The DEA Actually Hired a TSA Screener to Check Travelers and Baggage for ‘Guilty’ Cash

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Editor’s Note: This seems a lot like this recent article about cops pulling over travelers and searching their cars for money after using drug dogs to falsely alert something is in the vehicle. It’s just another way to steal from the plebs in the neo-feudalistic society we are currently living in.

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Here you are: written evidence that asset forfeiture leads to law enforcement activity, rather than the other way around. (h/t Brad Heath)

The DEA has already been blasted by the DOJ’s Inspector General for its confidential informant program. The DEA’s informants were paid when they weren’t producing intel. They were paid and sheltered from prosecution when they committed criminal acts falling outside their purview as informants. And the entire program was adrift in a sea of corruption and chaos, subject to no real oversight. To top it all off, Inspector General Michael Horowitz had to battle the DEA for every document and piece of relevant information just to arrive at these conclusions.

It’s not just common criminals being added to the DEA’s payroll as confidential informants. It’s also other government employees. The DEA isn’t running a government employee-focused sting, however. It’s just looking for money. More eyes mean more money. And the eyes that will see the most money in transit will be those located at commuter hubs.

First off, the one-page report (which follows up its comprehensive report on the DEA’s informant program) notes that the DEA is throwing away tax dollars by paying a TSA agent to do something they should be doing anyway: reporting evidence of criminal activity to law enforcement.

The OIG determined that registering a TSA Security Screener as a CS violated DEA policy, which precludes registering as a CS “employees of U.S. law enforcement agencies who are working solely in their official capacity with DEA.” The OIG also found that TSA Security Screeners are obligated to report to law enforcement suspected criminal activity that they observe in the course of their duties. Therefore, by registering a TSA Security Screener as a CS, the DEA agreed to pay for information that the screener was already obligated to provide to law enforcement.

So, that’s misuse of funds. Now we get to the reason the DEA felt compelled to throw tax dollars at a fellow government employee.

The OIG further determined that asking the TSA Security Screener to notify the DEA of passengers carrying large sums of money in exchange for a reward based on money seized by the DEA violated the DEA’s interdiction manual, and could have violated individuals’ protection against unreasonable searches and seizures if it led to a subsequent DEA enforcement action.

Judging from the DEA’s enthusiasm for confiscating cash from travelers, it’s highly unlikely this is a unique arrangement. This one just happened to get exposed.

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    If I have any cash on me-I must be guilty of something….

    • rightwingterrorist

      …and there you have it.
      They will now take it from you and you will have to prove in a court of law that your money is innocent of all crime.
      If you want it back of course. Most likely, you’ll let them have it as lawyer and court costs will be greater than that money they stole.
      At one time this was called highway robbery and it’s perpetrators were hung. Now, the robbers have declared themselves the gov’t and passed laws to make you the criminal.
      I don’t know about you, but I’ve a whole shit ton of rope.

    • gato felix

      You’re not guilty, it’s the cash on you that’s guilty!

    • DebbieCaldwell

      That’s why jesusdie for your sins.

  • Unapologetically White

    When I travel, I send everything, and I mean everything but pertinent documentation, ahead by secure mail. Freaks them out when all you have on you is a piece of ID – no luggage, no carry-on, no wallet.None of their goddamned business.

    • DebbieCaldwell

      You tell them

  • SP_88

    So basically these thieves have paid another government agency for tips leading to more money that they can steal. This is government sanctioned theft plain and simple.

  • frankw

    The government has devolved into petty theivery to support it’s illegal functions. And we continue to sit still for it. I don’t know which angers me the most, the government’s criminality or our cowardice in continuing to allow it.

  • Charlie L.

    When do they start stripping engagement rings from women? When do they start deleting diamonds, gold and jewelry from jewelers transporting legal merchandise? When do they take travelers to a medical facility and cut out a kidney for resale to wealthy who need one? When does the public say, “ENOUGH?” There is this “you are guilty of something very serious if you aren’t one of us” stance.

    • David

      i’m 64 and a white male. i can remember in the late 60’s early 70’s people were predicting,pontificating about this happening. as it turns out the people doing the predicting and pontificating are now the same people that are in public office doing exactly the same thing we were warned about back in the day. those people just got a haircut,a suit and an education/lawyers/teaching degree.

  • Plan on traveling? Learn bitcoin first!

    • Dean G

      Vote with your feet.

  • CharlesH

    F**k these government gestapo pigs.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Theft by law should be the final indicator that there is nothing in this country that can be trusted. That the government is out of control and will do anything and everything to prolong its own existence and to feather its own nest.
    Legalized robbery and theft, do you need more proof that it is far past time to accept that we need regime change at every level.
    Our legal system has been broken pretty much from its inception and there is no reforming it. We have to rip this out and start over. We have to make the arrests and soon. It will be messy these people will not give up the golden goose easy. The longer we wait the worse it will be.
    If you think voting is going to one bit of good, just go back to sleep because by voting the gov is given an excuse to continue. It is legitimated by the sheep who keep asking for more at the voting booth. I have never voted and never will until there is some credibility in the system and 99 percent fewer bureaucrats.

    • berrybestfarm

      We are at war. Time to form our resistance cells.
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA (they already know who I am)