Teacher Fired After Student Steals Phone, Shares Her Nude Pic

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When Lee Anne Arthur briefly stepped out of her mechanical engineering classroom, she had no idea that one of her students was about to swipe the cell phone she left behind. The 16-year-old student opened her apps, sifted through an image gallery, and found a partially nude photo of his teacher. He then sent the photo to all of his friends through text messages and social media. It didn’t take long before officials at the South Carolina technical school caught wind of the incident.

So this unnamed student was punished for this right?

Nope. Even though he stole someone’s property and violated her privacy, absolutely nothing has happened to him. Instead, the school has forced the teacher to resign. According to David Eubanks, the superintendent for the Union County school district, Mrs. Arthur is responsible for what happened because “I think we have a right to privacy, but when we take inappropriate information or pictures, we had best make sure it remains private…Students had access to very inappropriate pictures of a teacher.”

Yes. Stolen pictures. Mrs. Arthur is an adult who has every right to take provocative pictures of herself (which she took for her husband on Valentine’s day), and she teaches a classroom full of students who are old enough to know that stealing and violating someone’s privacy is morally and legally wrong. In any sane world, the student who did this, and only that student, would be punished.

The teacher has since forgiven the student, saying “He’s 16. He’s going to make stupid decisions. We all made stupid decisions at 16.” Still, one must wonder if this kid will ever become a responsible adult, if he learns that other people can be punished for his awful transgressions. If this is how schools are going to treat their kids, then the next generation is pretty much doomed.

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