Team Plans Scientific Expedition to Antarctica to “Prove” the Earth is Flat

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If you haven’t heard of Flat Earth Theory, that headline may have confused you.

A conspiracy gaining traction around the Internet claims that the earth is really a flat disc and we have all been lied to. The theory is actually a resurgence of old theories widely believed by ancient cultures about the nature of the planet before Pythagoras and Aristotle provided their scientific evidence the earth was actually a globe.

Others say the resurgence of Flat Earth is a conspiracy psyop to make all conspiracy theorists look like crazy tin foil hatters, and thus, discredit the entire alternative media and anyone who critically analyses the Establishment narrative on any front.

Well now a group is officially planning an expedition to Antarctica for a series of scientific tests in a bid to prove their case that our planet is flat. It is known as “The Copernicus Project”. Their mission? “To obtain visual footage to prove Flat Earth.”

While it causes some people’s brains to explode simply to mention Flat Earth, the theory has gained traction in modern times (or at least taken up a lot of people’s time arguing in online chat threads about it) with famous rapper B.o.B. Tweeting about his beliefs that NASA is covering up the truth and saying things like, “I’m going up against the greatest liars in history… you’ve been tremendously deceived.”





Despite what some people call a totally ridiculous, debunked, insane conspiracy theory proven false by centuries of hard scientific evidence… more and more people, disillusioned in a world of psyops and false flags, are hopping on the Flat Earth bandwagon. The Flat Earth Society online since 2004 is, “dedicated to unraveling the true mysteries of the universe and demonstrating that the earth is flat and that Round Earth doctrine is little more than an elaborate hoax.”

The last time this many people believed the Earth was flat was in 17th century China. According to Wikipedia, their beliefs were ultimately altered by the Jesuits: “the idea of a spherical Earth spread in China due to the influence of the Jesuits, who held high positions as astronomers at the imperial court.”

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  • Barn Cat

    There are a lot of ignorant people who lack critical thinking skills. All you have to do is go to the top of the Sears Tower with a powerful telescope. You’ll find out that the furthest away you can see is about 40 to 50 miles. If the earth was flat you’d be able to see the Rocky Mountains on a clear day.

    • There is no Sears Tower, and there is more than enough dust in the atmosphere to prevent you from seeing past the Quad Cities.

      • Reverend Draco The Willis Tower, better known as the Sears Tower in Chicago. Sears Tower (4.5 million ft2) Chicago, Illinois (1974) 1,454 feet, 443.0 meters, 110 stories. Original owners: Sears Roebuck and Company.

        It’ll always be the Sears tower as long as there are people to remember.

        • The only memory I have of Sears is the lying they did to me. I’ll consider it good riddance when they finally pass into history. My father was buyer for Sears when I was born, and retired early when I was in high school, because they offered him an early vesting because they’d created too many managers.

          • rich

            So, in reality, you don’t discount the fact that there is a tower that was once called The Sears Tower, you just don’t want to acknowledge it because Sears allegedly screwed you somehow. Get over it! You are not the only one who got bent over by them!

          • Where did I say that I thought that I was the only one to get bent over by them?
            Where did I say there had never been a Sears Tower?
            If not for the Internet, you wouldn’t have found corroboration that there had ever been a Sears Tower, to feed your persecution mill.

          • Richard Haines

            “There is no Sears Tower, and there is more than enough dust in the atmosphere to prevent you from seeing past the Quad Cities.” Quoted from disqus_3BrONUAJno. posted on this article

          • phicrappazappa

            But Craftsman tools are forever.

          • The warranty on them is only good if you can produce the receipt.

          • M_111

            As it should be. Anyone can go in the trash, pick up an item that possibly was misused, and say they bought it at a store NO receipt, NO free replacement. I work in customer service and people try to lie all of the time to get free shit.

          • I guess you don’t own any Snap On tools then. Their warranty is on the tool, not the ownership. They don’t give refunds, but they’ll always replace a damaged or defective tool free, like Sears used to. It is very common for people to buy things at clearance prices at stores and return them for the full price. This is why you have to have the receipt to get a refund at Walmart, or you’ll get a store credit.

          • Reverend Draco

            That must be a new thing. . . I used to collect found Craftsman tools to turn in for new – learned it from my older brother.

          • Bob Podolsky

            That may be true today… but it wasn’t the last time I exchanged a broken tool.

          • I’m only talking about at Sears stores, and based on what I’ve heard in the DIY media. I’ve no personal knowledge because I own no Craftsmen tools and haven’t set foot in a Sears store since the late 70’s when their credit department lied to me about waiving late payment charges after having refused to update my address for three months running. Like I told them, there are too many other places where I can buy anything that Sears sells to be concerned about their inability to provide competent and courteous customer service to the son of one of their store managers. It is their loss, not mine. Sears and Kmart are well on their way to history, together.

        • In the same way that Thomas Jefferson will be the president, likewise.

      • M_111

        It will always be Sears Tower to me. And there will always be a Pluto as a wee planet.

        • If Pluto is a planet, how about the dozen or more larger ones in the Kuiper belt?

    • Joe2D2

      Yeah, this entire concept sounds like some kind of social experiment to gauge the level of effectiveness in this Idiocracy that has been constructed around the thinking person. I’m willing to bet the originators of this horseshit probably sitting around laughing their asses off at how so many retards bought this line of shit. Ultimately though, what purpose is served either way by proving the Earth is a sphere or flat? None, it only keeps the average sheep focused on the wrong things.

      • Jeffersonian

        Go watch: 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball!

        I saiid the exact same thing until I realized eric Dubay is on to something! I’m a surveyor and engineer, and after graduating 20 yrs ago, I’ve never used the curvature errors since college! In fact, we would be laughed at by our peers if we adjusted for curvature! It didn’t dawn on me why it’s only in college textbooks

        • It is not Paranoia

          Great to hear that, thanks for sharing! 🙂

          But how do you argue with someone who says otherwise?? 🙂

        • I KNEW you knew, I could just tell but you’ve never said it yet… at least not that I’ve ever read.

        • If it isn’t spinning why would it matter whether it was a ball or not? I’m still waiting for a complete exposition of the flat earth premise. Why does the sun move across the sky if the earth isn’t changing orientation to it?

      • Disprove this then, Joe:

        Also, how does Salar de Uyuni which is 4000 sqaure miles and completely flat exist on your ball?

        • R Dorothy

          Because it is on a high plateau, near the crest of the Andes and is at an altitude of 3,656 meters above sea level. Apples and Oranges. Or pancakes in your case.

    • Jeffersonian

      Do u know what the word prospective means when drawing art? Haze in the atmosphere would make that impossible too

      • Reverend Draco

        The question is. . . do you know what the word “prospective” means?

        I’ll give you a hint – It doesn’t mean what you think it does.

    • Well in this video: shot at sea level they were able to see 31.6 miles with proof so maybe you’re the one lacking those critical thinking skills.

    • Sar Archer

      People who have done their own tests for the globe just laugh at people like you Barn LOL

    • Sar Archer
    • NecktopPC

      In April of 2015, someone was able to photograph the Chicago skyline – the picture was taken from a point on the Michigan shoreline, at almost 60 miles away.

      The best explanation offered for this beautiful photograph, was that it was a “Superior Mirage”.

  • Reverend Draco

    In other Bullshit News – the moon is a matte painting on a big sheet of glass. . . the sun is a bonfire at a frathouse party. . . the ISS is a set in Bollywood, and the only reason we can observe it’s overhead passage with the naked eye is that the entire sky is a great big 4k TV that was installed before humans existed. Of course, it’s a flatscreen.

    • Let us hope that frathouse party doesn’t end before we do.

      • Reverend Draco


      • Disqus

        tizz funny when ballers be like: the sun is all fire n shit, you know? all nuclear fusion consuming tens of BILLIONS of hydrogen – per SECOND!!!!
        Yeah!! The Sun is a Ball Of Fire!!
        Bloody Ballheads – no brainpower left after all those years of parroting!! Hehehehehe!!!

  • What is the point in disclaiming the views of an unnamed author?

    • Reverend Draco

      Scary thing – I asked the All-Knowing Google about an expedition to prove the earth is flat. . . some cretin actually has a gofundme set up to finance a trip.

      He’s been begging for 2 months, wants $1,400. . . and has raised a grand total of. . . $0!

      Man. . . those flatheads. . . not quite pathetic enough to pity. . . but lots of fun to laugh at.

  • jim_robert
    • The Obama administration was well aware of the shill front-group called The Flat Earth Society, why do you think he mentioned it in the first place? You think there is no connection?

      When people researched it when he said it they were easily turned off because the info in it is BS, all by design to protect their big secret, of course.

      It’s called propaganda. Here is the real group:

      I KNOW I won’t get a thank you but you’re welcome anyway 🙂

  • jim_robert

    There really IS a Flat Earth Society, at, whose president Daniel Shenton, thinks “the evidence suggests fossil fuel usage is contributing to global warming.” (See So much for Obama’s comment that “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.

    Extra credit: “After reading [UN IPCC chairman] Pachauri’s asinine comment [comparing skeptics to] Flat Earthers, it’s hard to remain quiet.” – Climate statistician Dr. William M. Briggs, who specializes in the statistics of forecast evaluation, serves on the American Meteorological Society’s Probability and Statistics Committee and is an Associate Editor of Monthly Weather Review. ”

    • psst.. The Flat Earth Society is bullshit, Jim.

      • jim_robert

        Psst. Read the comment, Jolly. And then get a clue. You might find one on eBay.

        Sorry to offend you Flat Earth types.

        • psst… re-read my reply because you seem to not be able to comprehend, maybe use ebay to buy some eyeglasses?

          Here, I’ll repeat it for you:

          The Flat Earth Society is bullshit, jim!

          lol, you’re not offending me, I don’t think that is possible.

  • Rick E.

    To those that insist that the earth is flat: SHOW ME A PICTURE OF THE EDGE! (It doesn’t exist)

    • It’s a matter of scale. The entire surface of the earth is the edge.

      • Oboehner

        Don’t you mean continuous?

        • No, because it isn’t.

          • Oboehner

            So the circumference doesn’t continue around a sphere?

          • Reverend Draco

            Well played, sir.

    • jame watts

      Show us a real picture of the earth in outer space it doesn’t exist except on computer drafting you faggot

      • You don’t need to be calling Rick names because he doesn’t agree with you, grow up. BTW I know it’s flat.

    • It is not Paranoia

      Have you ever looked into the flat earth model?
      According to it the Earth looks something like this:

      Notice there’s no Antarctica – that’s because Antarctica is the 360 degree ice barrier holding the oceans in.

      What’s beyond the wall is unknown.

      Hey, now I showed you the picture you wanted, now you show ME the picture I want: picture of the Earth. PHOTO of the Earth to be specific! 🙂

      And I’m not hating on you!

    • Here you go, Rick: – there is the edge… of course the ice goes on for an unknown amount of distance that you’re not supposed to ask questions about, that’s why they got your mind in outer space… so you won’t ask questoins about what is beyond that ice wall!

      Use this: – and go look at the canals which are flat but that calculator will show you how much they should be convexly curving. The mathematics will prove it, numbers don’t lie. I’ll go with the math every time even if nobody else around me seems to, it doesn’t matter what they say, the math proves it!

      If you remember I mentioned this a few times years ago also.

      • Al Mather

        As far as that “edge” goes.. any explanation for the fact that Anarctica has been circumnavigated and mapped by private, government, commercial navigation for the last 80-90 years.. and we KNOW it is approx. 11,000 miles around…yet your Flat Earth “map” of the “edge” puts it at approx. 78,000 miles around???
        Any special math for that?

        • LOL, math is “special” now, I love it! That’s just made me laugh. Are you aware of the obscene differences of the coastal circumnavigation numbers of Antarctica? Of course you aren’t.

          • Al Mather

            Your math would have to be pretty special to deny what I just claimed… Circumference of Antarctica is approx. 11000 miles…Fact… go ahead prove otherwise…it has been mapped and circumnavigated and traversed and photographed by satellite.. WE KNOW HOW BIG ANTARCTICA IS.. Flat Earth map claims the “edge” of Antarctica is approx. 78,000 miles … show us all where the missing 67,000 miles of “edge” is ,Lol… maybe you guys could get a NEW expedition going to go find it! Since this last FE effort raised $0.00….

    • Gary

      You’re not allowed to see it. Read the link above. A guy called Jarle Andhoy tried, so they sank his ship, and blamed it on him for “breaking maritime laws” and “not having insurance”. Naughty, naughty.

      • Al Mather

        Nobody sank his ship. Lie.
        He actually made it to Antarctica… didn’t just “try”.
        Regardless of not having permits or insurance…. He wasn’t stopped.
        He was just fined back in Norway much later. It’s like operating a vehicle… you need insurance or you pay the ticket.
        This is the flat earth way… leave out truths… make up facts… fantasize.

        • Gary

          Not a lie, Al. Nobody knows what happened and ships don’t just sink.
          He made it to Antartica, but one doesn’t get much chance to explore if terrorists sink one’s ship just after arrival.
          Communists think they can make up rules for everyone else, and I’m not a Communist. A thief by any other name is still a thief. No man’s land doesn’t require an entry fee and free men aren’t forced to buy what they don’t need – this includes insurance on the high seas.
          Use some critical thinking, Al. Things don’t just happen. Life doesn’t come from non-life. He who make a profit is also he who has a motive.

          • Al Mather

            He made it there.. deployed.. got out with ATVs and headed for the pole…his ship was lost and crew perished because they were ill prepared and led there by an idiot.

            Here is the story from Whal Wars Capt Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd who [participated in the response to the distress signal and the search…

            The storm that claimed the Norwegian yacht Berserk was an awesome display of nature’s power. Three vessels experienced that tempest with three different outcomes. The 14-meter yacht Berserk with her three crewmembers most likely did not stand a chance when the fury of the winds funneling down from Mount Erebus slammed into them with what Lieutenant Commander Simon Griffith of the New Zealand Naval ship Wellington described as 182 km/h winds that “exploded off the Ross Ice Shelf.” A good choice of words considering that the storm literally went off like a bomb, without notice and without much chance for avoidance or preparations.

            The Berserk and her small crew were at the epicenter of the very white squall, but when their distress signal went off, two other ships were drawn into the witches brew in and around McMurdo Sound. The Wellington and her crew of 55 sailors were the closest, and the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin and her crew of 38 was the next closest vessel. In total, 96 people experienced that storm of which three did not survive.

            In response to the Mayday signal, the newly commissioned ice-strengthened New Zealand naval patrol vessel HMNZS Wellington turned towards McMurdo Sound as did the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin, conducting a survey of the Ross Ice Shelf some 200 miles to the east.

            “As we responded, we were stuck in the most intense storm I have ever encountered in 19 years in the navy,” skipper Lieutenant Commander Simon Griffith told the New Zealand media. “The intense winds built up 8 meter swells as spray turned to thick ice on the decks. Aerials, lighting, and speakers were swept away.” Griffith reported they even lost their stern light.”


            Insurance is required in the adult world because things just of this… the rescue of these guys had they just become disabled would cost OTHER PEOPLE tens of thousands and perhaps life and limb .So fantasize on little boy.

          • Gary

            “Exploded off the Ross Ice Shelf”? Winds don’t explode, Al. Weapons do.

            And not having insurance simply means you pay for your rescue if and when you need it. Quite simple to understand, if you aren’t a parasitic thief benefiting from the fear of others.

          • Al Mather

            No Gary… most people at sea don’t have the cash to pay for a rescue,the loss of property and life that might occur during it…the deal is if you don’t want to carry the insurance… don’t carry the distress beacon. On his second voyage Andhoy had no beacon… nor did he reimburse for the rescue attempts…. as far as the description of the storm from someone who WAS there… WAS risking his life and crew trying to RESCUE the idiot crew.. what a pussy comment. Easy to make by a little guy in Mommy’s basement..about something you or I would never have the backbone to do.

          • Gary

            Uhhh… Andhoy was not on board at the time, Al. Try to keep up with the facts. So even if the story is true, which I doubt (hard to imagine what these ships are supposed to be doing all the way out there if they’re not guarding the Antarctic coast and sinking intruders), Andhoy did not request any rescue.

            And the process for any modern day rescue is not to place the life of the rescuer/s at unacceptable risk for the rescued. If a rescue is too dangerous, no law obligates anyone to attempt it. And if a rescuer does die in the rescue attempt, no amount of cash can replace a life, so any mandatory insurance is a scam and a JWO lie. Don’t fall for it.

          • Al Mather

            Read again.. I never said he was on board.Not sure where you are getting that. It was his expedition and he “captained” the ship.
            In fact not sure where you are getting ANY of your FAIRYTALE facts.. Andhoy is not a flat earther.. he was not there to “measure” Antarctica, he and no one else involved claims his ship was sunk. The only person making these ridiculous claims is you. And you are just some little delusional dweeb who read about it years after the fact. Try to stay grounded in reality Gary.
            If a rescue is attempted it takes at minimum fuel, days at sea, lost wages. Heading into a storm of that magnitude and attempting a rescue is a huge risk regardless. You think liability insurance is a Jewish plot???
            You can’t imagine what ships are doing there because you are delusional and think no one ever goes there… but REALITY is ..they do! There are dozens of research stations, there is eco tourism, there are fishing vessels in the area. Sea Shepherd are there trying to protect from illegal fishing and whaling.

          • It’s like this, Al: Here is a picture that I keep linking to because it is the best copy I am aware of: – that is what we live on and the measurements in that map are correct today just as they’ve been correct since 1892. All a globe is, is that map stretched over a sphere but when you stretch something flat over a spherical ball-shaped object it will get distorted. You believe this distortion is the reality but it is not and never has been so if you want accuracy you must slice it up first.

            In 1915, 23 years after the Gleason map was patented there was “The Curcumnavigation of the Globe” competition and the flyer for it was a globe that was sliced up and spread out. They had to do this so the distances would be accurate because they aren’t accurate on a globe! They called it The Butterfly Map:


            Actual text from the flyer:

            The Butterfly Map shows the world just about as one sees it on a globe without exaggeration or distortion or errors of distance, area, or direction. Long distance flights all over the world can be accurately compared on this map as on no other(like the globe, hello!)
            (except the Gleason map from 1892 they “forgot” to mention, of course.)

            – there’s your Australian inconsistencies as well as your missing Antarctic Coastline or Wall Line you are so sure doesn’t exist, massive gaps not accounted for but in the gleason map: they’re right there and the Gleason map was created and patented by a cartographer, aka. a professional map maker, hence, it’s not a Globe!

            **I will admit, nobody catches onto map discrepancies, you’re one of the first which means you must be spending some time on this stuff no matter your beliefs as it’s not even on the radar of other people.

          • Al Mather

            Actually the scales at the bottom of this map and the expanded longitude indicates its a 2D representation of the sphere.

          • If that were true the distances would work while still wrapped on the sphere and there would be no need to slice it up to make it accurate and even in this butterfly map the longitudinal and latitudinal quadrants are warped and disfigured the farther south you go, just as on the inaccurate globe.

          • Al Mather

            Isn’t this map you keep linking to, which has Australia twice the size of the USA , the Gleason map of 1892?

          • That globe you keep talking about that needs to be cut and spread out for distances to be somewhat correct, isn’t that the same globe they are talking about here in this little snippet?

            The Butterfly Map shows the world just about as one sees it on a
            globe without exaggeration or distortion or errors of distance, area, or

            Now doesn’t that blatantly admit that there are exaggerations, distortions and errors of distance, area, and direction with the globe?

            The Gleason map that was patented by a professional cartographer in 1892, doesn’t that depict accuracy and a view of the world “As it is,” the words of a professional cartographer? Isn’t there measurement lines all around it for accurate measurements? Of course there is because it is accurate and not a projection map like ALL GLOBE MAPS ARE!

          • Al Mather

            No…that says that the butterfly map is the method used to commit a 3D sphere to paper without the distortion that would occur with a square 2D map.
            Map makers ARE cartographers Rolly… it’s not a magic power.
            And the lines of degree that get wider in the southern hemisphere and the land masses are extremely distorted as a way to create a map whose measurement hold true… We know that Australia is actually considerably smaller than the USA … easily provable… this map expands both degrees and land mass .. as a way to avoid doing the butterfly thing. BUT they both are intended to be a representation of a sphere.

          • Anyone can see the zionist, lie-assault we are currently under, all one has to do is turn on the zionist, weaponized tel-lie-vision for proof… or am I lying and ALL media companies are NOT owned by jewish zionists? You gonna add that to your denial list of facts, Al?

            I am saying that map is accurate and your globe is bullshit, something you keep trying to dodge and weave away from EVEN WHEN IT’S PRINTED RIGHT NEXT TO A BUTTERFLY-CUT globe for accuracy!

            Nobody claims Australia is twice the size as the US but you, Al.

          • Al Mather

            Right there on your Gleason Map!… twice the size of the USA! Go ahead…measure away!
            I’m just pointing to that one because those to are so familiar in size to anyone grounded in reality.

          • Everyone grounded to reality are avoiding NASA info like GMOs

          • Al Mather

            I see you are trying to dance off in other directions… I asked you a straight forward intelligent question as it relates to the topic of the map you claim is the accurate flat earth.

          • Gary

            What you talkin’ ’bout, Al?

            If Australia is about 4000km wide from East to West, and the US about 2800 from Eastern seaboard to Western coast, the proportions on the map look about right.

            Care to explain yourself a little more clearly, or is this yet another of your content-free diversions?

          • Al Mather

            Even you arent that dim…The USA is 4800 km …3000 miles …get out and travel a bit… or at least interact with those who do.

          • Gary

            My mistake, Al. I didn’t realise the US was as wide as that.

          • Al Mather

            …. and therefore the Gleason/flat earth map showing the Australian land mass to be TWICE that of the USA ,, would obviously be completely false and inaccurate….correct????

          • Gary

            I’ll leave it to Я0llyJ0g3r to explain.

            If the map is inaccurate, as it might seem to us at the moment, so are the globes around the world and a host of other maps.

          • Al Mather

            ” as it might seem to us at the moment” lol…
            Suddenly you can’t muster the brain power, without Rolly, to conclude whether a map representing Australia as a land mass more than twice the size you KNOW it to be …. is inaccurate ?

            Do you see how I CAN conclude you flat earthers display no intellectual honesty?

            Rolly will never explain anything… He will dance and dodge and cut and paste a lot of flat earth crap. Gutless.

          • Gary

            I gave my reasons for supporting the map, which, after you refuted, I accepted. If admitting one is wrong when one is wrong, is what you perceive as having “no intellectual honesty”, I can understand why you couldn’t admit the numerous, conclusive proofs we gave you of Earth being flat.

            I’m no expert in geography – I haven’t studied this as much as mathematics and physics, which is why I rely on the latter to prove the Earth is flat, moreso than the former. Rather than continue trying to debate you on this subject (which would be dishonest if I didn’t really believe what I was saying), I will accept that you *may* finally be right about something. Even a stopped clock is right twice per day.

            The above said, if Я0llyJ0g3r does demonstrate you are wrong, once again, this would not surprise me. You’re not exactly known for getting the facts straight.

          • Al Mather

            You actually only admitted your understanding of the width of the USA was wrong… you never acknowledged that the map shows Australia being twice the size of the USA… though we know it to be smaller… therefore the map is grossly inaccurate…
            This is not exactly “expert in geography ” stuff, Gary.
            And Rolly has not once demonstrated is was wrong in any claim I have made..And I have yet to see a “conclusive proof” .. Lot’s of faulty premises and “Youtube evidence”.
            Perhaps you can share with us where I have “not kept facts straight”???

          • Gary

            As I stated earlier, Al, I’m no expert in geography. From internet searches, which is probably the best I have to go on, the US is about 30% larger in landmass than Australia. 9,857,000km^2, compared to 7,692,000km^2.

            The continents are of comparable width (US several hundred km wider), with Australia somewhat taller.

            I’ve got better things to do that engage you in debate again about where you’ve twisted the truth – I don’t get paid for shillin’, unlike some around here. Anyone can go back through either of our posts, or Я0llyJ0g3r’s posts, to see what you’ve been up to. If your intention is to deny this forever to convince yourself of your own “intellectual honesty”, that’s up to you, and doesn’t bother me.

          • Al Mather

            Yes … I understand …and am aware of the relative size of the two countries and have been from the beginning…

            I am not debating you or Rolly… Just asking one simple direct question over and over… Which neither of you has the balls to answer.

            The map in front of you is the map claimed to be the flat earth map….what I have been asking repeatedly…. And what you lack the intellectual honesty to say… Is that Australia is represented as over twice the size of the USA…which… Knowing what you just shared … Is grossly inaccurate.


          • Then why can’t “anyone grounded in reality” use a globe for navigation in the far south? When they get lost like so many have are they in denial?

          • Al Mather

            This map is an Aziimuthal equidistant projection … chosen by idiot flat earthers because it is round .. only distance from the pole are actual..
            Your overall understanding of the sliced projections is pretty fictitious as well ..

  • I forgot

    The Flat Earth Society are idiots, but the US government are also idiots. The problem is, the US government has lied so much to the people, that it’s easier to think they are lying when they speak, than anything else.

    • Jas

      The Flat Earth Society is a bunch of shills controlled by the same people who control our government.

    • jame watts

      No you are an imbecile!!! STFU

      • I forgot

        So you ar a government butt kissing troll…congrats!

        • Reverend Draco

          Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

          He’s not a troll. . . he just has an IQ somewhere around room temperature, Celsius.

  • JayC777

    I wonder if the Flat Earth Society has an explanation for why a spherical shadow appears on the moon during a lunar eclipse.

    • Reverend Draco

      Shadows aren’t spherical, having no proper dimension of depth.

      The shadow cast on the moon during an eclipse is round – because the earth is like a big dinner plate, donchaknow?

      • JayC777

        Yes, the shadow of a sphere is circular. That the concept of context is beyond you retards is not surprising. Hey, I have an idea, how about going through one day without your main goal of being a total jackass.

        • Reverend Draco

          How about go through one day with your main goal being getting a fucking education?

          While you’re at it. . . have someone explain sarcasm, since you haven’t yet figured it out.

    • How would a shadow be spherical?

    • Jas

      Who cares about FES….I want YOU to explain why there can be an eclipse with both in the sky at the same time?? How is the earth in the middle?

    • The Flat Earth Society is bullshit so defaulting to them as an authority is your first mistake, your second mistake is assuming that it is the shadow of the Earth causing a lunar eclipse when both the sun and moon have appeared multiple times in history DURING a lunar eclipse 100% disproving that it is any shadow of the earth.

  • Publeus

    — How shall they explain the sun being so low on the horizon? Travel to the poles definitively demonstrates a curved surface of the globe, especially in the winter, when the sun remains below the horizon and behind the curvature.

    I don’t think that they’ve thought it through…

    • It is not Paranoia

      Maybe some of this will answer your questions

      Sorry to bother you, if you don’t like it, just leave it be.

      • Publeus

        — Just so you know, I appreciate your manner. Even if we disagree, it’s nice to have a rational discussion with someone who doesn’t act like a maniac. I will peruse the link.

        • It is not Paranoia

          Thanks for being cool about it!

        • If defending myself is considered maniacal then I stand guilty as charged. I’ll defend myself physically too, I must be a maniac.

          • Publeus

            — I wasn’t thinking of you, but now…

          • Whatever..

          • Publeus

            — Don’t worry. I don’t live in a Jollycentric universe.

            Roger that?

          • No, you live in your own spinning world but you do have company, I live in a geocentric universe.

          • Publeus

            — I’m the center of the universe.

            GIMME GIMME GIMME !!!

            God help me, a small part of me actually enjoys this.

          • Doesn’t matter what you think you are nor how selfish.

          • Publeus

            — In addition, I find that telling…

            ” If defending myself…” – ” I’ll defend myself physically too…”

            As if it is not an opinion that you defend, but an identity.

            Shall we play a game?

          • I can’t determine what your comprehension problem actually is but words have a whole different meaning to you than they do others, good luck with that and bye.

          • Publeus

            — Bye bye, now… Careful on that edge.

          • C-ya, keep on spinnin’ 😉

          • Publeus

            — Last word… or not?

            Speaking of spin, how do you account for the Coriolis effect, and subsequent wind patterns?

          • Gary

            Coriolis effect doesn’t exist, Einstein. If it did, it would be explained just as easily by the rotation of the Heavens as by any pupported rotation of Earth.

            How do you explain the wind patterns in any direction except that opposite the Earth’s pupported spin? Magic, velcro gravity was rejected by the thinking man some time ago.

          • Publeus

            — The Coriolis Effect is demonstrated on a massive scale every time there’s a hurricane, as a grand example. It not only exist, it can be measured.

          • Gary

            As I said, even were the Coriolis Effect legitimate (its not, because it can’t be consistently verified), it could just as easily be explained by the rotation of the Heavens.

          • Publeus

            “… it can’t be consistently verified…”

            — Absolutely incorrect. Many universities have a large pendulum specifically to verify, and measure, the Coriolis Effect. By Precession.

            Can you make a pendulum? A string. A weight. Ancient technology.

          • Gary

            And with what is said pendulum afixed to the Earth? 🙂

            The fatal flaw unrecognised by so many universities. The pendulum is part of the system it needs to be independent of.

          • Publeus

            — Snap out of it. You make no sense. Of course the spin of the Earth can be measured on the Earth, just as the movement on a car can be measured on the car.

          • Gary

            You know its true, but you don’t like it. Part of the pendulum cannot be independent of the Earth (which would be required to measure the pupported Coriolis Effect), otherwise, said effect could be just as easily the rotation of the Heavens about the fixed Earth.

            The spin of the Earth can’t be measured – that’s why Einstein invented his theory of relativity when Michelson and Morley performed their famous experiment.

            Those who believe Earth is flat say the spin was measured to be zero. Those who believe its spinning cite Einstein’s relativity (yet another unfounded theory) to demonstrate why the experimental result does not support their beliefs.

          • The Coriolis effect is magic just like gravity, it effects bullets but not helicopters, lol

          • Publeus

            —Dude, helicopters expend energy to remain apparently stationary. It’s a nonsense comparison.

          • No matter how long they hover completely still the Earth beneath doesn’t move regardless of energy expended to hover still in the air. Earth no move, get it? Probably not…

          • Publeus

            — They expend energy to counter the effects of wind and the rest. As for the rotation, that inertia is imparted to them on the ground and by the air, although the air is far more dynamic due to heating, mostly, with some spin energy.

            Really, try to think of another example. This one is embarrassing. I’ll even try to think of a better one.

            By the way, I’ve been in choppers. It’s a lot of work to keep them on course.

          • Balloons, blimps, same thing… it is a simple concept, well, not simple to you obviously, of something hovering over the Earth untethered but the earth beneath it NEVER moves no matter how long said object hovers above, that about covers all objects and the phenomenon stays consistent. Sure, you can default to imaginary, unseen, unproven forces like gravity to explain it but the answer is much simpler than including magic and unproven theories….. we simply aren’t moving!

          • Publeus

            — Tell it to the people who got there power knocked out by the runaway blimp, recently. If they are stationary, then they are expending energy to do so, or tethered. The examples are copious. The only known geostationary objects are the GPS satellites, at an altitude of about twenty thousand miles up.

            If you’re just going to make stuff up, then what’s the point?

          • Oh, I am making up helicopters, balloons and blimps hovering now? LOL, you’re hilarious, dude… keep on diggin’, won’t be able to see your head soon! hahaha

          • Publeus

            — This seems to have veered onto a strange tangent.

            Was that a cackle…… or an evil laugh?

          • Al Mather

            Interesting angle to these folk is they never get specific on what they believe IS real.
            Another words… they will adamantly insist and attempt to prove we are not orbiting on an oblate spheroid around a star 90 million miles away.. we don’t rotate.. all our beliefs about the size & distances of our planet, stars, galaxy, universe, etc.. are completely wrong and all our knowledge is lies and WE have all been duped …they are awakened and enlightened… Oh ..and of course the Jews done it.
            But… what IS real, they get very hazy about…
            Why do the stars rotate? How do they rotate in a dome? What is the dome made of? What are stars? What is the Sun. What is the moon? How big is the Earth? Who put the dome there? And then there’s thousands of questions pertaining to inconsistencies in logic of the ” deception” ,,all the satellites and functions of satellites that don’t exist, the millions upon millions upon millions of people it would take to orchestrate and perpetrate a hoax of this scale, training and paying and indoctrinating ….
            They don’t really ever focus on that, OR try to PROVE any of that… It’s more about everybody ELSE being wrong… they are enlightened.
            Just my insight into the WHY they do it.
            After the contact I have had ..I have come to realize they don’t really believe it …at least subconsciously.. but they feel a NEED to believe something LIKE this.

          • Publeus

            — I think that one of them might have short circuited.

            Wait for it…………………………

          • Al Mather


          • Publeus

            — There’s an old technique foe strengthening objectivity. Argue FOR something that you disagree with. It’s really quite useful for broadening the mind (Who knows, you might change your mind) and detecting weaknesses in your position. I’ve been trying it.

            Premise……… The world is flat. How to prove it empirically?

            1) At a glance, the world seems flat.

            That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

            Seeing is believing?

          • Al Mather

            Yeah … I do the same… But my mind races through lists of things… There are just too many things that require creating unsubstantiated fantasies and constructs…..the obvious one … All space knowledge Right off the bat.. NASA, satellites, astronomy … Have to denied out of hand.. some fantasy and back story needs to be created to discount all that. That’s not seeing is believing. Lots of reality and empirical observation just have to be flat out denied to make it work.

          • Publeus

            — That is exactly the impediment.

            Start from scratch. Caveman. Seasonal sustenance. Sun and moon clock. Carve on bone. Track time. Discover math. Language.

            All of that time learning, for this.


          • Gary

            So the globalists can’t admit that an object hovering above the Earth at a single point proves the Earth is still, and yet these same globalists will earnestly tell you of how some (inconsistent and) minor motion of a pendulum bob, with the pendulum itself afixed to the Earth, proves the Earth is spinning? Lol.

            To borrow a phrase from Asterix, “these globalists are crazy!”.

          • They cannot see the logic they are defying and that right there is amazing(amazingly evil) mind control at work.

    • It is you, actually, who hasn’t thought things through.

      The sun travels on a circular motion above the earth from solstice to solstice moving from the tropic of Capricorn to the tropic of Cancer and vice versa.

      A physical representation of this appeared in the patented map of the world, “as it is” from 1892: – bottom right-hand and bottom left-hand corner will show you the area that the sun illuminates at a time and it’s position at the solstices.

      • Publeus

        — The wonderful part is that I don’t have to wait for the cyclic tilt. I may travel North, or South, and enjoy a nice sunset any time of the year. I have done this (North). I choose my direct observation rather than your unsubstantiated belief.

        Life and the world don’t exist on paper, a blackboard, or a computer screen. Such hypothetical mathematical models never match the reality of the field. That’s why they are run in series and parallel. The models vote on the most likely scenario, hence so-called consensus science, which, of course, is not science. Science is, or is not. It can be demonstrated, and it works every where.

        I have no interest in belief or politics. I work with what is real. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. I know the nature of the shape of the world because I have studied it for decades. Check out Galileo. Contrary to belief, he did not invent the telescope, although he did make an improvement, ironically enough, by using an ancient method. Galileo’s great crime was not stating the obvious; others had done that. Galileo showed the obvious. Nothing dispels belief like the real world.

        Gaze upon the heavens, and you will see…

        • When I look up at the sky I can see the same constellations that my distant ancestors did and they are exactly the same shape now as they were back then.

          We sound similar though, I don’t care what others say when I’ve done the math and unless and until the numbers say it I won’t accept it.

          Our sky tells us the truth but it is being interpreted in different ways.

          • Publeus

            — Technically untrue. See ‘Precession of the Equinox’.

            Ancient knowledge, duly recorded, so that we may know.

          • Procession of the equinoxes show the SAME exact constellations as they’ve always been since the beginning of time and at each age whatever constellation is viewed is the constellation of our current age. We are currently coming out of Pisces and entering Aquarius. The constellations have never never distorted in their shape, they’ve always remained constant because the stars are fixed in relation to one another.

          • Publeus

            — Somehow I doubt that you have plotted star positions since the beginning of time. Best estimation from the physical recordings is approximately five or six thousand years of documented data. When considered in the context of drift that is measured in millions or billions of years, you argument becomes meaningless.

            Good try, though…

          • Yeah because starts that are moving thousands of miles an hour all stay together like the blue angels in formation since the beginning of time… nice try!

          • Publeus

            — Stars as Blue Angels… That’s actually funny.

            Good show…

          • Al Mather

            He can’t grasp that stars, thousands of trillions of miles away, don’t change in relative angle to us as we move a 250 million miles either direction in our orbit around the sun… it’s a billionth of a degree change in angle.

          • Gary

            Prove that “millions or billions of years” is not meaningless (Earth is about 6000 years old). I suspect the “good try” is on you.

          • Gary

            Must be another property of magic gravity. All those stars light years away, moving away from us at high speed, but always remaining velcroed to the same position.

            It would take an Einstein to explain. Special Relativity, perhaps?

          • Reverend Draco

            Stick your heli outside of the atmosphere. . . unless it is traveling at a precise speed in an exact direction – AKA geosynchronous orbit. . . the earth will turn below.

            Just don’t accidentally hit the brand-new, millennia-old 4K TV floating overhead.

          • The moon-landing masons must have dodged the floating tv when they flew around the van allen belts which didn’t affect them because they didn’t know about them.

        • Gary

          Galileo recanted his ill-thought crime. There is still time for you…

          • Publeus

            — Are you suggesting imprisonment and torture, such as was inflicted upon him?

            After all was said, what was done was people dared to look up, and away from the zealots. You don’t scare me. I’ve seen the world.

          • Gary

            Galileo was never tortured – that’s another myth.

            He was offered every convenience possible to make his imprisonment in his home bearable. The pope offered Galileo “a favour never accorded to another”, and Galileo had “a servant and every convenience”. The pope endeavoured to “to afflict [Galileo] as little as

            I don’t think you know what torture is if you call that torture. People end up under worse conditions today for not paying fines, or for trying to visit Antarctica without a permit.

          • Publeus

            — Get a clue. The church didn’t say ” Pretty please.” Being attacked, caged, threatened, and yes, tortured, is not a good position for your argument.

            You’re reaching, and I’ll tell you this Junior, if you keep dancing around the creepy stuff as if you like it, this conversation is going to get a lot more interesting.

            You seem intent on rationalizing atrocities.

            I urge caution.

          • Gary

            Lol. So Galileo was “attacked, caged, threatened and tortured”? Its a bold lie, and masons like bold lies, but blatantly untrue. I’m glad you have your history wrong, as it makes it much easier for everyone to spot that your science is likewise tainted with Freemasonry.

            Not sure why you would find the truth creepy, or why you would claim I am dancing around it or rationalising atrocities. Ad hominem fallacy? 🙂

          • Publeus

            — Figure it out. You’ll be a better person.

            He died in prison.

          • Gary

            Well, I for one am pleased that despite his illness, he took the time to recant his ill-thought out belief.

    • Al Mather

      Oh they have thought it through.. they have constructed silly BS answers for everything. And the best part is.. it’s all a plot of the secret evil masonic fake astronaut JEWS!

  • rich

    And where are the Copernicus Project imbeciles getting their funding for that waste of time? Could it be another taxpayer funded excursion that means nothing?!

    • Gary

      Uhhh… Doesn’t even the name of the project hint to you its run by masons? Either they’ll make a mockery of flat-Earth without even going, or they’ll pull another moon-landing hoax to “prove” the Earth is a ball.

      If it were called the Tycho Brahe Project, or perhaps the Saint Augustine Project, it would more likely be legitimate.

      • rich

        So how would they explain all the photos of earth from satellites and space vehicles, like the Apollos? Could that all have been fake? If so, perhaps I never was in Vietnam in 1967 but actually in some jungle in South America!!

        • Gary

          If they faked the moon landing, don’t you think it would be child’s play to fake satellites?

          Although wars are organised by the same criminals, I think the Vietnam war has little else to do with space fraud.

  • Al Mather

    They are out there.. and they troll (in the fishing sense) for weak minded conspiracy suckers thirsting for some special “ultimate” conspiracy to jizz over.
    To make the whole stupidity more appealing to their potential base, they weave in over the top anti Jewish and Masonic hatred and Anti Government & religious reasoning.
    The whole thing has been very well thought out and they have a few dozen “proofs” they recite to counter sanity with.. all based on ( well constructed) faulty math or perspective premises.
    There are a couple things that they run from … anyone who is actually skilled mathematically.. a few ways they can be shut down using astronomy and scale “proofs”.
    Most of them actually don’t believe it, IMO, which is obvious in the way they transparently foresee logical flaws in their “beliefs” and perform all kinds of mental gymnastics to present “plausible ” explanations.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    “more and more people, disillusioned in a world of psyops and false flags, are hopping on the Flat Earth bandwagon.” This is the real story, for no matter which side you take on this issue, there is no doubt that many people are so disenchanted with their governments, crony science and just about any and all things eagerly accepted by the masses, they have begun to question ALL mainstream thought. Skepticism regarding widely held “truths” threatens to destabilize the carefully constructed intellectual, psychological and political enclosures that have been built for controlling us. What if “Flat Earther’s” are right?? What then? The ensuing chaos would be quite a sight to see.

    • It’s coming! We are in the “let’s poke fun at it” stage right now…

      • Reverend Draco

        “Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.” ~ T Jefferson

        So. . . ridicule you get. It’s not rocket surgery.

        • ohh, quotes, I like quotes too, here’s to you, rev: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

          • Reverend Draco

            I have a better one:

            “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” ~ Ayn Rand

          • “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you
            cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • Al Mather

      What if this whole dang “night” and “day” deal…and all them seasonal changes…are jes ONE BIG PSYOP!!….trying to get everybody to give up thar guuns and move to some temperate zone … then them rascally Ma-sonic Jews come a ridin’ outta the polar regions …all a hootin’ an a hollerin’ and shootin’ everbody .. an we’d all be too weak to fight back from all the skin cancers an fruity drinks an shit… jus so they can take over all the prime real estate!!! God Damn Obamer!!

      • kfunk937

        Okay, now I feel obligated to point out to dim but disinterested observers that this MAY be satire.
        Damn you, Al.

        • Al Mather

          Ya never know ’round these parts.

        • Al knows it’s nothing but Poe, but he may have a problem. We need to help him with an intervention!

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Gee Al, did I say something so provocative? I didn’t advocate for or against the flat earth theory-there’s a much larger issue behind such movements. Either you choose to ignore it or you’re too arrogant to entertain the possibility that some of-not all-the things we have been taught/indoctrinated to believe in are actually meant to enslave our minds. More and more people are waking up to the fact that we live in a world carefully constructed to retain control over us. To prevent the coalescence of our intuitive understanding with yet unlearned knowledge. It is good to question that which controls us-whether it be fact or fiction.

        • Al Mather

          Randy …in my humble opinion … the belief that we actually live in a world of psyops and false flags is merely a precursor… A short hop… to even more mindless conspiracy theory like flat earth. This site ..Daily Sheeple … To me ,Is the equivalent of the World Weekly News of conspiratorial dumbness .

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            While I applaud your right to have and express your opinion, though it didn’t come across as “humble”, I disagree with the premise that our world is unaffected by psy-ops and/or false flags. Our world is controlled by a ruling class of wealthy elites-in my humble opinion, this is indisputable. To accept this premise and believe that TPTB wouldn’t go to any length to preserve their place in the hierarchy-at any cost-is naive. To believe they wouldn’t use their power to influence industry and governments, to their benefit and our subsequent detriment, is insane. To label what is, in essence, human nature as it relates to the acquisition and preservation of power, “conspiracy theory”, is a kind of denial. Purposefully trolling sites such as TDS in order to ridicule others seems to be a way to reinforce your own normalcy bias. I’ll happily debate those who disagree within the confines of a reasoned, intellectual discussion, but I don’t search out those others for the sake of “peacocking” some sense of superiority or high mindedness over them.

          • Al Mather

            I believe the rich are getting richer.. and they manipulate & wield that power to their end. I believe the military industrial complex and private interests feed off of our governments trough of money we provide. Banking and investing don’t let Joe average individual participate to the same degree as big money.
            I absolutely do not believe.. and intellectually, find laughable.. things like Bill Gates is directing a eugenics program and killing children as part of a scheme to lower the earth population by vaccine… Chemtrails, all them little lines up thar in the sky is mind control dust!
            I have a retired Aunt and Uncle who live just miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary.. between them and my cousin who only lives about 30 minutes away … I heard all about who knew who and their kid ..and how that devastated that town.. like a bomb went off. So little douche bags in their Moms basement typing so knowingly.. discounting and denying something that was more REAL than anything they have , or hopefully will ever see…. so yeah .. that kind of stupidity NEEDS to be shit on IMO.

            I think the reason Alex Jones has an audience, why so many gullible, tin foil hat types, exist and flock to these sites and discussions, is socio/economic. People have lost connection to their lives , feel like they lack control over their lives,.. they create boogeymen to blame and focus on and give themselves (if only their online alt ego) some “truth” to fight for. In the past these types of people got lonely and isolated .. and when that became untenable they broke out and changed their situation. Now they find like minded lonely folk online and form a “boogeyman club”!

            I have personal reasons to rail against what I perceive as viral conspiratorial stupidity.

            (Flat Earth is my current fave right now. I pass the time and feel I’m doing my part to keep the collective stupid down..and it’s just sport.. I do it like somebody does Sudoku or crossword puzzles.)

            I’ve lost a few people in my life with perfectly curable illnesses .. to quackery.. a friend who was 12 years military get farther and farther into everything from Fluoride to Chemtrails ..the kicker being he became so obsessive over his little mini arsenal.. his wife and kids bailed on him. I never understood a guy so proud of everything military & his service.. who insisted he needed the guns to be ready for the Govt. coming for his guns.

          • Glad you fully understand what he is, Randy. I don’t believe he is fooling as many people as he thinks and it is refreshing to see that you can see right through it just as I can. It is not surprising though, I know who the “awake” ones are that hang around here and you’re one of them.

          • Al Mather

            Smooches Randy!
            Now that you’ve gotten past the obligatory use of the word “awake”… quit dodging and tell us about the extra 67000 miles of Antarctic coastline.. or why polar australus Sigma Octantis can be observed in 360 degrees facing south on the flat earth map… or why airline flights between Sao Paulo and Capetown aren’t 8 hours longer .. as they would be if the flat earth map were real???

  • w. rohrbacher

    It’s as plausible as “the big bang” theory or the “Darwinism theory” TAUGHT in schools. How about the theory white people first enslaved black people theory, How about white people are privileged theory? (hey where is my white person group to fund my education?!) How about the government knows best for you & will protect you theory? all of which they indoctrinate your children with in school (& EVERY ‘news’ station)..why so surprised? after all, this IS what you are paying for with your tax money…you know- government controlled “free” schools…oh, ” free” meaning you get to pay for it, just not have a say in the content taught.

    • Reverend Draco

      Except there is evidence supporting the big bang theory, and Darwin’s theory as well.

      • And they are proven continuously.

        • Oboehner

          LOL, that’s a good one!! ROFL

          • I guess you can’t prove a negative, huh?

          • Oboehner

            You’re saying exploding dots and Darwinism are negatives then?

        • Reverend Draco

          You know it.

      • Oboehner

        Right up there with the evidence the moon is made of green cheese.

        • You’d have to be colorblind to buy that one.

          • Oboehner

            No, you see different wavelengths of light are reflected in different way depending on the atmosphere, the green hue is altered by said atmosphere.

      • Jas

        lol!!!!! Evidence supporting the big bang!! Man, you guys are delusional, as well as liars.

        • Reverend Draco

          Oh, right. . . Cosmic Background Radiation is actually papier-mâché – I forgot that you flatheads know everything.

          ♫♪…if you only had a brain…♪♫

          • Jas

            I bet you can’t even define what radiation is, you believe another one of their lies to steal more money from you, the danger of radiation so they can charge more to run nuclear power plants. Galen Winsor is the person to look up, he designed the first power plants.

          • Reverend Draco

            And it’s highly unlikely that you can define any terms used by physicists or astronomers – no room in your flat head for unimportant things like objective reality.

            Give it up, fruitloop – go back to your cave and count your toes. . . I’ll check up on you in a few years and see if you’ve finished.

          • Jas

            I’m not defining it, Galen Winsor is, one of the top US nuclear scientists who designed the first power plants….You are afraid to go listen to what he has to say, so you hurl meaningless insults to protect your limited intellect.

          • Al Mather

            Guy only shows up on blogs and sites pushing some kind of conspiracy agenda about nuclear power… no reference to him anywhere other than his own claims and stunts.

          • Jas

            Incorrect, he is in fact one of the early nuclear scientists who worked on several of the first nuclear power plants. Maybe you need something more than Wiki?

          • Al Mather

            Yeah… Wiki isn’t a search engine so…….Google has nothing on him except blogs and youtube clips.

          • Reverend Draco

            And Galen, for some odd reason, has no Wiki anyway.

            Curious, to say the least.

          • Gary

            Says the globalist shill.

          • Al Mather

            Says the Flat earth Fool.

          • Reverend Draco

            Oh. . . you mean the moron who drank reactor coolant and died from Leukemia?

          • Jas

            He didn’t die from Leukemia, that is a lie. ….He ate nuclear waste repeatedly over several years in the 80’s, he was drinking the water in the 50’s….He died in 2008 at age 82! Yeah, it was the reactor coolant from 50+ years earlier…lol

          • Reverend Draco

            If it’s a lie. . . why all the secrecy?

            The few entries I can find relating to his death say Leukemia, 100%. If you have information otherwise, please share it.

            Of course. . . by the time Winsor slowly poisoned himself, it was generally known that a generous dousing with clear water would wash most radioactive particles away. . . an emetic after, followed by a diuretic and a quick shower. . . and the actual dosage per prank is minimal. Over time. . . it becomes Leukemia.

            Compared to Marie Curie. . . who was unaware that water would flush her skin and clothes, and subsequently died from radiation-induced aplastic anemia.

            The fail is strong with you. . .

        • And don’t forget spontaneous life generation… my, how scientific!

      • w. rohrbacher

        LOL! I’ve seen you on many sites causing havoc. You have no interest in discussing anything. You just regurgitate the Tavistockian rhetoric. Have a good day!

    • Gil G

      Isn’t the slavery theory the Curse of Ham?

  • phicrappazappa

    Antartica, for whatever the reason, is highly guarded by 50 or more nations in unison. Make sure your insurance is up to date.

    • Al Mather

      All ships need insurance whether they are going to Antarctica or not.. 30,000 people still get there every year and get around it..even though it’s barely survivable.

      • phicrappazappa

        You should plan an excursion there. A lot of money for a photo of a penguin or two – then you leave.

        • Al Mather

          Why would I want to go there? Antarctica has been circumnavigated many times..crisscrossed and mapped… they know the actual dimensions! It’s about 11,000 miles around.
          These idiots will try to tell you it completely surrounds the their model it would be over 75000 miles around.

          • CharlieB1972

            We need to add the shipping companies and everyone who does business with them as being In On It, too! It’s about 4800 miles from Australia to South Africa on our shill-map. It has to be much more in The Flat Earth Reality. All of the shipping records have to be forged, because it would take much longer to make the trip in reality! This conspiracy is truly enormous; it makes the Big Pharma vaccine conspiracy look tiny by comparison.

          • Al Mather

            Whole thing is a joke… The Copernicus Project cancelled their kick starter page … After zero funding .. Just 10 hrs ago. Seems flat Earthers have shallow dusty pockets …

          • Reverend Draco

            Even religious fanatics are more generous with their money. . . flatheads are a stingy bunch, for sure.

          • The only way Antarctica will get honestly explored is if the exploration is “illegal” lol, like going to an icy wasteland needs laws like that, lol, what a joke.

          • Reverend Draco

            So, how much did you fork over for the flathead expedition? I mean, if the flathead theory is a foregone conclusion, you would have coughed up every possible penny to expose us lying sciencey types for the freemason shills we are, right?

            Except that. . . the flathead expedition went tits-up before it ever tried on a parka.

            On the plus side, you guys can continue to peddle your cowflop – and maybe even convince more illiterate ghetto trash that you’re on to something. . .

            The joke is on you.

          • Flat Earth to rev, there won’t ever be an advertised expedition to antarctica unless it is a bullshit propaganda stunt, get it? You will be arrested.

            Get used to hearing the truth, rev, it’s not going away even if you don’t agree with it.

          • Reverend Draco

            I haven’t a problem with hearing the truth. . . or seeing it for myself. . . it’s the horseshit you flatheads are peddling that sticks up the room.

          • Mathematical formulas are horseshit? I included my math on this page, care to enlighten me where it is wrong? Math is logical, no room for BS, hence I like math.

          • Reverend Draco

            Garbage in, garbage out.

            The math can be 100% correct, and still be empirically false.

          • Well that’s true but you won’t ever explain to me how, I can be wrong and take it, I’m a big boy, so show me….

            I want the truth, not to be “right” or to “win” some stupid argument. The truth is all that matters to me.

            Have you looked at the lighthouse figures? They completely crush the globe theory, those things are visible for many miles farther than they should be on a globe.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ever hear of atmospheric lensing? That’s how one can see the sun after it has set. . . it’s why the moon is larger when it rises and sets than when it’s overhead. . . it’s a sort of minor prism – not enough to separate light into it’s various bandwidths.

          • So you’re saying that due to atmospheric lensing we can see lighthouses much farther than would be possible on a ball?

            Here is the lighthouse data that I studied:

            Here is one excerpt:
            The Port Nicholson Light in New Zealand is 420 feet above sea-level and
            visible from 35 miles away which means it should be 220 feet below the
            horizon. The Egerö Light in Norway is 154 feet above high-water and
            visible from 28 statute miles where it should be 230 feet below the
            horizon. The Light at Madras, on the Esplanade, is 132 feet high and
            visible from 28 miles away, where it should be 250 feet below the line
            of sight. The Cordonan Light on the west coast of France is 207 feet
            high and visible from 31 miles away, putting it 280 feet below the line
            of sight. The light at Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland is 150 feet above
            sea-level and visible at 35 miles, where it should be 491 feet belowthe
            horizon. And the lighthouse steeple of St. Botolph’s Parish Church in
            Boston is 290 feet tall and visible from over 40 miles away, where it
            should be hidden a full 800 feet below the horizon!

            Now I’ll go study atmospheric lensing! I am after true understanding, that is all.

          • Publeus

            — Sorry to interrupt, but One of my favorite examples of bad math is the Bumble Bee Paradox. For a long time, the mathematics of aerodynamics conclusively proved that it was impossible for the Bumble Bee to fly, hence the paradox.

            This was a real issue, heatedly debated by experts. Finally, someone thought to film a Bee with a high speed camera. It was immediately noticed that contrary to popular belief, the Bee achieved lift on both the down flap, AND THE UP FLAP. This was extremely significant for science. There was no corruption, or even incompetence on the part of the mathematicians.

            They were simply unable to see what was right in front of them due to a preconceived notion. ‘TO RISE, FLAP DOWN’ was the totality of the thought process. They ignored half of the equation, and the rest was history. Some choose not to see, even when they don’t realize it.

            Ignorance is a choice.

            We choose to ignore.

            It takes effort to be ignorant.

            Relax, and it’s easier to learn.

          • Your ignorance is your choice, has nothing to do with me 🙂

            I did the work…

          • Al Mather
          • Coastline circumnavigation has been sailed and accurately recorded before this age of misinformation + migratory bird routes tell the truth to anyone with the resolve to look into it. Some humans are full of shit and lie to create different classes of knowledge and hold themselves superior over others but they are really just scumbag liars.

            Here is what Antarctica actually looks like: – this was obviously before the whole ball spell was complete as accurate data was still being used by some at the time and I will repeat myself in saying that is an accurate navigational map of the real world, not some BS globular NASA fantasy that will get you lost in the south due to “currents,” lol.

            Keep spinnin’ on your ball though, man, I already told you I don’t care, I know what I live on and what goes on over my head and you say you do too… so, great, have fun with that.

          • Al Mather

            “Some humans are full of shit and lie to create different classes of knowledge and hold themselves superior over others but they are really just scumbag liars.”

            That’s just sad… obvious… refusal to face reality.. staring you right in the face, Rolly.
            In one breath you say you don’t care about being “right”… you only seek the truth. BUT..when presented with hundreds of years of navigation by seafarers… hundreds of private expeditions. .hundreds of mapping expeditions from all countries .. mountains of undeniable evidence compiled over centuries of exploration by people from every corner of the planet… “Some humans are full of shit” … is the best you have?
            Yet you come on here with all these stupid faulty premise “proofs” and ask the reader to accept your denial of gravity, science, astrology… tsk tsk… and expect us to accept some map which was drawn to be a 2D representation of the globe over 100 years ago.. with a 78,000 mile Antarctic coast.
            The extra 67,000 miles of edge would be hard to ” hide” Rolly.
            That almost 3 times the circumference of the Earth!
            You’d have to be COMPLETELY DEVOID of intellectual honesty to pretend that COULD be reality and nobody would notice.

          • Except it IS being noticed, Al, lol!

          • Al Mather

            It doesn’t exist Rolly… And flat earth dweebs circle jerking about it is not the same as “Noticing it”.
            If there was an extra 67000 Miles of circumference .. Sea faring , shipping. air travel.. would ALL be dealing with it daily.
            Show us where ANYBODY besides some FE dork claims to have encountered getting an Antarctica continent 6 times greater than what is known>

          • It still escapes you that there will never be an advertised trip to Antarctica and if there is, it’s bullshit propaganda. Real explorers get arrested, look it up.

          • Gary

            Except it was run by masons, like the moon landing hoax. You know your theory well, but naively trust all your sources.

          • Al Mather

            You idiots are the only ones turning it into this “forbidden land of mystery”… You need a permit… Guess what genius.. you need papers to go to LOTS of countries…
            So …do you stand by the Fellate Earth claim of Antarctica being 78,000 miles in circumference??

          • Gary

            Permits give permission to enter inhabited countries, not barren wastelands.

          • Al Mather

            Cling to this permit thing like a life saver Gary…. It’s all you have..
            Any explanation for the fact that commercial,private, and many countries have circumnavigated Antarctica … Mapped it precisely…and we know it’s circumference to be approx. 11000 miles….. Yet YOUR flat earth map shows it to be approx . 78000 miles ???

          • Gary

            Says you. But when anyone tries to measure it, he gets arrested. If there’s nothing to hide, your mason buddies would let people explore it.

          • Al Mather

            Says me??? No Gary…

            Antarctica has been sailed around, fished around and shipped around for the last century… traversed, photographed from satellites, studied by students, visited by tourists, flown over, it’s wildlife studied, monitored and MAPPED.

            Somehow the Flat Earthers seem to think there is 67000 miles of extra “edge” that has gone unnoticed …and they wonder why people dismiss their beliefs as stupidity.

            Do you think the circumference of Antarctica is 78000 miles Gary??

          • Al Mather

            Not to mention all the air flights that actually happen . Sao Paulo to Johannesburg South Africa…Would be impossibly long.There would be a lot of bad Trip Advisor reviews!

          • You need to take another look, maybe undersea cabling will give you a clue but I doubt it, shillon!

    • Gary

      And if you leave your ship while you make an expedition to the edge, one of our navies will have sunk it by the time you get back.

      • Al Mather

        You writing your own chapters into the fairy tale now?Tens of thousands go there yearly … Leave their ships.. Explore…
        Your hero left his ill prepared ship and crew and they sunk .

        • Gary

          Ships and well-prepared crews don’t just sink, Al. Combined with all the bizarre permitting requirements to explore a barren wasteland, and the unusual obsession of various international navies to obstruct Jarle’s access to Antartica, anyone with a nose can smell a rat.

          When one learns that uninhibted access to Antarctica would provide further evidence that the Earth is not a ball, one understands the motives of the masons.

          • Al Mather

            So ..yes .. I guess you are trying to write chapters of a fairytale. Ships actually do sink Gary. The permitting requirements aren’t bizarre. There are laws that relate to ships .. you sail out there under the maritime laws of some country.. insurance is taken because of the danger and cost of rescue operations. I doubt anyone is “obsessed” with this guy except you.
            Tens of thousands obtain the permits …make their trips.. explore the continent. It is quite a feat of spend any time there ,as I have read. Yet people have skied across it, sailed around it, flown over, snow mobiled it.
            This is all real world stuff Gary. I’m sure it seems otherworldly and strange to a socially awkward misfit who never leaves his Mom’s basement… and I’m sure constructing these fairy tales of evil puppet masters and heroic truth seekers helps keep your mind off of ….well… your reality. But really Gary… give life a chance. One step at a time.

  • phicrappazappa

    There’s this: Azimuthal equidistant projection (google)
    Ever seen it?

  • M_111

    Oh these are the idiots that think that because when you view the stars from the celestial poles and it appears to rotate around the viewer, that the earth is flat.

    • What about when they appear at mid-latitudes like in this pic in from the UK? – are we still idiots?

      Question: How does Salar de Uyuni which is 4000 square miles and completely flat exist on your ball?

      • Publeus

        — The U.K. is not mid latitude. See a map. It is on a level with Canada.

        • Doesn’t matter, circular star trails can be photographed from anywhere.

          • Publeus

            — Incorrect. I have experience with photography and telescopes. I have plotted and photographed star tracks.

            Please, check your sources, You embarrass yourself.

          • Al Mather

            He does.. but if the axial star is visible …you can photograph a star trail.. in the southern hemisphere you use Sigma Octanis.. in the north Polaris.

          • Publeus

            — You are correct. I should have been clear. I was thinking arcs, rather than circles, except for the very North stars. Quite frankly, having to spell it out seems like teaching kids, which I haven’t done in quite some time. I really don’t mean any disrespect by that, and people are free to believe what they want, but I have to wonder…

            What are they teaching in school these days? All of this seems elementary, in that children used to be shown the techniques, and then were required to implement them, so that they could learn for themselves.

            We used to learn HOW TO LEARN.

            What are they learning now? Mere recitation? If it’s not on the web, it’s not true? If it’s on the web, it’s true?

            How ironic that in the information age, many people seem less well informed. Perhaps in is the logical result of overload, like the old scam of a data dump. Drown them in facts and figures, many of them contradictory, and then point the way that you want them to go. Drowning people will grasp at anything.

          • Al Mather

            IMO it is something completely different from ignorance. It is a social product of the information access overload of social media. Their world/life is something they no longer have any map for.. they are a clueless group who “create’ alt reality.. they feel a yearning to have “special knowledge” .. to be the ones that are enlightened while the rest of this world are clueless ..Even if they have to create the fairytale .. They are unable to gain control of their direction or lives .. so they create a “boogeyman” or a collection of boogeymen who secretly operate behind the scenes in the world pulling all the string for some evil purpose. Creating and perpetuating these delusions writes them into the story as “heroes” ..those who know the “truth”. They will disregard a mountain of commonly shared empirical knowledge in favor of one cheesy Youtube clip with spooky music imploring the listeners to “wake up!” .. THEY are out to get you!
            I’m not naïve .. of course there are people and Government entities that obfuscate intentions and have agendas.. but these folk have lost the ability to discern probability of reality.

          • Publeus

            — I hear what you are saying, and i’m inclined to agree, for the most part. I’m reminded of an old saying. To paraphrase…

            Never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained as stupidity.

            It’s natural to consider the problem to be a normal affect of self interested market forces. Not really malign; just the result of greed.

            Sometimes I do wonder if perhaps it is manipulated as a means of control, though. History shows that when a culture is degraded, it is often because less sophisticated people are easier to rule. Burn the books, or even worse, dictate from just one book, to establish the appearance of legitimacy.


            It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get us.

            Really, when it comes to N.A.S.A. ( Never A Straight Answer), I really can’t blame people for their doubt. Like the Moon Landing Hoax bit, there is a grain of truth to use as a foundation for a house of cards. Clearly, some of those pictures are faked, badly, and to me, the real issue is…

            NASA can put people on the moon, but they can’t fake a decent photograph? What the Hell is wrong with that administration?

            They should have put Kubrick on it.

          • Al Mather

            We’re done.

          • I implore anyone reading this to merely type “star trails” into ANY search engine and view the multiple pictures from all over the world to see what I am saying is true… don’t ever take somebody else’s word for anything! Always verify!

          • Al Mather

            Anywhere you have a vantage point to view axial stars.

          • BUT only FROM and axial point will you get circles, not from just anywhere like we can easily observe.

          • Al Mather

            Except that you would get them from anywhere you can observe the axial star and YOU are the only person who for some reason can not grasp it.
            So deny it all you want. It’s the only tact you can take in the face of the evidence I guess.

          • No, you wouldn’t, you would get lines from a vantage point of a spinning ball, horizontal lines from West to East unless situated directly on an axial point, then if you looked straight up you would see circles. Your logic fails from the beginning so it is fruitless to argue over it.

            Sigma Octanis isn’t an axial star because if it was it would be visible to the entire south like Polaris is in the north and it is not.

          • Al Mather

            Funny though…that you are the only person who seems to thinks this.. photographers get it, astronomers get it, casual star gazers, I get it… the ONLY person who seems to just not be able to wrap their little brain around the [perspective of the distant axial star and the earths rotation ..IS YOU!
            And Sigma Octanis IS an axial star all astronomers know this.

            AND STILL you keep cowardly ducking and dodging and deflecting and running away from the same point …
            It is physically impossible …it disproves the flat earth map… you can not explain it.

          • I already explained my position, you don’t like it, oh well.

            Star trails explained:

            The gleason map was/is used for navigation… and it’s flat.

          • Al Mather

            YOU are STILL dodging… regardless of whether YOU claim Sigma Octantis is viewable from all locations…(although I disagree..) YOU STILL ARE AVOIDING the fact that it IS viewable in EVERY DIRECTION of your flat earth map.. and I have to say being a real pussy about it… However many times I mention
            which totally disproves your flat earth map …you deflect.. switch topic…address some other aspect.. It’s starting to appear as though you HAVE NO EXPLANATION.

          • lol, I already explained it to you, don’t pretend I didn’t.

          • Al Mather

            You have NEVER ONCE addressed the fact that it’s observable in ALL DIRECTIONS… which as you well realize is THE thing that disproves the flat earth map.

          • Al Mather

            ( get ready for a monster ponderous Gish Gallop of flat earth proofs…130 year old Flat earth “testimony” .. and dribble to distract from this SINGLE POINT I am making.. that Flat Earthers have no answer for.
            THIS GUY gets it..

          • LOL, and the comments sort it right out, as usual 😉

            Good info in those comments too, thanks! Bookmarked!

          • Here it is again, you’re not going to like it this time either 😉

            Star trails explained:

            The phenomenon can be observed in the stellarium software also.

          • Al Mather

            Yeah I’ve watched the video… at no point does it explain how we would …as we do… see Sigma Octantis in all the different directions simultaneously. It only gives a VERY WEAK and gibberish explanation of opposing Polaris … Major FAIL. …

      • Al Mather

        So how many miles can you see on Salar de Uyuni before the curvature of the earth starts obscuring from the ground up?

        • That depends on how tall you are and it absolutely is not the curvature causing objects to disappear in the distance; just like at sea with the boats disappearing, all one has to do is use an optical aid like binoculars or a telescope or a long range zoom lens to bring those objects right back into view.

          There is less than 1 meter difference in height all throughout the 4000 square miles of Salar de Uyuni, sorry that doesn’t jive with your sphere and completely disproves it but it’s true, look it up yourself. Use the shilliest propaganda source out there, wikipedia, and even they say it too.

          Directly quote from wikipedia:

          The Salar was formed as a result of transformations between several
          prehistoric lakes. It is covered by a few meters of salt crust, which
          has an extraordinary flatness with the average altitude variations
          within one meter over the entire area of the Salar

          • Al Mather

            Remember….sea level curves. Eventually a ship on the seas sailing away from you disappears from the bottom up… proving the curve… you can bring it closer …but the bottom remains obscured. Sailors have witnessed this for millennium.

          • Publeus

            — Especially in the dimples (High gravity or vortex zones). Sea level is different everywhere. The Panama Canal demonstrates that.

          • Ahh, but the bottom does NOT remain obscured, that’s where your understand is flawed. Plenty of videos out ther to prove it also.

  • jame watts

    You fucking ignorant fag. You are spreading shit out of your mouth

    • Reverend Draco

      Read the comments, Junior – there are entirely too many morons who believe this inanity.

      You may want to come out of the closet, too – you seem a bit repressed.

  • It is not Paranoia



    Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition.
    International Flat Earth Research Society is where it’s at.

    Listen to what Eric Dubay has to say. Also check his blog

    Just try it. Challenge yourself. I know how fucked up it all sounds. But these things make sense. Put your emotions aside. Put your education aside. Open your mind and research this stuff just a little bit. I promise you it’s something.

    I was living on a ball just a few months ago. After a little research it’s the most ridiculous and crazy thing I can think of.

    A little assumption might help you with this – assume that everything you’ve been ever told is a LIE.

    I’m not here to argue, so don’t try.
    I’m fully aware how fucking stupid this sounds.

    • Great post!

      • It is not Paranoia

        Is reverend draco my new pet shill? Or just pet? 🙂

        Because he follows my posts very devotedly! :))

        Not that I care though.

        • I wouldn’t worry about it, they can try to stop this but they can’t and won’t.

    • Al Mather

      And is.

    • Reverend Draco

      In related charlatanry: Demons are the cause of disease
      Cosmic Pluralism is real.
      Animals got their stripes from mating in front of a screen made of partially debarked trees.
      The Earth rests on pillars.
      Stars are lights set in a dome over the Earth.

      • Publeus

        — Interestingly enough, the old ‘Earth Pillars’ concept is getting a makeover with the plasma jets emanating from the poles. I think that’s hilarious.

        • Reverend Draco

          “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” ~ W.C. Fields

          I’m more of a milk tanker than an oil tanker – no baffles.

          • Publeus

            — No baffles in milk tankers?

            Cool. I actually did learn something here.

          • Reverend Draco

            No baffles in any tanker carrying food grade liquids – too difficult to clean properly. Bacteria collect in the places where the baffles connect to the tank walls.

      • Gary

        I’m presuming by Cosmic Pluralism you’re referring to Heaven and Hell, and unsure about the striped animals thing.

  • Bust out curvature calculator and you are proven wrong though. Numbers can be your friends, they don’t lie.

    • Publeus

      — People use numbers to lie all of the time.

      Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

      See year 2008 banks.

      Like averages, as the classic example. –

      Ten people in a room. Half of them are 5 ft. 7 in. tall, and half are 5 ft. 9 in. tall. The average height of those people is 5 ft. 8 in. tall; the implication being that most of those people are 5 ft. 8 in. tall.

      So, how many of those people are 5 ft. 8 in. tall?

      Then there are also the misrepresented numbers, like the so-called unemployment rate, which doesn’t measure the number of unemployed people, but does measure the number of people who apply for unemployment benefits for the first time.

      Big difference. Numbers used to lie for political purposes.

      To suggest that bad math is absolute proof is blatantly corrupt. If you haven’t checked the math against the real world, in the field, then it doesn’t even qualify as a theory, which is subject to testing. Unsubstantiated math is merely an idea, not a fact.

      I have enough real world experience to know that the Earth is a globe. I do find the attempted return to the Dark Ages to be interesting, though, from an anthropological perspective.

      How lost our culture has become…

      • Not in mathematical equations they don’t 😉

        Let’s apply math and see what we get: – we get land observed, from sea level, that is 31.6 miles away!

        • Publeus

          Not in mathematical equations they don’t 😉

          — Try triangulation. Those equations will teach you something. You can do them in the yard, and the surrounding area. When it is applied to the real world, the curvature is apparent.

          The sum of the angles of a triangle equals 180.

          What is the sum of the angles of a triangle on a curved surface? Remember to account for altitude.

          Now, there’s some real math for you, easily demonstrated, if you want to know. One little measurement can change your world.

          • Here’s a calculator: – it’ll prove the earth flat every single time.

            Theorum of Pythagoras.

          • Publeus

            — Surely you jest.

          • I guess calculators are funny to you

          • Publeus

            — Man, that’s weak. Let’s see some cognition. A simple machine can’t think for you.

          • Umm… I just did the same calculations below… manually, go look, the math I did is still there 😉

          • Publeus

            — Get away from the screen, go outside, and look. There’s a great big world out there. Hypothetical mathematics that don’t relate to the real world are a fools game. It is considered to be a debilitating problem in the exploration of knowledge. Laboratory benchmarks never measure up to the real world applications. A bunch of disconnected numbers mean nothing. I have measured the curvature of the real world, rather than merely having read about it.

            Get real. It’s far more rewarding in the long run. It engenders maturity. You have the tools you need. If people thousands of years ago could do it, so can you. Turn of the cartoons, and go out to play.

          • Yeah, those stupid camera zooms that prove you wrong are all fake, all imagination, sure.

          • Publeus

            — Seriously Dude… pointing to YouTube as evidence is … well… Honestly, it’s not known for legitimacy. Quite the opposite. What’s next? Wackopedia?

            “I saw it on Tv is no excuse for anything, ever. The world awaits…

          • Wags71

            It depends on the content, no? If I show a youtube video of a plane flying, does it prove that planes can fly?

          • Publeus

            — On Youtube, I would consider it suspect, since that outlet is known for bad photoshop. Of course, not all images are fake there, I guess, but with their history of fiction, I would not point to that outlet as absolute truth. I saw a video there with a car flying. Shall I claim that cars fly?

            How many videos of aliens? Shall I believe, as if ‘ I Want To Believe ‘? If a saucer landed in front of me and an alien walked out, I would ask for two forms of picture ID, and a ride. I’m not really cynical, but a healthy skepticism can save a lot of foolish embarrassment, especially when applied to claims of Science, especially in the age of manipulated numbers and bad math.

            Verify. Until you have done that, you have done nothing real.

          • Wags71

            I do verify. I don’t believe anything by default. But youtube is as good or bad of a source as anything else. It isn’t a bad source simply because it’s on youtube. I’m sure you firmly believe in a certain truth that is displayed in a youtube video. But I would agree regarding wikipedia.

          • Publeus

            — I consider Youtube to be as reliable as the stuff that I hear in a bar. Sure, maybe sometimes it’s accurate, but I wouldn’t make an extraordinary claim, and say ” It’s true. The drunk said so.”, but I might consider it a clue, to be followed up on and explored.

            Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

            Here are a couple of gems that actually did seem interesting, although I don’t claim that they are real. They just seem to lack the obvious tells of fraud.


            I really do like the weird stuff, even if I can demonstrate that it’s not legitimate. If it provokes thought, then maybe it’s worth while. In the end, though, if it can’t be applied to the real world, then it is just a game. Sometimes those are fun, but then, I like real work too.

          • Wags71

            I pretty much find all sources to be that unreliable. All mainstream media is obviously coerced and corrupt and the majority of alternative blogs seem to be as well. Finding the truth is just about impossible. I even view science in its current form to be as reliable as religion.

            The flat earth stuff is one of the hardest issues for me to determine. I’m open to just about anything other than that what we’re told is what happened and is happening. I know there is a lot of disinfo out there, especially on conspiracy sites.

            If you like weird stuff, check this one out I just found:


          • Publeus

            — No argument there. The information age. It’s crap, but we get a lot of it. The thing about flat Earth is that I have made the measurements, not at the computer, but out there. I know, because I put in the effort to find out. To point to numbers on Tv, and claim… Well, I give that the consideration that it deserves. Drive, boat, fly,… navigate… That is how to see the world for what it is. With a compass, or a sextant, I can walk a hundred miles, and get within a hundred feet of my destination. It’s not theory to me. My life has really depended on the application of truth.

            Some say that learning the truth dispels the magic. For me, the opposite is true. When I apply knowledge out there, and it works, that’s a magical moment.

            I Can Know. What greater gift?

          • Wags71

            This is the only blogger I trust for what it’s worth:


          • Publeus

            — Yeah, I’ve seen some stuff from that guy. Worth a look.

            It’s funny. The first thing that I saw was ‘Vampire…’ and thought “Crap.”, I’m ashamed to say. I should know better.

            It can take quite a bit of effort to not become cynical, especially with all of the sensationalism.


          • Wags71

            Yeah, I read him also. He can get quite out there, so I don’t think I trust all of it. Everything Rappoport writes makes total sense to me.

          • Publeus

            — One of those links failed. Here’s the YouTube description…

            Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old – South Africa

            I just love that. I suppose that it is a happy coincidence, but…

          • Gary

            If you ever tried to verify the curve, you’d find that you can’t.

          • He’s too worried about being “right” to do that.

          • Gary

            Lol. So true. Some would rather that everyone think they are right but be wrong, than have everyone think they are wrong but be right.

          • If we held the truth at the same level of protection and defence as our fragile egos imagine what we could accomplish, it transcends my imagination.

          • Nor does it prove that they can’t. Mostly Youtube proves that the skills required to competently produce video productions is in severe deficit there.

          • Plenty of people posting their evidence, cover your eyes and pretend they aren’t, still doesn’t change a thing.

          • Reverend Draco

            If you live in the bottom of a 2 billion year old impact crater, the earth will curve in the “wrong” direction – thereby “proving” the Earth is hollow.

            Flathead logic 101.

          • If you take video from a weather balloon over 120K feet up and you see an eye-level, flat horizon LINE staring you in the face that means the world is a round ball 120k beneath you.

            Baller logic 101.

          • a² + b² = c² – the formula that proves it is not round over and over every single time. It is called the theorem of pythagoras and it is what I use to do my calculations.

            This is what proves that there is 8″ of curvature in the first mile but 32″ of curvature in the second mile while most globe-beleivers will try to say 16″ of curvature for the second mile… and their math is wrong, it is roughly 8″ x mile² = # of inches of curvature

            How far will the Earth curve in 4 miles? Let’s use the FORMULA to see…

            Using a=3959 as the earth’s radius
            and b=4 mile tangent:

            a^2 = 15673681
            +b^2 = 16
            c^2 = 15673697

            c = 3959.0020207 miles

            x = .0020207 mile
            .0020207*5280 = 10.67ft
            x = 10.67 ft.

            Numbers don’t lie, people do. Your mentioning of statistics numbers being a lie, which I agree with, are numbers cooked by some dishonest, poor excuse for a human. Numbers in an equation are different, no cooking logically allowed.

          • Publeus

            — Equations not applied to the real world are meaningless. Let’s see you get outside, away from the idiot box, and put those equations to work on something real. You can see several miles. It is not much work to check your math. Triangulate several objects further and further away, and you will see. Otherwise, you have nothing real.

          • So this: – isn’t real? Wasn’t recorded outside? Sorry man but I believe the numbers calculations and physical proof from the video, not you.

          • Gary

            Try it out. You may be surprised when those angles you measure sum up to 180 degrees.

          • Publeus

            — Draw a triangle on a ball, or a balloon and then inflate it. The same works for the real world as a sphere.The angles on a curved surface don’t always add up to 180, so what do you refer too? I suggest the mathematics of Russel.
            I like Pi=4, as counter intuitive, and also the transference from X to Y on a curvature.

          • Gary

            Exactly. So when you measure 180 degrees on that triangle you create, you will understand that the Earth is flat. 🙂

          • Publeus

            — Spent a bit of time researching that. You are demonstrably mistaken.

          • Gary

            Demonstrate away.

          • Publeus

            — You have a cause. That’s OK…. I might suggest that being contrary in the face of physical evidence is a tenuous position. I have pointed to the evidence that can be traced through Russel to Newton to Abraham to India, even. Do your own homework. That’s the only way that you’ll learn. Perhaps a quick look at Relativity might help. It is possible to perceive the same reality in two different ways at the same time.

            Classic example (Contemporary)

            You’re traveling in a car. You toss a ball. From your perspective, the ball travels up and down. The motion is linear.

            Someone standing on the curd watching you go by will perceive the ball moving up and down, and also forward. It will trace a sine wave.

            What is the true motion? It depends on the relative perspective. Proper, or coordinate.

            Both versions can be perceived as real, yet they are not the total reality. Standing on the planet, it can be perceived as flat. Coordinate Perspective.(Little Picture)

            To perceive the curvature, you must measure a larger area. Proper Perspective (Big Picture)

            Usually, the curvature is easily perceived by comparing measurements of about a hundred miles. This is no real feat in the modern age of transport. Driving, boating, and flying will demonstrate it. On a small scale, get a ball, a balloon, and get to work. It’s not a secret science. It’s not complicated. It works anywhere on Earth, and has for thousands of years.

            You ask me to show you the world. Open your eyes. Open your mind.The ability to know, rather than believe, is one of our greatest gifts. We have been left the tools. This is child’s play.

          • Gary

            You claimed you could demonstrate your belief. I simply called your bluff.

          • Publeus

            — I don’t bluff. It is deceit, and I’m not into that. I have mentioned a couple of easy to implement methods to determine the shape. Methods that are so basic, they are thousands of years old. If you won’t even try, that’s on you. You close your eyes, turn your back, and demand that I tell you about the world that we live in.

            Grow up. Some things you have to do for yourself.

            Sundials, sundials, sundials, sundials, sundials,…

            Get it?

          • Gary

            Yes, back to trigonometry, but measuring into the sky rather than upon the Earth. It can demonstrate the sun is much closer than 150 million km.

          • Publeus

            — The distance of the sun is easily determined by measuring the parallax. Back to triangulation. Ninety three million miles. Don’t take my word for it. Measure the sun in the sky yourself.

          • Gary

            ~400 miles.

            Refer to Earth Not a Globe, by Parallax and George Davey, p 102 -104.


            “The distance from London Bridge to the sea-coast at Brighton, in a straight
            line, is 50 statute miles. On a given day, at 12 o’clock, the altitude of the sun, from near the water at London Bridge, was found to be 61 degrees of an arc; and at the same moment of time the altitude from the sea-coast at Brighton was observed to be 64 degrees of an arc, as shown in fig. 58.


            By the same mode it may be ascertained that the distance from London of that part of the earth where the sun was vertical at the time (July 13th, 1870) the above observations were taken, was only 400 statute miles, as shown by dividing the base-line L, D, by the distance B, L.”

            Stars can be measured in the same way.

          • Publeus

            — You seem to be using someone else’s work to measure the curvature.

            Again. One day. Set time. Measure the angle of the sun. One, two, three… months later, set time, measure the angle again. That will give you the parallax.

            No more cut and paste. Do it, or you know nothing. It’s easy.

            Why are you so determined not to? You can know.

            Books are a great place to start, but a terrible place to stay.

          • Gary

            The method you propose requires the assumption the Earth is moving. Its not.

          • Publeus

            — If you measure the angle of the sun from two relatively close places at the same time, the curvature will be far more apparent than the distance. Eratosthenes, the Greek in Egypt, did that around 240 BCE. It is considered the beginning of Western Geo Science, although that does ignore the East. The best work was done when East meets West. This is easily demonstrated around your neighborhood.

            Try it. Find a small hill. Measure at the bottom. Measure at the top. At the same time. You will demonstrate the curvature of the hill.

            To measure the distance to a moving object whatever the cause of the motion, such as the sun, you really should make the measurements six months apart, for better angles, and account for the seasonal decline.

            You can do this. You don’t have to just read about it, and risk disproving yourself in a nonsense debate.

  • Glad to see more and more critical thinkers realizing this truth:

    • Reverend Draco

      You’re mistaking ignorant flathead for critical thinker.

      Sad, really. But, it is a great example of the complete and utter failure of most people to educate themselves.

      • that’s the thing, rev, I have educated myself, that’s why I don’t believe in freemason bullshit and NASA.

        • Reverend Draco

          Freemason bullshit and NASA – since 240 BCE?
          That’s rich.

          • Oh back then they had a consensus and no opposition? First time in history then…

          • Reverend Draco

            Consensus isn’t science.

          • THAT we totally agree on!

  • Al Mather

    Lol!..Right..and you’re no Flat earth sock puppet either. Right?

    • That’s rich, a paid shill with multiple sock puppet accounts trying to project themselves onto others…

      • Al Mather

        Really Rolly…. And who would those accounts be?
        I’m a one and only.. Use my real name and keep my profile and comments visible.Thats actually my dog sleeping in my chair in my avatar.

  • FiverPrometheus

    While they’re at it they can send a plane up to take samples of ChemTrails.

  • Reverend Draco

    One of the most ridiculous parts of this whole thing. . . is that people are getting their “science” from some illiterate ghetto trash rapper.
    Not from people who have actually studied science, but from someone who has militantly avoided an education.

    • Gary

      When the people who have studied science believe in things like big bang theory and evolution, one must take one’s chances. That rapper probably knows more than Einstein did.

  • Publeus

    240 BC

    *** Eratosthenes *** went on to become the world’s first geographer, inventing the concepts of latitude and longitude that we still use today, and constructed the first models and maps based on a spherical Earth.

    Although many things were “lost” during the subsequent millenium, neither the idea of a spherical Earth nor the rough knowledge of the Earth’s circumference were one of them. In fact, anyone can perform this same experiment today with two locations at the same longitude, and with simultaneous measurements of shadow lengths, you too can measure the circumference of the Earth! Not bad, considering that the first direct, photographic evidence of the Earth’s curvature would not arrive until 1946!

    — I don’t think that he was the worlds’ first, but he sure used his head.

    • Reverend Draco

      Piri Reis had a map, in the 1500s, that is very nearly identical to a satellite photo take from directly above Cairo, Egypt – right down to the deformation of the continents as they curve away from the map’s center.

      • Publeus

        — I love that map. Implications aside, it was extremely well produced. A high art of science that has caused no end of trouble.

        Probably my favorite ancient documentation of all time is The Voyage of Hanno (Greek). It was considered strictly myth by a lot of Europeans, until it was realized that he described sailing into the Atlantic, and down the west coast of Africa.

        The lands and people that he described were quite fanciful. A place where fire grew like grass. (seasonal grassland burns) A very strange people who, when he asked his local guide ‘Who is that tribe’, the guide responded in the local language ” Gorilla.” which when translated means ” I don’t know.” They are actually thought to have been Chimpanzees. He captured a few and took them on the ship, but they proved to be unmanageable. Knowing the Greeks of that time, they probably got them drunk.

        Given the evidence of that myth, a lot of the old tales are being reexamined. Especially Heracles.

        • Reverend Draco

          I heard a rumor. many years ago, that the Kangaroo got it’s name the same way. . . A European asked an Aboriginal about this weird hopping thing, and was told “Kangaroo” which meant “I don’t know.”

          Which begs the question. . . how many things are named “I don’t know,” in some dead language or ancient Aboriginal tongue?

          • Publeus

            — Quite a few, I expect. People are funny.

            Homer was great, with Odysseus and the cyclops.

            “Who are you?” asked the cyclops.

            “Nobody.” replied Odysseus.


            “Who’s attacking you?”

            “NOBODY !”

            Homer is in a class all by himself. With the amazing discrepancies of the Iliad and Odyssey, it’s hard to determine anything about that work. They seem to cover several centuries in a very enigmatic way. The so called Greek Dark Age. It’s like reading..

            Jesse James galloped to the train, pulled out his cell phone, and called his gang.

            People still don’t know what to think about that work, but we’re pretty sure it’s important.

          • Reverend Draco

            Even more amazing is that, with all of the discrepancies, Schliemann was able to find Troy.

            The Epic of Gilgamesh is likely as important. . . being the work plagiarized for parts of the bible. . . Yet so few know of it.

          • Publeus

            — I love the oldest written story known. A classic quest, for immortality, no less. Funny how often that crops up in history, like Alexander the Great.

            A king, a wild man, an immortal, a snake, and even a horny barmaid, who may have been a Goddess. They don’t write them like that, anymore. I find the Scorpion Men to be quite interesting.

            All of these millennium later, and people are still looking for the land of Dilmun.

  • Reverend Draco

    The sun is never above us – or it would hover at the north pole. It’s beside us, and sometimes the moon is. . . wait for it – on the other side!

    Atmospheric and gravitational lensing are responsible for selenehelion, which appears to put both the moon and sun in the sky together. Also, the sun is 8 light-minutes away, whereas the moon is only 1.3 light-seconds away. . .

    Science is fun – you don’t even need a degree in physics to enjoy it – it only requires having more than 2 brain cells to rub together and a willingness to use them.

  • Barsoomian

    Fah! Everyone knows that all they’ll prove is that the Earth is hollow!

  • Al Mather

    Yes children… come to the light… I’m not a hastily created sock puppet… come to the stupid liiiight…

  • Wags71

    This isn’t flat-earth related per se, but I thought it was interesting.

    • Damn I was just reading about that and that topic IS related to the Flat Earth!

      • SP_88

        I read the information in the links you gave me. I didn’t read every single thing, but I stuck to a few basic things. They just don’t convince me the earth is flat. One thing that I couldn’t get past was the way the sun and moon works in the FE model and the explanation of perspective for why the sun and other things seem to disappear over the horizon. The length of days and nights and seasons didn’t seem to work the way we see it either. The timing of day and night wouldn’t match what we see. The size of the “spot” where the sun projects light as a spotlight doesn’t cover half of the earth in the flat earth model. It’s more like a big circle of light. And as the spot of light passes by, the people who live near the north and south side of the spot would have a day that lasts about two hours and then 22 hours of night, depending on what time of year it is. The people who live where the widest diameter of the spot of sunlight is would have longer days than the people who live north or south of them. And even they would have days that only last about 9 or 10 hours.
        The other thing that doesn’t match what we see is the size and shape and distance of the sun and moon. In the FE model the sun and moon are 32 miles across and about two or three thousand feet high, and they are both flat disks. They travel around the earth in a circular motion and the sun gradually moves between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn and this back and forth motion causes the seasons. The problem with this is the perspective. If the sun is a flat round disk, when it moves away from us and the sun sets, and the reason it isn’t visible is perspective, the sun will do two things. First, as the sun moves off into the distance it will get smaller and smaller. An example given by many FE websites of the sun setting on a flat earth was a row of street lights that gradually appear closer and closer to the horizon until we can no longer see them. But the reason we can’t see the street lights or any other thing is because it eventually becomes so small that we can’t see it. But the sun doesn’t get smaller and smaller until we can’t see it. It goes beyond the horizon and is blocked from our view by the spherical earth. And it stays the same size the whole time. There is no perceptible change in the size of the sun. In the FE model the sun would appear about half as big at 5 or 6 pm as it was at noon because it would be about twice as far away. But we just don’t see this.
        The other problem with this is the shape of the sun. When the flat round disk sun is directly overhead, it will appear round to us, but oval shaped to others. As it moves away from us it will become more oval shaped to us and more round to the people who are directly below it. But when we look at the sun, it is big and round the whole day. It stays the same size and shape all day. And this would be true no matter what way it is facing. A disk is only round when you look straight at it.
        So unless there is another explanation for the way these things appear, I’m gonna have to go with the globe earth model because it already has a good explanation for all these things and all the other things that have become a question based on the FE model, like the craters on the moon having a shadow. And where do asteroids, meteors and comets come from, and what about the giant asteroid craters on earth? These and other things that have an explanation in the globe model suddenly don’t seem to fit in the FE model. It seems like the more I read about how the FE model works, the more questions I have about how other things work, things that already had an explanation in the globe model.
        If you have more information about these things I will be happy to discuss it with you. But for now I’m still a globe believer.

        • It’s not easy to beat indoctrination…

          Seasonal activity of the sun as well as area illuminated(would not behave like you said) depicted in “The New Standard Map of The World,” 1892, here: – bottom left hand and right hand corner, this map wasn’t some conspiracy, it was the standard map of the world and it is the actual shape of what we live on today just as it was back then. The sun and seasons make perfect sense on a flat earth, I have a video explaining(and animating it) it if you wanted to learn more.

          Now when I look up I understand and it makes perfect sense, I take note of how high he sun rises and what date it is and since I understand the movements now I can even easily plot the course right across the sky(it’s rising every day these days, almost at the vernal equinox on it’s way from the tropic of Capricorn last December 21st where at stayed for 3 days and started heading towards it’s other boundary, the tropic of cancer on June 23rd, then it will start moving back), something the mason schools refuse to teach even though it provides position and time from anywhere on Earth easily, I am getting an astrolabe and learning how to read it so I will know this part even better in the future.

          Sun and moon change sizes in our skies due to perspective but are themselves seemingly the same size but the moon moves slower than the sun and the stars don’t move 360 degrees overhead per night, they move 359 degrees with one degree left over which means every six months the constellations will be opposite of where they previously were 6 months previous + we gain leap years out of it every 4 years, like this year.

          There are 2 horizons that meet in the distance, one on the sky, one on the ground… you see much more sky than you do land hence you can’t bring the sun back with binoculars/telescope like you can a person in the distance or the entire ship brought back over the horizon at sea which is supposedly hidden by the curve of the Earth but obviously/provably not because when the sun disappears over the horizon it is the horizon of the skyline, not the land one, and since that is the farthest of the two you can’t bring objects back from it using instruments like you can the land horizon.

          I surely can’t convince somebody to believe what they are looking at, I can only provide info and logic but the rest is up to them. For me, the irrefutable experiments/evidence and proofs of:
 – by Samuel Birley Rowbotham held a lot of weight because he was never proven wrong.

  • Yes, but how do we have winds blowing in all directions if the atmosphere is moving @ 1000mph? How do we have days with no wind at all?

    • Reverend Draco

      The atmosphere isn’t moving at 1000mph relative to the planet itself, since you conveniently forgot.

      Wind is the air moving to fill voids – warm air rises, cooler air moves in to fill the void. . . cooler air sinks, warm air moves in to fill the void. Basic hydrodynamics.

      Your attempt to prove the centuries-debunked keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

      You might want to look into that.

      • That’s called aerodynamics and you may want to take a gander at Airy’s failure.

        • Reverend Draco

          Hydrodynamics. . . or perhaps I should have said Fluid dynamics.

          Air is a fluid and acts accordingly.

          • The motion of air is called aerodynamics.

          • Reverend Draco

            The motion of objects moving through the air is called aerodynamics.
            Aircraft use these rules to stay aloft; race cars use these rules to stay in contact with the pavement at insane speeds.

            Air itself is a fluid, and it’s actions follow hydrodynamic/fluid dynamic rules.

          • Understood, thanks!

          • Reverend Draco

            You’re welcome.

  • Al Mather

    No ****John Smith**** “you” are a sock puppet…in all likelihood created by one of the Fellate Earth Knuckleheads on this page… in this conversation. 😉

  • SP_88

    I’ve read about the flat earth theory enough to realize that it doesn’t seem possible. The FE model just doesn’t match what I see.
    Most of the information I’ve seen is more about dismissing NASA and other evidence that supports the globe model than giving an explanation for how the flat earth model is supposed to work. And the information I did see doesn’t explain how a flat earth would work.
    If the earth was really flat we would be able to see the Rocky Mountains from New York. We would be able to see the sun after it sets by using binoculars. And a plane ride around the world below the equator would be twice as far as a plane ride above the equator.
    The round earth model explains all these things very nicely. But the flat earth model has many explanations that just don’t match what we see.
    Occam’s razor says that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. So which makes more sense, that the earth is round or that millions of people are involved in a conspiracy so big and so widespread without any leaks or whistleblowers and they have fooled everyone with thousands of hours of video that is so realistic that experts are unable to prove it’s fake despite the fact that many of these videos were filmed during the sixties and seventies before CGI was invented? And what would anyone have to gain by hiding the flat earth from people? The magnitude of such a conspiracy would have to be extremely massive. People can barely keep a secret about new products coming out or the plot to a new movie, how would such a conspiracy be able to be kept secret over the course of the past 500 years? It’s just not plausible.

    • There are MANY points that can be seen that would be absolutely impossible on a sphere at the current different dimensions, numbers don’t lie, here is one with 31.6 miles at sea level fully visible, you must wilfully deny this evidence in order to stick with the ball: – there are dozens of more extreme examples out there also.

      Here is a calculator: – you MUST deny this calculator and its numbers for earth to be a sphere. Find any 2 distant points you have a picture of and use google earth to measure the distance then use the calculator to see how far down they should be obscured from view. Plug in the numbers of some of the famous canals of the world and see how much they should be convexly curving when the level water lines along the sides are physical proof that there just isn’t any curvature. The above video did just that with a 31.6 mile example which is impossible on a ball and yet another example of what you must deny happened for it to be a ball.

      • SP_88

        There are two problems with this video and the curvature calculator. In the video, if you watch when he is lining up the two pictures from three feet and from the top of the hill, he crops off the bottom of the picture he took from up high, thus removing the extra part that would be seen from up higher and making the two pictures look more alike. And I can’t call that proof because I don’t know what the mountain looks like up close to compare how much, if any, is obscured by the curvature or lack of.
        And the calculator is not something that can be used to accurately calculate the curvature of the earth because first, it is based on a perfect sphere, which the earth is definitely not. Not only is the earth bulged out at the equator and compressed at the poles, but the surface of the earth is jagged, bumpy and awkwardly shaped all over. There could be all sorts of places that could be flatter than others. And since gravity is a function of mass, and the mass of the earth is not uniform, the curvature of the oceans won’t be exact either. Because the earth is not a perfect sphere, the exact curvature of the earth will be drastically different from one place to another. For instance, there will be more curvature from east to west than north to south. And depending on how far north or south you are there will be more or less curvature. Without knowing exactly how much curvature there is in any given place, there is no way to tell how much something will be obscured by the curvature.
        And none of this takes into account the mirage effect. The effect of the atmosphere and moisture effect how you can see something that is far away. And it can effect what you see on a flat earth just as much as a round earth or a concave earth. There is a video on YouTube showing this effect. I don’t know if he is trying to use it as evidence of a flat earth or a round earth, but he does a good job of showing this effect. And in my opinion it could effect both models.
        So at this point I will say maybe. I don’t know the actual distance between him and the hills he is showing, but if he is using the right distance than the other thing I don’t know is wether or not the hills are being obscured. According to his math there is only a 10% difference between the 3 foot high picture and the higher one. As for the initial difference of 600 feet, that may be the case, because he didn’t show the whole thing up close, so if it is obscured by the curvature, I can’t tell. There is no before and after.
        BTW, did you consider my previous post? Is there a more thorough explanation for how the sun and days work and the geometry involved? I told you I would be as open minded as I could, and I’m really trying. But I need more information. I know that everything appears to be flat, but measuring the curvature isn’t an exact science. There are many variables to consider. If we could, I would like to stick to a couple things at a time. I don’t want to get sidetracked by too many different subjects all at once. I live near the ocean, so when it’s warmer outside, I will go to the beach and I’ll bring my camera. It’s not the best camera, but it has a 10x optical zoom lens. So I should be able to see pretty far out.
        Just so you know, I’m not opposed to finding out that the earth is flat. It wouldn’t hurt me at all. In fact I think it would be fascinating to see that. It would be the most interesting thing that has ever happened to me. So if I can confirm that it is flat, it would not be an issue for me. I have no problem admitting that I was taught a lie and I believed it my whole life. And I would be excited to begin learning about this new paradigm. And I would enjoy proving it to other people. But first I need to convince myself. And to do that, I will need to understand several aspects of it. I need more information about it.
        One thing that would convince me of a flat earth would be for two boats to be tied together with 10,560 feet (2miles) of cord. They could pull the cord tight and have a third boat follow the cord between the boats. If it is the same distance from the water the whole length, the earth is flat. If the cord is submerged in the middle, the earth is round, or the cord isn’t tight enough, which can be determined by feeling it. This is an experiment that wouldn’t cost very much to do. And the results can’t be denied. It should be a simple matter of seeing how high above the water the cord is where it’s tied to the boats, and it should be the same on both boats. And the middle of the cord should be exactly the same height if the earth is flat. If it’s 8 inches above the water at the boats, it should touch the surface in the middle. At 8 inches per mile, and each boat a mile from the middle, the middle of the cord should be at the waters surface, give or take an inch or so. It would not be hard to tell this way, despite the possible variables in curvature. And if there is no curvature, it should be even more obvious, because there will be no variable.
        This experiment could be done for a couple hundred dollars. And it should only take a few hours to do. And the results wouldn’t be subjective. If it’s only one mile of cord, an 8inch variable is possible. But two miles is about two feet of curvature, and there won’t be a two foot variable. So the results will be objective. It would be enough to convince me one way or the other. What do you think?

        • The sun moves in a spiraling pattern from the tropic of capricorn at the winter solstice to the tropic of cancer at the summer solstice, there is a diagram of this behavior at the bottom left and right hand corners of this standard map of our world from 1892:

          The moon moves overhead slightly slower than the sun does thus they are always located at different spots in relation to each other throughout the year. The sun doesn’t rise, it approaches us from the east and at some point in the future will approach us from the west again like it has before in the past but that is another topic altogether.

          How does the Sun illuminate Flat Earth? Easy to follow pictures and short animation.

          Superdome from North shore of lake Pontchartrain, 26.55 miles away!

          (if you’re 6 feet tall then that shoreline should be 369.86 feet obscured from view. Use the calculator for proof:

          Your boat example is great but you have to account for sea swell which can vary from day to day but yes if the chord was tight you would be able to prove that there isn’t any curvature in 2 miles(the water will ALWAYS remain level beneath that rope assuming the water is calm, that’s why they call it sea level… the sea is always level because water doesn’t bend!) but here is where most globe/ball believers go wrong, they assume 8″ of curvature per mile and this is incorrect, it is 8″ per MILE SQUARED – they never like to do the square part because that is where it becomes evident that we aren’t on a ball. It is 8″ of curvature for the first mile but 32″ of curvature for the second, not 16″ like most of the ball believers try to say but are incorrect.

          Here is an experiment already conducted that is like your boat experiment and it proved we live on a plane without a doubt:

          Here is a 30minute video explaining flat earth vs. globe:

          • Publeus

            “The sun moves in a spiraling pattern”

            ‘ a spiral is a curve which emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point.’

            — If you take a photograph of the Sun at the same time every day, it traces a huge figure eight from North to South. The proverbial Infinity Symbol. This is easy to see.

            It obviously doesn’t spiral.

          • You again.. the sun absolutely does spiral, you just don’t understand what you’re looking at.

          • Publeus

            — I don’t understand a spiral? Please, define a Spiral. It is one of the oldest symbols, carved into stone all over the world, so that we would remember it. An infinity symbol is not a spiral. It’s hyperbolic, as I recall.

            The concept of heliocentric motion is a close cousin, though, but I doubt that you want to go there.

            Unless Helios is the center, but that’s kind of a play on words.

            Even viewed from the ends, helical motion seems circular. Don’t just read about it; use a pencil and paper, and you’ll find plenty to think about.


          • I don’t have a problem with thinking, Publeus, why do you think I can see through this BS you guys are still hung up on? It spirals even if you don’t think so.. THINK! Then READ!

          • Publeus

            — I think that I will read Moby Dick, again. A classic tale of obsession and self delusion.

            Seriously… Oh, speaking almost of Sirius, look up that star.

            ‘The dog of many owners’

            It has traditionally been claimed to ‘dog’ (track,follow) the sun. So much so, the Egyptians based a calendar on it. Fit that into your idea.

            Seriously though…

            A spiral is simple to notice…

            “It spirals even if you don’t think so”

            … is and extraordinary claim. Please present extraordinary evidence. I can draw a spiral, and it will look like a spiral. Contradictory double talk won’t change that.

            Show us, without cut and paste from some nonsense story.

          • You should read Moby Dick until you realize what you are reading about is you 🙂

            I already know about the motions of sirus, the god, I mean… dog star in relation to our plane and I know why the Egyptians placed so much emphasis on its position, do you?

            The Dogon celebrate an event of a hidden star opposite of sirus called sirus B every 54 years I think, did you know that and why?

            The dog days of summer are when sirus disappears beneath the horizon from view only to re-emerge about 39 days later.

            Learn to read an astrolabe and then you will understand the spirals… or don’t and believe what NASA and the freemasons tell you which you already seem happy with so I don’t understand the unhealthy obsession with accosting me with your lack of knowledge.

            I will not teach you, learning is something you need to do on your own which, ironically, is something you accuse me of NOT doing, lol.

          • Publeus

            — Disagreement is not ” accosting “. You insist that I disregard what I can test, and insinuate that pointing to replicated physical evidence is a threat.

            How fragile your claim.

            My apologies. I won’t trouble you again.

          • Al Mather

            The boat is on the sea swell as well.Sea swell isn’t that localized.BTW.

          • Sea swell happens all over the world, AL Mather, can’t get an accurate answer without the seas being calm, Al Mather. Quit trying to hijack his queries.

          • Al Mather

            Haha… I’m not denying the existence of sea swell ….

          • Al Mather

            Odd…according to your flat earth map …Australia is perhaps TWICE the area of the United States… Yet…as can and has been verified by any idiot in a car… Australia is actually almost a million square miles smaller than the United States.. Hmmm… and of course there’s the extra 67,000 miles of Antarctic coast.

  • Publeus
  • Publeus

    — Remember when the crazy guy on the corner yelling crazy stuff was recognized as crazy by most people? I miss those days…

    ” THE END IS NIGH ! ”

    ” OK. See you tomorrow. “

  • Badger Badgerism

    The earth IS Flat

  • Defiant

    LOL! Never mind the live satellite images! Poor gullible rubes.

  • If the world were flat, I’d be able to see the Tetons from the Big Horns, but I can’t, so…

  • Hillbilly

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the magical force ball earth people (globalist) call “gravity”, is in fact discriminatory and prejudiced towards salt water. The “Bedford level” proved fresh water does not curve or bend around their globe. Curvature has NEVER been proven, unless you believe Nasa’s CGI photos. Water seeks it’s level. Globalist do not believe in sea level they believe in sea curvature. Magnetism is an invisible force, yet you can see it’s effect, not so much as in gravity as it’s merely a theory. You might as well state “the sky is blue” because of Gravity. How could bugs, birds, and helium balloons defy a force so powerful it holds billions of metric tons of water onto a spinning ball??? The belief in a global earth is the result of sixteenth century theories without today technology. You can not gain enough altitude to see or measure curvature. However if all the countries NOT under the Antarctic treaty would traverse the 60th parallel south. The result(s) of those findings would put this issue to rest. Explorers in the pass, in attempting to circumnavigate the “alleged” continent of Antarctica, all of which logged more nautical miles than possible on a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference. The British ship Challenger traversed 69,000 miles almost three times(X) the circumference of the equator. During Captain James Clark Ross’s voyages around the Antarctic circumference, he often wrote in his journal perplexed at how they routinely found themselves out of accordance with their charts, stating that “they found themselves an average of 12 to 16 miles outside their reckoning everyday, later on further south as much as 29 miles.” You can put circle rings of latitude on a flat earth. Longitude lines, however would look like a sliced pizza pie. Probably explains why Neil Degrasse Tyson changed Nasa’s blue marble into an oblique spheroid , then later “pear-shaped” I suppose “their” next claim will be that the centrifugal force of spinning 1,100 mph has flatten out the once ball earth.