Taxpayers To Foot Bill For a New Moon Base ‘National Park’?

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By Shepard Ambellas

Are factions of the U.S. government trying to slip a bill by that will allow taxpayer dollars to foot the expense of a new moon base?

Recently Congresswoman Donna Edwards, Maryland, and Congresswoman  Eddie Bernice Johnson, Texas introduced a bill that would allow a National Park to be set up on the moon.

The Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act would allow the U.S. to set up a “park” on the moon.

Interestingly enough most of the National Parks in America were turned over to the United Nations (UN) during the former Clinton Administration.

Some, who are in-the-know, view the bill as a way to get taxpayer dollars to foot the price-tag for a massive Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) built into a pre determined spot on the moon.

The U.S. government appears to be desperate to beat the Russians to the punch. According to an article in, “Roscosmos wants a new rocket called Angara to become the nation’s workhorse launch vehicle by 2020, replacing the venerable Soyuz and Proton rockets that have been carrying the load since the 1960s.” It looks as if the Russians too are serious about establishing a base on the moon.

It has also been reported previously, that the Bush Administration had plans for a “forward (moon) base” as well.

Some also speculate that the U.S. government is racing the Russian government back to the moon, to cover up that the U.S. never went to the moon in the first place, as artifacts would be left behind. The reasoning is that the artifacts would now be planted on site at the designated National Park facility.


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