Ted Cruz Goes All-In for Monsanto; Insults Tens of Millions of Health-Conscious Americans by Calling Them ‘Anti Science Zealots’

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U.S. presidential candidate and Texas senator Ted Cruz went all-in for Monsanto on the campaign trail in Iowa, parroting Monsanto’s propaganda by proclaiming that GMOs are feeding the world while insulting health-conscious consumers by equating support of GMO labeling with “anti-science zealotry.”

At the Iowa Agricultural Summit, Cruz revealed that he in effect fully supports the mass poisoning of the American people with hidden (unlabeled) GMOs, cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide, farmer suicides caused by GMO crop failures and the widespread genetic pollution unleashed by genetically modified crops. “[W]e shouldn’t let anti-science zealotry shutdown the ability to produce low-cost quality food for billions across the globe,” he stated, invoking a false claim that’s actually a widely disproven Monsanto talking point. (SOURCE)

Hilariously, in making that statement, Ted Cruz also implies that he is literate on scientific issues. This alone is highly questionable. He may be a brilliant constitutional scholar and student of the law, but he knows next to nothing about the health effects, environmental impacts and genetic pollution risk of GM crops. He could start by reading Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public.

For the record, my own book, Food Forensics, comes out this July and also covers GMOs and glyphosate.

The right to bear arms but not to read accurate food labels

In choosing Monsanto over the health and food freedom of the American people, Ted Cruz joins Hillary Clinton as a Frankenfood pusher who believes that Americans should not only be fed cancer-causing herbicide chemicals that are being banned all across the globe; he also apparently believes that the American people have no right to know whether they’re even eating toxic GMOs.

As Natural News readers know very well, I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and believe that the right for law-abiding citizens to acquire firearms shall not be infringed by government. Ted Cruz agrees with this particular position, but he opposes the right of citizens to have access to honest food labels that describe the GMO content of the food they’re buying. And in this, he is demonstrating his disturbing failure to think with consistency.

In effect, Ted Cruz believes that Americans have the right to buy a gun, but not to read a label. Apparently GMOs are far more dangerous than guns in the mind of Ted Cruz, because GMOs must be hidden from the public even as guns are readily accessible.

While people like Ted Cruz routinely invoke the right of self defense against violence as one justification for access to firearms, he simultaneously denies the right of self defense against chemical violence by failing to support the public’s access to accurate GMO labels. (You can have a GUN, in other words, but you’re not allowed to have a LABEL.)

Even worse, he insults all those Americans who share ever rising concerns over food pesticides, herbicides and chemical contaminants that the scientific literature overwhelmingly proves can cause cancer. If only guns could provide personal protection against pesticides, then Ted Cruz might find himself on the right side of this argument… but that’s not how chemistry works. Chemicals are insidious, slow, invisible killers that commit violence on a cellular basis, day after day, meal after meal, until the victim is rendered diseased and ultimately dead. The primary defense against chemical violence is CHEMICAL AVOIDANCE. And that avoidance can only be achieved through the kind of honest food labeling that Ted Cruz opposes… even ridicules.

Here’s a gun you can use to kill someone else, Cruz might say to a citizen. “But we offer you no defense against the chemicals in food that are killing YOU.” Your right to self defense, in other words, ends where Monsanto’s weedkiller profits begin.

Ted Cruz, it seems, is simultaneously opposed to criminal violence while wholly in support of chemical violence. This stance is self-contradictory. If you believe in the right of self defense, then you must believe in the right of Americans to exercise informed self defense against chemicals that cause harm, too. And the only way to exercise self defense against the chemical violence committed by the agrichemical giants is to have access to honest, accurate food labels that reveal the genetically engineered content inside those products. It is this access to accurate food labels that Ted Cruz inexplicably opposes… even insults… in precisely the same way the political left ridicules lawful gun owners who seek an effective means of self defense against criminal violence.

A violation of God and Biblical principles

Perhaps even worse than the betrayal of fundamental constitutional principles of liberty, by going all-in for Monsanto, Ted Cruz joins forces with the most evil corporate entity on planet Earth. Because Ted Cruz claims to be a supporter of Christianity, Biblical principles and God’s creation, his betrayal on GMOs is far more than a political betrayal; it is spiritual treason against God.

Monsanto has taken a corn crop that was perfected through natural selective breeding by early humans, then turned it into a food POISON that damages the kidneys, liver and reproductive organs. This is a treasonous act against humanity, Mother Nature and even God.

By supporting Monsanto, Ted Cuz is openly encouraging a devious corporate entity that systematically violates the laws of Mother Nature and believes that Man’s engineered (poisonous) seeds are superior to God’s seeds that gave rise to nutritious corn via natural selection (humans working in harmony with nature to gradually shape phenotype genetic expression of food crops). The imperialist pushing of GM corn, for example, has led to the agricultural eugenics wipeout of diverse corn species across Mexico. See Mexican farmers fight to preserve 59 indigenous corn varieties against hostile GMO takeover. It has simultaneously collapsed the diversity of the seed supply in states like Texas, where seed diversity for home gardeners has plummeted as biotech corporate giants bought up seed companies and shut them down.

Not only does Monsanto seek to overthrow Mother Nature’s seeds with its own genetically engineered seeds, it has aggressively sought to dominate the intellectual property of seeds that produce food for the entire nation, incessantly acquiring patent monopolies over many forms of food crops, food producing ranch animals and agricultural chemicals.

To put this into Ted Cruz’s evangelical language, no servant of God can side with Monsatan without committing spiritual treason. By proclaiming his treacherous partnership with Monsanto and the biotech industry, Ted Cruz aligns himself more with the Devil than with God. The Devil seeks power and domination over Man… and so does Monsanto. The Devil operates out of deviousness and deceit… and so does Monsanto. The Devil wields power by fear, intimidation and threats… and so does Monsanto. If this is Ted Cruz’s partner in his quest for the highest position of power in America, he is adamantly unqualified to lead any man or nation into anything other than darkness and destruction.

See Monsanto: The world’s poster child for corporate manipulation and deceit.

Ted Cruz abandons constitutional liberty and joins the totalitarian agricultural establishment

Beyond the spiritual and political implications of his siding with Monsanto, Ted Cruz has also abandoned his constitutional principles of American liberty in dismissing anti-GMO citizens who oppose deadly herbicides and seed monopolies.

Americans only possess the liberty to choose what to eat when that liberty is made possible by accurate food labeling. To side with Monsanto is to join forces with the DARK Act proponents who seek to crush all honest food labeling laws across America (such as Vermont’s GMO labeling law, set to go live this summer). See Food tyranny to become federal policy as DARK Act threatens to censor all GMO labeling nationwide … Take action!

To deny consumers an informed choice is to deny them liberty. And to deny them liberty is to entrap them in a corporate-run system of food deception and systemic chemical poisoning that can only accelerate the downfall of this nation from disease, suffering and medical debt. Ted Cruz’s future for America is a future full of cancer, crop failures, starvation and disease, where corporations like Monsanto own all the intellectual property of seeds, placing farmers into de facto indentured servitude, all while the crony capitalist banksters pocket trillions in profits that are invisibly stolen from the working class via fiat currency money printing and fraudulent quantitative easing (currency debasement). It is a future wracked with poverty, suffering, disease and destitution, where America collapses into a third world nation of impoverished sheeple who are all systematically poisoned by insidious agriculture giants that serve as the new donor class for political power.

The corporate giants that dominate America’s food supply today are nothing less than agricultural totalitarians, filled with hatred for health-conscious consumers, clean food and food transparency. Their enemies are food choice and truth in labeling, and they operate via violent character assassins and paid defamation mercenaries like Jon Entine, a devious liar and disinformation slinger who has ties to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the very same group of conservative thugs and haters of democracy who recently hosted a desperate, secret meeting among wealthy globalists to try to stop Donald Trump from getting elected.

See Jon Entine, biotech shill and character assassination operative, committed domestic violence and child abuse, states wife in court documents.

Ted Cruz now has ties to both Goldman Sachs and Monsanto, two of most destructive entities on the planet

No doubt the agricultural giants are now supporting Ted Cruz in precisely the same way the criminal central banksters do, too. Via his wife, Ted Cruz also has ties to Goldman Sachs, an entity that carries out global economic arson and unbridled destruction that rivals the agricultural and chemical destruction of Monsanto and the biotech industry.

With these allies in his corner, Ted Cruz has become the establishment he once claimed he would dismantle. He has become an enemy of truth and health and an ally of deception and death. He has sold his soul to Satan and demonstrated, for all the nation to see without question, that when the American people are dying from the very cancers that are caused by toxic glyphosate weedkiller and GMO crops, Ted Cruz will side with the agrichemical giants that are profiting from that poison.

Ted Cruz, it now seems, has become the Hillary Clinton of the right.

Here are the pictures of the GMO poisoned and glyphosate poisoned rats from the Seralini study:

Read the story: Shock findings in new GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow horrifying tumors, 70% of females die early.

Also read Scientific fraud? DuPont study deliberately hid toxic effects of GMOs fed to rats.

Who’s left to vote for? Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump!

With both Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz now totally sold out to Monsanto, there’s only one choice remaining in each of the two dominant political parties in America.

Bernie Sanders is openly supportive of GMO labeling. It’s his own state — Vermont — that passed the nation’s only GMO labeling law that’s set to become active in just a few months. Perhaps for this reason, Sanders has become a favorite among anti-GMO activists and clean food activists. (Sadly, they do not yet fully grasp the economic destruction caused by socialism, but that’s another topic for another website…)

On the political right, Donald Trump supports organic food but hasn’t yet made a public position statement on Monsanto and GMO labeling, so he’s a wild card in that arena but appears to lean towards organic. (It’s just one of his many seemingly centrist positions that could cross party lines and appeal to many democrats.)

Whoever you vote for in the primaries or the general election, don’t let it be Hillary Clinton (the Bride of Frankenfood) or Ted Cruz (Monsatan’s Preacher). If God won’t forgive either of these two people for their betrayal of humanity… you shouldn’t give them your vote, either.

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  • I forgot

    Oh Teddy boy, we don’t want hormone injected, genetically modified garbage to eat. How much did Bill Gates, one of the major shareholders of Monsanto and a huge supporter of GAVI pay you for that sound bite?

  • Someone should put an “Invalid” label on breadface.

  • Mr Gadget

    Trump has called out big pharma on vaccines…notice how it hasn’t come out again during the debates……

    • They pretend it was never even said, good call.

      • Mr Gadget

        like Trump or be suspicious, but he has called out many criminal organizations including clear threats to the bush crime family. He has all but said, bush conspired with saudi to attack Iraq after saudi attacked on 9/11.

        • Smarty

          Except that 911 wasn’t entirely a Saudi operation. Someone had to rig the buildings for implosion, especially #7

          • Mr Gadget

            yep, and i don’t think you need to single out building 7

  • Asylumsix

    Lets see, GMO’s…
    1. Don’t actually increase yields.
    2. Created super bugs that are immune to their pesticide
    3. Raise the cost of produce
    4. Poison us..

    and for you smokers….


    • Shut the full cup

      Altria has close to a 4 percent dividend. When your government legalizes dope, Altria will be rolling dope on it’s monster production line.

      Altria and Monsanto, yeahh baby.


  • Mike

    So how many of you still support Cruz even though he is not eligible and now that you know that he supports GMO?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    There is no one worthy of casting a vote for. Bernie is an admitted socialist and Trump-who, conspicuously, refrains from ever mentioning the Constitution-will unlikely be able to resist the temptation to further his own wealth in the dirty, double deals he is sure to be offered, should he become president. Assuming the Illuminati doesn’t take him out first.

    • Frank

      I think Trump knows that he would be out-classed if he were to engage in a debate about the US Constitution, so is wise not to go there. Rubio is a snake oil salesman, desperate for followers, and Cruz has ties to the Establishment despite being an adamant Constitutional Conservative. Bernie might have good intentions, but Socialism would DESTROY the nation – case in point: California.

      • jim_robert

        Great, so you are a political obscurantist, whose refusal, since no one meets your purity test, will give the election to the very worst of the bunch, Hitlery. Seems to me we have the best chance of recovering the Republic under Cruz, tho I will vote Trump if he prevails.
        But Bernie with good intentions??? HITLER had “good intentions” for Germany. Everyone claims they have “good intentions.” The key think is, what do they STAND for???

        • Frank

          I’ve been hoping that Cruz pulls out ahead, because he is less polarizing than Trump, but either of them are better than any of the rest. Either Dem would be disastrous for freedom-loving Americans who want our national identity to survive. Hillary is a known crook and Bernie has already said that he will take more from taxpayers (through higher taxes) so the government can afford all of the “free” social benefits that everybody will get (except for those paying taxes who have to keep working so all non-workers can be fed, housed, and educated for a greater society.)

        • g.johnon

          as you just pointed out yourself jim,, there is nobody running for either of the two major parties that could not be called the very worst.
          writing in “none of the above” is the only vote that makes any sense to me.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          The Repubic: Good Insurrections, indeed

          Ask the hidden hand Bolsheviks, they who pay and play all sides, who THEY stand for, you can be bet it be not for the common core.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        At the end of the day, I don’t trust any of them to honor the Constitution.

    • jim_robert

      Great. So you just voted for Hilary, the worst of the bunch. Sorry no one meets your ideological purity test. For me, there limitations with all of them, but despite the hack job on Cruz above, I still think he is “the most hated man in the Senate” for a reason – he won’t play their games. But if he doesn’t win, I will vote for Trump.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Just voted for Hillary?! No-I just won’t vote. My “ideological purity test” goes like this-adhere to the Constitution & don’t be an F’ing sell out. Thus, there’s no one worthy of my vote. I’m sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, and it seems to be this way every election cycle. Which has caused me doubt about whether our votes actually count anyway.

        • jim_robert

          Same old saw. You just voted for Hilary anyway. Just the mirror image of Pol Pot’s ideological purity schtict. I’ll bet even George Washington would have failed your shibboleth. Enjoy living under Hilary’s fascism

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            At least I won’t be living in the fantasy world which has been created to make people believe that somehow there’s a difference between being betrayed by the globalist puppets of one party versus another. Interestingly, so many people who believe government is the root of our malaise, also believe they can turn to the government-by way of election-to solve the problems the government created in the first place. The way you sling arrows, frothing at the mouth in your party fervor, you sound like every party hack I’ve ever known -from either party. It’s amazing how similar the Republican and Democrat trolls speak and sound.

  • WinstonSmithy

    Ol’ CFR, Goldman Sachs, Bush II crony Ted can go ahead and wash down a big meal of GMOs with a nice cold big gulp of glyphosate if he wants to. I don’t. That’s called a choice. As far as laws go, there should simply be no law against labeling something non-GMO if a business chooses to. Let the customer choose. BTW, this is the type of law Monsanto is pushing.

    • Like macro-nutrients, GMOs should be labelled. They are NOT food and the onus of the labelling cost should be on the producers of the unsafe, phood-like products, not the public or organic companies that sell healthy food.

      • WinstonSmithy

        These days, you can safely assume something not labeled non-GMO is GMO. My preference would be to seek a non-state solution to the GMO choice issue. Let all businesses, small and large alike, choose to label non-GMO if they wish to satisfy consumer demand for non-GMO food. Laws requiring labeling of any sort, like all other “regulations”, are invariably written by and to the benefit of large multi-nationals like Monsanto.

        • I buy certified organic IF it says project non-gmo + I’ll buy the CNG labelled stuff too. No non-labelled foods for me, I’ve been this way a few years now.

      • g.johnon

        rolly, most packaged food producers update their brand on a regular basis, changing their packaging for a multitude of reasons. adding a big red on yellow label that says: “GMO FREE!” would not be that large a burden in return for the bump in sales it would no doubt bring.
        if all non gmo producers just simply do this voluntarily, it would not be long before gmo products were wasting away on store shelves.
        it does not need to be a big struggle to try and make someone do something when all you have to do sometimes, is just do the opposite yourself.

        • When what they are doing is wrong so they should be stopped, if the FDA is using funds stolen from MY paycheck I want the frankenphoods labelled! Stop taking my money first, THEN do what you please but as long as I have skin in the game I expect results and I am not seeing them.

          • g.johnon

            i agree with most everything you just said; but those of us who have been fighting this corruption long enough, eventually come to the realization that you cannot attack these jackals head on at the point where they are most staunchly defended. they will cost you all of your money and resources if you mount a futile effort to make them tell the truth on their packaging.
            less effort with much better result to just label the non-gmo.
            and hurt them at the marketplace. non-gmo labeling also raises awareness about the who gmo travesty.

  • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

    Ted Cruz is bought and paid for.

  • Mike Hunt

    Let’s have Ted the Esteemed Scientist tell us his thoughts on evolution…

    Oh, that’s right…

    Ted and Pastor Daddy don’t believe in it.

    • Meltonmark

      Well neither do I believe in evolution. Here’s three questions for you:
      1) Explain how Life came to be on this planet
      2) Show where the evolutionary molecules are made and how
      3) Use Darwinian evolution to predict the next evolutionary event, in any life form and to any extent, no matter how modest.
      As a bonus, here’s another:
      4) Reconcile DE with racial equality.
      I want provable FACTS not Darwinian fairy tales, faith statements, or just-so stories.

      • Mike Hunt

        My comment was an off-the-cuff remark in regard to Ted Cruz suddenly taken an interest in scientific rationale…oh and big surprise, he’s fighting for mega-corp Monsanto. This is about PR, not science. Ted Cruz couldn’t care less about these things in which he says he believes. He just wants a seat on the throne of power.

        Anyhow, I’m fairly certain that we no longer need to reference Darwin exclusively to prove there is truth to evolution. Modern studies in genetics are elucidating the way for us. But scientific facts pale in comparison to biblical “facts,” and I’m just not passionate enough about this topic to debate you. I already know, for myself, that creationism is false. The people “debating” this topic are just a stir of echoes remaining from those wailing over a dying philosophy. As it becomes less necessary for the group, it will eventually disappear.

        Hmmph! You know what? That sounds a lot like evolution to me…

      • g.johnon

        a religionist demands provable FACTS. I now have, for sure, seen it all.

      • Meltonmark

        I notice the usual rhetoric and the equally usual absence of any factual substance. Read the questions. Produce the FACTUAL responses. Thank you.

  • Idahocntryboy!

    I just switched my vote to Trump! What a sell out character! Stick with what you do know Cruz and I guess you are in Monsanto’s pocket!

    • g.johnon

      well Idaho, and trump is in his own pocket. so which one do you think is really better for we the people? myself? I am just gonna say neither one.

  • jim_robert

    I am VERY disappointed to hear this. But really, crypto-commie Sanders is an option? Somebody actually wrote that? Staggering. You’ll be able to eat ALL the labelled foods you can no longer afford once everyone is on food stamps and the whole country is turned into Detroit under him. And Trump also has enough backroom deals as well. I still think Cruz is the best bet overall to retain our the broadest swath or our liberties, though this GMO comment is a real black mark.
    But don’t give me your horseschitte about Bernie, who was funded by the Communists to go work on a kibbutz when young.

    • g.johnon

      look, it is truly this simple. looking at all the candidates for both the republican and the democratic party, there is, among them all, no option.

  • Shut the full cup

    Monsanto has a 4 star rating by Morningstar and has close to a 3% dividend. How cool is that?

  • D.Moore

    That’s why Ted is dead second in this election, he isn’t fooling anyone with his establishment ties which include dear old wifey. Ted play’s a good game but forgets those there are many of within his age range and we’re not all ignorant! He can shove Monsanto’s money right on up his corn shut

    • g.johnon

      no d.moore, he does not even play a good game. if you can’t see the slime oozing off him every time you look at him, you are just not paying attention.

  • jaguar

    What a lying Faggot… You know darn well Yed Cruz does not eat GMO FOOD !!! He needs to be bashed upside the head !!!

  • BeAPatriot

    Ted, buddy of CFR, buddy of Goldman, now buddy of monsanto is shaping up to be quite the globalist.

    He is “evangelical”, yet associates with evil.

    No wonder the criminals in the establishment are warming up to him.