Teacher Rips Teen Student’s Sweatshirt off in Front of Her Whole Class, Exposing Her Bra to Classmates

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You ever have that nightmare that you’re a teenager and you find yourself at school naked?

Remember how relieved you felt to wake up and find out it was just a nightmare?

Well, that nightmare came true last Thursday for Oregon teen Sara Rue at Salem’s Roberts Annex alternative high school.

Rue told KATU News that she thought she was having a panic attack as the teacher was confronting another student on an unrelated matter. Rue got up to leave the classroom and remove herself from the stressful situation and the teacher began grabbing her aggressively to keep her in the room.

The teacher yanked Rue so hard, she pulled her to her knees and ripped her sweatshirt off, leaving her exposed down to her red bra in front of all of her shocked classmates.

On the video above, you can hear the other students gasping and Rue can be heard whimpering pitifully for them to please turn around and not look at her.

Via NY Daily News:

“She doesn’t even have any right to put her hands on me,” Rue told KPTV-TV while describing how her teacher, Carrie McCann, put her in a choke hold and dragged her back into the classroom.

“I never cried like that in my life,” Rue later told KGW-TV. “I could hear the embarrassment, too, in my crying.”

Yeah. You can hear it. Watch the video. Sounds like utter humiliation.

Rue wasn’t doing anything wrong but trying to remove herself from a situation that was sending her into a panic attack. If you have ever had a panic attack, you know this is the right thing to do. What kind of school is this that the teacher has the right to grab a student so aggressively that she rips her student’s shirt off?

The teacher Carrie McCann has been put on paid-administrative leave in the meantime while the school district “investigates,” so she not only gets to treat a student that way, she gets a paid vacation for doing so.

Investigates what? I’m not really sure, considering the video pretty much says it all. That lady got worked up confronting another student, then turned her aggression on a different student for no reason and took it to a place it shouldn’t have gone.

That teacher was supposed to be the adult here. Obviously she needs to grow the hell up, behave like an adult and get a new line of work, because she sucks at this one.

Oh, and apparently the Salem Police Department reviewed the footage briefly and found no crime had been committed…so if you are a teacher, you can grab a student just because the student is leaving the room, not just grab but aggressively grab that student so hard you pull her to the floor, and then rip the student’s shirt off and that’s…just fine?

That’s not, you know, assault or anything?

Think about it. If you are a parent in this country and you did that same exact thing to your child in a public place like that, you would be arrested and have your child removed by family services in a heartbeat.

Can you imagine being a teen girl who already gets so upset that you are prone to panic attacks in the first place, then when you try to deescalate the situation, your teacher grabs you and yanks on you so violently when you get upset that she throws you to the floor and exposes your bare body in front of your classmates? How do you go back to school and look at your fellow students in the face after that?

What if she was a girl who didn’t wear a bra? What then?

What the hell is going on in America’s schools? Why do students apparently lose all their rights whatsoever — even to their very own bodies — when they set foot on school property?

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  • Clarifier

    I guess the tax paid gov employees look out for one another

    • cuntsuella

      What? Those kids and the uninformed idiots here are, “tax paid gov employees” ??

      • someguy

        Obviously its the kids at fault. A group of stupid people born 17 years ago, what a bunch of idiots. Like they don’t even know what its like to be 25, how dumb.
        We need to invade another drug manufacturing country to re-up on our anti-psychotropics and opiates to get these kids into the passified zombies that our older egos need them to be. I mean the kids deserve it anyway because they just keep acting like kids.
        A drug test would probably show why the teacher snapped. She would have PRESCRIBED meds on it only, which means she would be innocent in her odd behaviour of assault. Maybe if the teen was on more drugs she wouldn’t have been capable of processing the harassment of her peers. Anybody think about that!


      Yes just like Chicago a city vehicle hits you it’s your fault.

      • Clarifier

        We are pissed, but are we pissed enough?

  • cuntsuella

    Why would she have a panic attack? Was she involved in something, perhaps related to the situation the teacher was dealing with another student for? I smell a rat, I think there is much more here than the video and the girls side is showing. Quite frankly, the girl sounds like she is trumping up her trauma a bit.
    I agree the teacher should have let her walk out and deal with her later. I also believe shyte happens, and it was poor luck on the teachers part, that this girl wore such loose clothing that it slipped of so easily. Had it been a male teacher, I can just imagine the “intentional” disrobing claims!
    Bottom line, like many youth in America, this girl has no respect for the authority of adults. If she had an inkling of respect for authority, she would have ASKED to be excused! Let me say in advance, any adult that argues my point(s) here are part of the problem too.

    • headshrinker

      Stop playing armchair psychoanalyst. You suck at it. Your questions are nonsensical at best. You do however smell like a rat that perhaps works for the teacher’s union.

      • cuntsuella

        Look who’s talking! You just attempted armchair psychoanalysis, and fell flat on your snooty nose!
        You failed miserably with your presumptive statement, “You do however smell like a rat that perhaps works for the teacher’s union.”! I am anti-union, genius!

        I suggest you rip up your psychoanalyst degree, because YOU suck at it!

    • Poor luck? What part of the teacher grabbing a student and dragging her off had to do with “luck”?

      • cuntsuella

        What part of my statement, “I agree the teacher should have let her walk out and deal with her later.”, did you not comprehend?
        What ever happened to KIDS responsibility, for NOT combating an adult? When I was a youngster, it would NOT have been unusual to have an adult grab my collar, or an ear for that matter. What would have been unusual, would be my lack of disrespect for that adult and pull away. Your disdain for an adult interacting with unruly teens speaks volumes!
        Do YOU and morons like you understand the consequences of allowing kids to dictate policy and leadership decisions, over adults?

        • what part of my statement addressed anything other than what I explicitly mentioned? where do I address the kids vs the adults responsibility, how things were when you were a youngster, or anything other than the use of your phrase “poor luck” as if the teachers hand pulling on the students shirt or her decision to physically wrestle the kid back to her seat had nothing to do with the loss of her shirt? Why the insults? why, for that matter the BRAND NEW, intentionally insulting screen name that belies you for the obvious troll you are, playing both sides of the political spectrum for an augment all over this page?

          • cuntsuella

            Please, respond with an example of my, “playing both sides of the political spectrum”! I am a undeniably far leaning right conservative, please show me an example of anything I said in contrast to this position. Your response would be illuminating, I’m sure.

          • Emile O’Connor


    • The Truth

      And why would we consider the opinion of a fool who calls him/herself “cuntsuella as worthy of our time. I am an adult and I argue your point. Your remarks are idiotic at best.

      • cuntsuella

        Really? You judge me by my username? What’s wrong with it? How does mu username, in any way, affect my ability to contribute to a discussion? Is there a “definition” behind my username, which causes offense to you? I already know the answer, but I’m very interested to see YOUR definition!
        Look at YOUR username, you expect us to accept YOUR opinion as valid, simply because YOU claim some affinity to truth? Sit down and shut up, before you hurt yourself!

    • JCW

      Do the world a favor, pull your lip up over your head and swallow……

      just sayin………

      • runsinquicksand


      • cuntsuella

        Are you offering a suggestion, based on your own experience? Sounds like your suffering from oxygen deprivation!

        • Emile O’Connor


    • Clarifier

      Hilarious….if you go against my rant, you are part of the problem, just precious.

      • cuntsuella

        Thank you!!
        You clearly have no teenage kids, nor dealt with a group of teenagers. Your opinion is meaningless, to this discussion!

        • Clarifier

          My comment was targeted strictly on your argumentative technique or lack thereof.
          Now get the fuck outta here

          • cuntsuella

            I’m still here! I love the way your post had nothing, yet you accuse my input as lacking. What a clown.
            I’m still here!

    • JenB

      “Why would she have a panic attack?”

      Clearly you have never experienced one. Anything, and I mean anything, can cause a panic attack. You could be sitting in quiet room, alone, and just think about something that is stressful and get a panic attack. Also, having a panic attack is embarrassing, which may be why she did not ask to be excused, especially when another confrontation was already taking place.

      The teacher had ZERO business grabbing a student like that. NONE. She should have just let her walk out and then have the principal deal with her. Physically grabbing her is NEVER appropriate unless it is self defense and this did not look like self defense.

      • cuntsuella

        Thank you JenB!
        You are the very first to intelligently offer a mature response, addressing two of my original and specific questions. Everyone else responded with insults, attacks or blatant biased opinions. Which led me into a silly sideshow, as I addressed the wild and bizarre comments down an ever expanding rabbit hole.

        Regarding the panic attack, you articulated well the condition and personal impact, legitimizing it and making it relevant. Yes, I have had panic attacks, I am actually an introvert who experiences heart murmurs and flutters under extreme stress.
        Regarding the business of grabbing the student, I too agree and have stated the teacher should have let her leave and address that issue later.
        However, I am sorry that I did not see the indications of a panic attack, I saw a girl attempting to flee from a situation she may have been implicated in. I draw that conclusion by the event unfolding in the classroom AND her demeanor and statements AFTER the event.
        What I most disagreed with was the many attacks on the teacher, without having anything more than the one sided details from the student. Legal experts have proven that a video and statements can mislead an uninformed audience, giving a completely different perspective than the reality that is revealed under thorough investigation.
        I will make this my last post on this issue. because you were the first responder that I deem worthy of a decent response, and I would like to part on that note.

  • Catrina Royse Fallen

    Just another reason to homeschool your children. She should have asked to be excused but teachers have no right to pull her clothes off.

    • cuntsuella


  • James Isbell

    Looks like another case of lack of respect for the teacher. When I went to school we did not even stand up in class unless we asked, much less try to leave the classroom without permission. What if this child had got out of the room, left campus and was murdered. Then everyone would be screaming how could you let her leave the classroom by herself.

  • headshrinker

    The teacher needs to be publicly flogged.

    • cuntsuella

      Those students need to be placed in boot camp!

  • I’m not a big fan of lawsuits but sometimes they have their place. Someone needs to slap that fat pos and the school with one. And the local PD? Complete joke.

    • cuntsuella

      I agree, allowing those disrespectful kids to behave like that is an outrage! Sue their parents for child neglect, for failing to teach them to respect authority.

      • Hitler

        So this is all about authority?

        • cuntsuella

          It’s about disrespect! Thanks for asking.

  • Keep your birth certificate,never give it to schools or they DO own “you” ( the ALL CAPS NAME “you” that is ) and most are too ignorant to know the difference

    • you forgot the comma in your name

      • elaborate please. like BILLY-JOE: BOB , Estate?

        • pretty much. since you were going down the sovereign citizen route, I figured you would have a random bit of punctuation in your name.

          • sovereign citizen doesn’t exist. We the People, as a whole, are sovereign – but the sociopathic corporation pretending to govern think they are sovereign – quite a supercilious notion as one Chief Justice quipped. citizen / Citizen : 2 different roles. Study more sonny

  • Freespirit

    Instead of crying,Sara Rue should have hauled off and punched the teacher as a DEFENCE against aggression and ASSAULT, by the teacher.

    Crying is a sign of weakness to criminals like that teacher and only encourages that type to continue their abuse

    Further where the “H” are the parents in all this. I ,as the Father, would have stopped all that I was doing to go and confront those barbarians

    I teach my young son that NO ONE has a right to put their hands on him. My wife and I have NEVER hit our son and will NEVER. Anyone else to.

    Whosoever tries to hit him will pay a serious price from me …GUARANTEED

    • cuntsuella

      Your glorious statements have justified EVERYTHING I said here, in this discussion thread. I just can’t imagine where these kids learn their behavior and disrespect for authority figures. Freespirit huh? OMG!!!

      • Freespirit

        Authority HAS to EARN respect, NOT demand it, especially by the use of Force or other coercion.

        FORCE only deserves RESISTANCE

        My son will NEVER respond positively to a DEMAND for respect as I never did and I have NEVER violated others.

        YOU teach your way and I will teach mine

        I am a Libertarian

        • cuntsuella

          Canada huh? Isn’t that a socialist country? why yes, yes it is! You are dead wrong in your observation of authority, it does not need to earn respect, where the hell does that come from. RESPECT needs to be earned, of course, but Authority has NEVER required respect! Authority is something we ALL have a disdain for, at some point or another, but it is essential in maintaining control.

          I will agree with you about force against an individual deserving push back. However, I part ways with most, because I do not believe KIDS are entitled to RIGHTS, as an adult. This is that slippery slope LIBERALS (socialists) have slipped into our social mindset and allowed kids the platform for FIGHTING the very adults that attempt to teach them self discipline.
          Thank god I never taught in a school, I couldn’t put up with the crap fostered by the liberal progressive agenda. However, I raised several children in the REAL world and spend most of my efforts undoing the damage done to them in the school.
          I have had the displeasure of trying to train high school kids, in some very basic menial tasks and I can assure you they ALL were about as intelligent as a bag of rocks.
          I am also a Libertarian!!

          • Freespirit

            Your RESPONSE showing a lack of understanding of “socialism” and the confusion of concepts ( “respect” and “control”), show why the U.S is in trouble but thanks for your input, albeit a sign of inability to use Logic and REASON and political ndersanding……American Education system perchance ?

            You are either a TROLL or a very immature and/or inexperienced individual.

            I suspect a TROLL

            Either way, I have no patience for your nonsense so am done with you

  • cuntsuella

    Agreed, but look at all the morons here, that are quick to judge the entire situation, in support of that scheming teen! I’m a parent of several teens, perhaps that’s why I’m not so quick to presume she (the teen) is not culpable in all of this!
    The Racist blacks were quick to judge the cause and guilt in Ferguson, based on recent revelations their CLAIMS have been completely devastated. Jumping to wrong conclusions, without all the facts is what liberals do best and there is no shortage of them here!

    • Emile O’Connor

      You are commenting on EVERYONE’s opinion who is not the same as yours and calling them “morons” and stuff..just because they don’t have the same viewpoint as you! Sounds pretty liberal to me!

  • sharonsj

    And a lot of students are horrible these days. Kids haven’t been brought up to listen and to behave. This particular student has a right to be upset, but I’m upset at comments made by people who have never taught a classroom of 40-60 unruly kids. I bet you folks have enough trouble handling your own children (the pot calling the kettle black syndrome).

    • cuntsuella

      The majority of “opinions” here are from idiots that have NO CLUE what it is like to deal with a group of teens. They have NO CLUE what transpired before that video, yet they are quick to judge the teacher, rather than admit they do not have all the facts. Recent information regarding the Ferguson RACIST outrage is PROVING that morons control the discussion, while responsible people withhold opinion, until ALL the facts are in.

    • Guest

      And it’s your sh** generation who created the children you complain about. I can just imagine that yours are a nightmare when they’re not in your presence (and perhaps even when they are).

    • jj333

      I can handle my own children just fine, thank you. They have manners and morals, but are also recognized as human beings deserving of respect. Age and experience has proven to me that those in ‘authority’ aren’t always correct and society should not condone their actions based on authority alone.
      I have also noticed that there are plenty of teachers who are well-respected by their students and those who will never be. Blaming the students for the behavior of the teacher would be overlooking the obvious.

  • Daddyotis

    “Alternative High School”? Okay, the teacher was way out of line. No disagreement there. However, what sort of “alternative” high school was it? My guess is that it wasn’t for gifted students. More likely for problem cases who’ve been booted out of regular high school. Seems the media is framing this girl as a complete angel, when that may not be the case

    • Melissa Melton

      I never wrote that she was an angel, but watch the video yourself. This one is on the teacher, I don’t care if the school was inside of a prison.

      • Daddyotis

        I wasn’t implying that YOU said she was an angel, Melissa, just that this seemed (from the broadcast) that the media was portraying her in an angelic light. I will say again that I think the teacher was completely out of line and wrong in her response. However, I simply feel that the entirety of the back-story wasn’t given in the news broadcast (not your reporting on the incident).

  • cuntsuella

    This is the end result of the left infiltrating all institutions that influence our young! Have you EVER attempted to lead or guide a group of teens, in the past thirty years? I have, and I can tell you it is one of the worst possible position to be in! You couldn’t pay me enough money to stand in front of a group of teens, trying to teach them anything anymore!
    The liberal left has completely destroyed all elements of restraint in our youth, they have made it impossible to establish an environment necessary for actually TEACHING our youth anymore. Their (the left) focus and priorities are social blending, which has obliterated the desire to rise above as an individual. Their priorities involve indoctrinating our youth in perverted sexual lifestyles, rather than academic excellence! Their priorities are rebelling against established norms, rather than self respect and respect for long established (healthy) social structures.

    • Emile O’Connor


  • Carl Stevenson

    The “teacher” should be fired and charged with assault.

  • cuntsuella

    I would let her teach my teenagers! My kids are well behaved and would not have to worry about an altercation with an instructor. You and your irrational kind are the CAUSE of such encounters, because you enable and embolden the youngsters to behave just as irrationally. You reap what you sow.

    • Emile O’Connor

      No…it’s probably because she had no right to put her hand on the girl. You’re ok with it until some small thing (like walking out of the classroom) happens by your child and a teacher feels like they have the right to touch your child. You are making this political as hell. I’m as far right as anyone is going to get. You’re right, we don’t know what happened before…but we do see what happened during and regardless…the teacher had no right. There is so much abuse by people in power these days. Thats clear. But you want to blame parents?? You should have been a better parent…but because you’re not…she’s in alternative school where students should have no rights and deserve whats coming to them. Am i getting that right?? And I think the term troll (although you “defined” it for everyone) is used for people who do what you are doing and completely BLOW UP the comments section and ONLY YOU ARE RIGHT! On every single comment. And you belittle when someones view is different than yours…sound like a liberal to me…js!

      • cuntsuella

        For the record, this quote, “Paid leave, BULLSHIT, fire the bitch and she never teaches again”, is what I responded to and which you chose to attack my positions in this discussion?
        Seems HE is worthy of praise from you, yet others offering common sense perspectives are trolls.
        You like to throw that word troll around, the truth is you do not like when someone provides information based on EXPERIENCE!

        The fact that I make reference to the LEFT, is to make clear the real source of our problems. This really eats at people like you, but the TRUTH can not be denied, or the problems will never be solved. I do NOT belittle others, their own statements belittle them, I simply call them out on it, just as I’m doing with you!

        The fact that I post so much here, is a reflection of the amount of feedback I receive. Just look them over, I’m attacked for my user name, some idiot creates a username based off mine, how stupid is that? That feeds the discussion?

        Yet you call ME the troll!

        Your damn right I think I’m right, but you are lying to say I think everyone else is wrong. There are plenty of people that have posted intelligent opinions and surprisingly, there is agreement in my position and theirs.

        Your detailing some of my comments is proof enough, that I have contributed substance to this discussion. Thank you!

        “sound like a liberal to me…js!” I suggest you educate yourself on LIBERAL ideals, falsely applying them to me proves you are an uniformed useful tool for them.

    • Emile O’Connor

      No…it’s probably because she had no right to put her hand on the girl. You’re ok with it until some small thing (like walking out of the classroom) happens by your child and a teacher feels like they have the right to touch your child. You are making this political as hell. I’m as far right as anyone is going to get. You’re right, we don’t know what happened before…but we do see what happened during and regardless…the teacher had no right. There is so much abuse by people in power these days. Thats clear. But you want to blame parents?? You should have been a better parent…but because you’re not…she’s in alternative school where students should have no rights and deserve whats coming to them. Am i getting that right?? And I think the term troll (although you “defined” it for everyone) is used for people who do what you are doing and completely BLOW UP the comments section and ONLY YOU ARE RIGHT! On every single comment. And you belittle when someones view is different than yours…sound like a liberal to me…js!

  • cuntsuella

    I’m all over this, because idiots like you make it so easy to point out the end results of liberal thinking!!
    Keep it coming, I’m here all day!!

  • cuntsuella

    How cute! I inspired you, to create a new username! Your pathetic! LMAO!!

    • said the troll.

      • cuntsuella

        What’s a troll? Do they lean left, or right? Do they think rationally, or irrationally? Do they respond with facts, or touchy feely emotions?
        Is calling someone a troll the way you respond, when your ideas, opinions or statements have been proven bankrupt?

        • they hide behind intentionally inflammatory anonymous names, post facetious comments like the one I’m replying to, lean opposite whomever they are arguing against, think irrationally although their posts may occasionally coincide with rational thinking. While generally motivated by emotion, they can post facts or emotionally motivated drivel when facts don’t support their argument or they are overwhelmed by someone posting any logical resistance to whatever they say, Calling someone a troll is how I respond when someone fills up an entire comments page arguing with the vast majority of people on that page, usually with posts full of sarcasm, name calling, and general nastiness rather than calmly and rationally refuting the OP. Its an illness and a compulsion fed by narcissm and the need to provoke an emotional reaction to validate their own lack of satisfaction in the real (offline) world. And you will prove that last point by replying to this post. Its in your nature and part of your mental illness.

  • Justin OB

    Yet another reason to homeschool your kids and get them out of these indoctrination centers

  • Guest

    Just another f*ing leftist teacher without any respect for others’ rights.

  • mallardhen

    How many of you who have commented have ever taught in a public school? How many in any type of school? Teaching is a rewarding job and it can be a job you love to hate, the difference is when it becomes a job you love to hate it is time to go to another profession as both you and your students both lose.

    To my knowledge , as a 22 year retired teacher, their is no public school that allows a teacher, administrator, para-professional or even the janitor put hands on a student unless it is to stop them from assaulting another person no matter who that person may be; except if they mean to do physical harm to others, in the case of a school shooter situation. Each school district has their own rules to operate the school but I can guarantee none allow putting hands on students alternative school or not, it just isn’t done.

    I have been angry at students who thought they were exempt from the rules but in a teachers world it’s called documentation and go to a higher power.

    I feel sorry for both the teacher and the student ; the teacher because even if she loved her job and was a really great teacher if they let her go other schools will be reluctant to hire her because of this incident and for the student because her experience will forever haunt her and any other school or teacher will never ge a good experience for her.

    If anyone is considering teaching as your life’s work remember it’s not the greatest paying job around so if your sights are set on being wealthy in the monetary way your in the wrong job, teaching gives rewards in ways other then money it is a lifetime of giving and watching your students bloom and sometimes the most unlikely one becomes a garden.

  • Ratcraft

    She’s a fraud. Nose ring like a hog. “Listen to the video, you can hear how scared I was” Yeah, great acting there sweetheart. Just another troubled kid at a last chance school looking to get out of class.

  • DanOOOO

    Simple. Remove your child and let people know why. If teachers and other kids are so stressed there is little leaning going on and/or the situation is often chaotic – Make Other Plans to get your child out. THAT is what parents can do.

  • Building Seven

    You want know why society has become trash and a blind compliant sheeple? Read the comments here that vehemently defend the teacher assaulting this kid. You vile folk watch too much TV, idolizing your fave political group. You then breed and create more useful idiots like yourselves. This teacher should have been beaten by the cowardly onlookers. Period.

  • cuntsuella

    Assault? There was NOT assault!! Saying something does not make it so! Your a dumb ass!
    I assure you, I want nothing to do with your kid!
    Planet idiot huh? OMG! Climb back on that pineapple truck you fell off!

    • Emile O’Connor

      You are so dumb! BTW…you called me a liberal…as a response to me calling you one?? Bahahahahahaha! There are few as informed as I am, I can assure you that. And yes..you belittle…you call names all day. You talk about EXPERIENCE but have yet to read anything intelligent. And the teacher did assault the girl.. You are the definition of troll. You have been on this site all damn day coming at people who only post their opinions. All that proves to anyone is you have a said, pathetic excuse for a life. And you talking about people playing off your “screen name”? Who gives a shit! They do it to make fun of you for taking yourself so seriously. You are immature…I’m sure have zero friends…obviously no job…or at least your a poor worker if you do BC you do this shit all day….I feel sorry for anyone who ever has to actually deal w you in person BC if it were me….well…you would learn to keep your mouth shut. Lol

      • cuntsuella

        “BC if it were me….well…you would learn to keep your mouth shut.”

        OK – you have totally terrified me! because of your terrifying and dead-on depiction of me I will now go silent.
        Nothing terrifies me more than a vicious woman, who says she could shut me up!!
        Actually I finally read a mature and respectable response, which has satisfied my interest here. Sadly it wasn’t yours.

        • Emile O’Connor

          Mine wasn’t the mature, respectable response? what??!!!! Bahahahahahaha! Of course it’s not respectable. At least not to you! And it’s funny what exactly you got out of my response to you. All you got was the “I would shut your mouth” part. I rest my case. Thanks for proving exactly how immature, stupid, unpolitical, trolling, jobless, pathetic person you are. CUNTsuella: “And let me reply to this person…and this person..and OH NO SHE DIDN’T…this person…LMFAO I have no life….I have no effect on anyone, they just reply when they are bored but this will really get to them when they read it in 5 hours….ummm…I’ll call him a liberal…and her a left wing…and let’s see…oh…inexperienced…what else can i say? Damn it…Ok..i’ll just repeat myself over and over” GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!! EVERYONE FINDS YOU HUMOROUS BECAUSE YOUR LIFE APPEARS TO BE SAD. YOU THINK YOU HAVE AN IMPACT ON ANYONE’S VIEWS? YOU DON’T! CAN’T WAIT TO READ YOUR REPLY…TOMORROW PROBABLY…HAVE A GREAT DAY DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST! TROLLING! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!

  • cuntsuella

    Can’t believe how many opinionated people there are, running around accusing others of being opinionated.
    My behavior? Holy crap, responding to never ending drivel is now BEHAVIOR!
    This is the kind of drivel that confirms society has gone to shyte!
    For the record, my spouse and children adore AND respect me, whilst you presume to formulate an caricature of me; based on your own delusions.
    You come across as the sedated clown that assumes EVERYONE MUST AGREE, yet if we all agree, one of us is not necessary.
    This is just too easy!
    How about offering some factual substantive content, rather than presumptions and touchy feely garbage.

  • Excuses. She is already kicked out of regular school and still messing up. If she sits down, shuts up and does her lessons she would not have a problem.

  • James

    Children need lear to handle such in class. Stand put your hands on your heads, and turn your backs on people with that I am a cop attitude. Let them handle it from there. 2 or 3 students do the same and they will learn how to act.

  • RockyMtSpirit

    Yes, we have all had that dream, but it was due to something we had no control over.
    What did this student do that caused the teacher to react the way the teacher did?
    An “alternative” high school is where juvenile delinquents are sent, correct?
    So, if this student had been known to suffer panic attacks, then the teacher and the school is at fault.
    However, if the student was just a “delinquent” then she is to blame.
    So, which was it?
    Just asking.

  • Uncle Louie

    Gee, it’s really difficult to tell whether any of these squabbling people are either conservative or liberal. I know at least one thing, though…….conservative right-wing people typically don’t support the actions of “teachers.” Also, your arguments don’t hold any basis in fact. For decades, teachers have screamed that, if they’re paid more, test scores will improve. I’ve lived and worked in several places around the county. I have yet to witness anything except the exact opposite. Sure, the baby boomers, for the most part, are lousy parents. Most school administrators make way more than they’re worth. I have yet to see one school board member that makes a livable wage unless it’s an appointed position and the board member has an outside job. I’m also wondering if your definition of a typical female psycho delineates whether she is conservative or liberal. And finally, there is no such thing as typical right-wing conservative bullshit. In the real world that you mentioned above, your typical left-wing liberals have messed up this country to the point where even many in your corrupt media are starting to desert your sinking ship of fools. And if this is your cue to start yammering about George Bush, you can forget it. He was a lousy excuse for a leader, too, although his successor will undoubtably go down in history as the worst of the worst. When politics and politicians stop trying to run everybody’s lives, maybe we can all stop bitching and moaning and get back to living normal lives again…….MAYBE!!!!!

  • HowdyNeighbor2

    She should be charged with sexually abusing a child.

  • jj333

    This ‘teacher’ clearly lost her ability to cope with the situation. She could have merely asked the student why she was leaving and if the response wasn’t suitable, have dealt with it at a later time. There was absolutely no reason for her to get physical with someone who wasn’t a threat to her or anyone else.
    This teacher should be charged with assaulting the student, but in the land of liberal utopia, we all know that will never happen.


    When I went to school in the 70s-80s in Chicago the teachers beat us Mrs William would knock on our heads with a hand full of rings, whack our fingers with yard sticks for having gum,make us sit in the corner for laughing in class,sit in front of the principles office on our knees all day for tackling someone in the snow or throwing a snowball. I seen many teachers throw blows at kids and the kids would be sent home suspended then get home and be beat by their parents.

    Just another day in the reeducation camps of CHICAGO

    Alternative high school the name says it all.

    now Chicago is getting all these charter schools new horizon that some muslim IMAM runs and owns.

    I struggled and did without to send my 3 kids to private Christan schools kindergarten through college.

  • momma me

    Reading these comments I believe there are very few people who actually know what a panic attack is.
    They can come on very quick and be very scary.

    Yes this is an alternative school– but we do not know why this girl is there– perhaps something happened to her in a previous school– which has now led her to have panic attacks, or something else in her private life.

    Yes I believe teachers have it hard. I could not imagine having their job; however, as a parent– if I were to put my hands on my child the way this teacher has put her hands on this girl, CAS would be involved– immediately.

    If this were to happen in the streets between 2 individuals and a police man saw them, these individuals would most likely be charged, I do not believe that teachers are exempt from the same rules as everyone else.

    I do not dispute that a teachers job is hard, I do not dispute that this girl could be lying, but I also do not dispute that she could be telling the truth about the fact that she was having a panic attack.

    The only thing I do not believe was right was the teacher putting her hands on that girl. Period. She should have let the girl walk out- then immediately phone the principals office. And because she did not, I believe she should have to pay the consequences like anyone else would have to.

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    Is this a bad thing? Aren’t these kids basically wearing their bra’s on the outside?

  • Nick

    Yet another reason to throw on the pile of million reasons why you should home school your children. Yet another liberal demigod (teacher) who will get away with crime and face no consequences whatsoever. I hope she enjoys her union sponsored, tax payer funded vacation. Hail Obama!

  • My knowledge is quite limited. Doug Riddle on Talk Shoe and youhavetheright.com has a lot of pleasant style info to listen to and read. David Clarence seems quite chock full of info but he is a tad unstable. The Bible is the best study, and i have to get back to it.

  • Mary

    For sure, That teacher totally assaulted that girl. Its not ok for a teacher to put their hand on our kids, especially in such an aggressive manner. Cuntsuella, I can believe that as a mother you are not outraged by this. ANYONE, lays their hand on my kids like this, I would hunt them down and fuck them up.

  • CD

    I should hope that they train these teachers on how to “take a stand” in ways that don’t involve initiating violence. The teacher is at fault because of the way she chose to “take a stand”. It was inappropriate for any situation other than defense.

  • Lonely Shadow

    Dear God, I hope that woman looses her job! That’s uncalled for. You don’t ever, EVER out your hands on a student. I hope this teacher is removed from teaching and faces charges.