Syrian Rebels Film Themselves Hitting a Russian Tank With U.S. Missile

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On Friday, Syrian rebels posted a video of themselves striking a Russian T-90 battle tank with an American made TOW missile, in a suburb just north of Aleppo. Though this isn’t the first time the rebels have posted this kind of video (in fact, making these videos is often a US government stipulation for receiving these weapons), this particular video is unique, in that there is no known footage of a TOW missile being used against a T-90 tank.

The tanks were initially seen defending the Lakatia air base in September, but more recent reports revealed that Russia had loaned some of them to the Syrian military. Though it appears that the missile failed to penetrate the tank’s reactive armor, the crew can be seen bailing out anyway. The tank is typically equipped with a shtora, which is an electro-optical device designed to disrupt TOW missiles before they reach their target, but in this case it seems to have failed or wasn’t turned on.

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  • Airb0rne4325

    On my original viewing of this footage, from another website, there was some questions from the combat vets on whether or not this missile did actually strike the surface of the tank as it appeared to explode just prior to contact. I have not seen any after shot footage to see if the tank was on fire or smoke pouring out of the turret as is usually the case.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      It might have been a premature detonation-but I’ll bet everyone inside that tank still has ringing ears!

  • frankw

    RT reports that the T90 was not disabled and returned fire which was not shown on the video.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Now they know how the AMERICAN supplied missiles work …… they will ship the rest to Mexico, carry them over the WIDE OPEN border, and take out some AMERICAN airliners.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    When I was in, we had the LAW-light anti-tank weapon-and the Dragon, shoulder fired anti-tank rocket. Largely, we considered the LAW a joke-better used against armored personnel carriers or hardened structures such as reinforced bunkers, rather than actual tanks. It was assumed using the LAW against a tank was tantamount to suicide-recklessly exposing your position and angering the occupants of a vehicle with more firepower than your best-which you just recklessly expended. The Dragon was better, but it wasn’t considered a cinch against the newest generation of Russian armor-and we weren’t expecting to go up against T-64’s. I was perfectly content on an M-60 team, where we didn’t have to tote around those big Roman candles.