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Suicides among our military troops and veterans have now crested the peak and surpassed death by combat. The tragic statistic released by the Pentagon is that more than one soldier per day commits suicide.

Instead of trying to figure out what is sending our men and women to the depths of this black despair, the military has funded research for the development of a drug that goes directly to the brain to deaden the soldiers’ emotions.

The Army Times reports:


 An Indiana University School of Medicine scientist has been awarded $3 million to develop a nasal spray intended to combat suicidal thoughts among soldiers.

The Army awarded the research grant to Michael Kubek, associate professor of anatomy and cell biology and of neurobiology. He works with thyrotropin-releasing hormone, or TRH, a neurochemical he helped discover in the human brain.

IU said TRH is known to have antidepressant and anti-suicidal effects, but it isn’t suitable for injection or oral use. So Kubek and other scientists at Purdue and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem are developing a nasal spray designed to deliver appropriate doses of the drug to the brain over time.

Soldiers to do not have the option to refuse medical treatments “offered” by the military.  This makes them prime human guinea pigs for medical research without consent. Many veterans have returned from tours with Gulf War Syndrome, caused by pills given to them to allow them to withstand the effects of nerve gas. The veterans remain permanently disabled from the syndrome, with symptoms ranging from neuropathic pain to chronic fatigue to mental confusion and forgetfulness.

The new medication being developed is a hormonal treatment that goes directly to the brain by way of the nasal cavity.  Pills and injections do not allow the hormone to cross the blood-brain barier and reach the brain.  TRH causes “euphoria and calmness”, instantly stabilizing the mood.

One must wonder whether the euphoria will become addictive, and one must also ask if this is just the latest step in turning our military into emotionless “super soldiers” who follow even the most questionable orders without remorse or hesitation. Is this instant treatment worth the risk of a potential chemically induced lobotomy through an untested drug?

This immediate relief may sound like a godsend to those suffering from debilitating depression, but larger ethical questions loom.

  • Will a drug like this stifle the conscience of the soldier, allowing him to perform acts without considering the moral and ethical ramifications?
  • What about the current military tours has caused this enormous leap in severe depression?
  •  What are the potential long term effects of sending a chemical directly into the brain?

Instead of providing counseling to these people who have been damaged by their service, the military is offering a bandaid that may create long-term mental and physical health issues through an untested nasal spray.  This drug is planned for those in active duty, but what about the soldiers who have returned home? What kind of follow up will they receive?  Will they keep snorting the happy juice or will they be nurtured with real mental health care?

If the current method of “helping” veterans is adhered to, mental health assistance is not in the cards.

According to the website TheWe  too many soldiers are coming home with severe PTSD and being turned away from the Veterans Administration when they go there for help.  The soldiers commit horrific acts in the name of duty, and receive no relief from the country who sent them to do these things.

“We told them. We told everybody there was something wrong. Nobody would listen.”

~ the wife of Jared August Hagemann


He was depressed by his wife’s request for a divorce.  On a second deployment in Iraq, he was caught putting a gun in his mouth and evacuated on suicide watch to Germany.  There, he tried to overdose on pills.  He was flown back to his home base here in Washington state.  After a brief psychiatric evaluation, he was left alone in his room. He hanged himself with a cord in his closet.

~ the mother of Derrick Kirkland

On July, 6, 2010, Glenda Moss received this text message from Hale, her son: “i love u mom im so sorry i hope u and the family and god can forgive me.” Her son had tried to kill himself in May. She feared he might try again. She immediately called the Army and then drove the 90 minutes from her home in King, Texas, to the base. It was too late.  Hale had walked into a restaurant across Highway 190 from Fort Hood, asked to use the bathroom, locked the door and shot himself in the head with a newly purchased handgun, according to a police report. He was removed from life support a few days later.  Moss knew her son was very troubled.  When his second combat tour to Iraq ended in 2007 after 15 months, he was diagnosed with PTSD and severe depression, began drinking heavily, saw his marriage disintegrate and, finally, left the base without permission last year.  He was brought back to Fort Hood in May after being taken into custody by police in King for being absent without leave, his mother said.  He attempted suicide in his barracks that month.  The Army sent him to a psychiatric hospital in Denton, Texas.  Army doctors told him “we don’t have enough people here (at Fort Hood) to help you,” his mother recalls….

~ the mother of Douglas Hale

The Department of Defense sends these young people to terrible places to perform terrible acts.  They return home and have to fight the Veterans Administration for every penny they are due and for sub-standard health care. Many of them attempt suicide repeatedly before they succeed.

Does the VA really care?

After all, dead veterans do not use up VA financial resources, do they?

Hat tip to Michael Krieger and From the Trenches!


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  • johnd24

    its not suicide its the freedom fighters winning. You can’t defeat/terrorize people who are fighting for God and Freedom. Doesn’t matter what type of technology you have. We are losing a war that was created for the purpose of greed and power and for anyone to join the military and think they are doing the greater good, deserve what you get when they send you over seas.

    • johnd24

      The suicide propaganda needs to stop. Its non-sense and un-true. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they’re ganging up on each other over their as well and killing each other besides what I said above.

    • anon i think

      I was in the military years before we went to Iraq the first time. Saddam Hussien surrendered and then played shell games with the inspectors, he violated his articles of surrender. If these wars were about oil why didn’t we invade Venesala, it is closer, noone c,ould stop us, and we could have applied the same doctorine we used in 89 to enter Panama. You sir are entitled to your opinion on military service, all I ask is try to take a little less pleasure in anothers death or injuries. We can’t bomb them back to the stone age they never left it culturally. And you have a nice day, inspite of it all.

  • Evie

    If you look at it from there point of view, if all opt out there will be no military.

  • The only thing we really need to know about how much those in government care about the men and women they send into to combat to risk life and limb is how they take care of them when they come home.

    While Congressional representatives have voted themselves Cadillac health care plans with the absolute best medical care available anywhere on the planet, those who have truly sacrificed their lives for this country are left to fend for themselves with inferior medical care and paltry benefits should they be permanently disabled.

    This is nothing short of a travesty.

    Feeling like killing yourself? Here’s a pill.

    Oh, you have constant pain and can’t get rid of it? Take a pill (often without any sort of diagnostic testing).

    This is the health care future of ALL Americans once universal health care takes over in 2014.

    It’s not about helping those in need or curing those with disease. It’s about the bottom line. Revenue. Plain and simple.

    They’ll give $10 trillion to bank execs without debate or question…. But a vet who needs an MRI or therapy after coming home from war? Forget about them. They’re worth nothing now that they can’t pull a trigger anymore and kill on demand for the powers that be.

  • Evie

    Yep a lot of testing in the military. That is why lots would take civilion vacinations and medical care off base.
    I even heard a rumor you even have to pay for the research.

  • anon i think

    I was in Desert Storm, and crews would come through the camps giving bonus shots they wouldn’t put on your yellow card. I refused and maintained my own shot records. After Desert Storm sll the deployed medical record are rumored to have been lost in a NJ wharehouse fire. Severfal of my compatriots did develop Gulf War Syndrome, but those of us who did not take mystery medicine are still OK. This is a betrayl of all veterans, past and present, and should demonstrate what liars we put in office. I remember being told that no US service men were in a certain camp on the Kuwait\Saudi border(KKMC) and yet used to run supplies up there on a regular basis. Not sure who I can trust in the GOV.

  • Evie

    Where all the robots and drones when you need them. Maybe they should be on the front lines instead of sacrificing potential.