Thanks to TSA, Almost 7,000 Passengers Missed Their Flights in Just One Week on Just One Airline

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And in other news, the TSA continues to suck.

It isn’t even summer yet, and major problems with longer and longer TSA screening times are happening at major airports across the nation, including Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and San Jose just to name a few. During Spring Break (March 14-20) this year alone, an estimated 6,800 airline passengers missed their flights due to TSA screening delays on American Airlines — just American Airlines.

Who knows how many people in total — mostly innocent Americans who bought a ticket to ride on a plane simply because they want to travel quickly from one place to another — missed their flights that week in this country. Or how many miss a flight in total on a daily basis thanks to TSA. The number would probably shock us all… or not. (It is the TSA we’re talking about.)

A thousand passengers missed their flights at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in March thanks to TSA, and 650 passengers missed their flights in just one day at Charlotte Douglas International Airport — Good Friday —  again on American Airlines for the very same reason.

Airport Policy News reported on the fact that many airports are now considering pulling the plug on TSA, but who knows if it will actually happen. The manager at Atlanta’s airport has given TSA a deadline of 60 days to fix screening time issues or else he’s going to replace TSA with contract screeners. Other airports are threatening to do the same.

Supposedly TSA was banking on the fact that people would sign up (and pay) for Homeland Security’s PreCheck program, but hardly anyone wants to. Get ready for a marketing blitz of taxpayer-funded commercials about how awesome it is to pay $85 to take time out of your life to willingly be fingerprinted at a homeland security application center in exchange for being treated a little less like a criminal when you attempt to fly at an airport.

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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  • Unapologetically White

    “No one good, decent, moral, ethical, competent or intelligent has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity whatsoever.” ~WeaponsMan

    • Cracker122049

      And never will either,those pieces of garbage know no shame and are simply feeding at the trough like the rest of the government pigs do!

      • Patsybkluge3

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    • roger

      I must wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of that bunch of dipshits breathing good air that should be reserved for the rest of us.

  • gato felix

    That the American public is still putting up with this abuse is testament to the apathy in this country, for Christ sake people stop flying for a month and see how much longer they’ll be around!!!

    • Since I have flown twice in the last two years (to and from) as required to get oriented for a job that I subsequently refused, as well as refusing a job that paid $1800 a week because it required me to fly back to get each set of vehicles to be moved, that is all of the deprivation that I have felt as a result of avoiding the TSA.

    • George Washington

      I always take Amtrak.

  • Frank

    TSA definitely has problems, both in management and in the way they perform their assigned duties – but they’re really not the only ones to take some of the blame. I travel by air on an infrequent basis, and see many of my fellow travelers who show up with little time or margin for error. THIS is another problem in America, a broad sense of entitlement by the masses. Not taking a little bit of time to consider that hey, there might be other travelers (especially on peak travel dates), or allowing for some extra time to get through the security gauntlet are all failures owned by the individual travelers that add to the total problem.
    The author, “Melissa Dykes,” is obviously targeting TSA with the blame for numerous systemic failures and in our Liberal “Nanny State” we, as individuals, can’t be responsible for anything – so all of our travel problems are obviously the fault of the TSA – anybody else but the individual with the power of Free Will and Choice.
    Shame on me for advocating a little personal responsibility by the individual Citizen.

    • Since the TSA hasn’t made us a bit safer in the process, it should be seen as oppression and torture.

    • Unapologetically White

      I stopped reading at the word “but”. You can’t have it both ways.

  • kirkpatrick

    If an airport pulls TSA, the Feds will threaten to blow up the airport “to protect passengers safety”. They threatened to shoot down planes over Texas when they tried to remove TSA. If that’s not proof that they are the real terrorists, what is?

    • Frank

      When was this? What’s your source for the Feds threatening to shoot down airplanes over Texas if TSA was kicked out?
      I’m sure there are security contractor companies salivating at the chance to make some money when they replace TSA at major airports – air travelers can expect to see a jump in “Airport Access” fees and other charges that will be implemented to defer the cost to the consumer/traveler.

      • bosunj

        Aren’t you just one super special statist authoritarian follower there Sunshine.

        • Frank

          I’m a Statist, in your opinion, because I say that individuals have some responsibility and control of their own situation? You are wrong.

          • bosunj

            No because you’re using that false metric as a measure to distract and obfuscate the main premise that TSA is utter bullshit theatre and nothing more.

          • Frank

            In your myopic world.

      • kirkpatrick

        Let me get this straight: Frank isn’t smart enough to type THREE WORDS into Google, instead trying to stall everyone with his GARBAGE? But he thinks he has the right to DICTATE how everyone else should LIVE??

        Here you go Frankfart, you f*cking idiot.

        • Frank

          You know that the internet is FULL of useless junk, so wanted to know what YOUR source was. Why do you have to be such a butt nugget about it?
          If you think that reminding people that they have the power of choice and the ability to change or avoid unpleasant circumstances “garbage,” then you are an idiot. In no way does advocating personal choice constitute telling or “dictating” how others should live.
          Save the name-calling for around your own dinner table, your family might be impressed by your juvenile language skills.

    • roger

      no shit. the tsa has not caught on single solitary terrorist since its inception. total waste of skin……

      • George Washington

        That’s not quite true. They caught Henry Kissinger once. Made him get out of his wheelchair. Then the bastards let him go.

  • SimonSays

    Don’t know if any one knows about this .
    i see it from time to time a Black one followed by a white one to cover the black one up

  • Those who are abused by the TSA will continue to be so treated, and will be regarded by those of us who refuse to be, as deserving of everything they get.

    • Frank

      If you know what to expect, and you submit yourself to it anyway, then you have nothing to complain about when something happens to your dislike.

      • I keep waiting for somebody important to be victimized by the TSA, but I guess they all fly chartered or personal, or the TSA is very careful not to check them.

      • bosunj

        You’re utterly ridiculous with your gold plated knee pads and that dribble down your chin.

        • Frank

          Don’t put your ugly self-perceptions or bias on me, you obviously have nothing intuitive to offer except.

      • kirkpatrick

        So he should get himself arrested on terrorist charges, or else that makes TSA ok? Let me guess: you work for TSA.

  • Someguy

    7000¿? They can do so much better. Just wait, new high score coming soon.

  • bosunj

    Want this to stop? Don’t go to the airport. Don’t get on their planes for one day. Just one day.

    Want to disband TSA entirely? Don’t go to the airport or get on their planes for one week. Just one week. Guaranteed the management and owners of those airlines will be screaming at their bought and paid for politicians to get rid of TSA.

    Want to change the airlines attitude on just about everything? Don’t go to the airport or get on their planes for one month. Just one month.

    You have ALL the power you need right there in your wallet.

    Otherwise stay in line and enjoy your self imposed enslavement.

    • varlog

      I haven’t been to the airport in over a year. t s a didn’t go anywhere.

      • bosunj

        EVERYONE. Are you intentionally obtuse or did you work at it your whole life?

        • varlog

          That might have been what you were thinking but it isn’t what you posted. Where does it say EVERYONE in your first post? Its all singular, you, your.

          So I will ask you your own question, “Are you intentionally obtuse or did you work at it your whole life”?

  • George Washington

    Geddown an’ lick my boots, son!

  • Milly Vanilly

    Here’s a personal story I experienced.
    I USED to travel overseas every year & stay about 2 months on average each trip. My flight was grounded once because of a winter storm & I spent the nite sleeping on the floor at the check in gate. The airline, along with some vouchers, gave out a small travel kit ( toothpaste, brush, deodorant, razor, etc) for inconvenience.
    Ok, all good, next year I flew the SAME airline, in better weather & I packed my MONOGRAMMED airline travel kit in my carry on. When they screened it through the X ray belt, RED lights flashed & alarms went off. I was grabbed & escorted aside while they went through my carry on with a fine toothed comb, swabbing it every few inches & placing the swabs in a machine. I was close enough to the machine to see it registering EXPLOSIVES after each swab was placed in it.
    After about 10 minutes they FOUND the EXPLOSIVES….it was the ORIGINAL free tube of toothpaste that was IN my Airlines FREE travel bag. The contents of my carry on were scattered ALL over the floor & I was FURIOUS ! After the Head Female supervisor tried to clumsily repack my bag, I tore it away from her & starting repacking it while I screamed & yelled at her. I SHOWED her that it was THIS EXACT SAME Airline that had GIVEN Me the travel bag in the FIRST PLACE.She told me I could have the travel bag back but would have to WAIT for a plastic bag to put it in. I just threw it at her & stormed onto the plane…LUCKY not to have been detained or arrested.
    After that incident I tapered off flying ,only on emergencies will I use the airlines, which is RARE!