Teacher Removed From Classroom After Duct Taping Students’ Mouths

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A Texan substitute elementary school teacher got booted from a classroom after she duct taped at least 10 students’ mouths, according to a Thursday statement.

The unnamed substitute teacher had taught at Maxdale Elementary School in Killeen, Texas, reported CBS News. The 10 students whose mouths she duct taped, as well as three other students who had reportedly duct taped their own mouths, received attention from the school nurse but were deemed uninjured.

“The leadership of Maxdale Elementary School and the Killeen Independent School District are deeply saddened by this event,” said Terry Abbott, spokesman for Killeen Independent School District, in a statement obtained by CBS News. “The principal has informed parents, and has reassured parents that the staff will continue to work hard to make sure every child at the campus is absolutely safe every day.”

Administrators notified Child Protective Services and will cooperate with any potential investigation by authorities, KWTX-TV reported.

Maxdale Elementary School also made news in August when a nine-hour standoff forced administrators to lock down the school.

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  • Roy Hobs

    Our society is completely backwards.
    Teachers are paid barely a livable wage. But yet actors and Hollywood execs make millions, if not billions and look at our society?!!! Any wonder.
    Thanks Jews.

    • Barely paid a livable wage? You cant be serious! Have you seen the teachers that retire at 50 with 100k+ per year pension? NO public employee should have a taxpayer funded pension. Complete and utter bullshit.

      • Roy Hobs

        In comparison……………relax man.

        • Growupfolks

          Comparison to WHAT? My daughter is a Registered nurse and she makes only $59,000. Believe me, Roy, nurses have to study a lot harder and know a helluva lot more AND pass the national nursing test (NCLEX). They are also dealing with life-and-death situations. Teaching is a skate in the park by comparison.

          • Roy Hobs

            Comparison to the Entertainment Industry.

        • Rayven Wrathchild

          public school teachers are thieves!

          • Roy Hobs

            Yea sure……..I am NOT a public school teacher; but I did happen to get a teaching certificate while in Grad School. I can assure you………….I did not intend to “steal” when I was going to class, taking exams and volunteering to teach without pay. You may have a problem with the entirety of the Program (and I probably would agree with most), but to just adamantly say teachers are thieves is childish. Were you molested by a teacher as a child or something? Why so pissed off.

          • Rayven Wrathchild

            Tell that to me next time public school districts raise taxes for salary increases while the rest of the population suffers. You can’t teach basic skills and you lower standards so kids will graduate. All becuase yuo CAN’T teach.

            If you teach for a public school you are likely a freaking thieving snowflake.

            What’s the matter snowflake? Did you get triggered? Boo Hoo.

            I will only make exceptions for real teachers in private schools. I stand by my statement PUBLIC school teachers are thieves and the school district is a den of thieves. They are thieves becuase they participate in the corrupt system.

            Get over it snowflake.

          • Roy Hobs

            Ironic……………your reading comprehension is at the level of a 3rd grader! LOL.

          • Rayven Wrathchild

            No the Irony is that you are simply a liar, a thief and a moron pretending to have some semblance of intelligence. Interesting how you go back and edit your conversations. Freaking snowflake.

            If you are not a PUBLIC school teacher then why did you get so triggered snowflake? It is obvious you are a LIAR. No one said anything about teaching papers in GENERAL or intents at time of the degree EXCEPT you snowflake.

            Nothing wrong with my comprehension. It is obvious you are hiding the truth snowflake.

          • Roy Hobs

            Rayven……I’ve read your comment history. You and I have more in common that it appears. I’m a 50 year old man. I’m going to take a guess and say you are in your mid-twenties. I’ve learned much in the past 20 years. You could have a real voice in the ‘truth’ movement. You just need to learn how to not insult people who are most likely totally innocent and are coming to find the truth in all things. Just speak rationally and with maturity. That is all. If you want to converse, email me — hobsroy@gmail.com
            You seem like a guy with his head on his shoulders and going in the right direction. Just mellow out slightly and treat everyone individually with respect until proven otherwise. Good luck to you. I hope you are successful and have a happy life looking forward to a wife and children. Peace to you.

    • Growupfolks

      Teachers are barely paid a livable wage ?????????? What the hell are you talking about? In the Atlanta area, the average teacher’s salary is $52,333 – I don’t call that barely livable. And bear in mind that teachers only work 9 or 10 months out of the year, and they have excellent benefits and a great retirement system! And here’s the zinger – – – they know going into the profession what the salary range is, so how can they devote 4 years in college to their chosen career and then complain about the salary?

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Heh-heh. Good for her!

    C’mon now… we’ve all wanted to do that. I’ve even directed people to the duct tape aisle at the store.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    I had a “permanent substitute” teacher in 5th grade that took over mid-year for our teacher that had to leave due to health reasons. She introduced herself that 1st day as “Mrs. Burford”, and one of the last row back-o’-the-room class avg. GPA-dropping coasters snickered, and rather loudly. Before we knew it, she grabbed one of those olde-skoole chalkboard erasers and flung it as hard as she could over our heads and beaned him right across one eye and forehead, leaving a clear as day rectangular imprint on his face of chalk dust. He was stunned, but unhurt and we all roared, and then cheered, as he was not one of the more popular stew-dunce in the school. Needless to say tho, she had the best behaved class in the entire school that year, and possibly the district. Which prittee much proves the efficacy of Barney Fife’s admonition to Andy about the Opester’s misbehavior: “Nip it in the bud, Anj. NIP IT IN THE BUD”….And, Mrs. Burford was known from that day on as either “Deadeye” or “Annie Oakley”….btw, she was GREAT teacher, too….

  • Rayven Wrathchild

    Duct tape seems to be a popular choice. Just glad the kids did not have respiratory issues. This kind of crap has been going on for 20+ years. Teacher needs to have all credentials revoked as well as her degree and serve at least 5 years in prison.

    Sick of this teacher crap. It is obvious she should not be teaching.

    • 601rainyday

      Duct tape is necessary for these snotty kids

      • Rayven Wrathchild

        More beneficial for “snotty” adult school teachers and their supporters. Also works well around the wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles and greatly improves the inability to be a swimmer. I’d like to find that teacher stripepd naked and put out in the street like that to get a taste of the same medicine. Who’s humiliated now?

        When the teachers are essentially bullies what do you expect from the kids? If this is the best one can do with their so called ‘educational’ training then they have no business being teachers.

        Not saying that discipline is not in order but any action that might harm a child – as this one – is TOTALLY out of place.

  • Jaguar57

    That teacher should be thrown in jail for child abuse and child endangerment !!!

  • Laurence Almand

    This “teacher” should never be allowed near children again! If a child has a nasal blockage because of a cold or allergy, the child could suffocate! Such abuse should not be tolerated. Steps should be taken to see that she is not employed in any teaching position in the future.