied up to a table”? Look at it again dude. It’s fucking scotch tape and she is smiling. Don’t you think “tied up to a table” is a bit of a leap?

        • vertical more


    • Shawn Diaz

      Thank you! Jesus man. A kid laughing with her hands taped to a table means that somebody is just goofing off with a kid like our silly uncles did, but you guys jump to “this kid is obviously being raped!”? The fuck is wrong with you guys?

    • A believer in the Constitution

      You are one delusional person. If you believe these e-mails are talking about nothing more than eating a slice of pizza.
      “I would live to grab a pizza for an hour.” A direct qoute out of one of Podesta’s e-mails.
      According to the FBI’s list if code words used on pedophile sites. The following examples from that list, are as follows.
      Hotdog = underage boy
      Pizza = underage girl
      Cheese = young girl
      Pasta = young boy.
      Sauce = orgy
      Get the idea?

      You may choose to bury your head in the sand. And not believe that this going on.

      This wouldn’t even be the first time, that members of the federal government, were involved in a pedophile sex ring.
      In the 80’s, it was discovered that ‘Don King’, who was highly connected to the famous Father Flanagan’s Boys Town, in Nebraska.
      Don King would arrange for a group of kids, both boys and girls between 8-14 years old, to be brought to Chicago. Where politians from D.C., and their invited guests would come and party with the kids.
      A lot of guilty well connected folks, walked without ever having to face the consequences. So to think that this couldn’t be happening again. Is hiding from the realities of life.

      • Eric

        Dude, those supposed code words did not come from the FBI. It came from anonymous sources claiming they got the code words from the dark web. The only FBI sourced material I have seen is related to the heart and triangle symbols.

        • sad_sad

          I was wondering about that. Seams to be the only thing that started this and I can’t find any FBI or SVU origins. As far as we know it’s some kid that released it to see if it could actuallt start something.

  • Shawn Diaz

    It was called “Chicago Hot Dog Friday” it was a private event where they flew in hot dog and pizza from chicago because Obama is from Chicago and Chicago is famous for their pizza and hot dogs. As to his shirt, if you look at the top right you’ll see that he is at L’Enfant Cafe. Pierre L’Enfant was a gay founding father/architect/city planner that helped plan Washington DC so it’s just a shirt for a cafe named after a gay guy that the gay cummunity in DC is probably proud of. The three people in the masks are a band called My Barbarian, they are all in their 20s and not underaged. The transvestite comedian in that video is edited so we don’t get the whole performance and it is manipulated to make us think she is talking about something evil when she is probably just being weird. As of Tony Podesta’s art, Biljana Djurdjavik, people are using his art like it’s incriminating evidence that he likes children, but if you look at this link ( ) you will see that the art they are showing and the art he actually owns are not the same. He has three paintings of Biljana Djurdjavik and they are all fully clothed characters, not creepy at all, you can see them in the digital magazine pages at the bottom of the link. People are showing irrelevant art to support their fake story. Also, they don’t have kid sleep overs at the Comet. If you read the post it says “double sleep over kick-off” as in “they are kicking off at the comet” like they are starting their night there. If you guys are going to do something as drastic as accusing people of being in a secret satanic society that rapes and kills children, do some real research. This is simply people not understanding something and filling in the blanks with pathetic bullshit. If you really think that the Clintons, the Podestas, Lady Gaga, Mirina Abromovic, Obama and the owner of a ping pong and pizza restaurant are all secretly satanic and they kill and rape children, then sadly, I’m sure you are too far gone and you won’t care about these facts. Just look at the whole picture and stop reading just the highlighted content. It’s funny that this site is called the “daily Sheeple” but all of you guys are just reading manipulative curated content and blindly believing it just like anybody else. If you don’t want to be a “sheeple” then stop believing anything put in front of you just because it supports your side of the argument. Also, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s bad. Be better than that guys.

  • Shawn Diaz

    Also, as far as the Maddy McCann abductor police sketches looking like the Podesta brothers, if you read the whole thing, the sketch is actually two witnesses describing one guy, not a witness describing two guys. A husband and a wife saw a guy carrying what might have been Maddy McCann from her hotel and the husband and wife both gave two separate descriptions to the police, so that’s why there are two sketches.

    • Andy Anderson

      Troll dogpile,

      “Quick, must sow seeds of doubt! Your eyes and mind are playing tricks on you!”

      Go pike yourself, troll.

      • Shawn Diaz

        Just giving you guys facts bud. Sorry if they don’t work in your favor.

        • Razedbywolvs

          A husband and a wife saw A guy. That doesn’t mean they both saw the same guy at the same place and time.
          Your facts don’t disprove anything. Start over

          • Shawn Diaz

            The police report actually says they saw one guy and they both described him.

          • Razedbywolvs

            And their descriptions of him came out totally different.. Could the officers or the husband and wife have assumed they both saw the same guy?

          • Shawn Diaz

            Have you read the official police report?

          • sad_sad

          • sad_sad

            I mean, the police report said they see the same guy at the same place. I suppose you know more about it than thy do though. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      • Eric

        Its called being a true skeptic, instead of a mindless sheep. And you knew the definition of a troll you would realize you fit the description more accurately.

    • Nimadan

      Two separate descriptions to the police, resulting in two sketches,
      one of which looks just like John Podesta and the other of which
      looks exactly like his brother Tony.

      • sad_sad

        Have you read the official police report?

        • Nimadan

          Do you ever question Authority?

          • sad_sad

            Do you mean in the sense that the I should question the police reports or in the sense that I shouldn’t believe everything I hear?

  • Rex Radd
  • Dale Smith

    I have been researching this issue for the last three years with thousands of hours invested trying to put the pieces together starting with the Franklin county scandal, the McMartin pre-school case, Colonel Michael Aquino, MK-Ultra, MK-Naomi, the Aliester Crowley’s “OTO” (Ordo Templi Orientis) and all of this is steeped in freemasonry with the 33rd degree and above being in the Illuminati that was created by the Jesuits. This rabbit hole is deep and goes off in many directions but make no mistake, this is a FACT that this is going on and it is widespread and world-wide. Pray and seek God…ask Him to intervene and that the light be shone on these wicked luciferians.

    • vertical more

      Yeah, yeah we all know G.W. is the grand spawn of Crowley and Grandma Barbara. Old news, nobody cares.

  • Dd

    James Alefantis answers questions about Pizzagate

    • sad_sad

      Do you believe him or do you think he’s hiding something?

      • Dd

        I believe he is OVER ACCOMMODATING —
        If this was me, and I am innocent, I would be outraged of being accused of such disgusting crimes. I would sue for slander.
        Guess what thou,,, in an interview Nov. 27th with NPR, James Alefantis said it would take too long, like two years….

        Seriously ??? GUILTY !!!!
        Have a listen to this short interview for yourself and you decide.
        I call LIAR !

        • sad_sad

          There’s not really anybody to sue. Maybe Alex Jones or something, but for the most part it’s just crappy homemade videos and people chatting under fake names. And if you did sue Alex Jones, he would just say you’re proving him right by trying to silence him. I don’t know what to say man. I think people wanted the emails to expose something and when it didn’t they just started making shit up because they couldn’t except that they were wrong. I grew up in a paranoid environment that thought this way and they were obsessed with secular bands and celebrities all being secretly satanic and that all other religions are satanic and blah blah blah so I’m pretty familiar with this type of stuff. Anyways, that’s my opinion you all can have yours. I can’t judge the heart and mind of a stranger running a small pizza shop across the country, but if I had to place a bet, I would say that he’s just a honest guy with an honest small business and has become a victim of people’s paranoia and imagination.

          • Dd

            Why don’t you take a few minutes to check out the rest of the posts and videos from others above and below this comment.

            You must be a troll or missed the big picture here.

          • sad_sad

            I’m curious what your definition of a “troll” is. Like, do you guys really think satanists are paying me to comment on your site?

          • A believer in the Constitution

            But probably Killary is. If not directly through her campaign. Then trough any one of a dozen organizations, that supports her.
            The actual Satanic element, of this story. Though provably apart of the story. It is just one small aspect.

            If the claims being made, were false, and either not in the e-mails. Or were faked. Podesta would be calling those making the claims out. And denying the authenticity of the e-mails.
            But he hasn’t done either. Why?
            My guess is. If he tries to deny it. And an investigation is launched. He would be tied to his denials. If it is proven to be a false denial. Then those statements can be used in court against him. And by not drawing more attention. Creating diversions, with the latest being the recounts.
            Which hit the news, just as #Pizzagate was growing legs. And started appearing in the “lame scream media”. Recount took over, and #Pizzagate was relegated back to the internet highway only.

          • sad_sad

            if you passed a schoolyard on your way to work and the kids started calling you a fart head would you stop to prove to them that you aren’t a fart head or would you just ignore them cuz you are on your way to work and you don’t care what children think about you?

  • vertical more

    Everyone is a troll to you nutcases. This conspiracy theory has more holes in it than your acid riddled brain.

  • vertical more

    Could just be a joke. It sounds weird I admit but weird does not equal cryptic sex trafficking messages.

  • vertical more

    I wish I could travel back in time, before neocons learned the term troll.

  • vertical more

    Of all the places these rich assholes could be doing this weird shit, they would choose a shitty pizza parlor located in a public area. I dont think so, they are smarter than that. Yeah they are gonna traffic children in downtown D.C. lol Listen to yourselves.

  • vertical more

    What if pizza is code for ” Pizza”

  • Shawn Diaz

    Yeah, I’m not sure without seeing it, but just look at the whole picture. Just because you guys don’t understand something, you are jumping to the conclusion that they are satanists that rape and kill children which is way more bizarre than the coincidence that some people talk about pizza a lot. Just because something is bizarre, doesn’t mean we should fill in the blanks with our crazy imagination. There are a lot of pizza ties, pool floaties, shirts , hats, etc… Pizza jokes are the new bacon jokes. Maybe it was just a handkerchief with a pizza pattern. The email was from a real estate agent that showed him a few homes. If you look at the emails, you can even see legit links to the homes they visited. I read the theories on the 14 fish drawn on his hands. Sounds pretty far fetched too but I don’t have an answer for it. I think we just wanted something to be revealed in the emails so bad that when nothing showed up, we invented something. But yeah, weird terms. The hot dog stand in Hawaii was random and I don’t get it but it doesn’t mean they are talking about raping kids.

    • A believer in the Constitution

      When you read through all the e-mails, that are linked to this story.
      It becomes disgustingly clear, that they are talking about, sexual hook ups, involving kids.
      One of the people who was communicating with Podesta, didn’t seem to be used to using the code words. As he made it clear that, there would be 3 kids, between 6 and 11, who would be waiting for Podesta in the hot tub.

      There are a half dozen award winning freelance journalist, who have independently investigated the e-mail chains. They all independently came to the same conclusion, that this is a real issue.
      This is not the first time, Washington D.C. has been rocked by a pedophile sex ring, involving members of congress, high ranking government employees. And finacial backers. The last time the parties were taking place in Hotel suites, and private locations in Chicago.
      The children between 7 & 15, were brought in from Boys Town Nebraska, by Don King.
      So to just dismiss this story, because the few people you talked to. Are themselves short on true facts.
      Before you pass judgment, read the information for yourself.

      To answer a question you asked somewhere in this comment section. The idea of there being paid Trolls(as if you haven’t heard) comes from the revelation that killary initially budgeted $3 milion, for “hiring online trolls. To flood conservative blogs, forums, pages, and channels. To counter the conservative comments. This was usually attempted, by having a handful of Trolls join in, to flood the comment section with spam.

      Now to address your comments on the McCann kidnapping suspects. Assuming the facts support the statements.
      Having someone describe seeing someone, who you are a dead ringer for. Is strange. Especially when you have been connected to pedophilia. And the image is of a child snatcher. If that is not coincidental enough. A second suspect is also discribed to police. And the artist rendition, is a perfect match for your brother. Who incidentally is also connected to paedophilia.

      To much smoke here, for there not to be a ragging fire below.

      The NY Slimes, and the Washington pukes, did debunking stories. Both were debunked within minutes of appearing online.

      With as invested in countering this subject that you appear to be. Makes one wonder if I didn’t just state your job description.

      If your not a killary supporter out trolling.
      Would you agree that there is enough circumstantial evidence, to warrant an #IndependentSpecialProsecutorToInvestigatePizzagate ????

      • sad_sad

        Well I’m not being paid by “Killary” or satanist I can tell you that but I’m sure you don’t believe me. It sounds like you guys just don’t like people disagreeing with you which is fine. I mean, nobody likes to be disagreed with, but I can assure you nobody is paying me to disagree with you guys.

        I’m assuming that by the hot tub story you are talking about the email where they are talking about a lunch party at the farm and how the weather is going to be chilly so they will heat the pool (no mention of a hot tub or kids “waiting for him”) so the kids could go swimming and he suggests to bring sweaters so they won’t be cold? Is that the one? Do you read the actual emails or just the highlighted/curated content? You discredit yourself when you manipulate and change words to support your point. Do you realize that when you do that you are literally making up a fake story and using that to make a point? Read the whole emails, understand the content, look at the people CCed. This was a lunch party on a farm to celebrate the announcement of the speaker of the house and you are saying it’s a “let’s rape children” party.

        You can hate Hillary all you want and that’s fine and I get it that you really really wanted the emails to reveal something so so bad, but they didn’t, so don’t make fake shit up. Remember how people thought Obama wasn’t a citizen and he was secretly Muslim and wanted to destroy America? Remember how those people looked when none of that shit ever happened?

        • A believer in the Constitution

          Having someone disagreeing with me. Is not viewd as a personal dismissal,or invalidation.

          You should not make assumptions. You end up discrediting yourself.

          I have read through hundreds of his emails.
          The one I referenced with the 3 kids in the “hot tub” aged 6-11 waiting for him. Said just that.
          it was not connected to a “lunch pool party” with chilly weather.
          And the people in the conversation do NOT have kids of their own.

          Besides. If he were going to such a party with kids. Why would he need to know the age of the children, you’re suggesting is being brought by him?

          i personally find it annoying, when people make claims, about what others are saying. Based solely on an opinion and assumptions, during a conversation that requires tangible evidence, if you want to disprove the physical evidence.

          Since there are legitimate journalist, that came to the same conclusions independently of each other. And their conclusions mirror mine.

          I have had chats, with my neighbor from down the road, who is a member of a 3 county multi-jurisdictional major crimes task force.
          He said, he instantly recognized the code used, and the symbals, as being whhat has been reported.
          His team has talked about this. They all agreed, the content in the e-mails were enough evidence, to launch a full investigation(our area is nowhere near D.C. so hopefully they will never be a part of an investigation into this) into the allegations. Including search warrants. That is as far as he was willing to go, in the conversation.

          An investigation is what I have been advocating for, since comeing to the conclusion, that at the very least. Pizzaman, Podesta, and at least 2 who’s nanes I have a mental block over. Are very likely screwing kids. I am not buying into any of the actual Satanic sacrificing of the children. But the evidence that they do a ceremonial sacrifice, at times, along with sybolized cannibalism. Is undeniable. As is the “CLAIM” that in private. Their rituals are very real.
          The fact that all of the people implicated in #Pizzagate . All have direct ties to at least 4 known pedophiles. 2 of which have been convicted. The third is going to trial soon. The the fourth, hasn’t been charged yet(unless I missed it).
          1.Jeffery Epstein We know from his plea deal, that the list of his co-conspirators would get immunity.
          2. ? Been/Bean He is a 70 year old Billionaire philanthropist, Close friend and finacial supporter of obozo. And who has been to the white house including the private residence part. He also financed the homosexual pride organization that spearheaded the fight against DOMA(which was actully upheld by a 4-3 decision. The 5-4 vote to overturn they reported, was an unconstitutional ruling).
          Anywho. 70 yearvold Been and his 25 year old boyfriend, have been charged again with two counts of raping a child less than 16 years old. Been has faced four previous individual charges, of having sex with boys between 13 and 15. In Oregon, a person can pay off a victim, to avoid prosecution. This time the judge said enough. And rejected the pay off to walk attempt.
          3. Denny Hassert. Who was convicted of trying to pay off male victims, he molested as a H.S. athletics coach.
          4. Anthony Wiener
          When you look at the totality of the case.
          It is impossible to separate these folks from One another.
          You can see why some feel you’re shilling for the left. With your full support for just clearing these guys.
          By the way. I have not said you are a paid troll, for killary. I said repeatedly, that you “appear” to be acting as a shill.

          I can demonstrate using only obozos own words, and statements. To prove that there is enough evidence, to warant a full investigation, into both his legal status, and his legal identity.
          The man that had promised to be the most “transparent” president. Has compleatly hid from scrutiny, everything about himself.
          From his birth to his diploma. We have been showed.

          If obozo’s agenda wasn’t to weaken the U.S., in the world’s eyes. To divide us” along racial religious, and socioeconomic lines. To weaken our resolve, to hang onto our freedoms.
          Then he was an abject failure. Because that is exactly what he accomplished.

          • sad_sad

            I’ve searched the emails and I can’t find the one you’re referring to. I searched hot tub, juccuzzi, and pool. The only one I could find was the one I mentioned and a list of all of mitt Romney’s homes and some other super long boring one that was just a list of work related stuff.

          • sad_sad

            Not to say it’s not there. I just couldn’t find it.

  • Shawn Diaz

    Where does the idea of people getting paid to troll come from?

  • sad_sad

    If you read the actual reports and did the research instead of just saying stupid insults and thinking I give a shit, you would agree with me.

    • A believer in the Constitution

      If you don’t give a shit. Why the hell are you trying so hard to convice everyone that the Podesta shitheads are innocent angels?

  • Dd

    sad_sad = TROLL

    • sad_sad

      But what makes me a troll? Does just replying to people’s comments make me a troll?

  • I have researched, and have been exposing corruption, but this is some of the sickest sh*t I’ve ever seen or heard of. Never knew humans could be this disgusting. Even animals don’t do this deplorable crap.

    • A believer in the Constitution

      You must of missed the 80’s scandal of pedophile parties, for Washington’s political elites and insiders. Run out of Chicago, with kids 7-15 being imported from Boys Town Nebraska, by Don King, who was deeply connected to both Washington D.C., & Father Flanagan’s Boys Town Nebraska.

    • sad_sad

      They’ve already decided what they believe. They probably think Snopes is part of the conspiracy.

      • Is it ironic that a site called The Daily Sheeple is full of sheep? Or just sad? I don’t know anymore.

        • sad_sad

          Ha. I noticed that too. Fucking ridiculous.

    • A believer in the Constitution

      That is rich. Snopes is actually citing the N.Y. Slimes artical. Which one was written by an inexperienced ‘reporter’. Not by one of their investigative ‘journalist’. It took the internet about 10 minutes, to debunk, the N.Y. Slimes’s fluff artical.
      Now like any true statement that is made. And passed down the line. Will at bestm be 50-60% of the original statement.
      Plus as any story being relayed by the hurt party. Is going to be twisted into seemingly worse story.
      Like taking the original comments about the walk in cooler.
      Until I saw snopes. I had never seen any of the information, they talked about. Presented that way.
      The walk refrigerator/freezer was found on a Twitter account, with comments being made refering it to an excellent torture room. Just hose down the walls when your done. Along with similar commen%s also being made. Those making the comments were found following Padesto, or one of the directly connected people. These people also commented with strange comments on odd pics of children. Looking at who is following who. What kind of comments are being made, Then checking their profiles. That’s how a lot of the images were originally obtained.

      Once the information is presented. There is no control over how the information is ultimately diseminated.
      You can’t stop those who feel the need to distort the facts, in order to sensationalize the information. In hopes of creating more clicks, to increase the monetary payouts.

  • Worm

    Still don’t know why people are so tied to the child sex trafficking when “Do you think I’ll do better playing dominoes on cheese than on pasta” looks way more like codes for drugs than anything else.

    • sad_sad

      Why can’t it just be about cheese and pasta? If you read the whole conversation, it’s pretty clear that it’s about him getting a gift food package from a friend that usually sends sauces and pasta but instead this time they sent a cheese assortment. To your point thought, I can see that if it is code that it would sound more like drugs than raping kids though. I think it’s just a casual poor written email though.

      • Worm

        Sure I’m willing to believe that. I was mainly focusing on the post script. Maybe myopically.

      • dianetuckier

        I believe that as well , also they were referring to really playing dominoes ,as was said below “do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than pasta ” She had said earlier in an email that she” had whipped someone at dominoes by using the Podesta method of making up rules as they went along . “

  • Lady MAGA

    The investment watch blog page has been taken down. Find and use an archive link.

  • Eric

    You sound like the troll. Instead of disproving anything sad_sad said, your resort to evidence-less ad-hom. I think you and the people like you, acting in a lynch mob like manner with the flimsiest of flimsy evidence are the low life scum. You all rail about msm not being reliable but the first random post from some anonymous person on the web that attacks your enemies is ultimate truth. Pathetic. I would pity you if it wasn’t for the fact that innocent people are being harmed by your incredible stupidity.

  • fromaway46

    90% pure garbage

  • sad_sad

  • Kubrickian

    Oh, Jimmie Comet lives in Kalorama? Thats the original super wealthy section of DC where the townhomes are 5 to 9 floors.

  • David Digi

    This literally fucking made me nauseous what the FUCK is wrong with these people

  • Truman Miles

    these people need to die

  • bulldogmom

    Five will get you ten John McCain is also an intregal part of this. There has to be a reason he is so loved by the left-wing and so pampered by MSM. He’s been a scumbag all his adult life and gotten away with everything. Also, time for a investigation in Obama’s role in all this.

  • Screwdisqus123

    Good god, you all are fuckingIDIOTS.

  • April Scarlott
  • Shannon Green

    I am so disgusted that this is acceptable in our society. That we just allowed ourselves to become enslaved in such a way that we are allowing our children to be openly raped and destroyed. The amount of pedofile rings exposed from the very people that we elect and aid in getting richer is becoming unfathomable to me. I truly don’t understand how much more needs to happen before we physically force a change. It will just get harder as we wait and allow the gap to continue grow. They already are so bold and basically flaunting that we can’t do anything. These monsters that sexually abuse children are not even serving real jail time. Wait until they dont even feel like they need to fake the notions of a trial. I am ready for real change. Let’s stop asking for legislation reform and going to organizations that are ran by the very individuals doing the crimes. Enough.

  • Shannon Green

    I need help finding where citizens are banning together to actually stop this and save our children from these progressive elite animals. I can’t be the first one to want to get this actually stopped and am not sure where to go. Any advise quickly is appreciated!