Teen Who Built Gun-Firing Drone Arrested for Assaulting Cops

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It’s pretty obvious the system is making an example out of this guy to deter others from following in his footsteps.

Eighteen-year-old mechanical engineering student Austin Haughwout of Connecticut put up a video called “Flying Gun” back on July 10th that shows his homemade drone hovering off the ground and firing a semiautomatic handgun:

You know, the kind of stuff the military and police departments across America currently have right now. The kind of thing that could be easily built by pretty much anyone these days.

The video went viral and people began freaking out that a citizen could create such a thing. The FAA announced it was “investigating,” although no laws currently exist specifically against this.

Now Haughwout has been arrested and released on a $20,000 bond. The claim is the charges have nothing to do with the actual drone itself, but it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that had Haughwout never uploaded that video, he wouldn’t have had any interaction with police at all in the first place.

According to Yahoo! News:

The charges have nothing to do with the drone, but stem from an incident last Sunday and a physical altercation with officers, the Clinton police department said.

He was arrested on Wednesday evening after being asked to turn himself in on an outstanding warrant.

Police said he refused to submit to arrest and that he hit and kicked at two officers “repeatedly”.

As a result he was charged with two counts of assault and a single count of interfering with an officer.

The arrest warrant also charged Haughwout with interfering with an officer and failure to obey an officer’s signal.

Really? Nothing to do with the drone, huh? Interesting that Yahoo! doesn’t state was the original warrant was for. Would the officers have even gone to this teen’s house had he not uploaded that video?

The bottom line here is, they had to find some reason to come down on the kid because there is no law against his drone gun. The system, apparently, feels threatened. Can’t have the plebs building the technology of the patricians.

As if anyone needs to be intimidated by the State in this case or made an example of anyway. Was this “flying gun” really a new idea singular to this teen? This is the natural evolution of drone technology in a country governed by the military-industrial complex and again, the military already has much worse than this. It’s not like the idea of a drone-controlled gun was a big secret or anything.

The only difference here is, the guy put a video up proving how easily it could be done.

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  • SKIP

    Wait till the FIED get airborne (Flying Improvised Explosive Devices) We are indeed living in interesting times.

    • SovereignPatriot88

      Already been done. Look at FPS Russian or FPS Russia (not sure of the spelling) YouTube videos. He has a drone with a machine gun that he flies around and demonstrates how it works. At the end he shoots out the back window of a car, then flies inside the car and hits self destruct. The drone explodes, destroying the car. He claims a 15 foot blast radius, which from the video, looks accurate.

      • Reverend Draco

        That FPSRussia dude is crazy. . . took a tank through a fastfood drive-thru once.

        • NonYo Business

          Yeah, hes pretty entertaining… Loved his dragonfire shotgun from his earlier videos.

        • James Michael

          Right to bear arms baby…..

          • Reverend Draco

            Arms, yes – Ordnance, not so much.

      • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

        I saw that, and I would hate to have to be trying to get away from one of those.

    • crazy2medic

      Wouldn’t need to explode, how about landing a load of thermite

      • Smarty

        Thermite is hard to find these days. I hear it was all used up on the WTC F/flag event….

        • crazy2medic

          Thermite is incredibly easy to make!

  • SovereignPatriot88

    Now that he has an assault charge, his 2A rights will be stripped away for the rest of his life. And that was the whole point of their witch hunt.

    • There is no provision for the stripping away of 2A rights, since the amendment just orders Congress to not infringe them, something they’ve never had a problem doing. The only place that gun possession can be curtailed is in a prison, and they are pretty well armed and supplied with drugs, so…

      • SovereignPatriot88

        Your right, I phrased it wrong, but the end result is not much different as long as he goes along with it.

        • I couldn’t find the quote, but there is one that states that we must belligerently demand our rights or live without them. Few are as belligerent as they are whiney.

    • That’s his fault if he listens though, free people don’t ask to be free.

      • SovereignPatriot88

        Many people here in CT have refused to go along with these registrations. It was hi-cap mags and “assault weapons” registration. Some people submitted but many didn’t. Gives me hope for this left leaning state. A lot of people in my area are pro-gun. I’m within hearing distance of a gun range and I hear it constantly. Even during the ammo shortage. Music to my ears.

    • Undecider

      2A rights can never be stripped away. But he will have a problem purchasing and registering a firearm at a gun store.

  • Gearmoe

    Naw, vid had nothing to do with. Naw, nope, none.

  • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

    Good example of what NOT to put up on youtube. It is strange that so many things on the internet wind up in local police departments’ venue. I am going to assume that an alphabet agency delivered some intelligence to the Clinton PD. After that, it was a simple task for them to find out if the kid ever had any infraction of the law.

    • He could have uploaded anon, maybe he didn’t see this coming, I sure would have though.

  • If anyone can build one, why aren’t the skies full of them?

  • Undecider

    The price one pays for narcissism. It’s apparent these idiots still don’t understand the world we live in. If you want to build something like that, use a warehouse. Something with enough space to fly. Have a suppressor on the integrated gun and use small caliber rounds. Keep the crap hidden and don’t expose to the public. Use your head!

    You don’t see the government exposing things unnecessarily. They keep their projects under wraps and operate under the cloak of secrecy and darkness.

    • SovereignPatriot88

      People just can’t help it. They want everyone to see how smart, cool, skilled, etc. they are.
      And once TPTB think you are a threat either physically or ideologically, you end up on a sort of “hit list”.

  • Rogoraeck

    Yahoo didn’t mention, what the original Warrant was for ??
    It was for farting in an elevator !

  • Brian Smith

    Cops are lying.

  • Sonokar

    First of all, this kid’s version of an armed drone is lame and useless. Where I live, groups have built practical versions of the same thing, and more.

    Second of all, how stupid can you be to post it on YouTube? I hope his 15 minutes of fame were worth the agony he brought on himself.

    • Nick

      The larger point is that this prominently displays the corruption and willingness of the regime to visit harm on those who color outside the lines.

      • Sonokar

        Yes, yes, I know that. But to blatantly grab the hot wire is a stupid way to protest the fence.

  • James Michael

    There is no cause of action against this man….The courts and the law are complete and utter treasonous puss filled racket….

  • Eric Church

    I want to know, what will they do when the citizens have finally had enough – what then? IT really needs to happen. Enough is enough. Every single day it is something else, 1 more thing lost, gone, taxed, taken, etc, etc…it never seems to stop.