Tactical TSA Viper Team Sets Up at California Train Station

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by JG Vibes

When the TSA was first deployed in the airports, many perceptive people in the alternative media predicted that a slippery slope was created, which would result in the eventual roll out of a brown shirt style special police force, tasked with searching innocent people and patrolling heavily populated areas.

Mainstream circles scoffed at the idea that this would ever happen, and the general population had no problem submitting to the new violations of their rights and privacy.

Now, as expected Viper TSA teams are being deployed on the streets with more frequency, and they are posting up in bus stations and train stations as well.

ABC broke this story, but as usual they portrayed it as something good, to keep people “safe”.

Their report stated that:

People are used to seeing TSA inspectors at airports but on Wednesday, a specialized team made their presence known at the Amtrak station in Emeryville. Train stations are difficult to secure because they’re so wide open but on Wednesday, the TSA showed up unannounced to let the public, especially potential troublemakers, know that they are keeping an eye on the rails.

Amtrak passenger Vera Molina said she noticed all the black-clad TSA inspectors right away and it’s a presence she appreciates. Asked if she would like to see them more often she said, “I would, can’t hurt, just in case you never know.” As part of their nationwide “Viper Team” effort, the Transportation Safety Administration put about a dozen agents at the station to see and be seen, although some of the inspectors also work undercover.

“The visible deterrent is making a presence known at the station, getting on the train, talking to passengers, lettings the bad guys know that we’re here, and letting the passengers know that we’re here, and working with law enforcement to really tailor our Viper teams to their needs,” TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said.

Unfortunately, it is the TSA and the people who give them their orders who are the “bad guys”.  The reporter writing this story goes on to apparently interview people who witnessed the Viper team, and surprise, all of them were grateful for the boot on their throat.

In this particular situation, a checkpoint was not set up, the tactical teams showed up to monitor the area and bother people at random.  However, as I mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning of a slippery slope, before you know it they will have checkpoints set up where you will be searched and asked for your government issued ID.


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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer and reporter for The Intel Hub and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio. 

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  • SKIP

    If these pricks wanna do something constructive, perhaps they should put them in the subways of the various big ghettossss ….errrr,…. i mean cities of BRA with permission to shoot to kill shall we sayyyyyyyy un-named thugs. Personally, If I wasn’t contracted with the military and HAD to fly I wouldn’t and I never take a bus, train and NEVER go on a damn subway or WTFever the predators call those hunting preserves on rails.

  • bangbangbang

    Lets just start gunning them down everywhere we see a tsa gestapo traitor. That is gonna happen very soon anyway. The people are ready for war.

    • Jean

      Knives are better, sever an artery in the leg, they look like they stumbled at first.
      With the ammo shortages we’re seeing, save the powder and bullets. And start planning and operating in teams. They will, too – make no mistake. But if you take one down, you get bonus bullets and weapons. Do it enough times, stay lucky – you’ll have a nice little side-business. But keep the funds liquid, so you can cut and run. The camers will see you sooner or later.

      Why the F do we have to figure out how to attack our fellow citizens (even if these citizens ARE stupid scum)? Why can’t a government just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE? (I know Ayn Rand’s quote, about making so many rules everyone is a criminal, and making it impossible to follow the rules or not follow the rules. But the question STILL boggles my mind.)

  • Wolf

    Cant wait til these pricks are out on a highway in which they can be observed long distance. Say 500 yards or so?

    • Jean

      They use plain unmarked vehicles. So if you DO respond, you injure innocents too. Wonder if those backscatter Xray machines give off radiation detectable by geiger counters? Especially if turned off? Might be impossible to do more than pick them off up close and personal with knives, or at long distance with a sniper. Or maybe an occasional grenade or IED into the middle of them, at which point even if we win the war, we’ve lost the war, too.

      F*ck it, blow ’em all to hell. 😉 We’ll re-establish the Constitution after.

    • SKIP

      Understood, ready and able when the time comes, I know what will be at stake.

  • Legion7

    Was there a big terrorist problem on the Kalifornia trains? Don’t seem to remember any terrorists with box cutters ramming trains into anything…


    • Jean

      Yes, there was – all these evil ghosts disrupted the native Spanish speakers.

      Those evil White Ghosts tried talking ENGLISH…

    • David B

      No terrorist on Cali trains!! Just illegals, libtards, and Stoney’s !!

  • traitors in hiding

    I’m with you wolf

  • mijj

    very shoddy.

    You would think they would have a joint TSA-FBI task force set up to create false flag terrorist bus/train incidents first.

  • Zebra

    Start assasinating the thugs and strip them of weapons and gear. The more stuff they have, the more we get. Just like shopping.

    Start making TSA uniforms and walk up to the scum and send their azz to hell.

    Think outside the box.

  • dog face

    They are on all the ferry terminals in seattle. you sit in your car waiting for the ferry and they have their dogs sniffing everything. I asked one thug what are they sniffing. he said bombs and contraband.
    Welcome to the new america.

    • SKIP

      Thank you very much MUSLIMS!