Terrified Of Crime, Sacramento Neighborhoods Seek Private Security

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Over the past few years, Sacramento neighborhoods have seen a sharp rise in crime. But instead of relying on the government and higher taxes, citizens have decided to hire private security firms to help where government fails.

Emily Hannon’s neighborhood in Land Park is no criminal hotspot, but she said the “little things” have added up over her nine years there.

First, the radio was stolen out of Hannon’s locked car. Then decorations disappeared from her front porch. And in recent years, she said, crime targeting her neighbors has seemed to rise, with posts about Land Park car break-ins popping up on the neighborhood social site Nextdoor every week. –Sacbee

Worried that the incidents were piling up, Hannon decided that the whole neighborhood should look further for help.

More than 70 homes in total now [have] joined a small but growing number of Sacramento neighborhoods fed up with [the] petty crime that pool[s] money to hire private security for their streets. Long common among businesses and gated communities, the extra security measures are newer territory for entire blocks of residents who want to combat crimes like car break-ins and bike thefts but realize city resources are stretched.

“They’re dealing with much bigger fish to fry, and they should be,” Hannon said of city police. “We shouldn’t allocate our police resources to petty stuff. But I want to be safe in my neighborhood.-Sacbee

The government will continue to exploit victims to gain more money, but for now, it appears that at least some are wising up and putting their trust in private companies who must work for their pay, rather than the government, who steals for it.

This video offers a simple explanation for why private security firms will offer more safety than the police.

Just imagine the freedom one could feel if allowed to pay for the services they want and exclude themselves from those they do not.

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