The American War Machine Finally Stopped Pretending to Care About Your Safety

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Economic opportunism, or more accurately, profit opportunism, best describes the foundation on which the war machine sustains its existence; and a recent report for ‘defense’ industry investors lays bare this callous reality.

“The Islamic State (ISIS) has become a key threat in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and is involved in exporting terrorism to Europe, Africa, and elsewhere. The recent tragic bombings in Paris, Beirut, Mali, the Sinai Peninsula, and other places have emboldened nations to join in the fight against terrorism,” reads the report from the accounting firm Deloitte. “Several governments affected by these threats are increasing their defense budgets to combat terrorism and address sovereign security matters, including cyber-threats. For defense contractors, this represents an opportunity to sell more equipment and military weapons systems.”

Spending in the defense sector experienced a downturn, the report explains, because of the 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA), the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, and “a similar Congressional action in late 2015.” But investors can now breathe a sigh of relief, as Deloitte predicts an upturn in defense spending this year, though “future budget increases will depend on continued bipartisan agreement to reduce or eliminate the effects of the sequestration brought about by the US BCA.”

In other words, as long as politicians push sufficiently to thwart congressional measures intended to rein in frivolous Pentagon spending, the war machine — also known as the military-industrial complex — will indeed be flourishing in no time. For investors, at least, and the industries built around developing effective ways to kill people, the gloomy days of doubting astronomical profit-making have drawn to a close. Not that there was cause for such concerns in the first place. One glance at the report’s chart shows the top 25 nations’ military spending in 2014 totaled a whopping $1,747,000,000,000. But even more tellingly, the United States’ $609.9 billion budget totaled more than those of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, the U.K., India, and Germany, combined.

Military industries and their investors exist solely because of war. Consequently, they thrive on the suffering of entire populations around the world — making their exuberance over “revenue growth” that’s “expected to take a positive turn” because “the resurgence of global security threats,” a tellingly shallow commentary on the profit-driving factor underlying world conflict.

Helping the effort along are defense industry lobbyists, such as the deceptively-named Americans for Peace, Prosperity, and Security, which recently congratulated itself for “driving the debate on foreign policy during the 2016 presidential election” by “pushing candidates on national security.” Evidence of its startling effectiveness became clear in the December 15 GOP debate, when various hawkish terms dominated both questions from moderators and candidates’ responses:

A multi-pronged endeavor to keep the U.S. and the world perpetually at war seems destined to ensure that fate — and as long as profit fuels the effort, it will succeed.

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  • WinstonSmithy

    This insanity only ends when the regular guy/gal off the street stops taking money to kill and die in vain for the lies of politicians like the psychos in the video and the profits of the MIC/National Security State.

    • It could stop any time any of the ignorant traitors in the American military decided to stop committing treason by honoring the oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution. Or, they could just join Oathkeepers.

      • LocalHero

        The Oath Keepers (or, as I call them, Oaf Poodles) are controlled opposition and have been compromised from their very beginnings.

        • SP_88

          Where did you get that from? I’m not arguing with you, I’m genuinely curious, because I thought that they were ok, or more accurately, I hadn’t considered that they weren’t ok.
          I know that any group that opposes the government and points out their criminal activity and lawlessness, etc, is going to be infiltrated by the government, or at least they will try to infiltrate them. And since they are all military or ex-military, law enforcement and whatnot, it probably wouldn’t be hard to get someone in with them.

        • Since the vast majority of military members are traitors, this is not news to me.

    • lilred

      The government would just import soldiers from other countries and give them u.s. Citizenship to serve their purpose if regular Americans didn’t join up. They don’t even need the draft anymore.

      • WinstonSmithy

        When it comes to offensive military adventurism, you are correct that one mercenary is as good as another. Heck, I think it’s already being done to some extent. Also, your idea has a precedent in the Roman Empire. However, I do think the optics of military adventurism abroad being conducted by a majority foreign born (volunteer/mercenary) military would be much easier to de-legitimize politically. That doesn’t mean it would stop, though.

  • Rick E.

    LOL, our safety! Anyone that thinks that fighting goat herders, hospitals, wedding parties, and even evil jihadists is fighting for our country is a simpleton! Our troops are dying for oil, petrodollar, and keeping our military war machine above ground financially!
    I am NOT anti defense, I am anti fighting senseless, hegemonic, and evil wars all over the freaking globe! Constantly!

    • There are no American soldiers that have fought for America since WW2, and most who did so are suspect, but I’m willing to let them take the moniker of the greatest generation with them. All others have been fighting for their government, not their country.

    • lilred

      You forgot to mention the u.s. Govt soldiers are protecting the poppy fields

  • DisciplesOfTheWatchOBEY

    Is the US Congress full up of Israeli citizens? Is Israel a war faring country? What should we think?

    From Democracy Now we have the question of the day:

    Why is Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Police Killing of Eric Garner, the Only One Criminally Charged?

    • If it weren’t for the “natural born citizen” phrase, there might be a Israeli in the White House. There have been plenty of zionists in there.

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