Teacher Fired After Student Steals Phone, Shares Her Nude Pic

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When Lee Anne Arthur briefly stepped out of her mechanical engineering classroom, she had no idea that one of her students was about to swipe the cell phone she left behind. The 16-year-old student opened her apps, sifted through an image gallery, and found a partially nude photo of his teacher. He then sent the photo to all of his friends through text messages and social media. It didn’t take long before officials at the South Carolina technical school caught wind of the incident.

So this unnamed student was punished for this right?

Nope. Even though he stole someone’s property and violated her privacy, absolutely nothing has happened to him. Instead, the school has forced the teacher to resign. According to David Eubanks, the superintendent for the Union County school district, Mrs. Arthur is responsible for what happened because “I think we have a right to privacy, but when we take inappropriate information or pictures, we had best make sure it remains private…Students had access to very inappropriate pictures of a teacher.”

Yes. Stolen pictures. Mrs. Arthur is an adult who has every right to take provocative pictures of herself (which she took for her husband on Valentine’s day), and she teaches a classroom full of students who are old enough to know that stealing and violating someone’s privacy is morally and legally wrong. In any sane world, the student who did this, and only that student, would be punished.

The teacher has since forgiven the student, saying “He’s 16. He’s going to make stupid decisions. We all made stupid decisions at 16.” Still, one must wonder if this kid will ever become a responsible adult, if he learns that other people can be punished for his awful transgressions. If this is how schools are going to treat their kids, then the next generation is pretty much doomed.

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  • Why would a woman need to send her spouse a nude photo of herself for Valentine’s Day? She was irresponsible for leaving pornography available to a minor, and minors aren’t responsible for their non-violent actions under American law.

    • Helluva3ngineer

      Sounds like my kind of wife, actually. Most ‘murican women seem pretty anti-sexual these days.

      I find it interesting that the school gave her the option of resigning or they would initiate “the process”. I would have told them to pound sand and where the hell is my package?

      • Your package appears to be in your drawers.

        • Helluva3ngineer

          Stop hitting on me.

          • You aren’t very attractive to me, but maybe you are gay…

          • BlondeJustice1

            LOL! You tell her!

      • “Most ‘murican women seem pretty anti-sexual these days.”

        And obese.

    • Doc Holliday

      Oh Yeah, it’s her fault for having a nude picture of herself on HER phone…NOT! He has no business on her phone, period.

      • What business did she have being out of the classroom she was in charge of? Who besides her is responsible for the security of her phone?

        • Doc Holliday

          I don’t know, maybe she had to use the restroom. Security of her phone? That’s like having your locked car stolen, and someone blaming you because you didn’t install an alarm on it. Don’t blame her for his wrong doing.

          • It doesn’t sound like her phone was locked. Is it his fault she didn’t lock her phone?

          • Doc Holliday

            I don’t understand why you keep defending him. It was not his phone, therefore he has no right to be on it without her permission. It’s not like he is a 2 year old that doesn’t know better.

          • If I’m defending him, which I have never had the intent to, it would be because you are defending a woman whose failure to treat her charge with responsibility was the cause of the entire event. I would never trust her with any child of mine, regardless of age, if she is that careless about her professional and fiduciary commitments.

          • Doc Holliday

            Well I guess that’s where we differ. I would have no problem (at least from what I’ve read here) in her being my child’s teacher. My Son/Daughter would also never dream of doing what this young man did, because I have taught them respect and morals. Maybe you should consider doing the same for your children.

          • I don’t have any children. I ran my ex-wife off because she was just as irresponsible as the teacher demonstrated that she is. The school administration apparently came to the same assessment, restoring some trust in their competence. That said, any child that I would ever be entrusted with would never see the inside of a public fool system classroom until s/he could decide for themselves to subject themselves to such psychopathological torture and indoctrination.

          • Doc Holliday

            I’ll give you that. My wife home schools our children. Too much indoctrination going on in the public schools for us. Anyways I’m done debating here. Have a good one.

          • BlondeJustice1

            Yes, you’re right about the indoctrination going on in public schools. I have clients who home school their children. Very smart kids, smarter than the same age public-schooled ones.

        • Todd Wilson

          Are you a paid troll? I’ve read some of your comments and either you are getting paid to fuel the flame or you are one retarded fool.

          • Since you can’t tell the difference, why does it matter, when you are the one doing the trolling?

        • swimmermama

          The teacher was doing her mandatory hall monitoring duties between classes and left the phone in a desk drawer. The student has no right to rifle through the teacher’s desk. The student violated her privacy and should be disciplined.

          • Why would she leave her means of communication behind if she was doing a security task that might require it? Is this the first time she was ever in a room full of teenagers? Again, she was poorly qualified for the position with which she’d been trusted.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      The boy had to take her phone, access the photos and then search for that photo-without permission. Sounds a lot like breaking and entering, technology style, to me. A partially nude photo is now pornography? I never took you for a prude.

      • How do YOU define pornography?

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          By itself, I don’t consider the partially or fully naked human body pornographic. I’m fully aware of laws that declare otherwise-I just disagree with their premise. Simple, plain nudity may cause arousal for some, but isn’t sexually explicit and therefore NOT justifiably considered provocative-or pornographic, IMO. It is prudish to consider nudity alone-as nature has made us-to be somehow lewd or obscene.

    • TickTock

      Why hasn’t someone flushed you down the crapper yet? It was irresponsible of the disgusting cretin who shat you out to not flush after…but then it’s not illegal under American law for cretins to leave turds like you floating around to sicken the rest of us.

    • Beowulf73

      That’s not the point………theft is theft. It is not your place to judge her or what she does……her privacy was violated. Stop being such a stooge for the State.

    • StevetheHun

      So, you don’t know why men and women get married? Really?

    • doucyet

      So by that logic, a seventeen year old seals your car and he is not responsible. You are part of the problem.

      • Milly Vanilly

        Oh wow…push that a bit further & if that seventeen year killed someone with your car, you would be held for the death…push further & IF you have a gun that is stolen & used in a murder then you are responsible for the murder….! I just can’t get enough of this Psychotic POLITICALLY CORRECT B.S. that is being PUSHED onto us.

    • If this were a story about a cop picking up her phone and rifling through it, would you feel differently..?

    • carpkiller

      Boy you are a real piece of work there jive boy.

    • bobwire40


      • I’m so glad that you aren’t a school board member.

        • bobwire40

          your right because sheeple like you wouldnt know how to handle someone like me , because i’d make sure the fed. gov. stayed out of the school system. Now go to your mail box it’s the first of the month your check should be there

          • I’d vote for you if you made that promise, but doing so would end your candidacy because all public school system officials have to do everything they can to make sure that the connection to a federal teat is secure and productive. You wouldn’t get in because you are unable to discern a sheeple from a not sheeple, like me. The best way to keep the federal government out of a school system is to not create a school system, as they have the jurisdiction and authority to call the shots.

  • Helluva3ngineer

    16 year old. Mechanical Engineering. Right. Is that anything like janitorial engineering? Yes, I know there are magnet schools. They don’t teach differential equations.

    • They do teach calculus if that is on the curriculum.

      • Helluva3ngineer

        You obviously never had that curriculum. You might look up the Trivium when you get laid-off.

        • What does a American heavy metal band from Orlando, Florida have to do with teaching calculus or anyone getting laid off?

    • It is possible. When I was in high school in the 90’s, it was per-engineering and had a robotics lab that was nicely furnished. In this day and age, though, I think it is suspect. STEM have made way for transgender and African studies and participation trophies.

      • Helluva3ngineer

        Dunno. I hope kids are learning how the world works. You might guess by my handle that I have a little background in this.

        • I think that many will share my concern that many kids will learn about the world from adults that never learned much about it themselves before they got their teaching credentials, assuming that cheating wasn’t part of their curriculum.

        • Hope is a good thing, but with the various studies you see popping up on the news with American kids falling further behind in math and English skills, you have to doubt.

          • Helluva3ngineer

            The parents have to do their part, obviously. My two are doing well. Both reading by completion of Kindergarten, learning division & cursive by second grade. The bill sure hurts though.

            Thanks for your comments.

          • BlondeJustice1

            I’m a former parochial school student. Our parents put us through the schools to get a better education. Then they taught us to respect other people’s property, how to handle money WE had to earn ourselves, and they taught us right from wrong.

            So, what is the result? None of us in jail or prison, ever. None of us on the government dole. All of us own our own businesses and hire others to work for us in some cases. None of us have ever filed for a bankruptcy. None of us are alcoholics or smokers. None of us addicted to drugs of any kind, and none of us are heavily into debt.

            So while it can be painful to pay for those education bills, the sacrifice you make will make a world of difference in your children’s lives. It sure has in our family of 10 children. Thank you Mom and Dad!

  • kirkpatrick

    A teacher can’t expect to earn $5 an hour and to also be so careless toward shameless thieves!!

  • Ninurta 33

    Holy crap? This is a perfect example of the way things are now! I would have called the cops on the student and pressed charges for theft, invasion of privacy, and had my lawyers force the school to suspend him. I would have told the school to get lawyered up becuase ANYONE who says it is her fault is fucking retarded!

    So I leave my bike outside starbucks to quickly run in to grab a coffee, someone steals my bike and runs over a child and it’s my fault because I didn’t secure it? Try again…What world do they live in?

    • doucyet

      The tard world!

      Where they (the libtards) blame everyone and everything except themselves.

  • Ninurta 33

    And in regards to people questioning why she is sending nude pics to her husband on valentines day….what the fuck is it your business! Do we not have our freedom to do as we like as long as it is in the privacy of consenting adults?? How is sending a pic anyones business but her and her husbands? People who question that are fucking sheep!

    • Reverend Draco

      Not just sheep. . . statist shills.

      • Laurakpalmore4

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        • Dennisito

          Fuck off you stupid cunt. Post your stupid shit elsewhere.

  • Razedbywolvs

    I bet she was hot, and the women in the office wanted her gone.

  • whiteberry

    “If this is how schools are going to treat their kids, then the next generation is pretty much doomed”… pretty much doomed is correct!

  • mayday911us.

    Now I kind of want to know what’s in every Administration person in that school and see what’s actually there. I bet you could find some embarrassing stuff on everybody’s phone.

    What people do in the privacy of their own home is more terrifying than anything done at Area 51.

    Yes and Supposedly the student will be punished OK but it’s going to be a slap on the wrist.

  • gato felix

    This reminds me of a case quite a few years ago, some jerk breaks into a convenience store hurts himself in the act, and has the nerve to sue the owner of the store, or the person that sued because the coffee was to hot, jezzus, common sense took a vacation, this kid stole something that was not his for the taking end of story, he should be held responsible!!!

  • Ken, Megapolis

    The key issue here (as almost always LOL) is What can we learn? Well this is where I stand:-
    I am deleting anything potentially compromising from my iphone. Seems a chore, yes but I would rather invest an afternoon examining 4000 images for capacity to offend than spend a decade unemployed.
    This website knows my real name. I trust I only posted helpful advice not personal prejudice. Any friend here is free to give me feedback.
    So help me God.

  • Milly Vanilly

    If the pic was on her phone the NSA has already downloaded & distributed it to all the other govt agencies anyway.
    The teacher is lucky a SWAT team did not storm her classroom OR home & taser her, THIS is a preview of everyday living under the future One World Govt.
    Just my opinion

  • jaguar

    That teacher had a right to do what she did, it was on her private phone.. That’s none of anybody’s business…. I would Sue the school and the kids parents… Hey in this day and age you can do that….

  • Dean

    If it was me I’d have the student arrested for theft. Then I’d sue his parents and the school. Defamation of character, pain and suffering. Before PC I’d of probably let my boys beat him a lesson on theft.

  • SW

    She should have gotten a iphone!!!!!! Then no one could get them HA!

  • Phil

    It sounds to me like the local school board for this district in South Carolina is assbackwards. This little punk should have been suspended from school and the teacher, if she has any sense at all, would sue the district for loss of wages and all related moving expenses righ up until she finds a new job within a different district.