The City Of Seattle Approved An Income Tax, But Faces Court Battle

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Seattle has done one thing effectively: drive out earners. Anyone making over $250,000 within city limits of Seattle is now subject to a new income tax, but the new law is likely to face a court battle over its unconstitutionality.

The cheers from the socialists as this blatant constitutional violation was on full display was possibly the most horrific part of the entire debacle. People are actually cheering and happy that the government is stealing money from those they don’t even know. It’s like humanity has never existed.

To make matters worse, the tax isn’t even constitutional, let alone legal. Washington state’s own constitution clearly says that an income tax, especially a “progressive” one, enacted as a punishment for success, is a constitutional violation, but politicians have never cared about the constitutionality of the laws they enact.

At issue, the uniformity provision in the Washington state constitution, which states “taxes need to be uniform upon the same class of property.” Since the 1930’s, the court has ruled that income is property, meaning the city’s plan wouldn’t be legal unless the State Supreme Court reinterprets the law. Both supporters and critics acknowledge Washington has a very broad definition of property, as defined by the current law. “The word ‘property’ as used herein shall mean and include everything, whether tangible or intangible, subject to ownership,” reads Article VII of the state constitution. –King5

How ironic that income is property, yet socialists can’t put two and two together and figure out that all income taxation is theft. But the city council doesn’t care even a small amount about rights or who they steal from or that bothersome Constitution. And why would they? They have an actual socialist who ran as such helping squash the minimum wage stats proving they know exactly nothing about the economy.


Politicians in Seattle only seek control and power and unfortunately, the brainwashed civilians will be the last to know since their government is lying and colluding to hide the damage these “progressive” policies are inflicting. When their city looks like Venezuela, maybe they will “get it.”

As all powerful as the (Seattle) City Council may be, they do not have the power to change the state constitution,” Jason Mercier, who directs the center for government reform with the Washington Policy Center, says. And aside from the constitutional problem, there is a flat-out ban on local income taxes, he says. It’s not clear whether modern courts would change their minds on those issues. –The Washington Post

The measure applies a 2.25 percent tax on total income above $250,000 for individuals and above $500,000 for married couples filing their taxes together. The tax, if the courts actually approve it, will cause the highest earners in the city to flee. Which means the money that the city hoped to steal, will go with the rich.

It’s got to be painful to be a socialist and used as a pawn in the elitist’s games. Socialism sees poverty as the norm, not the exception. The hatred toward those who earn more than others is simply mind boggling. As if somehow, one person’s success has anything to do with another’s failures. But what’s the most strange, is that the rich socialists in charge of the theft (the politicians) aren’t hated for making life in Seattle more difficult. Politicians get a pass because they are gods, as socialists treat their ideology like a religion and worship the very government which stands directly in the way of their success. Socialists demand the hating of those they have never met and want their gods steal from other people in the name of “equality”  then wonder why rational thinkers cannot take them seriously.

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